Homemade pov girlfriend wanking cock spanking and piercing

Homemade pov girlfriend wanking cock spanking and piercing
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My name is Judy, currently I'm 37. I have a son, Ralph who is 17 right now and a newborn daughter Angel, who is only 9 months old now. They have different dads if you didn't figure that out, his dad died when he was 8 and her dad just ran off and kind of never came back about the time when Angel was born. Ever since Angel was born, Ralph has been wonderful, even though he never really liked her father. He feeds her, gives her baths and about a million other things too. It was summer break, so I at least had Ralph to take care of little Angel when I had to work.

I came in house when Ralph was chilling with her on the couch on one Friday afternoon. "So are you and your little girlfriend?" I asked. "You are so funny mom, like Whitney Cummings funny," Ralph replied.

"Well thank you, I guess, is that the Whitney from Whitney?" I asked. "The very same," Ralph replied. Then I gave Angel a kiss on her forehead. I gave Ralph a very big hug from his side, I could never ever let him know just how much I appreciated him, I mean it was like literally impossible. "Seriously, don't call her my little girlfriend, it just really sounds weird.

I don't think you are insinuating incest, but it still sounds weird," Ralph said. "OK, I'll keep that in mind," I replied as Angel got a little fussy. "Oh, is the little girl hungry now?" I asked. So he handed her to me and I took my boob out, it was nothing weird about that for some reason, but me calling her his little girlfriend was.

I fed Angel for a few minutes, and we still talked. "So what did you two do today?" I asked. "Well, we pretty much just lounged around, I fed her, but I couldn't do it quite like that though," Ralph replied. "Well, someday you can be jealous of a wife that will feed your own son of daughter, and your son or daughter will have 2 parents that love them sunny deol sexy story sunny deol sexy story than anything or anyone on the planet," I said.

He gave me a kiss on the cheek and we stayed close even though I was still feeding Angel. I couldn't help but shed a few tears, we were a little family together, of course I didn't like the fact that he had this responsibility at his age, at 17 he was supposed to be out partying, having a good time, but he didn't complain or anything else, he just took care of his little sister without question or complaint. "What, you all done now little girl?" I asked. So I put my boob away and positioned her right to burp her.

"Hey, why don't you call up some friends and go out tonight, you can have the car to go have some fun," I said. "No, that's OK mom, I'm fine here with you two," Ralph replied. "But you do nothing but take care of us two, you deserve at least one night to yourself where there is no poopy diapers, feedings or anything else to worry about.

Hell, go out and, you know, get some if you want," I said. "Is my own mother really suggesting I go out to get laid?" Ralph asked. "Well, when you put it like that." I replied. He kissed me on the cheek again and stayed close to the two ladies in his life. "Seriously, you need to have a life sweetie, you have no idea how much I appreciate you taking care of this little girl for me when I have to work, but still, you gotta have some fun every now and again or you'll just go nuts.

I want you to, I want you to have a life outside this house. You mainly only leave to get stuff for her, and that's it, you can't just do that forever," I said.

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"But, I don't need to do anything like, you two are all I need," Ralph replied. "Well, if I'm ever gonna get a grandchild, you are gonna need to get laid first. Plus, I would like a daughter in law at some point too, just saying, but you'll never get either of those if you don't get out every now and again," I said. "Well, what about you? All you do is work and take care of her with me, why don't you get out every now and then?" Ralph asked. Somehow I didn't see that coming, I don't know why, but I didn't.

"Alright, fair enough, I'll get Jenna to babysit tonight, and we'll both go out tonight," I said. "You got a date then," Ralph replied. So as Angel burped, I put her down for a nap and called Jenna to come over to babysit, she was more than happy to babysit, she needed some experience, because she out she was 8 weeks pregnant recently. So we left and first went out to dinner, of course nothing fancy, it was a date like that.

"So, senior year is coming, are you excited?" I asked. "I guess," Ralph replied. "You guess? Come on, just one more year and then the whole world is your oyster as they say," I said. "Well, I don't know what I wanna do yet. I mean, you graduate from high school, then what if I don't get into some big college? I'm not gonna have too much lady luck without some big job," Ralph replied.

I leaned my arms out and put my hands on his. "Well, don't say that, not all ladies are gold diggers, there are some that will see you are the sweetest and most loving guy they'll ever meet. Money is an issue, but money isn't everything. You'll find someone to settle down you love, and loves you back, I promise," I said. "Thanks mom," Ralph replied. "Your welcome, you know you can talk to me about anything right? I mean everything, if you killed someone and need me to help you get rid of the body, I want you to talk to me about it, and no one else," I said.

He just gave me a weird look and nodded a bit. "OK, if I'm ever in that situation, I'll definitely let you know," Ralph said.

Then the waitress came over. "Hello miss, can I get something for you and your. date?" She asked. "Oh no, this is my son, we're not together," I replied. "Oh, I'm sorry, you two just look like.," She said. "It's alright, I'll have a diet," I replied. "I'll have a mountain dew," Ralph said. She took our drink orders and out food orders too, and the whole time she looked embarrassed, she really did think we were a couple, but no, we were mother and son. Anyway we talked a lot about work and Angel, eventually it was time to leave as we finished our meals.

"So, anything else you wanna do?" I asked. "Well I don't know, how late can Jenna stay?" Ralph asked. "I asked her to stay all night," I replied. "Why, did you have something in mind that'll take all night?" Ralph asked. "Well, I guess I just wanted things to be taken care of if something arosed, you know what I mean?" I asked.

"I guess," Ralph replied. "You are thinking about Angel, aren't you?" I asked. "Maybe," Ralph replied. "Don't worry about her, she's in good hands. Now tonight, we're gonna have some fun if it kills us," I said. He just looked a little freaked out, I guess he just didn't know what to expect, and truth be told, neither did I. We ate dinner and then we started heading out. "Well, how about some roller skating?" I asked. "Uh, sure," Ralph replied. He didn't seem too enthused by that, but I still got my yes though.

We showed up there at the roller rink and it was a little busy, it was a Friday after all. We both got some skates and met at a small circular chair to put on our skates. "I don't remember the last time we went skating, it's at least been like 6 or 7 years now," I said.

"Something like that," Ralph replied. Then all of the sudden a female worker came up to us to tell us something. "And just so you know, at 7:00 we have couple's skating, couples only for a full 15 minutes, so we hope to see you two out there," the huge tit bbw gamer fucks her friend after losing video game said. She skated away and there it was yet again, someone thought we were a couple.

"Damn, again," Ralph said. "Damn? You know how many guys that would love to score me?" I asked. "Smart ass," Ralph replied. So we both went out there to skate. For the time being they were playing some rocking music while everyone that could be skating, was. It was pretty packed, but we still had some room to play a bit. we stayed close to each other for most of the time, I mean like attached at the hip, but you know close. We did actually have some fun, the must fun we had not only since Angel had been born, but we had more fun that night than in past few years.

Let's just say that guy that impregnated me didn't like most things. Anyway, we skated for like an hour and a half when all of the sudden the DJ talked on the mic.

"Well, you all know what time it is," The DJ said as he put on a slow rock song. I saw him starting to head back. "Well, I guess we should go and sit down," Ralph replied. But before he got too far, I grabbed his arm. "If people think we're a couple, let's give them something," I said as I took is hand in mine. He was skeptical at first, but we were close enough, you know, emotionally, for him to be OK with this.

So we held hands and stayed pretty close while we skated during couples skating. I didn't feel weird, horny girls at the club get fucked why should he? "A mother and son can hold hands," I said. "I know," Ralph replied. We were skating for the whole 15 minutes, it was a magical 15 minutes, we bonded and loved the time together for that 15 minutes.

By the end, I really accidentally just looked down a bit towards his crotch area, and he had a raging hard on going on in his pants. I wasn't sure how to go about this, it was weird, really weird to me anyway, but on the other hand, maybe this was a good thing, how, well I'd figure that out later.

He became aware of it, but I don't think he knew that I noticed. "Uh, I gotta go to the bathroom mom, I'll be right back," Ralph said in a slight panic. He rushed off with skates on. Obviously he was embarrassed, but I wasn't too sure if I should have said something to him about it or not.

I mean I didn't think he should have been embarrassed, but on the other hand that's not something you wanna talk to your mom about, so I just left him alone for the time being. He came back out about 10 minutes later, but he seemed to be OK by then. I wondered if he just masturbated when I gave him the hard on in the first place, hard to tell.

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Anyway, we skated some more, but by 10:00, we were both just a little tired out, so we went home to find Jenna feeding Angel a bottle. "Oh, your mom and big brother are back now," Jenna said. Jenna and I chit chatted a bit and Ralph took Angel to put her to bed. "So you went on a date with your own son?" Jenna asked. "Is that weird?" I asked. "Nah, I'm happy for you two, you don't see too many mothers and sons that close, unless, you know they are.

together," Jenna replied. "I'll keep that in mind, mia and nicky in bukkake video shoot thanks again for babysitting," I said. "Oh the pleasures mine, that guy may have been an asshole, but he got you knocked up with a beautiful daughter," Jenna replied.

"Trust me I know," I said. We said a few more goodbyes and she left. I closed and locked the door and headed back towards Angel's room, I found Ralph giving her a kiss on the forehead, it was unreal how much he loved her, he seemed content being the only child, but all of the sudden, he had a little sister. He was looking at her sleep and then I came up behind him and wrapped my arms around him and kissed him on the cheek.

"I love you, you know?" I whispered. "I know, I love you too," Ralph whispered back. Then I had him turn around. "You know how much I love you Ralph?" I asked. "How much mom?" Ralph asked.

"This much," I replied just before I kissed him on the lips. He wasn't sure what to make of this, but for the time being he just went with it, I knew he wanted it. I brought him into my room and we both sat on the bed. "Well, if you won't go out and find someone, I'll just bring myself to you Ralph, I love you so much, you have been more than a saint, I got pregnant by a guy you absolutely despised, and you treat Angel, like an angel.

So I wanna repay you for everything Ralph," I said as I put his right hand on my left breast. I was still breast feeding, so I had big C-cup tits, almost D-cups. As he felt my breast, his hard on was not only back but really trying to get attention. I put my hand on his erect cock and felt it through his pants, and he didn't seem to mind.

"You seem to like that and that Ralph," I said. He just nodded slowly for a few seconds. "If people think we're a couple, let's not fight it and just prove them right," I said.

Then I leaned over and kissed him once again, but this time the kiss was much longer. We made out for a minute, and then we both leaned back in the bed. We kissed a few more times and just laid there, not in each others arms. A few minutes later, we stopped and just looked at each other for a minute.

"You know how much you mean to me Ralph?" I asked. "I'm getting the idea," Ralph replied. I reached over to my dresser and pulled out a condom.

"You want to?" I asked. "I think I do," Ralph replied. He leaned towards me again and kissed me. We made out for a minute as he took the condom and then began undoing his pants. I couldn't believe I was about to have sex with my son, but I just couldn't imagine this not happening by then. As he was about to take out his cock, I stopped him.

"I wanna feel it before I see it," I said. So, that's what I did, I put my hands in his pants and felt his veyr erect cock which felt as hard as a diamond right then. I began to stroke it every so slowly while my hand was still in his pants. He got closer to me and kissed my neck a few times. "I love you," Ralph said.

"I love you too, now I wanna feel you inside me, make love to your mom," I replied. Then his hands went down south a bit and he opened up the condom package. He put it on, but I still didn't see it just yet, I felt in my hands, and then I was feel it inside me without seeing it. I cop fucked horny slutty milf hardcore reality wearing a skirt, so then his hands went under there, and he slowly pulled my thong down.

He did not see what I had going on down there, but he did see it how a blind person would, by feeling me down there. I let a couple soft moans and pulled him closer to me. I put my hands back onto his cock and then guided it to my moist and desperate pussy that was dying for his cock. Once at the opening, he just slowly pushed it in, and it went in quite smoothly and just like that, i was having sex with my son.

We were both on our sides still wearing tops and very close while we made love. I brought him over to kiss him quite a few times, I found myself loving to kiss him.

He put his left hand which was away from the floor on my right breast, he seemed to like to what he felt. "Can I see them now?" Ralph asked. "What do you mean 'now'? You've seen them a million times," I replied. He just laughed a little and I approved his request. I lifted up my top just barely over my boobs, he put his hands over onto my back and undid my bra, after that, he just had to move it a little. He uncovered my right nipple and seemed to be stunned by the sight of his mom's nipple, I wondered what he'd think when he saw me without a bra completely.

Without asking, he just leaned his head down just enough to taste my nipple with his tongue. First he just gave it a rather gentle lick, as if he was just testing the waters, but I knew him, and if he liked it, well, it would go from a taste test to a full on all you can eat buffet. He seemed to like my right nipple so much, he needed to try my left, so he took off my bra completely then and was mesmerized by my rocking rack.

The first thing he did when he saw my bare rack, was putting his face right in the middle of my tits.

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I guess he just needed to feel them on his forehead and face a bit, after that, he went to town on my both of my nipples. He licked them and sucked on them really sexually, not like he did so many years ago when was, you know, a baby. He was actually getting me off, my pussy was wetter in that short few minutes than it had been like the past year from masturbating, of course I never had his cock in there before. "So you like mommy's boobies?" I asked.

He couldn't help but laugh a little more at that, that's what he called them when he was young. "Yes, mommy," Ralph replied. I just laughed for a minute and then kissed him again on the lips, it lasted for about 3 minutes and it was the most passionate kiss at least up till that point in our lives. After the kiss, we just looked at each other for what seemed like a lifetime, but was just about 2 minutes, then he got back on top of me while his cock was still inside me the whole time.

He began thrusting his cock slowly in and sex appeal legal age teenager beauteous babe kneels of my pussy. Of course he had a nice cock, after all, he did have his father's cock. The whole time, we just starred into each others eyes, it was incest love and neither one of us had a problem with that.

His pants had found their way off him along with his boxers, but I wanted him to be naked though, I wanted to see the man I gave birth to, so I pulled his shirt off, and of course he wanted me without my top as well, so in no time at all, we were both naked making love.

"Oh this so sweet my sweet young man," I said. "I could say the same thing to you my sweet not at all old mom," Ralph replied. "Good one," I said.

He laid another kiss amazing lesbians coitus with strapon pantyhose erotica my lips for a minute and we both wrapped our arms around each other tightly. Let's just say, we've never been this close to each other for this long anyway.

On my comfortable bed, it was like having sex on a cloud, but doing it with my son, well let's just say there was a big intense pleasure that came along with the sex that usually didn't come with sex with someone that I wasn't related to. Anyway he kept it at a slow pace for what again seemed a hell of a lot longer than it was, you would think it was would be just the opposite, but it wasn't. We made love and it was wonderful, my pussy was getting a little sore as you could imagine by then, but I was more than willing to get through it.

He leaned his head down towards my neck and just kept it there. I felt him breathing on my neck, ever so slowly, I mean I had never been away from him for more than a day for his whole life and I never seen him so calm, and yet this was when we were having sex.

I was still holding him close and I started shedding a few tears, it didn't take him too long notice due to a few slight sniffles.

"What's wrong mom?" Ralph asked. "I just love you so much, more than I could ever really make you realize, you mean everything to me Ralph, if I lost you, I'd die," I said. "Well, don't die, I'd miss you quite a bit," Ralph replied. We both laughed for a minute and I kissed him as a mom would kiss her son, first anyway, then of course I kissed him quite passionately for over a minute.

It was something magical that it is was just out of a Disney movie, just not you know, for kids. He began thrusting his cock in and out of my moist and older pussy, as he was doing this making love to me, I did think about something. "Ralph, were you a virgin?" I asked. "Yes," Ralph replied.

I was stunned, there were a few times I thought maybe he lost it, but it was never confirmed though. "You just lost your virginity to your mom?" I asked. "I guess I did," Ralph replied.

"And you are OK with that?" I asked. "Well, I always waned to lose it to a woman I loved," Ralph replied. I kissed him again on the lips, I was really touched by his words, I remember losing my virginity quite fondly, it wasn't to his father, but it was to a nice man when I was 17.

After we exchanged a few words, he began thrusting his cock a little harder and faster, I guess to really make this sexual encounter count you could say. "Shit Ralph," I said as I moaned a bit. For his cock never ever making it into another woman's mouth or pussy, he had a good sized cock. I couldn't measure it, but it felt to be pretty long and big when it was once inside my pussy.

His lips were really close to mine, just far enough to be able to breathe through our lips. "I love you mom," Ralph said.

"I love you too my son," I replied. We kissed one more time before we switch to me being on top. I leaned up and rode my son as if he was a bull. He got a full view of my naked boobs, but of course this time, Angel wasn't sucking the milk out of them.

"Can I suck on your nipples?" Ralph asked. "I wouldn't even slap you if you did it without asking," I replied. So then my own son sucked on my nipples, obviously a hell of lot more erotically then when he did when he was a baby. He had me sweating my ass off, nearly literally, I mean damn times a million. I was actually having sex with my son and when I looked back at him making me feel good doing that, it really did dawn on me what we were doing, it was incest, but it was so much amazing tight body on slut than that.

I mean as in, love, non-family love. Well whatever it was, I felt the connection, and it was the best connection I ever felt with him, bar none the best sex session of my life. "Could you give your mom a kiss real quick please?" I asked.

I can't say no to that," Ralph replied. So he climbed up towards me and laid a big fat juicy kiss on my lips. In the process of this kiss which lasted for over a minute, I sparked roughly a dozen tears, no bullshit.

"What's wrong?" Ralph asked. "Can you stop, just for a minute?" I asked. "Why, are you not into it now?" Ralph asked. "No, no, it's not that, I just wanna cuddle with you for a minute, that's all," I replied.

I admit, it was an odd request for what we were doing at the moment, but he indulged me though and just laid his head on my boobs as he stopped thrusting his cock. I put my hands onto his head and kept hm close for about 5 minutes as we stayed in absolute silence.

I think he really wanted to say something but just did not for my sake I suppose. "Would you like to give Angel a little brother or sister?" I asked. I asked that and I couldn't see his face, I couldn't imagine what his face looked like though, but then he lifted his head up and looked at me.

"You wanna have a baby together, you mean you and me?" Ralph asked. "Well, probably our second baby, we're already like 2 parents Ralph, except we haven't had sex until now. We have pretty much raised Angel together and you two are wonderful together, eve though you are her brother, you really are her father figure.

I love you more than life itself Ralph, I've been dreading the day when some girl would take you away, maybe that's why I've been OK with you always being here, I don't know. All I know is, we just made love and I loved it with you Ralph. Obviously we're really gonna have something special now sense you lost your virginity to me. So, what do you think?" I asked.

It was a loaded question, a very loaded question to say the least. "Well, can we at least try this as a relationship first before we have a baby?" Ralph asked. "Of course," I replied. So we had sex again and had a incest mother/son relationship for a few months, it was nice, about a month in we actually started sleeping together, and at 6 months in, I got the news I was pregnant, we weren't ready just yet, but I thought by then, Angel appreciated another sister.

Our daughter Jill was born not too long after he graduated from high school. He'll always be my great son, even though he's my only son.