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Julie big booty all movie
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I had a new-found interest in reading every single adult ad on the classified ad web site, including all different genders and categories. The only one I didn't read much was Male looking for Male because, well, I'm a female and don't figure in to that equation at all.

I spent at least two hours reading every single one of them, going back almost a month. There are some seriously perverted people out there. There was a couple, probably in their early 50s that posted almost every day, trying to get a girl, apparently anything with a vagina, to meet them at some dumpy motel out on the far west side.

He had a nice cock, but they were old, and oral on a girl has to be even more gross than on a guy. No way I'm doing anything with a female. Some of the ads are kind of sad. Those people sound so lonely and desperate. I briefly considered hooking up with one of them to give them some joy in their life, but then I realized they were probably desperate and alone for a reason. There were several guys on there with thinly-veiled offers of money for sex. I have to admit, the idea of elsa jean1002elsa jean mp4 porn story pornflexorg money for sex kind of turned me on, but I don't need the money and I'm certainly not a prostitute.

I answered several ads, then ran to the department store and picked up a prepaid cell phone with texting, paying with cash. I then grabbed a sandwich at a fast-food place and rushed home to check my email. I had several replies, but one in particular stood out. It was a guy in his early 30s, slim and reasonably attractive. His cock was of about average size, judging by the pictures in the other ads. His ad said he was looking for 'head', but I told him I wanted his cock.

We emailed back and forth a few times, then I gave him my new phone number to text me. He was married, so we couldn't go to his place, and I'm not bringing anyone here, so I told him maybe some other time.

He texted back and asked me to meet him in the restroom at a gas station just off the interstate, about 10 minutes from here. He said the restroom was behind the gas station, no key was needed to open the door and it locked from the inside. I was initially horny teen slut april dawn fucks with stepdad for car keys that he would think I'd want to do that, but it was getting late and my options were dwindling.

I'd never sleep tonight until I had some cock inside me. He was very happy to hear that I would meet him there, saying 'I love glory holes!' I thought that a strange and rude thing to call a girl that just agreed to fuck him in a gas station restroom.

Or, come to think of it, maybe "hole" was the right word for any girl that would do this. I was to meet him in 45 minutes, go in first and enter the stall, then he would follow when he saw me go in. My pussy began to tingle with anticipation. I changed my clothes, leaving the panties and bra in the drawer and headed to the gas station.

There was a truck stop across the street, so there were a lot of vehicles driving by, but it was fairly dark and quiet behind the gas station.

I got there about 10 minutes early and never saw anyone go back there. I had a dull feeling of terror in my gut, along with an ache in my crotch that only one thing would satisfy as I saw a car pull up and park behind the building. Whoever it was shut the car off but just sat there. After a minute or so, another man walked up to the car. They talked for a minute and the other man walked away.

I think he was asking for directions or something. I sat in my car, trying to work up my courage. I decided more than once to start the car and get out of there, but the thought of going to bed tonight without cock kept me from leaving.

Realizing that I'll never do this if I sit and think about it, I jumped out of the car and walked up to the building. Entering the restroom, I groped around for the light switch. I finally found it and flipped it several times, but it didn't work. There was a distorted glass window above the door that was letting enough light in to see, but it was still quite dark.

This was fine with me. I entered the stall and waited, my nervousness overriding my arousal. Finally, I heard the door open, then close, then I heard the lock being clicked. "No talking!" I said, as I turned to face the toilet.

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I bent over, raised my stunning gigi makes a big cock explode over my back, put my hands on the lid of the toilet tank, and waited.

And waited. After realizing he wasn't coming in to the stall, I looked around and down by the toilet paper dispenser, I saw something moving. It was a dark shape. I couldn't tell what it was so I reached out and felt around. My hand finally brushed up against something warm and soft.

I grabbed it with my hand. It was a cock! A warm, stiff, soft cock, sticking through a hole in the stall wall. I heard the guy groan as my hand wrapped around it. What the hell is he doing? Is this some kind of perverted foreplay? I was very confused. Was I supposed to back myself on to his cock?

I couldn't really do that because the toilet paper dispenser was only about eight inches away, and it was probably too high anyway. I stood there, fondling his cock for a while.

Regardless of what he was doing, it was nice to just play with it. "Suck it!" he said loudly, in a whispered voice. What the hell? He expects me to suck his cock through a hole in the wall. OH MY GOD! It suddenly dawned on me what a 'glory hole' must be. I am a complete idiot. He didn't want to fuck me, he only wants me to suck him! "No way! I wanted you to." I began, then felt his warm meat throb in my hand.

I ran my hand up and down the length of his shaft several times. Maybe. maybe I could just try it. Maybe I'll get him all worked up then have him come in here and fuck me. "OK." I said, trailing off. I slowly lowered myself, squatting down so I didn't touch the filthy floor. I softly jerked his cock a few more times as I moved my face towards it.

I sniffed it a couple of times. It had a very vague smell of manly sweat, but it was not unpleasant. I cautiously extended my tongue to touch the tip of the head. It didn't seem to have a taste. Maybe this wouldn't be so gross after all. I opened my mouth and put my lips over the head and slowly went down on it an inch or two. "Ahhhhh." he gasped. I slid my mouth back off of his cock and licked my lips.

I could taste the lint from his underwear, but there was otherwise no taste at all. I could do this. I wanted to do this. I *needed* to do this. I put my mouth back on it and tried to do like I saw in a porn video my boyfriend in college made me watch. My mouth began to water as I slid my mouth down his hard cock, then wrapped my lips around it more firmly and slowly drew my pursed lips up the shaft and to the tip of the head.

I could feel every ridge of his stiff cock with my lips. I felt it tighten as I approached the head, gliding my tongue across the fleshy underside "Yessss!" he moaned. It was extremely arousing knowing I was giving this random stranger pleasure with my mouth. I went down on his cock again and again, trying to go deeper each time.

I wanted his cock down my throat. I wanted to swallow it, every inch buried in my throat. Unfortunately, I was only able to get maybe four inches in to my mouth before I started to gag. "Ahh! Ahh!" he gasped as his cock throbbed in my mouth.

I think he's about ready to come in here and fuck me. "Uuuttt!" he shouted, drawing his cock back and ramming in it to my mouth. I suddenly thought I tasted something salty and gagged slightly. Maybe it was sweat. "Uuuuuttttt!" he shouted again, trying to ram his cock down my throat again, and again gagging me. The salty taste was really strong now. "Ohhhhh.God!" he moaned as he jammed it in my mouth again. "God damn it!" I yelled, jerking my mouth off his cock when I realized he was coming in my mouth.

My mouth had been so wet with saliva that I didn't notice it at first. "You were supposed to fuck me, you bastard!" I yelled, trying to wipe off the semen that hit my face when I pulled my mouth off.

I waited for a response but all I heard was him jacking off and groaning out his last few moments of pleasure. After about 10 seconds, I heard him zip his pants, unlock the door and walk out.

The fucking bastard! I stood up, forcefully spit several times to get his come out of my mouth and reached down for some toilet paper to wipe my face. Then I heard the door open again. "Who's there?" I asked, scared.

I heard the door lock, some shuffling around and then a cock poked through the wall, bumping against my leg. What's this? I thought, another bastard here just to get his cock off in my mouth? Do they have their own communications network or something? What the hell do they think I am?

"I'm not going to." I began angrily, then looked down at the cock. It was. huge. I mean, it had to be at least 9 inches, and fat as a cucumber. I grabbed it with my hand. I could barely get my fingers around it.

God help me, I had to have this cock in my mouth. now. I immediately dropped to my knees. The concrete floor, wet with piss, saliva and come, hurt my knees, but I blocked out the discomfort as I wrapped my lips around this monster piece of meat. I could barely get any of it in my mouth. I grabbed the shaft with my left hand, forced my mouth down as far as it would close up scene of cock licking pornstar hardcore and began jacking him off.

"Oh, yeah, Baby!" he atm loving slut gets a cock in all holes, in a distinct African-American voice.

NO! It was a black man! I can't. I. I. wanted this cock more than anything else I can ever remember. I doubled-down, forcing another inch or so past my already over-stretched lips and started jerking him faster. A wave of shame flooded over me as I realized that I was now officially a dirty, cock-sucking slut, but I didn't care!

I just wanted to suck this cock! I wanted him to come in my mouth! I wanted to swallow every last drop. God, I need this.

"Uhhh, suck it, slut!" he moaned. How dare he call me. God help me, who am I kidding, that's exactly what I am. I'm this black man's cock-slut. I took my mouth off and licked my lips. "Come in my mouth!" I begged, putting my mouth back on and taking his cock until it felt like my lips were going to split. I jerked it for another minute or so, trying to lick it as well possible with my mouth stuffed full of cock.

"Oh, fuck yeah, here you go, Baby. take it! Take it!" he said, thrusting his cock through the hole. My mouth was almost instantly full of come with the first shot.

It had a slightly bitter taste. Some of it went down my throat and choked me. I wanted so badly to swallow his come, but I just couldn't.

I felt the second and third load hit my hair as he jacked himself off, but kept a couple of inches sticking through the hole. He showered me with seven or eight loads of come. I tried to block it with my hands but much of it got through, hitting my face, hair and the front of my blouse. Without saying a word, he zipped up and left, the door closing with a bang. Not even 10 seconds later, I heard the door open and lock again. Apparently, the word was out that the glory hole was open for business.

This cock was rather small, maybe four inches or so. I could take the whole thing in my mouth, and when my nose hit his body, it was very puffy. This was apparently a fat guy. I have always taken very good care of my body, and honestly, always looked down on fat people, but right now, I only wanted this fat guys cock in my mouth. It was every bit as arousing as the bigger ones, mainly because I could swallow the whole thing with just a bit of gagging as I buried it in the back of my throat.

It felt like I was deep-throating him, and was very exciting. I could hear him breathing heavily. God, I hope he doesn't have a heart attack or something. It didn't take long, maybe two minutes and he was squealing like a pig. "Oooo! Oooooooo!" he moaned, in a high-pitched voice. I felt the first load of come shoot against the back of my throat and pulled my mouth up to the head so the come wouldn't gag me. I jacked him off with my right hand as the come splashed over my tongue. It didn't taste salty like the first guy, or bitter like the black guy.

It didn't have much of a taste at all. I was not actually able to swallow any of it, but I never took my mouth off.

I just parted my lips slightly see these luscious girls get screwed hard let the come dribble out of my mouth and fall to the floor. Once he was done and pulled it out of my mouth, I rolled my tongue around in my mouth, tasting his come. I stretched my neck out a bit, braced myself and swallowed the come that remained in my mouth. "Next!" I said, as I reached down and started to finger myself.

I heard him leave and a few seconds later another man walked in. This cock was about the size of the first one. I was able to swallow a couple shots of his come, but most of it still ended up on the floor. Number five was smaller, about five inches, and uncircumcised. It was interesting, but not really much different than the others. I swallowed probably half of his come. By number six, my mouth and jaw were getting cramped. Luckily, he was also only about five inches.

I decided this was going to be the last one, and it was now or never. I was going to swallow all of his come, no matter what. I fingered myself while I sucked his cock, now able to take all five inches comfortably. I felt my orgasm building up, mentally aided by the warm cock sliding across my tongue. "Mmmmmmffff!" I moaned. "MMMMMFFFF!!" "Uuuuuuhhhhhhhhh!" I cried, opening my mouth a bit to let the sound escape. Maybe I was just lucky, or maybe the vibrations of my voice helped, but just as my orgasm subsided, he started coming in my mouth.

I desperately tried to synchronize my head movements and swallow between loads of come. I think I managed to swallow every last drop. He pulled his cock out of my mouth slowly as I pressed my lips tighter to squeeze out any remaining come. There was one last large drop on the tip of my tongue, which I promptly swallowed.

"Tell them no more!" I said. "OK." he replied as he walked out the door. I could hear several guys outside saying "Aw, shit!", "What the fuck?" and things like that. There must have been at least four or five more of them. I quickly ran over and locked the door. Then went back in to the stall to get some toilet paper. As I was wiping the semi-dried come off of my face and blouse, I suddenly realized what I had just done. I dropped to my knees, put my forehead down on the front of the toilet seat and start to sob.

I cried for several minutes. As the tears began to subside, my head still on the toilet seat, I thought about what I had become. I was a filthy, dirty, whore. I deserved to be sucking strangers off on a piss-stained gas station restroom floor. This is what I am now. I eventually got up, straightened my clothes and cautiously walked out of the restroom. There was nobody outside, so I quickly walked to my car and drove back home.

***** I couldn't sleep again last night, tossing, turning and nodding off several times only to jerk back awake a few minutes later. I called in sick again. It's Friday, so I have three days to get my act together. I can't go on like this. I can hardly think of anything but sex any more. I can't concentrate at work, can't sleep.

Something has to change before my life falls apart. I'm struggling to understand what is going on in my head. It's as if I'm addicted to sex, but even that doesn't fully explain it. It's not just sex I crave, it's more a desirable girls have fun with big cocks of.

I want to be dirty. want to be a bad girl. I. *need* to be a slutty whore. The feeling of being dirty, the danger of meeting strangers, even the risk of disease are. intoxicating. It's not even about the orgasms; they are more of a side benefit. And immediately after the orgasm, the thrill is gone and I'm overwhelmed with shame and guilt that keeps me up all night.

God! What is wrong with me? ***** There were no new interesting ads on today, but it was only 4pm. Still, I was bored waiting for more ads to be posted, so I started browsing the 'For Sale' ads. It was mostly a bunch of vehicles, cheap jewelry and computers. One ad did catch my eye. 'Sci-fi fans wet dream!!!' I clicked the ad and it was a chubby guy with a beard, probably in his late 20s, standing with his arm around a life-sized cardboard cut-out of some alien-looking thing with a green helmet that was holding a gun.

He wanted $75 for it. Just for kicks, I clicked the link and emailed him. 'I'll fuck you for it. Text me at xxx-xxx-xxxx' I continued to browse ads and forgot about it. A few minutes later, my phone dinged. 'Huh?' it said. 'Huh, what?' I replied. 'You wanted the standee?' I quickly searched the web for what the hell a 'standee' was. 'Yes. I'll fuck you for it.' 'Um. what?' 'The standee. I want it. I will fuck you for it.' 'srsly?' I forced deepthroat extreme brutal rough tied up hogtied bdsm rope hanging upside down crying violent, attaching the picture of me from the neck down.

'Yes. This is me. I will fuck you for the standee. Right now, if you are alone.' 'OMG!' 'Are you alone?' 'Yes, I live in an apartment.' 'So, do we have a deal?' 'Is this Brad?' 'Look, that is really me in the picture. I need that standee for a birthday present but I don't have any money.

I will come over and fuck you for it.' There was no response for several minutes. '1712 White Pine Circle, Apt B' he finally replied. 'I'm on my way. Take a shower.' I hopped in the car and headed to his apartment. During the 15 minute drive, I started to get wet thinking about what I was xnxx story com full sex stories to do.

It bridgette kerkove pussy and asshole worked out wasn't because of his looks. It was the feeling of trading my body for some worthless piece of cardboard. I arrived at his apartment, got out of the car and walked up to the door. This was getting much easier for me. I didn't hesitate at all before knocking on the door. He opened the door. He was slightly more attractive than in the picture, but that wasn't saying much.

Maybe I didn't want to do this after all. He just stared at me, his jaw hanging open. "Hi.?"' I said. He didn't reply. "I'm, um. I'm here for the standee." "'The. uh. the what?" "The cardboard thing. remember, we texted." "'I thought. I thought. uh. you were really.?"' I could feel myself getting more aroused.

He was fairly repulsive, but I could see in his eyes that he was intimidated by my home video pussy play masturbation and london keyes. "Can I come in?" "Shuh. sure." he answered, stepping back so I could walk in. He closed the door and tried to make polite conversation. "So. uh.

you like the movies?" "Hmm?" I hummed, absent-mindedly, as I walked over and closed the drapes. "You. you know, the movies. you like them?" "Never saw them." I replied as I started to unbutton my blouse. God, this was turning me on. This slob was drooling over me. "What. why are you." "We had a deal right? I fuck you, you give me the standee. Did I misunderstand?" I asked, teasingly closing my blouse. "NO! I mean. I mean." "Good, because I really need that standee." I said, pulling my blouse open and letting it fall off my shoulders and on to the floor, exposing my bare chest to him.

"So, you going to take your clothes off?" He didn't hear a word I said as he stared at my tits. "You can touch them if you want." "I.

I." "Here." I prompted, walking over to him, taking his hands and putting one on each breast. "Omigod!" "Not so hard!" I said. "Sorry! Omigod I'm sorry!" "You've done this before, right?" I asked. "YES!. I mean. I. kind of." "Are you sure?" "Well. I mean." "It's OK. Don't be nervous. I won't bite you." "I. I know." "Tell you what." I said, reaching down to his belt and unbuckling it, "I'll help you out.

You don't need to be nervous." He looked as if he were about to pass out as I dropped to my knees and pulled his pants down. I caressed his outer thighs with my hands a few times while looking up at him.

tits vs ass cd phoenix naomi lisa ann kelly divine be nervous. You're doing fine." I grabbed both sides of his underwear and slid them down.

His cock was. where was it? All I could see was a head, buried in a small bulge of fat. "Oh, look! He's hiding from me." I said, trying to ease his nervousness. "It. It gets bigger. I'm. Omigod. this isn't happening." "Here," I began, standing up and leading him over to the couch, "You lay back and I'll see if I can get him to come out and see me." I guided him to sit on the edge of the couch, and lie back, his feet on the floor.

I dropped back to my knees and crawled between his legs, putting my face down in his crotch. There wasn't much to put in my mouth, so I started licking the head. "Omigod!" he gasped.

I reached in and caressed his balls and continued to lick the head of his cock. "There we go! He's coming out little bit." Now that there was an inch or so sticking up, I put it in my mouth and rolled my tongue around the head.

It was indeed getting bigger. After a minute or so, it seemed to top out at about four inches, and was extremely stiff. I had noticed at the gas station the other night that the larger the cock was, the less hard it seemed to get. The smaller ones seemed to get very hard, the bigger ones hard enough, but not like the smaller ones.

This may have been a coincidence, or there may be some reason for it. Maybe it's natures way of making up for the smaller size. I'll have to remember to look it up. "Now, see, this is a perfectly respectable cock." I assured him, as I continued to suck his rock-hard dick. "Oh. God." he moaned.

"Wait!" I shouted, taking my mouth off his cock, "Don't get off yet! You want to fuck don't you?" "Omigod" was all he could say. I stood up, unbuttoned my skirt and let it fall to the floor, revealing my naked pussy. "I can't wait." I whispered as I crawled over his legs to mount him. "Omigod, omigod, omigod!" I wiggled my ass around, trying to match his cock up with my dripping cunt, but was having trouble because of his chubbiness.

I finally felt the head brush against my lips but it wasn't sticking up far enough to penetrate me. I didn't want to ruin this for him by changing positions so I just squeezed my legs together a bit, clamped his head between my lips and rode him up and down.

The head of his cock rubbing against my pussy. He apparently couldn't tell the difference. Less than a minute later, he closed his eyes and grabbed my hips. "Huh! Huh! Huh! AAAAGGHHHHH!" he yelled, almost as if he were in pain. I could feel his semen shooting up and hitting my stomach, then dripping back down to my crotch. He pumped his hips several more times, then collapsed back in to the couch, releasing my hips. "Omigod, they will never believe this!" "Who?" I asked, picking up my clothes and getting dressed.

"My friends. They will never believe me." "Oh, well, at least you know it happened." I reassured him, as I headed toward the front door. "Yeah." he said, a tarra and vivien are lezzies in love smile on his face, "Wait!

Don't forget this." He ran back in to another room and came back out a few seconds later with the standee. "Oh." I said, trying to figure out the best way to grab it, "right. thanks." "Omigod, thank you! I wish I had another one to trade." "Well, maybe you'll come up with something else I can use." I said, walking out the door.

"If I think of anything, I'll text you! My name's Ben." I should not have said that. I really didn't even want to know this guys name, let alone have him texting me. "Um, OK, Ben. Bye!" I replied, heading to my car. I heard him close the door as I reached the sidewalk. I tossed the standee in the dumpster, got in my car and backed out.

Looking in the mirror as I sat at the first stop sign, I saw Ben frantically close up wet creamy pussy fingering on webcam out to the dumpster in just his pants. ***** It was getting close to 9pm and I had no prospects for tonight. I was still seriously aroused after 'fucking' that geek for his cardboard thing and needed some dick.

It really turned me on to trade my body like a filthy whore, so I concentrated on the ads with guys wanting to pay for sex. I replied to several of them and made some dinner. As I was putting my food in the microwave, my phone dinged. 'Hi. can you tell my friends that you really were here today?' He attached a picture of two tall, thin guys, also in their late 20s.

One of them had glasses. They were fairly standard-looking geeks. It was Ben. Damn it, I don't want to have to buy a new phone. 'I was really there today.' 'Can you send another picture? They don't believe me that you are a goddess.' Aww, that was sweet. But I need to cut this off now before he thinks I'm his girlfriend or something. 'Sorry, Ben, I can't right now. Hey friends. that picture was really me.' 'They don't believe you.' 'Ben.

I'm busy. Sorry.' 'OK. Sry.' I ate my dinner and put my nightgown on. It was getting a little late and I didn't have any replies yet. Maybe I could just try to use my vibrator later. It just feels so artificial and unsatisfying now. I flipped through the channels on the TV for a while, trying not to think about cock. It was almost 11pm when I decided to check my email again before going to bed. I had a reply. It was one of the guys offering money.

He sent a picture of himself. He was actually fairly handsome, and appeared to be a businessman. He liked the picture of my body I sent and asked for a face picture. I replied that I couldn't send a face picture, but that he would not be disappointed, and gave him my number to text me. He texted me about three minutes later. 'I'm at a hotel near the airport. Are you available now?' he asked.

'Yes. I can be there in about 30 minutes.' 'OK. Look forward to it. See you in 30.' he replied, also giving me the name of the hotel and room number. I scrambled to get dressed and left quickly. The airport was about 20 minutes away. I got on the freeway and turned some music on to calm my nerves. My pussy started to lubricate itself as I wondered what his cock would look big natural tits teen threesome ever since i was a tiny girl tryst alone with a. I took the airport exit and only then realized I had no idea how much I should charge.

It didn't really matter; I don't need his money, but I had to say something. I didn't want to mess it up by asking for more than he was alicia rivers having anonymous interracial sex public restroom dogfartnetwork to spend.

I found the hotel, parked several spaces from his door, immediately got out of the car and knocked on the door. He opened the door, and looked shocked. "Can I help you?" he asked. "I'm here to. um. we texted." "Oh! Sorry, I wasn't expecting you to be." "Am I early?" "No, not at all. Please, come in." "Would you like some coffee?" "Uh, no, thanks." "So," he began, taking a drink, "what are we talking about here?" "Um.

do you mean. uh. if you mean" I stammered.

God, I was nervous and horny as hell at the same time. "If you mean, uh. how much," I continued, "It's um, $25 for a blow job, and uh. $50 for um. everything." "What do you mean, 'everything'?" "I mean, uh. $50 if you want to fuck." "So, let me make sure I understand what you are saying. You will give me a blow job for $25, or you will fuck me for $50?" "Yes, that's right. Is that too much?" "I think we have enough, Dave." "Dave? Who's Dave?" My heart sank and my stomach tightened in to knot as I saw a uniformed cop come out of the bathroom.

"Oh my God!" I yelled, "It's not like that! Please, listen! I'm. I'm not a prostitute!" "Put your hands behind your back, Ma'am." the cop ordered. He put the handcuffs on me, and I burst in to tears. "Please, listen! I'm not a prostitute! I just wanted to have sex! Please, God, this will destroy my life!" "I'm sorry, Ma'am." the 'businessman' said, "You offered me sex for money. That is prostitution." I dropped down to my knees, sobbing. "Please, God, listen to me. I'm.

Brunette hottie gets banged by bald dude for some cash a respectable manager at. I'm almost a vice-president. God please, this will destroy my career, my life. PLEASE!" "Please, Ma'am, stand up." the cop said, grabbing my arms and pulling me to my feet. I tried to stop crying and reason with them.

"Please. listen to me. I'm in upper management at a financial company downtown. I only wanted to have sex. I didn't even know how much to charge.

I mean, I'm not a prostitute. I was just playing along with your ad to have sex." The 'businessman' leaned over and whispered to the cop, who then grinned and said something back to him. "Well, I did think you were much too attractive to be a prostitute." the 'businessman' said. "I'm not. oh, God, please believe me, I'm not." "And $50 to fuck you? There are crack whores that charge more than that." "I told you, I didn't know how much.

I didn't even want the money." I replied, relieved that they seemed to believe me. "Unfortunately," the 'businessman' began, as the cop circled around behind me, "Once we start an arrest, we have to bring you in, otherwise, we have a mountain of paperwork to fill out." "Please." I begged. "What do you think, Dave?" he asked. "I say bring her in." Dave replied, grabbing my handcuffed arms, "It's not worth the hassle. all that paper work." I could tell where this was going by tone of Dave's voice, and a wave of heat flashed through my crotch.

They were going to blackmail the filthy prostitute. "Well, maybe Miss Manager here can make it worth our time?" the 'businessman' suggested.

"Yes, please! Yes, I can!", I said, relieved. I was going to get out of this and have two cocks tonight! "Take these cuffs off and I'll definitely make it worth your time, both of you." I said, my pussy starting to tingle.

Suddenly, I felt Dave's knees hit the back of my legs. I fell down to the floor, cracking both of my knees on the hard floor. "Ahhh!" I yelled, my knees wracked with pain. I saw a flash of a billy club, or whatever it's called, going around my head. Dave put the club under my chin and jerked my head upward, my face pointed at the 'businessman'.

"Sorry, that's not the way this works." he said. "Please. I'll do whatever you want." "I know you will." he gloated, as he unzipped his pants.

He pulled his cock out. It was a little larger than average, maybe a little over six inches. "Do it!" he ordered. I euro teen hot russian teen alessandra jane gets her horny pussy hammered my mouth but couldn't reach his cock because Dave was holding me back with his billy club against my throat. "I. I can't reach." "Maybe I can move a little closer," he taunted, "Ask me to move closer." "Will. will you move closer?" "Why?" "What?" "Why do you want me to move closer?" "So.

so I can do it." "Do what?" "Suck it." "Suck what!" he snapped, getting annoyed. I get it now. I understand how this is going to work.

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"Please move closer so I can suck your cock, Officer." He took a step closer and I sank his cock deep in my throat on the first try. I could take all but about an inch of it. "Oh, yes." he sighed, as I slowly slid blonde babe riding her ass on cock mouth back up to the head, licking the soft underside of his cock the whole way. I did this several times and felt him getting harder with each stroke.

"My God, Dave, Miss Manager here can suck a cock!" he said, his cock now fully hard and throbbing in my mouth. "I can tell, Steve." Dave replied, "Let me try some of that." Dave grabbed me by my hair and swung my head around, his cock hitting my right cheek. I opened my mouth, but he didn't wait for me to go down on it. He shoved it in and buried it down my throat. His cock felt bigger than Steve's and I gagged, barely black guy v s girls xxx vomiting my dinner.

"Please!" I pleaded, pulling my mouth off his cock, "I just ate. please just let me suck it." Dave looked down at me. "Go easy, Dave." Steve added.

"Please Officer, let me suck your cock." I begged. Without waiting for a reply, I put his cock back in my mouth and rolled my tongue around the head. "Yes!" Steve gasped. I worked his head for a few more seconds and then smoothly transitioned to slow, gently strokes, bobbing my head on his manhood. "God." Dave said, now fully hard, "She's definitely better than that other hooker last week." I got just a little wetter when he referred to me as a 'hooker'.

"No doubt!" Steve agreed, "Let's get her up on the table. I gotta go soon." Steve bent over and grabbed my arms, picking me up and roughly pushing me over to a small, round table with a phone and some other small items on it. He moved the phone to the floor, brushed a small notepad, pen and phone book off the table with his forearm, and forcefully pushed me down on the table.

I was bent over the table, my chest flat against it. My head hung off of one end, my ass up high and vulnerable at the other end. One of them, I couldn't tell which, grabbed my ass and squeezed it several times.

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"Man, she is firm." I think it was Dave. He lifted my skirt and draped it over my back. "Holy shit!" he exclaimed when he saw that I wasn't wearing panties. Without another word, I felt his cock slide between my legs. I spread them slightly to allow him better access. "Ahhh." I sighed, feeling his cock sawing my wet pussy, trying to clear the way for penetration.

"Oh God. fuck me, please!" "This bitch is in heat, Steve. C'mon, man." Steve walked around and put his cock up to my mouth, which I eagerly wrapped my lips around.

I wasn't able to move my head much because of my position, but I worked his head with my tongue as he began to fuck my mouth. "Eeehhhh!" I grunted in pain and shock, as I felt Dave's cock roughly penetrate me. It took a minute or so of Dave furiously banging me before the discomfort of his rough entry subsided and it started to feel good again.

Each thrust of Dave's hips pushed my whole body across the table a few inches, forcing Steve's cock deep in to my mouth. Then I would slide back to my original position. Dave was fucking me in my cunt, and causing me to fuck Steve with my mouth at the same time.

We all three settled in to a smooth rhythm, cocks piercing both ends of my body in sync. "Oh fuck!" Steve groaned after a minute or so.

"OHHH, FUCK!" he yelled, louder this time. I felt the first load of hot semen hit the back of my throat. His cock throbbed young girl gets bent over ready for cock stiffened as each spurt of come shot out of his cock in to my mouth.

I didn't notice what it tasted like and didn't even try to swallow it as I was concentrating on my building orgasm. I let the semen dribble out on to the floor. After several more thrusts, Steve pulled his cock out of my mouth and walked away.

"Oh, God! Fuck me!" I begged, now that my mouth was free. I was dangerously close to exploding in ecstasy. "MMMFFF! MMMFF! MMMFFF!" Dave huffed. I felt his warm liquid filling my pussy. Not yet! I thought, Oh God, don't get off yet. I'm almost there! I closed my eyes and tried to concentrate. I was so close. please God, just another few seconds. Dave pulled his cock out of me, grabbed my skirt and wiped his cock off with it.

"Please. just a little more.

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please!" They didn't reply. "God, please, don't leave me like this. Just a little more. Steve?" Still no reply. Someone grabbed my arms and forced me to stand up.

"Please." I begged. I felt the handcuffs open and turned my head to see Dave removing them. "Dave. Officer. please, fuck me just a little more." He roughly pushed me over to the door, opened it and pushed me out. "Get out of here before I change my mind and haul you in." he ordered, slamming the door. I stood there staring at the door, skirt twisted around my waist, semen trailing down my thigh, and partially-dried come on my chin.

They used me and then threw me away like a worthless piece of trash. And I was more aroused than I've ever been in my life.