Czech guys they would do anythyng for money

Czech guys they would do anythyng for money
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Michael asked Silk to tell him about her first time one night and this is the story she gave. This shows that Reed wasn't always the asshole that people think him to be. ********************************************************************************************************************* Reed and I started dating the summer of our junior year.

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He moved to our town just before school got out so no one really knew much about him since he didn't attend school that year My dad had placed an ad in the paper for someone to help him with the mechanic stuff around the farm. Reed was the second one to apply. He told my dad that he just moved here because his parents had passed away in a car accident and his aunt and uncle were now his legal guardians.

He also told my dad about his trust funds. My dad asked him why he needed the job then and Reed told him it was to relieve boredom and that he liked to work with his hands. My dad hired him on the spot. Pretty soon they became the best of friends and my dad seems to always have him around. Reed ate dinner with us and seemed to always be around fixing things if he wasn't just shotin' the shit with my father.

My father had introduced him to me but that was really as far as it went at that point. Reed watched me come and go like reality mom sex vidoe full sex stories normal teen but since he was my father's buddy I never really talked to him until one day. One day he rode up on a motorcycle as I was out in the garage with my father. We both went out to see what he had and for the first time I really noticed Reed.

From then on in I was like a silly girl with a crush, I made sure I was around wherever Reed was. I was rather annoying probably. I always tried to be dressed sexy or to allow him to catch me in my bikini. He seemed to notice me but that was all. He never pushed further. Little did I know that my father was trying to set us up also. One day about a month before school was to start, my father and I were in the barn with Reed trying to fix the tractor and as usually Reed was dressed in black.

It was really hot and I teased him about being dressed in black. He said he liked black and I said I know because everything he owned was black, his bike, his car, his truck and his clothes. My father spoke up and said something about if it wasn't black Reed didn't like it. To my surprise Reed said, "Not true Sir. I like your daughter and she's not black," then he gave me a smile that made my heart thump like mad.

My dad said, "Then why don't you take her out?" Reed looked up at my dad and said, "Do I have your permission?" My dad said obviously so Reed turned and said to me, "Silk, would you like to go out with me tonight?" Trying to sound cool I said sure what time and he replied with, how about eight.

I was on cloud nine as I accepted. I helped them finish with the tractor and did my chores. I rushed like mad so that I could finish so I could go get ready for my date with Reed. I went and took a shower and my dad teased me about trying to hard. Sex vidos blak sexy girls body did my hair and picked out a really cute outfit that was sure to catch his eye.

Finally it was almost eight and I was ready. My dad sits on the porch at night enjoying the breeze so I sat with him waiting.

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He joked with me about Reed and told me that he really liked Reed a lot. I tried not to appear too silly as we talked. At eight sharp Reed roared up on his motorcycle. As he climbed to steps to the porch my father said something about me being in a skirt. I had worn a skirt to show off my legs. Reed told my dad that we were only going to stay in town so it was okay if I wore the skirt as long as I was okay with it.

I nodded yes and off we went. Reed climbed on and waited while I got settled. When I wrapped my arms around his middle and pressed up against him I heard him suck in his breath. I quickly cum on my canadian feet milf shanda fay sorry thinking I hurt him and he said don't worry I didn't hurt him. I decided that I had affected him then and armed with this knowledge I began to flirt in earnest.

He took me to a nice place to eat that was actually out of town. I laughed in blonde webcam goddess hot fuck and blowjob ear as we rode and said that this was farther than he told my dad.

He turned and looked me in the eye real quick and said, "I told him that so he wouldn't make you go change. I liked the outfit." The place we went was about thirty miles away. Reed discovered when he sped up really quick that I would hold tighter to him so he kept teasing me with this. By the time we got to the restaurant I was really turned on and I think Reed was too. He helped me off the bike and as we stood there for a moment while I adjusted myself, he kissed me, just a gentle kiss on the lips.

We went in and ate and all the while I flirted with him. I gave him long looks and teasing remarks. I tried hard to let him know I wanted him.

He seemed to respond too. Finally we left and he asked me what time I had to be home. I told him midnight. After a look at his watch he said. "Good then we still have time." He then got on his bike and waited for me to get on.

Once I was on he started and off we went. On the way he teased me some more and I held on to him. Finally I began rubbing my hands on his chest and waist. He reached a hand back and stroked my leg off and on. I was in heaven. Then I figured out that he was taking me to the local make out point. Since he had a bike he was about to go past were all the others were parked.

I kept my head down next to his shoulder so no one would know it was I and follow us. I wanted to be alone with Reed. Finally we were up above everyone else and he shut the bike off. I held on to him for a moment longer and he reached his hands back and stroked both of my legs. Next he got off the bike. He turned around and got back on facing me. He then took off his jacket and placed it around my shoulders. I thanked him. Then he kissed me.

Not just a little kiss like at the restaurant, but a full kiss, tongue and all. As he kissed me I leaned into him and began to run my hands up his back and to his hair. He groaned and pulled me closer.

He then broke the kiss and told me I was a tease. I promised I wasn't and we kissed some more. Somehow I ended up straddling him. His hands were under my shirt and we were really making out. Something I did altered him to the fact that I wasn't experienced and he stopped kissing me. "Are you a virgin?" he said. "Yes, why," I asked. He pushed me away and swore. He started to get up and I grabbed him. "Don't go. Is there a problem with me being a virgin?" He looked at me and laughed, "Is there a problem?

Yes there is. Your dad will kill me. Damn how could I have missed this before?" I explained that my dad would not kill him and that my dad and I had talked about this before. I told him that my dad told me that it was okay with him if I had sex as long as I was careful, which I was. I am on the pill I told him. I also told him that the only reason that I was still a virgin at 17 was because no one had been that special to me yet. "What," Reed said, "You told your dad that you were going to give it up to me." A bit hurt at his crudeness, I replied, "No I didn't tell him that and I guess it is good that I didn't.

I thought you were different I guess I was wrong. Please take me home now." Reed then realized that he had hurt me and all of what I said sunk in. He leaned over and hugged me, apologizing he said, "Look Silk. I am sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you. You scared me a bit. Look at it from my standpoint. If I were your father I would kill me." "Yeah well your not and I told seductive alicia amira hot fuck with a stranger that my family is different.

My dad knows that teens will do this so he just asks that I be careful and I am. He is rather proud of me in fact. I'm 17 and still a virgin, my sister lost hers at 14. He only asks that I be sure of whom I give it myself to. He doesn't want me to be hurt," I blurted out. Reed leaned back and asked, "So I'm the one you choose?" A little embarrassed at this point I ducked my head and said, "Yes. You're the first guy I was interested in like this." Then a bit mad I added, "Sorry if that offend you.

Don't worry about it, just take me home." Reed sighed and then caught my face up and kissed me again. At first I tried to push him away thinking it was out of pity but then I realized it wasn't and I began responding. Finally we were back where we started and I was panting. Reed pulled away and looked at me. For a while he just looked at me and when I started to speak he placed him finger on my lips and said, "Thank you.

I am honored that you choose me to do this. I have to tell you though that we are not going to do it tonight on the back of my bike. I want it to be special for you. So if you don't mind, allow me to work up to it, allow me to teach you the art of making love.

The first time for a girl hurts a bit so let me make it as easy and special as possible for you." The look in his eyes was pleading so all I could do was nod in agreement. He then kissed me some more and we teased each other with our hands and mouths for a while longer. Finally it was time for him to take me home so we left. At my door he kissed me good-bye and said he'd see me tomorrow.

He also asked me if I would like to go horseback riding tomorrow night. I said yes and he left. After that he slowly courted me and taught me all about making love. He went really slowly at it and I was pretty crazed by the time we finally made love the first time. It took him five weeks to get to that point and boy was it worth it.

The first week we spent talking about what I did know about sex and he taught me how to kiss and make out like he liked. He would never put his hands under my clothing or allow me to do the same.

The second week we also talked but we spent a lot of time just kissing and feeling each other up. He also told me that much of what I know was not totally true and explained everything. The third week we began to go farther. He would open my blouse and kiss my breasts and press himself up against me. We would rub on each other and tease each other senseless.

I am sure he had to take many cold showers at this point. During week four we began to take things further. While kissing one night he started rimming the edge of my panties. Slowly he ran his hand inside my panties and then he started stroking me. This made me really hot. Curiously I began to rub him through his jeans. He would allow me to do this for a while before he would finally stop me and bailey brooke and reagan foxx hot threeway sex outdoors away.

He told me that it would get to intense for him when I was hurt by his reaction. Towards the end of week four he gave me my first orgasm. He was fingering me and it just happened. I exploded. When I came back down to earth he was there, smiling and explained what happened. After that he gave me many orgasms with his hand.

He would do it almost anywhere. Once we were in the barn and it was the middle of the day. Anyone could have walked in and they did. He had me in a stall fingering me.

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I was so close but kept holding back listening for someone to walk in on us. Finally I couldn't hold back and exploded. Just as I let go my brother walked in. Reed would not let up and I actually finished cumming as my brother walked up. Good thing we were at the end of the barn and the light was poor.

By the time my brother reached us, I was done and had pulled away from Reed and was starting to brush my horse. Reed kept licking his fingers when my brother wasn't looking and giving me a naughty look. During week five he started teaching me oral.

One night lying on a blanket just past the pasture, he was over the top of me fingering me as usual. After an orgasm he placed a kiss on my belly just above the hem of my skirt. He then looked up at me and with a devilish smile he ducked his head ww xx story xxx nn xx kissed me right on my mound.

I gasped and started to push him away. He grabbed my hands and said no let me you'll like it. I allowed him to go on because I trusted him. He had already removed my panties so there was nothing between his honey is gangbanged in doggie hardcore massage and me.

He leaned down and just teased me at first. Finally he got busy and pretty soon my legs were over his shoulders and he had me thrashing on the blanket. I begged him to stop after a while because it was too intense.

After that he allow me to unbutton his jeans as we kissed and to touch him but that was as far as I got that night. A few nights later we were out on the blanket by the little creek that runs through my dads farm. It was early in the evening, still light out. He had gone down on me orally again and was lying next to me afterwards kissing.

I unbuttoned his pants again and was touching him. I kept stealing glances down since I hadn't really seen his cock yet.

Finally I got the courage up and asked him if I could return the favor orally. He laughed and asked me if I thought I was ready. I said yes.

So he allowed me to learn to give my first blowjob. It was so cool and I really liked it. Finally he said something about cumming and if I didn't want to taste it I better move. I kept my mouth in place and allowed him to cum in my mouth.

At first I wasn't sure if I liked the taste but after a few more minutes I decided I did like the taste and so I swallowed.

After he was recovered he hugged me tightly. (Sort of like you did the first time I did it for you Michael) He then told me that if I felt ready we could go on. I just nodded yes. He got up and took me to his house. He lived in the apartment about the barn at his aunt and uncle's place.

It was really nice. He even had a hot tub. He offered me a soda and I wondered why. Later I learned that he wouldn't kiss me after I when down on him so he was having me rinse my mouth so to speak. After I drank the soda, we started at it again.

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Kissing on the couch and finally when we were half crazed and naked, he suggested moving it to his bed. I was going nuts. Did this mean he was going to take my virginity?

I decided not to say a word lest I break the spell. I had taken off my shoes by the couch and Reed had removed my skirt so I was dressed in only my panties, my bra and a tank top. Reed made short work of all of this and soon had removed the rest of his clothes also. We kissed and made out some more until finally he felt I was ready. He climbed between my legs and pressed himself against my tight opening.

I was really wet but he didn't want to chance anything so he reached over and got a tube of lube out of his nightstand drawer. He coated himself and me before placing it back on the table. Once again he began to press into me. As he did this he kissed me and stroked my body. After he got an inch or so in to me he said in a rough voice, "Silk this might hurt a bit. Are you ready?" "Yes Reed, just do it quickly like a band-aid," came a breathless reply. I was out of my mind by this time.

Reed pressed into me hard and fast and then held it. He also caught my scream in a kiss. Slowly he kissed me as I over came the pain and finally I felt ready and started moving my hips against him.

"Are you okay now," he asked? "Move a little and I'll let you know," I panted. It was feeling pretty nice at this point. Reed began to move in and out of me. When I began to pant he knew that all was okay and slowly he built up till I was ready to orgasm.

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Then I went over the edge and screamed his name. After another orgasm, Reed exploded also. Afterwards we lie there and fell asleep for a while. After that we spent lots of time perfecting the art and Reed taught me many things, things like anal. He also taught me not to scream. The rest you know.