Hot redhead ass fucked and cummed in

Hot redhead ass fucked and cummed in
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I'm at a friend of a friends pajama party… I was just kinda sitting on a couch thinking how bored I was, when I notice a guy sitting down about 20 feet away from me, not talking to anyone, and he's actually staring at me. I immediately realize I'm beginning to bulge in my own boxers.

I swear, my faint twitch in new bbw slut tricia krave sucks off big black cock on balcony boxer shorts I'm wearing draws his attention to glance down my chest to between my legs and then returning to my face with a smirk. We are sitting on different couches in a room with a few other people who are too wasted to notice him and I are staring at each other and not talking to anyone else. He gets up and as he is now walking away from me, his ass looks HOT.

he goes into a bedroom doorway and turns around to glance back at me, with a very strong, what are you waiting for look. I get up and as I enter the room, he closes the door behind me. The moonlight and street lights outside are enough light to see how bad I really wanna kiss all over his chest that I can now see up close! Without realizing anything, my mouth was already sucking on his nipple and I hear him moan. My hand actually finds itself going up his thigh and finding his bulge hiding under some boxers.

He whispers in my ear, now I'm going to suck your hard dick I noticed when you were checking me out in the other room. Things are moving so quickly, I didn't realize I was now sitting on the edge of a bed in that room and his mouth was already working its magic on my pulsing dick. I say, hey, that feels really good, and as much as my wet dick is imagining bending you over and just sliding right inside your warm ass.let's slide up the bed so you can be on top of me with your dick in my mouth while you keep doing what you're doing.

After the move, I remove his boxers and grab his ass. I'm enjoying the look of his balls and hanging dick, very close to my mouth, mmmmmmmmmmmm I love the way hanging balls look, I immediately begin to suck on one while my finger has already found his asshole and is playing with it slightly. He repositions just slightly, and the head of his dick is now 1 inch away from my lips.

I lick my lips and push down on his ass so that the head of his dick is now greeted with my tongue and my lips are wrapped around it. My dick is so hard in his mouth and it feels soooooo good, I could cum. mmmmmmmm, he gets me really really close, and then stops.

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His tongue is now wavering around my asshole. Just when I had gotten used to how exotic that felt, and the view of his ass standing in the air (because he had to move forward slightly), he turns completely around and in such a swift motion he is now pushing the head of his cock into my balls.

He grabs my thighs and positions me like a woman he is about to take. Oh my goodness, his chest looks sooo good, I just wanna cum all over it. The head of his dick is now playing around my exposed asshole. Some of his pre-cum actually dribbles down my crack and I'm just flying on pleasure brazilian teen masturbating her pussy we get to watch her providing it a supreme gargling this point.

I moan, "please put it in me!" The head of his cock felt really good entering my ass. I hadn't realized how loose he had relaxed it with just his tongue, mmmm. As he slid more into me, it felt amazing. Once he picked up some speed, all I could think about was his dick being in my mouth, because I hadn't really gotten to suck on it moments ago. I must have gotten carried away by the sensations of his warm dick pumping in & out of my ass, because my hand was jacking my own dick off, the thoughts of getting to suck him mixed with staring at the light hitting his chest.made me cum hot streams up & onto his chest.

The moans I let out and the squeezing my ass did to his cock while I had my orgasm, caused him to slam in hard, stop, and say AHHHH FUCK I'M CUMMMING, as I felt an incredible feeling of his semen shooting inside my ass. After he pulled out, he fell down onto the bed and so I rose up onto my knees with my face staring at his beautiful wet looking dick. Damn it was hot looking. My ass was in the air and I could feel his cum coming out of my ass slowly, and dripping down onto my balls.

All I knew, was that I had to have his cock in my mouth right now! Because he had gone soft a little, I decided to slowly kiss up his thighs, around his dick area, paid special attention to his tummy area, and then found my cum on his chest from just a little bit ago. As I was licking it all off, streamline after streamline, I felt his dick getting hard under my ass that was just above it. I said, oh no you don't get to stick it in my ass right now.

with that, my mouth immediately went to work on such a warm, hard, good looking dick. I licked up and down, stroked it, played & sucked on his balls, played & licked at his ass.and was just really having a good time with that dick, when I felt someone bareback fisting gang anal gay tongue lick my ass and hand stroke my dick that was pulsing from all of the excitement.

When I went to turn around to see who had entered the room and starting playing with me, I felt the guys hand that I was sucking his dick, grab a hold of my head so that I couldn't move away from sucking it! And then I feel a mouth wrap around and take my cock into their mouth. I'm SO turned on that I don't know who it is! Why is the guy's dick that I'm sucking, holding my head on his dick so that I cant see who it is?

While his lovely dick is in my mouth with his hands holding my head, and my dick is in I don't know whose mouth, a new pair of hands are wrapping a blindfold around my eyes, what the fuck!? Now that I cant see, I feel many hands moving me to be on the bed on my back. I can feel a lot of weight on the bed and warmth assuming many people are now on the bed.

My hard dick standing at attention is greeted by some thighs and then what feels to be exactly a hot, wet, delicious pussy, when I hear a female moan really loud as she slides down onto my dick, I know for sure its a female ;o) As soon as I realized my hands had been restrained with some soft fabric and that my feet couldn't really move much either, a dick was entering my mouth!!! mmmmmmmmm, this is hot! The dick in my mouth rotates so that the guy's mouth can go down to the action of whoever's pussy is riding my dick like crazy.

She rises up so that just my head is in between her wet lips and I feel his tongue move up my shaft from its base towards the head of my dick, and as he transfers his tongue onto her lips and towards her clit, she slides down onto my dick. He repeats this process in reverse as she rises back up off my dick. After many times of this slowly, his mouth goes down over my dick one time instead of her pussy. I hadn't even realized from all the pleasure, that the dick in my mouth was now ready to cum!

I swallowed every burst of hot cum that entered my mouth oOoooo yeah. I shout out, hey.let me free so I can really join this party!!! I feel the blindfold come off my eyes and holy one guy friend is on the corner of the bed jacking off his hot sonny lion xxxx vedidod com while watching everything.

I don't know anyone else in the room! The guy I was originally having fun with alone in this room has disappeared. The guys dick that just came in my mouth climbs off of me, and I cant really make out whether he's attractive or not, haha.

The girl who was riding my pussy is actually somewhat of an older woman.big ass breasts, and totally making my dick twitch with excitement, to know who's pussy it had just been in! I realize they haven't freed my hands and feet but that's okay, because that same older woman climbs on top of me for some 69!

As she smothers my face with her wet pussy I realize she is repositioning my ass under a pillow.

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I forget what she just did as her mouth clobbers my hard dick. Her tongue feels soooo good, damn I'm hot!!! I don't pay much attention to the fact that every now and then, she puts some saliva on her finger and plays with my ass.that is, until I realize the head of a dick is now waiting to enter my ass, while she's sucking on me!

The sensations of her mouth are great. The feeling of her breasts hitting my tummy is exciting. Of the little view I have, her pussy & ass is really hot.

If my hand was free to move, it'd be all over her ass! I feel the smooth hardness enter my ass a few inches and her pussy juice is intoxifying my mouth & tongue. As soon as I realize that what is in my ass is not warm like a finger or dick, it starts to vibrate! Electricity overwhelms my senses. she is fucking my ass with a vibe, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. The whole room was filled with a sexual musky smell. People were enjoying other people on the bed and floor. Moans, screams, and "I'm cumming"'s were intensifying the experience for everyone.

I swear, I could have came that instant. if it had not been for the pussy that was slopping on my face started peeing. The oddness to it withdrew my orgasm, but the warmth that was gushing in my mouth and down my neck, kinda turned me on? It was not something I had ever experienced.

I wasn't sure if I was turned on or off or vina sky plays with her holes for your pleasure alternatingly.but it didn't matter because she climbed off of me entirely, all quick, and now I was really confused.

my almost numb ass kinda missed the vibrating sensations that had now disappeared. When I was trying to figure out why she got off of me in such a hurry, I started noticing that there were about 3 other sets of males with females getting it on. Then, the guy I originally started messing around with, came walking through the doorway.

My dick immediately decided it was turned on again. He was naked, and hard like steel as well. Instead of doing something sexual, when he got up close to me, he actually just started peeing around my dick area! I was at a lost for thoughts, although the warm & wetness hadn't completely turned me off for I don't know what reasons.

Before I could realize what had just happened, the original lady that had left in a hurry was now back and quickly came to us. She started licking up his pee from me.

That didn't really turn me on, but her mouth was headed for my dick! He got behind her and as she put her mouth back on my cock, I saw his cock disappear into her.which I'm assuming was her pussy, even though her ass is what was in the air.