Husband watches wife take friend

Husband watches wife take friend
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Stories will always be published there first before XNXX. XNXX stories will still be published but not as frequent. Chapter Five: Oh what fun With a glare from her eyes she fell silent. I left her to sleep and went in to the front room turn on the television and channel surf for a few hours. About every hour or so I checked on Lorie to make sure everything was okay.

I may have kidnapped her and using her as my sexual toy, I still feel the need to look after her. After all, shes my toy, I need to make sure my toy is in good condition so it can last a long time. Such a poor analogy I thought to my self as I walked in to check on her. She was sound asleep.

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Breathing deeply and her eyes were in REM for sure. I head over to the closet and grab the lock box and walk back to the table with all the items on it. I sit down, set the lock box on the table and open it. I go through her belongings more thoroughly then once before. I find what I was looking for, her cell phone. I browse through her contacts, messages, pictures, videos and anything else I can scour through. I sent some dirty pictures, and videos she had taken to my phone.

Other then that there wasn't a whole lot on it. Going through her messages I looked at the last people she had texted. A few names stuck out because they were texting back and forth quiet a bit.

I sent a message to the most recent texts in the last two days informing them that the phone was going to babe loves being in this couple getting hers cut off for a while, and that not to worry that I, Lorie, will be getting it back soon. Remembering those dirty messages I grabbed my phone.

"Shit!", I barked, My phone is almost dead. I ran and put my phone on the charger back in my room. Made sure to turn the phone on silent and disable the alarms. I went back to her phone and took out her battery in case anyone decided to call or text. I put her phone in the lock box and went through the rest of her items. After going through it all I noticed a funny looking pen. I picked it up and looked it over, it has a button but no hole for the tip.

Then I realized, this is no pen. I clicked the button, and was assured of what it was. The 'pen' started to vibrate. I let out a chuckle. A pocket vibrator, and a long one at that. I opened it up to see what kind of batteries it takes. Double 'A' batteries what a blessing that was.

I hate those vibrators that take watch batteries. This one was not the small pocket vibe, but was about the length of a pen to house two double 'A' batteries. I figured might as well put it to good use while its just sitting here.

I click it again to turn it off, but it speeds up. So I click it once more, and it again speeds up. It's a variable speed vibrator which is a good thing.

I give it another click and it turns off. I get up and head to the bedroom. With my new little toy in hand and another toy to try it on I wet the tip with my saliva and bring it to the entrance of Lorie's vaginal lips. I push ever so gently as to not wake her up, and it slides in.

Probably each of us knows that feeling when the desire is so strong that you cannot get enough of sw

I click the button once to turn it on its lowest speed, and leave it sit there. With her legs pressed together they hold it snug in place. She didn't so much as to move an inch. I walked back to the table to see what else I could find in her goodies. Going through it again I could not find anything useful except for a few tampons to keep on hand just in case. I threw it all into a zip-lock bag and put it all back in the lock box. I put the lock box back in the closet and went in to the dining room to my computer.

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I turned it on and walked to the fridge and grabbed a snack and a drink and sat back down. As soon as it chirped alive I went online and started browsing all the porn sites I could find. I did as much research as I could on every fetish I could find. Some I liked, some grossed me out, and some horrified me. I searched the web for a good couple hours before I heard her rustle around and let out a few moans.

I raised my head and smiled.

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I turned off the monitor and went back into the bedroom. I silently crept in and sat and listened. She just laid there, every now and then shuttering, and a fidget every delightful amazing chick discloses her assets homemade and hardcore and then.

She would let out a moan from time to time as I just sat and watched for a little while. After about thirty minutes passed, she had started to get frustrated. Letting out a few curse words here and there as I just sat and watched. After about twenty more minutes an idea struck in my mind. I quietly exited the room to the table and grabbed an item off the table and crept back in to the room.

I got to the edge of the bed with item in hand and leaned in. As I neared her body, she was still in her own personal hell with the toy keeping her unsatisfied. As I clamped her nipple with one of the clothes pins she let out a moan of ecstasy mixed with pain. "Ah, oh, oh my god.", she managed out, As she moan with delight and displeasure from the clip being so taught on her nipple.

I grab another one and placed it on her other nipple which elected another moan of pleasure and pain. I let her sit like that for a good twenty minutes before I walked out into the living room. I sat down on the couch thinking for a moment of what I can do next.

Looking at the clock its about seven thirty. Coming to a realization that she needs a more permanent place to be. I had a guest room, a spare room, and a basement. Did not take me long to decide where to put her. I headed on down to the basement, flipped on the light and looked around. Its not to terribly bad for a basement. It can definitively use some sheet rock and some carpet, not to mention a little cleaning, but other then that it is in fairly good condition.

After some thinking and deciding on what exactly to do I decided the first step is to clean up the room a bit. I headed back teen fucks old fat man stairs still formulating a plan in my head for the basement I went and checked on my little captive to see what exactly she is doing.

I walked in and noticed that the clips I left are making her nipples engorged and nice and red from all the blood running to them.

I figured that she has had enough pleasure at this point so I took the vibrator out of her dripping wet vagina and set it off on the nite stand. That will come in handy later. Then I decided to grab a few more clothes pins and place them along her labia's. This excited more moans from her. "Ohhmmmm. Please no more", as she bites her lip, I take two of the six that are attached to her labia's and give them a tug, and she moans again.

I noticed that she is getting wetter by the moment. She seems to like a little pain with her pleasure. I made a mental note and gave one last tug and walked out.

Walking back to the front room I grabbed my keys and my wallet and headed for my car. I need to head to the hardware store and be quick about it. Heading out the door I make sure to lock it. Head out to the car and drive off to the hardware store. After spending a good hour at the hardware store and listening to some kid talk about the best uses of dead bolt locks for the greater majority of that time. Made me want to just rear back and knock him out after 15 minutes.

I pulled up into the drive way and checked the front door before I unlocked it. Just in case she did manage to get loose. I jingled the door and it was still locked. I unlocked and opened the door and went inside.

I threw my keys on the counter and my wallet, then walked to the bedroom where I had left her. There she was still there, quivering ever so slightly. I figured its due time to take of those clamps. I did just that by taking the clothe pins off then nipples first and as I did I gave her nipples a pinch and a rub.

She shuddered and moaned. I moved to the ones still pinching on her labia's and noticed she is wetter then I had left her and she is red as well. I touched her mound and it was hot. She really got off on this. I decided to have some fun with this and I took the previous clips I had played with and opened her with them and latched onto her clit with my mouth.

She let out a scream and moan that shocked the hell out of me as she climaxed and gushed on my chin and down my chest. I continued to suck and nibble on her click and took off the six clothes pins that were attached and sucked on the red spot that each pin left behind. After all six were off I went back to her clit and licked and teased it. I stuck two fingers into her wet lips and slid them into her hole which elicited another moan from her lips.

I slid my fingers deep inside and moved them back and forth as I pulled back out and pushed them back in. After getting into a kind of rhythm between sucking and nibbling, and thrusting and twitching she started to push her hips into my face.

This surprised me because I am doing this against her will and she is starting to really enjoy this. I continue my assault on her vagina until I noticed she is starting to seriously enjoy it. Once I felt her muscles starting to tighten up as she does right before I send her over the edge to a climax I pull my fingers out and pull my head back.

I sit back and watch as she starts thrusting her hips upwards trying to make contact with what was giving her so much pleasure and starts to moan and whimper.

"No, please, no. no, don't stop.", she repeats softly, "No more tonight", was all I replied, I stood up and walked out into the hall still tasting her fresh juices on my lips and chin. As I walked into the kitchen I grabbed a paper towel, wet it, and cleaned my self off. I walked back out side and grabbed the bags from the car and walked back into the house, locking the door behind me. Once inside I walk to the basement door and set the she gets money and a huge load on the counter nearest the door.

I walk downstairs and grab a few tools that I stored down there. Looked at the clock. "Damn it. Its already 5?" I complained, I started cleaning the room and working on it as I went along.

After about four hours had passed I decided to take a break and grab some food, and I am sure new boobs will not solve your money or will they is hungry to. So I ran upstairs and figured I'd make a couple sandwiches since that is the easiest thing to make. Grabbing what I needed and throwing the sandwiches together I ate savita bhabi and devar cartoon as I went down the hall.

As I walked into the bedroom I hear a light snoring. I decided not to wake her since well, I mean she can not really know if she is hungry in her sleep. I went back to the kitchen and threw hers in a baggy and into the fridge. Sitting down I thought about all I had done downstairs. I cleaned the hell out of it that's for sure. I made a couple of pieces of furniture for my new house guest, sealed the windows to a point so she could not get out.

I have plumbing already there for a sink and drainage so I need to get a few more things. Fount a some chain and a few old locks that I can use versus using rope. I just need some leather and wire to make some restraints. I also put two dead bolts on the door that required a key to open it on either side. One on the top of t he door and one on the bottom.

Mostly to support the door if she was to get loose and try and break it down. I also managed to scrounge up some other materials laying about. I was able to find some old unused fishing line and weights to use, as well as as some wood and eye bolts among another things. Sitting and thinking some more about the actual situation, and not really caring about anything anymore I had come to realize that I have to start thinking of where I am going to sleep tonight.

That's one thing I have not thought to much about. She has no real other place to be. Guess I am sleeping on the couch tonight. "Great! She's not even my wife and she has done kicked me out of my bed." I spat as I chucked to myself, I went into the hall closet and grabbed a blanket and a spare pillow I keep in there for when I have guests in the house. After setting up the couch, which really only took a few minutes to setup, I decided to go check on how Lorie was doing.

As I walked in I was met with a surprise.She had one arm untied and was starting to untie the other arm. "What the hell?" I stammered, She froze and just looked at me with a glint of fear and a bit of shock. Then she continued to untie herself with a renewed frenzy.

I just ran over to her grabbed her free arm, and as I did she lunged her head forward and bit the top of my hand. "Ahhh SON OF A!" was all I managed out, Between grabbing my hand and shaking the pain away she had almost managed her second hand before I grabbed at her again.

This time I used both hands. One hand grabbed her free hand and the other grabbed a hand full of hair and pulled straight back when she lunged forward again. I looked dead in her eyes and said. "Bite me once, shame on you. Bite me twice shame on me I always say." I pull her free arm away from her until it is fully extended from her body and I crawl over her legs and to the other side of the bed, as to not cause stress on her shoulder at all.

I need it in top condition later. After a moment of taking time not only to tie her fingers I also tied a loop around her wrists. I then pushed her torso forward as to move behind her as she struggled to no avail.

I took her free arm and put it behind her back, and then held it with one arm. I took the rope that was wrapped around her hand and looped it over her shoulder around the front of her body and back under her arm pit to meet back up with its self and tie it onto the rope already in place. This was not an easy feet by any means. Ever time I tried to do something It was a struggle. She is constantly trying to fight me and is getting tiresome at this point.

I really have to watch her mouth because she has some sharp teeth. After I tied off her free arm I proceeded to do the same thing with her other arm. This was a little more difficult at at times since she knew what I was going to do and could move her body more. She was putting up a good fight but I finally managed to tie her arms.

I then tied another piece of the rope around both of her arms where they overlap each other. Looking around for a blindfold I managed to find that tie that she apparently managed to work off her head earlier. I blindfolded her once more, and then untied her feet. I then stood her up and admired her a little. "You know for a total bitch you are one hot piece of ass." I said hot babe maya hills gets her pussy banged a smirk, "You know for a total loser, your a total loser." she scoffed right back, "Yes well who is tied up and who is holding the leash?" I laughed as I mother and son real homemade sex tape at the bird.

She did not say anything more after that. Looking at her I admired her body. The only thing she was wearing was her panties as most the other clothing was removed.

As I gaze on I caught myself speaking to myself. "Oh what fun we are going to have."