Renato puts his long stick tender in elle roses wet pussy

Renato puts his long stick tender in elle roses wet pussy
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Sun rise and light streaked across our faces from the forgotten windows. I woke up immediately greeted by the site of sweet Zack; his face lit a beautiful cream in the sunlight. Thick muscular arms sprouted up from underneath the duvet and his brown hair was draped over the pillow in a messy tangle.

His massively toned body made me look wiry in comparison. We were both naked; we must have done it again. Memories came back to me and I was fighting the urge to jerk off again by kissing Zack's rounded chest. A few nips later he soon came round: "Hey babe" he said as he turned over. "You enjoy it last night?" "Oh God, I'd never felt so turned on!

You were so fast and hard!" "I'll take that as a yes! You were as gorgeous as ever too!" he growled as I moved up to hold his arm. What had I done to deserve this stud? "Geez, well I hope I wasn't too tight on your rod!" "That's stunning asian teen loves to play with her vibrator way I like it Steven!

Hot and tight!" He kissed me long and hard before a rather rude interruption. I thought I'd locked the door last night, but a hot blonde just walked straight into our house. He really did look like he'd just walked in from a training session as her was breathing frantically, his huge chest rising up and down slowly.

He was wearing the tightest possible black fleece and equally tight jeans, giving away all of his thick muscles. His eyes and teeth were equally white and plump pink lips concealed them.

But he wasn't alone, another equally attractive blonde came strutting in proudly. But this one was a girl. I had never recognised either of them before, so how either of them could just walk in from the street just seemed impossible. But then Zack answered my questions. "Oh for fuck's sake Jake, do you always just barge in whenever I'm in the most perfect position ever?" "I'm so sorry 'ickle brother of mine!" the blonde known as Jake replied.

So that explained it. And sure enough, dangling from his left hand was a set of keys. Using his family rights well then, I see. I could see the resemblance between the two, the slim jaw, the juicy lips and the gorgeous brown eyes. "Why are you here this time?" Zack groaned exasperatedly. Brotherly love. "I'd like you to meet someone!" Jake announced. The girl next to him was almost a twin sister of Jake with long blonde hair, tight fitting leather, tall and a slim face. But her voice wasn't a delicious growl like Jake and Zack's.

More an irritating squeal. "Hi, I'm Bethan!" she squeaked. "Oh God, this your new girlfriend? Or should I say slag?" "I'm not a slag!" she protested "Well the rate he gets through them, I should consider being one!" "Leave it Bethan, he's just a bit pissed off he never got anyone as hot as you!" Jake lulled but all it got him was a tantric gasp before Zack cut in "Look if you're just going to do what you did the last time, you can fuck off now!" he ordered.

"Other times?" I asked quietly "Yeah, he's always been trying to turn me, always mating with the nearest girl he can to try and get me interested." "And this time I'll succeed!" Jake announced "Because this one's a real hot bitch! You just look at her! She can't wait to rip my pants down and suck me dry! And look at those tits Zack! Look at them! You fancy a go on them?" "I'd rather eat staples!" Zack boldly exclaimed "Well prepare yourself for something hotter than you've ever seen in your life!" Jake excitedly said, then turned to Bethan and said.

"Go get your prize, sexy!" She didn't waste any time either. Within seconds his jeans tj hart has got all the right moves removed and his boxers on the floor. Jake just looked at me with a smug grin as Bethan gobbled up his 10-inch meat. Her head moved frantically from what we could see, moving in and out, causing her hair to ripple madly.

The grin then faded to screams of ecstasy: "Oh fuck that feels good! Do it you hot bitch! Suck my hot pecker!" "Oh you guys should be here! This is the best cock I've ever seen! It's the only one I've had which I can put both my hands round!" He certainly seemed to have a very fine piece for such a young age. And she was revelling in it, as precum oozed out of it at an almost unbelievable rate. Jake started to slowly undress the girl on her knees. The leather jacket and her bra were both strewn across the floor.

But then suddenly I got worried about Zack. He was a hard bi to turn my way in the first place, what if she turned him back? My fears were blown away though when the manly boom of Zack said: "You think that's a hot dick? Wait till you see Stevo's here!" With a swift tear of his huge arms against the duvet, my organ was exposed. Zack braced himself at my head and I knew that he'd a nice day for a picnic fuck made his mind up.

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Tentatively nipping at the thick head of the rod, he drooled uncontrollably. Then he started rubbing hard against my cock. I groaned and fell back against the bed. The last thing I saw before I hit the pillow was Jake's open-mouthed stare as Zack continued his hot blowjob.

Zack and Bethan then exchanged their obscene outbursts, in competition as to who could get the most juice flowing. "Mmm, now this is how you do cock you horny milf carmen valentina fucking teen couple Shit, this tastes so nice!

Not like that thing you've got over there!" "You need to try it Zack! Shit, I want to fucking ride this thing! You hear me Jake! I want your hot fucking dick inside my pussy!" Jake more than willingly obliged, he looked almost desperate to fuck her from the moment he walked in.

"Time to show these two queers how hot fucking is done! You get those panties off and let me fuck you hard and fast!" They didn't half like to make a noise about what they were doing.

Sounded acted to me. But Zack was undeterred by the hot action going on behind him. The real turn-on for me was seeing him casually suck off my cock in such a boy-like manner! Meanwhile Jake had no intention of keeping his views to himself: "That pussy looks so sweet!

I could finger it all day! I want to pound you hard till you explode with my cum!" "Fuck, you're so sexy! Get that filthy rod of yours in me now!" And they crashed against the wall, both of them groaning loudly and Jake entered fast into Bethan.

Her legs wrapped around him and pulled him closer, begging him to get more comfortable inside her. "Oh shit! You sure know how to treat a girl right you bad boy! Fill me right up with that fresh young prick of yours!

Oh fuck, I'm cumming!" Just hearing her made my cock lurch, which was a worry. If it was a turn on for me, what would it do to Zack? He felt the spasm in his mouth and he knew I needed more. "God look at those amateurs Steve! We could go on for hours! You show them how it's done!" he loudly invited as he lay next to me, his legs spread far apart. I didn't even think about trying to get into competition with the fit Jake, who was thrusting harder and harder behind deutsche privat paar amateur pornviedeo. But the anger of the intruders left me with no remorse.

Anger soon translated into a sudden hard entry which surprised even Jake as Zack screamed out: "Holy shit! That dick of yours feels so good in my ass! Do it Steven! Do what you've always done so well before! " So I did, at a pace Zack had never felt before. It wasn't long before he was spurting his load out all over his hairy waist. But despite his numerous orgasms, he just wanted more! I had to admit that his ass was always his best feature; as well as it being gorgeously curved; it always was able to squeeze my cock mercilessly and send me hurtling towards a fantastic orgasm myself.

About 10 minutes past before something struck me. As Zack was reaching his climax, his eyes were transfixed daisy haze loves holmes older dick facial cumshot natural tits me.

Was he getting turned on by the bitch who was riding Jake so fast and carelessly? Another burst of anger shot up my dick and I reached a clattering climax. Load spurted everywhere and Zack's ass overflowed with the sweet white liquid. I fell on top of him just in exhaustion, just in time to see the end of Bethan's orgasm: "You really ought to fuck a girl some time boys! This clit feels so silky on my rock hard prick!

You're really missing out!" Jake smugly announced. "Fuck shit! This is so hard; I'm fucking cumming for you Jake! Oh God, this is going to be a big one!" And it was. Both of them combined their juices inside one another and moaned piercingly loudly. But Jake wasn't done yet. He wanted to lap it all up.

"Now you hot bitch, you keep cumming for me, so I can taste your sweet slit juices!" "Oh shut up you two!" Zack unexpectedly shouted "You're worse than a porn movie!" "No Zack, this is fucking better! You do what you want to my pussy Jake! Lick me till I'm dry!" He needed no second invitation; he just rammed his faced into the shaved crevasse of the slag. She meanwhile whimpered softly whilst caressing her nipples. Zack had had enough and lied on top of me.

His huge muscles pressed me into the mattress as he forced a huge wet kiss into my mouth. He wanted to see this much less than I did. After he'd done filling my mouth with his tongue, Bethan had had enough with Jake filling her vagina with his tongue. "Well I hope you guys have learned from this! Girls are much better to fuck!" she giggled as she picked up her clothes. Jake released his hand which crashed against her firm ass.

"I hope you enjoyed fucking me Jake! Hope we can do it again sometime" she said as she finally left for the bathroom. Jake growled at her then made his way over to the chair in the corner of our bedroom. His pants were still undone, and he just sat there casually with his pecker pointing straight at us. Zack had a rather sinister idea, which he then whispered to me.

With a childish giggle we both collided in a lustful snog for the third time that morning. We both saw it. An undoubted twitch in Jake's crotch. Zack spoke first: "Was that a twitch I saw there, Jake?" "What?" he stammered. Zack could have been right. "Your cock twitched as we kissed! I saw it!

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Didn't you see it Stevie?" "Of course! You like us kissing do you Jake?" I asked teasingly "I.I don't know what you're on about!" he replied nervously. Zack and I grinned at each other. "You're bi aren't you?" Zack questioned "What?

No! I.I'm not!" "Prove it!" "How the fuck can I do that?" " about we suck you off and see which one you thought was best?" "! I can't!" "Come on Stevie; let's show him how it's done!" We both sprung out of bed and went over to foxy japanese schoolgirl pleasures a stiff dong chair.

Zack went first to his knees in between Jake's gaping legs. Jake made little attempt to try and stop his fit brother taking hold of his pulsating organ.

Meanwhile Zack was revelling in his older brother's soaked dick, he obviously had wanted to do this for a while now. Or maybe they'd done it before. I started slowly fisting my hardening cock as Jake gasped louder than before with his brothers blows. As soon as I got hard, I knelt down to Jake's face and said: "You like that then Jakey boy? You like a boy sucking you off do you? It's good isn't it? I fucking love it! Better than that pig's mouth any day." "You are one pretty fucker" Jake unexpectedly said and pulled my face straight into his and our tongues crashed together.

The kiss was certainly hot, he had expert tonguing and his plump lips tasted sweet in my own. "Look at you Jake; fucking girls till the sun goes down!" Zack said smugly "When all along all you've wanted is a bit of cock and you're spurting!" He thrust his hands up and down his brother's thick rod in long, smooth actions . "Shit, give me it now Steven" Jake gasped "What?" "Your thick dick! I want it now!" "You want to suck me off?" "Fuck yes!" "I dunno, you did say you weren't bi" I grinned.

"God don't make me beg!" "You can have it Jake! You can suck me off, only if you make it the hottest thing you've ever done!" And when Jake grabbed my long rod, he never stopped drooling. It was so wet it felt like seventh heaven. Even the many times that Zack had had my cock in his mouth didn't add up to the cock virgin's blows.

"You wonder where I get my cock blowing skills from. Look at this hot fucker, look how much he's spurting sucking your dick Steven!" Zack added.

And he was right; Jake was really spewing out gallons of hot jizz onto his slim body. The sheer sight of my boyfriend and his brother sucking so ravenously made my dick spasm and shoot out a second burst of spunk, right into the back of Jake's unexpecting throat.

Jake swallowed every last drop of it, while Zack was licking every part of his body to devour his own jizz. We all sat trying for breath for a few seconds before Zack put the nail in the coffin. "Now Jake, you want to change your mind? Guys are better at blowing are they?" "Well you certainly had the fittest mouth I've ever had on my dick, and you haven't half chosen the sweetest dick in the world here!

I should do this more often!" And with that he turned to pick up his underwear and leave. Zack then grinned at me as we heard the door close and he dived onto me, devouring my tongue until the afternoon came.