Giant dick sucking with hot ashley adams

Giant dick sucking with hot ashley adams
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My Aunt Older women younger man anal shower rough sex pain incest fiction -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is a work of fiction.

My mother left several hours ago on a business trip to new york. I and i was staying at our house with my aunt Karen. We all lived together after aunt Karen's husband died about 4 years ago and my mom got divorced from my father about 2 years ago.

My names Connor And i am a 14 years old and pretty athletic and a toned body. Me and my aunt are very close. She's helped raise cum in pants lap dance.

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I have always thought she was gorgeous shes got a nice body nice dd's and a firm ass and shes got perfect curves. And long brown hair with blue eyes. I was in my room playing video games. And before i knew it it was 7: o'clock so i thought i should wake her up. To see whats for dinner. So i knock on the door. Come in Karen says. I walk in and the lights are out with just enough like shining though the window to see her curved outline i can see her breast's And her hair. Suddenly i get really hard.

Then she asks. Connor what time is it? Its Around 7:00. That late you hungry i am starving. Said velvet rains pussy screwed by ikes cock doggy Ya i am softcore asian panty tease tube porn. Want some pizza connor?

Sure sounds great. Connor i have to put some cloths on so go to the living room and i will meet you there. Evidently karen was nude siting on the side of her bed. But why not put on a shirt or something why invite me in? I forget about it and go to the bathroom to jackoff to get my raging hard'on down. Then preceded the living to see karen siting on the sofa ordering our pizza.

Karen finish's on the phone and hangs up. While i sit down on the sofa next to karen. Shes wearing a tight low cut top with a very short skirt on. Werid she dress's more conservative most of the time.

But it did not matter she was hot and i could not get enough of her. So connor want to watch a movie? Sure what movie? Its a really good one i just got called the dreamers. I dont think your mom would like you seeing it but it can be our secret right? Sure she wont be home for 3 weeks anyway.

What kind of movie is it? Its a drama said karen. Ok put it on. She gets up goes over to the her dvd cabinet and bends over. She's wearing a thong. Wow her ass is amazing doesn't she know i can she it? Kinda strange. She put the dvd in the player and turns around to walk back to the sofa. And i realize shes not wearing a bra.

Now i have a hard'on. But luckly i have a long shirt on so its coverd since wear siting down. The movie starts it set in France. I was not paying much attention till this girl starts dancing and taking her to off to reveal her breasts. Then a few mins later theres a full frontal of this hot chick.

Now i am really hard. And they start having sex. So Connor ever done that before with a girl? Asks karen with a smile. Eh um no i have not yet. Yet says the man good for you. Hay listen you dont have to worry i just wanted to ask i anit going to tell your mom or nothing.

karen always was cool she only 35. I hear a knock at the door. Karen stands up and says. Must be the pizza. And walks to the door leaving me in the room alone with this almost porn on. What the hell is she up too? She returns and turns off the movie so we can eat. We go sit down at the table. and she brings in some drinks Lemonade for me and a beer for her. We start eating and she ask's. Connor do you like girls? Ya yes i do i anit not cock smoker. Just asking cause i have not seen you with any girls.

Well none of them like me really they think i am a nerd or something. Bitchs i would love to go out with you. Wait what? Said connor. If i was you age and not your aunt. Oh ok. We finish out food. And i take my shower and go to see where karen is. I hear water running she must be taking a bath.

I go to her bathroom door and listen in. Karen's moaning oh yes oh uh yes connor oh yes. I cant beleave it she masturbating about me? I have to see so i carefully open the door just enough to see in. And i see karen in the tub soap bubble all around her her big tits on her chest. And her active legal age teenager gives a cute ride moving fast at her crotch area.

Shes moaning. I get real hard so i slip my dick out. And start masturbating pulling my cock up and down up and down. Watch her finger herself. I am just looking at her tits then i realize she watching me. I jerk and the doors wind open and i shot a huge load of cum in the tub on her face and chest. I pull my pants up and run to my room. Forgetting to lock the door. Karen walks in to the room naked with cum on her face and her body dripping wet.

Connor its ok i am not mad at you i am faltered. You are. Asks Connor ya i am your a hot young guy. I am. yes you are. well aunt karen your really hot. thanks but just call my karen. Ok so i got to ask why were you dressed like that earlyer? You did't like it? No i did but that was for me? Yes well ok i give came in a few days ago and saw you wanking off with your eyes closed and herd you moan oh aunt karen.

So i thought you want to fuck me. do you want to fuck you aunt? Are you saying i can?

Yes lets not beat around the bush. And i just saw it her amazing pussy it got a bit of hair and looks amazing. Well ya i do you so beautiful. Karen walks over to connor and starts French kissing him. Using her tongue all around his. He gets hard again. Lay down i will do everything. I lay back and karen pulls off my pants and shirt. And then gets ontop of me and places my cock in front of her pussy.

And slowly lowers herself on top of it. The tip of my cock touchs her pussy lips there so wet.

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And inch by inch my cock is buried deep in her. It feels so warm and soft. She starts going up and down up and down. She moans in extacy as do i. She riding me cock up and down pounding my thighs. I she her huge tits bouncing up and down. Oh karen i am going to cum. I shout. She then get off of me and starts sucking my cock. With slurping sounds. I can see her head bob up and down feeling her tongue circle around my cock.

Tickling my balls. I feel it coming like an erupting volcano Oh i am cuming. I scream. Then i shoot thick rope after rope of hot sticky cum. Feeling her mouth. She is swallowing as fast as she can. But cum seeps out of the sides of her mouth down her chin and on her huge tits.

After she sucks every last drop of cum out of my cock. She use's her fingers to get the cum off of her chin and tits and eats it. Oh yummy. She says in a seductive voice. Yo taste great connor. I can barley move. And i say karen that was amazing. You pussy is so tight. Thank you hun oh killer body and sleek summer day hardcore outdoor. Now we can't tell your mom.

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You understand. If we can do more i dont care. I sit up. Karen can i go down on you? Sure you can. I sit up and let Karen sit on the side of my bed. And get on the floor propping her legs on my shoulders. Lean in and smell the musky aroma. And open my mouth and stick my tongue deep in her pussy. She lets out a soft moan. I lick and lap all the juice's out of her pussy.

lick naughty old crock bonks young pussy oldvsyoung hardcore tasting my aunt for the first time. Oh connor oh dont stop i am going to cum.

I start licking faster stick my tongue in her and lick and sucking on her clit. Oh i am cumming. She screams and she squirts out her pussy juice all over my face and body and i get as much as i can in my mouth. And shallows it. Now her and my face dripping with our juices. Lets take a bath together. Said karen. ok we walk to the shower turn on the water the water cascades over her shoulders and down her huge tits.

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I grab her ass and kiss her. We kiss for what seems like forever. Then she starts lick my body. Saying lets clean each other. I then lick her nipple's.

And work my way down to her pussy and lightly suck on it. Then turn her around and lick her asshole. sticking my tongue inside her ass. Oh no'ones ever done that.

Oh that feels so good. Then i stand up bend her over and grab her leg by the thigh. And place my cock infront of her ass. And push it in. She moans oh yes that feels great. She grabs the wall to hold on to. I pound her ass hard. And rough pushing my cock in and out. we moan oh. Fuck me connor fuck me harder. I pound her ass harder and harder my balls slapping her pussy. The warm water cascading over her back.

then i grab her by the hair. And hold her body to mine. While my cock goes in and out of her tight asshole. She says ow that hurts. I say shut up bitch. and pull her hair harder. Oh i am cumming. I shout. I let go of her hair. And turn her head towards mine and kiss her. While i Pound my cock deep in her ass. And then Shout my cum deep in her ass. And pull out and kiss her once more. that hurt connor but i loved it.

I did think you would be in to rough sex but i liked it. I don't know what came over me. i Say with the water running over us. Its ok i liked it. Do you want blacked redhead gwen starks first black cock tube porn sleep with me? Can we sleep nude. Yes. ok. They walk to her bed and lay in each others arms.

The end