Anna moriyama and old man

Anna moriyama and old man
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As soon as Rose was pushed into the room the stale smell hit her she could tell the room was large the sounds were echoing from the crying and footsteps.For three days Rose had been gagged blindfolded and her hands tied but she knew she was not alone others were with her and from real mom son cum tits incest she could work out there was a few of them. A few minutes later someone yelled for them to be silent the room went pretty much quiet except for the odd whimper.How much time had passed Rose didnt know before the sound ashton knows what filled her vagina cumshots and creampie boots walked into the room.

"How many did you bring me this time better be more then the last." A male voice spoke. "Milord twenty females and six males" Was the reply. "Well done Stephen now let me have a look at them take their blindfolds off" The male voice said and again Rose heard footsteps.

All their blindfolds were removed then Rose seen the man that belonged to the voice. "My name is Lord Seth and if you have not worked it out yet iam a slave trader" He said and began walking down the line of prisoners as he did he pulled one girl forward and continued walking by the time he was close to Rose he had two females pulled forward.Rose's heart was racing by the time he stood in front of her he looked her up an down and pulled Rose foward and continued walking by the time he reached the end four females and two males were standing forward.

"Get the ones i have picked cleaned up the rest in the holding pens for tomorrows auction" Lord Seth said the lent down to speak to one of his men. A hour later the six of them had bathed and had fresh clean clothes on and lead into another room and told to sit and not to speak.They sat there for the next hour before the doors opened again and Lord Seth walked in with at least twelve other men they walked straight to where they were all sitting.

"Now you will all see what duties you will all be performing" Lord Seth said with a smirk a young girl suddenly screamed as she was pulled up from her seat and her loose gown ripped from her body and dragged by two men over to the long table. They pushed her down face first to bend over the table as one of the men kicked her legs apart and the other unlaced the front of his pants and stood behind her the young girl let out a scream as the man roughly pushed his cock deep inside her then laughed.

"Just broke myself a virgin" He said and continued fucking her hard and fast grunting with each thrust. Rose was terrified at what she was seeing as more were taken screaming some were thrown on large cushions and held down so another man juvenile luscious girl impaled on old knob oldvsyoung and hardcore have his way with them.Rose soon found out why the young males were there the same thing was happening to them Rose began to cry at all the screams and the sobbing coming from the girls and the young men and realized she was the only one still sitting in a seat.

That all changed a few minutes later when Lord Seth walked over and stood in front of her then grabbed her by the arm and pulled her to her feet Rose struggled but was no match for Lord Seth.

A few seconds later her under garment was being ripped from her body Rose screamed out.

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"Please don't just let me go home." She begged. "No now spread your legs so i can feel your cunt" He said when Rose didn't he stepped back and back handed her hard Rose fell to the floor in a heap.

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Grabbing a handful of Rose's hair Seth dragged her back to her feet and pulled her over to one of the large cushions and threw her down and spread her legs himself.Unlacing his pants Seth lent over Rose and laughed.

"This is going to hurt and i will love every second of it" He said and pushed his cock inside Rose. Rose screamed at the pain that ripped through her as he just kept thrusting then smirked as he broke Rose. "Now you are nothing no-one will want you your life as a whore just started" He said and kept pushing into Rose deeper he never took his eyes off her until he let out a moan and released his seed.

Getting up he stood between Rose,s legs and nodded then stepped to the side as another naked man got between Rose's legs and began fucking her. Seth totally undressed then poured himself a drink and sat by the fire the whole time watching Rose. Rose let her head roll to the side and closed her eyes as the man in top of her had his way with her.Once he was done Rose was pulled up to her knee,s by her hair everyone in the room now as naked. The man who pulled her to her knee's stood in front of her holding his cock in his hand.

"Open your mouth and suck my cock you bite me i will beat you black and blue" He said Rose closed her mouth tight and turned her head away.Rose was on the cushion again from the hard blow to her face and again he dragged her back to her knee's again. "Now suck my cock or i will hit you again" He spat and forced his cock into her mouth.

"Open your mouth wider bitch" He said and pushed further sexy kittens shag the biggest belt cocks and spray cum everywhere Rose gagged and began to suck. "That's it you will learn this in no time there will be plenty of cocks for you to learn on" He said and laughed as he held Rose's hair tight in his hands.

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A hour later Seth stood and walked to where Rose was another man had just spray his cum over Rose's face. "Get to your feet and follow me" He said and walked over to stand near the long table.

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"Bend over the table your legs spread." He said and stood behind Rose once she had done what she was told. Seth grabbed her ass cheeks hard and spread them Rose began to scream as soon as she felt where his cock was she had seen the other girls scream when what was about to happen to her happen to them. Seth pushed into her ass just a little and started moving back and forwards slowly. "Relax or this is going to hurt more and its going to happen whether you want it to or not" He said and pick up the pace pushing in further with each stroke until he was all the way in.

For the next ten minutes Seth fucked her ass and he fucked it hard finally releasing his load he stepped back and sat on the seat at the table and looked at Rose. "Stay there someone is coming over to take my place." Seth said just then Rose yelled as her ass was filled with gorgeous alexis adams gets big tips for her big tits cock Seth crossed his arms and sat back smiling.

"Dont move from that table that ass will be getting fucked a few times yet.Now what is your name and your age? Seth asked. Tears rolled down Rose's face. "My name is Rose iam fifteen years old." She said softly Seth nodded and lent forward. "Now my little Rose iam your master you will be wearing a collar a red one which means you are mine the others blue now the rules that go with that collar are you will be with me at all times.You are never to wear under garments i will fuck you whenever the urge hits me which will be often and anywhere if i want you on your knee's to suck my cock you will this can happen in the castle or in the grounds or while iam entertaining in a meeting you do not speak unless spoken too.

The only thing you have permission to do is breath i control everything else unless you break the rules then i will even take that from you is that understood my little Rose?" He asked. Rose was sobbing and nodded her head. Seth lent closer and glared at Rose. "I asked did you understand?" He said. "Yes i understand Master" Rose said and knew right then and there her life was ruined she now belonged to Lord Seth. Another hour passed before the men finally left the room Rose stood still near the fire just looking into the flames and didnt resist as a collar was put around her throat and a leash attached.

Seth walked over now fully dressed and took the leash and tugged on it for her to walk Rose followed as he lead her through the castle naked.They walked down a long hallway and stopped at some double doors Seth pushed them open and lead her into the beautiful sitting room he kept walking to another set of door and pushed them open to a massive bedroom the bed its self was the biggest Rose had ever seen.

Seth dropped the leash and turned to face Rose. "Get in the bath and clean yourself up you stink" He said and sat on the edge of the bed as Rose got into the bath and bite her lip hard as the water stung her red raw body. "Now we are alone i have another rule for you anything that happens in this room stays here you will see people come in here from a different entry most times you will be involved other times you will not." He said and stood handing Rose a towel.

"You sleep on the furs over there when i don't have you in my bed you will be shackled by the ankle.oh and anyone that comes through that entry can do what they like to you they don't have to ask.Now go to the furs and shackle your ankle and i want to hear it click my little Rose and get some sleep i will touch you no more to-day but tomorrow your brand new life starts and Rose you might as well start enjoying being fucked its your life now" Seth said with a smile and stood still until Rose sat on the furs and clicked the shackle around her ankle once it great amateur blond homemade orange you glad im so tiny on Rose laid down and curled up in a ball pulling the furs over herself and cried.

Seth rang a small bell the door opened and young girl walked in.

"Suck my cock" He growled and grabbed the young girl by the hair and pushed her to her knee's and rammed his cock deep down her throat. The next morning Rose woke to her shackle being removed and Seth in a robe standing over her. "Get pregnantbrunette slutwife instockings usedbybbc tube porn and use the bathroom wash your face and come back out here don't be to long" Seth said and walked away.

Rose got up and went to the bathroom shutting the door behind her about five minutes Rose stunning japanese haruka gets her big boobs cum showered pornstars and hardcore back out. "Come here Rose" Seth ordered. Rose looked over Seth was laying on the bed stroking his hard cock and watching her.Rose walked to the edge of the bed Seth patted the bed for her to lay down beside him.

Once she did Seth rolled over to look down at her and smiled then moved down pushing Rose's leg apart Roe readied herself for what was to come next the memory from the night before still very real in her mind. Seth began licking her cunt slowly Rose gasped as a feeling ran through her body Seth began going a little harder and a little faster a few seconds later Rose didn't realize she had Grabbed Seth's head and arched her back and let out a yell as Rose came for the first time.

"My god what was that? She asked then gasped when she realized she had spoken and waited for the hit for speaking. Seth lifted his head and smirked and moved up to look down at Rose. "You just came for the first time Rose" He said and got to his knee's and pulled Rose up to her knee's. "Suck my cock for a few minutes" He said and groaned as Rose began sucking on his cock. Seth pulled out a few minutes later and got beside Rose telling her to spread her knee's Seth slipped in a finger and began moving it in and out getting a bit faster with each stroke then put in a second finger and took one of Rose's nipple on his mouth and began sucking it did not take long for Rose to yell out again as she came over Seth's fingers.

Seth said nothing and told Rose to lay down and got on top of her pushing his cock inside her.Rose moaned and grabbed onto Seth he began to slow down his thrusts. "Oh god go harder" Rose said as she came again Seth started fucking her harder and faster.

Seth smirked and knew at that very moment he had her Rose came twice more by the time Seth released his load and rolled off her. "Now Rose suck my cock and I will do that all to you again." Seth school teacher big bampas big brast sex Rose got straight up on her knee's and took Seth's cock in her mouth Seth ran his hand down her long hair.

"That's it take it deep and suck it and I will fuck you again" He said once he was hard again he got Rose to sit above his mouth as he licked and sucked her cunt again and fingered her but this time he was a lot harder and rougher how he liked to do it.Rose responded by cumming twice and begging her master to fuck her. Seth did fuck Rose and he fucked her hard and fast making her cum once she did Seth rolled her over and told her to get on her hands and knee's he fingered her ass for a few moment stretching her before pushing his cock in and grabbing her ass cheeks tightly and rode her hard finally Seth came with a yell and pulled out of Rose and collapsed on the bed beside her.

"Go and get cleaned up I have a auction to attend" He said. About twenty minutes later Seth attached the leash to Rose's collar and attached the other end to his belt and walked from the bedroom and downstairs walking from the castle to the holding pens Seth nodded and alot of people had turned up this was going to be a good day he was going to make a lot of gold. To be continued.