Mom son fucking sex storys new

Mom son fucking sex storys new
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There was a knock on the door. "Come in!" Glenn called out. The door opened, and my wife Amanda stepped into her boss' office. She was wearing a tight-fitting white blouse above an equally form-fitting black miniskirt that crawled dangerously up her thighs. Her long black hair was wound up neatly in a bun. A pair of glasses sat on the brim of her nose that gave her an exceptionally studious look. High black heels added a few inches to her height while her alicia tease gets pussy slammed so rough lips seemed somehow even more luscious with the blood-red lipstick she wore.

Amanda was dressed much nicer than she needed to be for work. "Ah, there you are, Amanda. Come in, I've been expecting you." Glenn's tone was a bit strained and there was an audible quiver in his voice.

Amanda beamed him a smile as she entered and closed the door behind her. "Here is the report you requested, Mr. Talbot," she said, waving a stack of papers at him. Amanda tried to keep a straight face as she spoke, and there was a trace of laughter in her voice. Glenn's office was spacious.

He sat in a large black leather chair behind an enormous wooden desk that was littered with papers, pens, a laptop, and other office items. Behind him were large windows that provided a scenic view to mountains in the distance.

Only higher-ups in Glenn and Amanda's company were fortunate to have such a view from their office. "Thank you for compiling those numbers, I truly appreciate it. If I may?" Glenn held out his hand to take the report from Amanda. He couldn't make eye contact with her as she handed the papers over, and he was sweating profusely. Glenn loosened his tie then squirmed in his chair as he made the pretense of reading over the report.

My wife stood patiently before him, trying to hide her grin and stifle her laughter while keeping up the façade. After a brief silence, Glenn said, "You know…these numbers…this report, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense. I feel as petite girlfriend has anal in the morning you just threw everything together haphazardly and rushed through the work.

I won't be able to submit this information to the board members. I am not happy." He looked up and finally made eye contact with my wife. "There will be consequences." "Oh, I'm so sorry, sir," Amanda apologized with obvious mock sincerity. "I'll do a better job next time." "I'm afraid there won't be a next time, my dear.

I'm going to have to let you go. Please pack up your belongings and leave the premises immediately." "Oh please!" Amanda was giving him her best puppy dog eyes now.

"I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to let you down. Please don't fire me.

I'll do anything to make it up to you." She paused and her voice dropped a bit. "Anything." Glenn shifted in his chair again.

He was staring lecherously at my wife now, as he always did when he had the chance, licking his lips. "Well… you HAVE been a very hardworking, loyal employee for the sensual black hottest sexyn with sexy glasses four years.

I would genuinely hate to lose your services. Perhaps…perhaps we can figure something out… come to some sort of agreement. Have you make some kind of…reparations…for your shoddy work." Amanda was giving him her devastating smile as she approached. She put both hands on the desktop, and leaned forward. "What kind of agreement&hellip.sir?" Glenn's bulging eyes locked onto her ample cleavage, and he started touching himself beneath the table.

He caught Amanda's eyes. "You know what I want," he whispered. They stared at one another for a long moment, alone in his spacious office. Finally, Glenn could no longer contain himself and maintain the charade.

He sprung up from his chair, sending it rolling back on its wheels. Then he hungrily pulled Amanda to him as they kissed, devouring each other's lips and tongue for a long time. "I've been waiting for this moment all day," Glenn breathed. "I wasn't sure if it was really going to happen." Amanda smiled at her boss, who was older enough to be her father, and stroked his cheek affectionately. "I've never let you girl in tights gets fingered then fucked in the chatroom before, have I?" "No.

No you haven't, love. Not once." Amanda kissed him again. In a sultry voice she asked, "Now tell me what you want." Glenn could barely contain himself. He stepped back towards the window, never taking his eyes off my wife as he quickly closed the shutters. "Are you wearing the bra and panties that I purchased for you?" "Yes." "Show me." Amanda removed her glasses and took her cellphone from her pocket, placing them both on the table.

Then she slowly began unbuttoning her blouse, knowing a sexy strip tease would drive her boss insane. But Glenn was too impatient for that. He bounded over to her and ripped open her top.

Amanda's perfectly-formed 34C breasts, wrapped tightly in a silky, lavender bra, spilled out. Taking only a moment to admire my wife's tits, he yanked her skirt down equally as fast, revealing matching panties that hugged her hips beautifully. As Glenn stepped back, he pulled Amanda towards him with one hand while swiping everything off his table with the other.

Once everything had clattered to the floor, he kissed her again, then basically tossed Amanda onto the table and bent her over. My wife yelped in surprise. Glenn had never been anything but deferential, almost passive, towards her. But his sudden roughness was born out of lust-filled desperation and impatience.

Glenn pulled her panties down then smoothed his hands all over her ass. He hesitated before giving her a hard slap. Amanda yelped again. "Baby girl, did you enjoy it when we brutalized you the other night, in your very own living room?" "You know I did." 3 more quick slaps on each cheek left angry red hand prints on Amanda's tan skin.

But now Glenn was enthralled by her cleanly shaved pussy, which already had a glint of wetness to them.

He rubbed her engorged clit and vaginal lips with his fingers, eliciting a loud sigh. Without any pretense, Glenn drove the index and middle fingers of his left hand into my wife's pussy.

Her body quivered and she let out another explosive breath. As he commenced to fingerfuck Amanda, Glenn reached up with his right hand to unclasp her bra, pulling it out from under her and tossing it to the floor with the rest of her clothes. He continued drilling his fingers in and out of her vagina while sweeping his free hand all over her body. "Such a work of art," Glenn intoned. "I'm going to make you forget about your husband and the other boys.

But first, be a good girl and take off my pants." Amanda was still strewn across the massive wooden desk when he pulled his fingers out of her to stand directly in front of her.

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Coolly, she undid her boss' pants, and lowered them and his underwear until his erection hovered just a few inches from her face. Now that his cock was free of its confines, Glenn had other ideas.

"Take me into your mouth and make me wet before I make love to you." Amanda opened her mouth wide as Glenn seized the sides of her head and drove his erection down her throat.

Glenn moaned aloud as soon as his penis made contact with her, momentarily not caring if anyone heard him. "You are a gift to all men, Mandy," he breathed, using my wife's pet name. Amanda spent a good while coating his cock with a copious amount of saliva as he throatfucked her, so much that spit was dripping out of her mouth and onto the carpet below. Glenn grunted as he thrust into her mouth one final time, then pulled out, and moved behind Amanda again.

With her heels giving her additional height, Amanda's pussy lined up perfectly with Glenn's hard-on. He pressed his cockhead to her vaginal opening, holding it there for a moment, letting her feel him, teasing her and giving her an idea of what was to come.

Then, after leaning down and kissing Amanda on the back of her shoulder, Glenn drew himself up tall and steered his manhood into my wife's waiting orifice. He pinned her down by the back of the neck as she squirmed and clawed at the tabletop in the throes of passion.

"My darling…I've fantasized about this moment for so long… making love to you intense threesome session with stunning claudia valentine my office&hellip. fucking you on this very table.ohhhh&hellip." Glenn continued to pummel my wife's pussy from behind.

He let go of her neck and, instead, grabbed her at the elbows, lifting her body off the table into somewhat of a a lot of doxies having sex striptease hardcore pose. She pulled against him as a counterforce to maintain her position as he continued to fuck her from behind.

"Oh god, that feels so good. Oh god…oh god!" "Wait!" Amanda exclaimed before he could ejaculate inside of her. She spun from him and moved away from the table.

"What? Why? What happ---- did I hurt you?" Glenn was frustrated at being blue-balled, but his concern for my wife was genuine, and first and foremost. "No, silly. Sit back in your chair. Hurry!" Glenn appeared totally confused as she practically shoved him down into a sitting position. Amanda smiled slyly at him then bent down to kiss him on the lips. "You're not the only one who's fantasized about getting kinky in your office," she whispered in his ear. Glenn was suddenly helpless.

"Dear lord&hellip." His voice was strangled as she sunk to the floor and crawled under his huge desk on her hands and knees. Amanda had plenty of room down there, and she wheeled him closer in his chair. "Call your secretary and tell her to file my report," she commanded sternly. Glenn hesitated. He was acutely aware of how much trouble he could get into. But his lust for my wife always superseded better judgment, and his resolve completed dissipated when he peered down at Amanda, who was kneeling at his feet wearing nothing but high heels and an angelic smile.

He frantically picked up his phone, which he had knocked to the floor, and pressed a button. "Hello, Brenda? Would you be so kind as to come to my office and pick up Amanda's report? I need you to file it right away…yes, it's important&hellip.very important&hellip.yes, right away…great, thank you." Glenn hung up the phone and looked down anxiously at Amanda.

"She'll be here in a moment. Now what?" "Now I suck your cock." Moments later, there was a knock on the door. "Come in," Glenn nearly choked. He was still in Amanda's mouth when the door opened. Brenda, Glenn's middle-aged secretary, entered. "You had something for me to file, Mr. Talbot?" She looked around the darkened office. "Why do you have the shutters closed, sir? Is everything alright?" "Ahhh&hellip. um… Yes! Everything is ok, no need to worry! Oh&hellip. ah, the report!

I have it right here! Yes, right here…oooohhhh… Here, take it and file it, please!" Glenn thrusted the papers at her. He was having a difficult time maintaining his composure and keeping his voice neutral as my wife quietly continued to suck him from beneath the table. Brenda approached with a quizzical expression, and took the report from him. "Anything else?" she asked succinctly. "No…uh… that's it. You may go now.

Oh&hellip. oh my&hellip.please shut the door on your way out, please!" Brenda turned and began heading for the firing up guys hard schlong pornstar and hardcore when she stopped. She had noticed the items from Glenn's desk was scattered everywhere, and looked back at him in concern. "Mr. Talbot, are you sure you're ok? Why is everything on the floor?" Glenn's eyes bulged in fear as he stared at Amanda's clothes, which were laying in a pile behind Brenda.

Amanda simply kept bobbing her head up and down his shaft, licking and kissing it all over, keeping her movements short and compact, and minimizing all sound. Brenda began to stoop down to pick up the items, and Glenn nearly jumped up out of his chair. Fortunately, the pressure of Amanda's head on his lap kept him pinned in place… which was a good thing since he was naked below the waist. "Don't worry about it, Brenda!

I'll take care of it! Ummm&hellip.why don't you go… take the rest of the day off? Go relax with your family!" Brenda studied him with uncertainty. As she stood there, Amanda deepthroated their boss, sealing her lips around his girth and sucking hard as if she were trying to swallow him whole. Glenn seized her head in an attempt to stop her, but Amanda continued, literally, under Brenda's nose. Glenn's secretary still had a wary expression on her face, but she finally responded, "Thank you, Mr.

Talbot. That's very kind of you. Um, if you don't need help with cleaning up, I'll just file this report and then head home." "Yes, yes!

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Wonderful plan. Enjoy yourself!" Glenn waited until the door shut before he let out an explosive breath. "You filthy whore," he hissed down at Amanda. He was still clenching her head between both hands, but was now rapidly guiding it up and down the entirety of his shaft. Glenn's fucked my wife's throat first time extra big xxx ann a short while longer, before the need for release began to surge between his legs.

He pulled Amanda off his cock, stood up, and flung her over his table yet again. Before Amanda had even settled herself, Glenn was driving his cock into her pussy from behind once more. "I told you I was going to fuck you on this table," he growled. Amanda desperately tried not to moan aloud, instead whimpering as her boss speared her while smacking her rear cheeks.

"Harder," Amanda begged, barely more than a gasp. "Fuck me harder… spank me harder." Glenn pumped his hips hard, making my wife grunt and jostling her on the sturdy table. He slapped her ass once, harder than the last time. "Say it again." She repeated the words, and her boss drove into her pussy yet again and slapped her ass even harder.

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"What?" Glenn demanded. "I didn't hear you." "Fuck me harder…spank me harder…SIR." Glenn retracted his hips and slammed his erection into my wife with so much force that the table she was bent over actually lurched forward, and she had to bite her lip to keep from screaming. For good measure, he swatted her butt several more times as he continued to fuck her. "Oh my god, you feel so hard in my pussy… sir&hellip." Glenn lasted about 10 more seconds before he blasted his hot cum into my wife, throwing his head back and gasping.

He grinded against her, shaking his hips in little spasmodic motions to empty every last drop into her sex. With a satisfied sigh, Glenn sank back into his chair.

Amanda 1 st time sil pac blood too exhausted to do anything but remain where she was, laying naked over the table and barely supported by her weakened legs. She swayed her ass slowly, in a subconscious effort to soothe her stinging skin.

Glenn was hypnotized by her undulating bottom, and watched as his semen oozed out of her pussy and trickled down her thighs. He reached out and touched her ass again, affectionately this time, soothingly rubbing his palm over the angry red welts. Amanda twisted her head back to look back at him and smile. There was a content look on her face as well. Glenn reached out and hooked his arms around her waist, pulling her towards him until she was sitting on his lap.

"My Amanda," he sighed, nuzzling his nose against her soft, fragrant hair. They held each other close and didn't speak for a long time. Amanda finally stirred. Glenn reluctantly unwrapped his arms from her body as she bent down to pick up her cell phone from the floor.

She sat back on his lap as she extended her arm while holding her phone. "Say 'Cheese' for my husband." Glenn pressed his face next to Amanda's, and was kissing her on the cheek when she snapped the picture. My wife immediately texted it to me. "I'm so honored to be the first one on your list," Glenn said softly to Amanda.

In a much needier tone, he asked, "When can I be with you again?" She leaned against him and snuggled against his shoulder. "Same day and time next week," she answered softly, her eyes closed as she rested against him.

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"Then I will anxiously count down the seconds until then." Glenn paused uncomfortably. Amanda easily sensed there was more he wanted to say. "What is it? You can tell me," she spoke gently with a warm smile. "So…I wanted to let you know that I submitted paperwork on your behalf for a raise. A fairly considerable raise, at that. It should take into effect on your next paycheck." Amanda bolted upright on his lap. "Glenn!" she exclaimed. "You shouldn't have done that! It was just a joke!

I don't want you to get in trouble." "No, no. It's quite alright. I'm in charge around here, remember?" he said jokingly. In a much more serious tone, he continued, "You're not only the most beautiful woman I've ever laid eyes on, but you, in all honesty, also happen to be the most gifted and conscientious employee I've ever had.

Your work for me has always been impeccable. So you are deserving of the raise, anyway." Amanda threw her arms around her boss' neck and hugged him with genuine appreciation. "Thank you so much. I don't even know what to say." Glenn blushed. He was pretty awesome teen angel stands doggy fashion girlfriend homemade embarrassed and attempted to change the subject.

"So…uh, if I may ask, who's the lucky man next on your list?" "Hmmm&hellip.I haven't decided yet," my wife replied as she cozied up against his body again. "I'm anxious to see what Philip has in store for me. But Dimitri has been wanting me for so long, even longer than you." Amanda threw her boss a wicked grin. "Maybe I'll make him wait just a little bit longer.

And Jansen&hellip." Her voice trailed off dreamily as she thought about his monstrous cock. Then my wife crinkled her nose in a slight disgust. "I'll probably leave Bryan last," she finished, with a roll of her eyes. Glenn chuckled. "And will you still have energy to satisfy your husband after you've serviced all of us?" Amanda giggled. She started to rise from his lap.

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"Wait," Glenn said suddenly. He had never used such a sharp tone with her before, and it actually made Amanda pause. "Put your underwear back on while your pussy is still dripping.

I want you to go home so your husband can see your panties---the panties I bought for you--- soaked with my semen." "Yes, Mr. Talbot." Hiding her bemused smile, Amanda purposefully took her time getting dressed under Glenn's watchful eye, much to his voyeuristic delight. Then my wife turned and left her boss' office.