Nikki benz solving bed room

Nikki benz solving bed room
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It had been about two weeks since my encounter with Stacy. Everyday since then I found myself thinking about her and her lovely feet. Mike and I worked at his house 3 days total after that day, but I was never left alone with Stacy. I couldn't even try to say Hi in a way that meant more than just Hello.

Sadly, our major project was finished during those 3 days, so I had no way to see her again unless Mike needed a babysitter. Then Thursday morning Mike finally said the words I was waiting to here. "Joe, My wife and I need to go out of town this weekend. And we don't think Stacy should be alone for that long. Would you mind? Mike Asked. Trying to contain myself, I replied in a sutle voice "Yes, I think I can do that for you guys, I don't have any plans this weekend again" "Sorry to hear that Joe.

Your still not having any luck with the ladies?" He curiously asked. "Nope, The right one seems to be very hard to find these days" I said with a bit of a frown on my face. "I'm sure you'll find the right one, just hang in there.

Thanks a bunch for babysitting, would you rather come to my place or bring her to yours?" "I'd rather not bring her to mine, my place isn't exactly suitable for young eyes" I kiddingly replied. Truth is the place was a bit of a dump since I don't have a reason to keep it clean. The rest of the day we continued our work as normal, but I was very distracted knowing that I would see Stacy again this weekend.

In fact, all day Friday was the same way. For the past two weeks I'd been reliving that lustful night in my mind and trying to justify it all as well.

Once Saturday had arrived. I was so eager to get there, I arrived about 10 minutes early. "Joe, Your here already, that's not like you." Mike Inquired. He was right, I'm usually right on time or a couple minutes late. "Yeah, I just didn't have anything else do to. Thought I'd arrive early just encase you two needed to leave sooner" I cleverly beautiful yoni story nature sexual to help cover my blunder.

"Thanks, but I'm not paying for the extra 10 minutes" He joking replied I laughed and sat down on the couch in front of the TV. "No problem." "Go ahead and make yourself at home, we are almost ready to take off" He said. "Ok Mike, I'm sure I won't have any trouble with entertaining myself here on the couch." I said knowing very well what happened on this couch last time.

A couple minutes before the top of the hour, Mike and passion hd two sexy european vixens fuck in threesome wife was heading out the door.

"Stacy! We're leaving now!" Mike shouted upstairs. After a few seconds he shook his head and looked at me. "Kids, they don't even care we are leaving for awhile" "She's probably busy doing some teenage thing. Video games, music or something." I replied. "Most likely. O'Well, Take care of our little girl Joe. We'll see you soon" Mike said as he started to close the door on there way out. "Don't worry about a thing, she's in good hands" I quickly said as he head out on his way.

As they started the car and left, I turned on the TV and started to flip the channels. Stacy seemed to not care I was here either. That quickly changed the moment the car was out of the drive way and heading down the street.

The moment you could no longer hear their car engine, Stacy comes running downstairs. She runs across the living room and pounces right on top of me. "Oof! Hey. What the. Ack! what gives?" I asked her. "I missed you! I'm so glad sanilion xxx porn story bicock see you again" She said as her body was on top of mine, sitting on my lap and now hugging me tightly.

"I must admit, I've missed you too, but wow! I wasn't expecting you to run down the stairs and jump right into my lap" I said to her in a teen sloan harper rides hung stranger for money way. "My nipples are so hard, I had to stay upstairs until after my parents left so they wouldn't see." She explained. Indeed, I now glanced down at her chest and notice two perky spots on her shirt.

"Oh my, your not wearing a bra I see" I curiously asked her. "No way, My boobs aint that big yet, so I only wear one in public." She somewhat seductively said. "Does the same go for your panties?" I joking asked remembering she didn't have any on last time. "No silly, Only time I don't wear panties is when I'm in a swimsuit or wearing by boxers at night." she giggled and explained. "Ah, I see." before I could finish my next sentence she kissed me passionately on the lips.

I resisted at first since I was taken by suprise. Then I kissed her back before for what seemed like a eternity.

When she finally broke the kiss I asked. "Your a very good kisser, but that was kinda sudden?" "I want you so bad Joe! I've been wet all day just because I knew you was going to babysit me" she said while rubbing her hands over her shirt directly over top of her nipples. I glanced down at them while she rubbed them, almost in a trance by this point.

But I snapped myself out of it enough to say. "You know, I didn't get to see those last time" She giggled and instantly removed her shirt, showing off a pair of the cutest young breasts you could lay your eyes on. It was hard to say what their size was because when compared to her slim body, they looked big and very firm. "Would you like to touch this part of my body as well since you didn't last time?" she seductively asked while looking deep into my eyes.

My eyes looked away from her breast and into her eyes as well. Then I said with a smile on my face "I would love too, but are you sure we should be doing this?

I'm so much older than you. I could goto jail for this kind of thing." "Why would I tell anyone and lose my best lover? And you want to know something else Joe. Your the first guy I ever let cum in me" She seductively explained.

What? Really?. why me. errr anyone. I." I was so suprised and eroused by that very line I didn't know how or what to say next. "I loved the way you played with my feet while fucking me, I knew you was the one to fill me for the first time. I've wanted to feel it for so long, but no other guy made me want it so bad like you did that night. Everyone else is usually cumming before I want them to anyway." she said while tattooed korean chick has a smooth ass thats about to get blasted by a firm rod hand rubbed over my pants.

I must admit seeing this young topless girl rubbing my crotch and telling me she loves my cum was a big turn on. But I was still reluctant to give into my desires.

I think she knew this as well because she moved off of my lap and sat on the couch right beside me. She then turned her body to face mine and placed her legs onto the couch, and into my lap. Unlike last time, she had a pair of white socks on. With her feet right over my crotch, she started to tease me by rubbing her right wicked beautiful teens are ready to engulf lightly over it.

I bit my lip from the pleasure. That sock covered foot rubbing my pants and cock felt very good. Almost as good as if it was her bare foot milking my shaft. "I have a suprise for you Joe, but to see it you'll need to take off my socks" she said once more in a seductive, yet sweet voice.

I knew once I saw those pretty toes and feet again, I would lose all control. That was something I was trying hard to avoid despite all the erotic and seductive things this young 14 year old was doing. "I. Probably shouldn't do that Stacy" I reluctantly said. "Why not?" She said while tilting her head slightly and in a cute way.

"Because, I'm already eroused enough as it is. Your incredible you know. If I see those feet again, I'll be outta control" I explained. "Mmmmm. Like last time? I loved that.

The best fuck ever!" She said while lifting her right leg up in the air and rubbing her sock cover foot across my cheek. "I'm sure we would enjoy it, but. " I started to say but with her foot rubbing against my cheek I couldn't take much more. ". alright, lemme see your suprise, then I have one for you too." She giggled happily and then folded up her legs onto her chest.

Her fingers slid under the top of her sock, sliding and folding it down to her heel. Then her hand grabbed the tip of the socks near her big toe and pulled it off the rest of the way. She then repeated this for her other foot. Meanwhile I was rock hard and almost losing it while watching those two sexy feet were being revealed again.

She moved her right foot back out into the air and pressed it against my cheek. She wiggled her toes against my skin, sending shivers thoughout my entire body. Finally she moved her right foot directly in front of my nose. Her feet had a very lovely smell, my naughty stepdaughter seduced mewatch part on hornyandhotmilfscom I fought hard to resist kissing them.

"Look Joe, my Toes nails have grown out and trimmed. They are all natural now, just like you like." she explained while wiggling the toes right in front of me. "It would be easier to see if you didn't wiggle them so much. But yeah, those are so hot looking." I explained while still trying to fight off my urges. "Take off your pants Joe, I want my new Sexy Toes to rub your cock." She seductively commanded.

"Only if you do the same" I asked. She was a bit suprised, but since she was so horny she quickly did just that. Sliding off her shorts, pulling them down to her feet and stepping out of them.

Then she slides off a pair of girlie panties. When they reached her feet she said. "You won't tell anyone what kind of panties I have will you?" I laughed as I wouldn't dare tell anyone about any of this knowing what could happen.

"Trust me Stacy, I won't tell." I said as I chuckled. She then stepped out of her panties and stretched out her legs in my direction to rub over my cock. "Well.

you gonna take your off or not?" she questioned me in a soft voice "Oh right, I was so busy admiring you I forgot" I replied.

I then quickly slid off my pants and underwear, exposing my rock hard shaft to the air and to the eyes of my young lover. "Oh yeah, I love that cock! I cant wait to feel it inside me again! Take me Joe! I want it now!" She said and sexually commanded. "Not yet, I have another idea" I said as I lifted my own legs up on the couch, and then took off my own socks in front of her. It was a erousing feeling watching her own eyes go wide as she saw my own feet for the first time.

Repeating her own teasing, I lifted my own foot up into the air in front of her and rubbed it across her cheek. "What do you think about that Stacy?" I asked to her in a teasing sexy voice. "Oh god Joe, Your making me so wet, Yo ashley nichole is cast for first time love your feet and feeling them" She said.

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"You can do anything you like with them" I said as I let my big toe trail across her upper lip. She immediately took the hint and started sucking on my big toe. It sent chills thoughout my entire body. Her tongue licking my toes and the sucking motion of her lips was incredible. "Oh Stacy! Suck it baby! Mmmmm." I commanded happily. "I love it, No guy has ever let me do this and I had no idea it would be so good!" She said in-between her licks and suckles. I don't know if it was from her remembering what I did to her last time, or if it was just instinct, but she started licking in-between my toes as well.

Giving even more incredible sensations. "Mmmmm. baby, your getting my foot soaken wet! And if feels so good" I moaned and said to her. "My pussy is about ready to explode Joe. What else did you have in mind?" she questioned. I then somewhat reluctantly, since it felt so good, moved my right foot away from her mouth and directly down to her pussy.

My big toe first rubbed over her clit and then my entire foot over her pussy lips. "Oh Fuuuuuccckkk!! Joe! Yes, that's incredible!" she shouted in pleasure. I rubbed my wet foot over her pussy very fast, then started to slide my toes into her love canal. Her back ached and her sexy breast shot out into the air. I used my left foot to begin rubbing over her sexy breasts while the other continued to thrust its toes in and out of her pussy as far as they would go.

"OMG! Don't Stop!! Fuck me! Take me with your sexy foot! Oh god! Make me cum all over those toes! She moaned and shouted in ecstasy.

"Mmmm. yeah baby, you cum all over those sexy toes. You know you want to. And I want you too. I want that hot juice all over my toes." I seductive said back to her. My toes fucked her pussy even faster now. My big toe continued to rub over her clit as well. My left foot took turns rubbing over her nipples until she picked up that foot with her hands and stuck it in her mouth.

She began sucking on my toes once more. It was so hot watching her young body arching back and her breathing increase as I pleasured her.

"Yes Joe. Don't stop! I'm ready to cum on your foot! Fuck me fast and hard! I want to cum!" She moaned. Indeed she was breathing very hard now, moaning every few seconds, her body was so lost in the mom and xxx hinde son she was ready to explode.

With both of my feet already very busy pleasure her I did the only thing I could do to help push her over the edge. "Mmmmm. Stacy! Cum all over my feet now! I wanna feel that hot pussy juice running out and in-between my toes. Cum baby! Cum NOW!" I commanded. After hearing that my right foot pushed into her hard and she began to cum. "OH GOD!!! JOOOOEEEEE!! I'm cumming so hard. OH OH !!! OOOHHH!!! "She then muffled her moans of ecstasy by sucking on all of my toes hard, this was a incredible sensation for me as well.

Her orgasmed seem to last forever then finally her suckles on my foot lighten up and she looked down at my foot still rubbing her pussy. Her breathing began to slow and then she removed my left foot from her mouth entirely and nuzzled her face into it. "Oh Joe!

That's just as good as feel a cock cumming in me. Your amazing!" she explained. "I loved it too, that hot juice on my foot feels very good" I replied "Really? I've never felt cum on my feet" she said. "You should try it sometime" I implied. She then giggled and cuffed her feet together, making a hole with her arches. She then moved her turning on beautys hungry needs smalltits hardcore over to my cock and slid it in-between her feet.

"Oh Stacy! Mmmm. Your feet feel so good" I moaned as she began to thrust her feet on my cock. "I want you to cum on them Joe!

I want to know what its like." She seductively command and then picked up her pace. She was milking my cock for all it was worth.

I arched back in pleasure. My head turned to the side to see this young nude figure with the biggest smile on her face. I wanted so badly to just fuck her brains out like before, but she was already pleasuring me with her feet.

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The rest would just haft to wait for later. I was already way to eroused anyway from everything I just did with her and the sensations of her playing with my feet.

Once more, her feet had turned me into a lustful beast, that cant get enough. "Cum on my Feet you Stud! Don't hold back. you don't haft to worry about making me cum, its your turn. Lemme feel that cum on my feet!!" She commanded. I was to the point where I could but I was enjoying it so much, I didn't want it to end. However my body had other ideas and my hips started to thrust into her arches. "Yes, that's it you sexy stud you fuck my feet!" She ordered.

Oh god, I was in heaven, seduced by amazing lesbians coitus with strapon pantyhose erotica 14 year old with hot sexy feet. "Oh yeah baby. fuck my feet, make me cum all over them! I order back at last. She kept up her super fast pace. From time to time she'd adjust her feet so her toes would run over the head of my cock.

My body was totally into the moment and ready to cover her feet at any moment now. "Mmmm you cock feels so hard now. Are you going to cum on my feet now?" She questioned. I looked lustfully into her eyes and said. "Yes I want to cover your sexy feet in my cum! Mmmm. I'm ready too. Cover the tip with your toes.

so I can cream them good" She did just that as well as returning the favor I gave her earlier by pushing me over the edge with her words. "Cum on the now Joe! I cant wait anymore, I want your cum all over me now! As she command, I immediately started to cum hard. "Ohhhhh Stacy! I'm cumming. Oh shit. Feel it baby!

Mmmmm" I shouted in pleasure. Rope after rope of cum started to cover her sexy feet, running in-between her toes and down the arches of her feet. Very little shot out into the air.

"That feels so warm on my feet, incredible!! Even better than when its on other parts of my body" she stated. I looked down at her feet and my cock and seen the white mess.

"Yes, but its messy" I said "Oh don't worry about that love" She pulled her feet back out of the way. Then her hands started to smooth out the cum as if it was a lotion, rubbing it in all along her feet. She was clearly enjoying herself and she rubbed her own feet.

After a few moments of that, her head moved over between my legs. "We do need to clean your cock up too though" she said with a big grin on her face. She then proceeded to lick and suck on my cock.

Cleaning it up very well, as well as making my afterglow feel even better. "Oh yeah. Mmmm. You really are enjoy this to much! Oh baby. that's so good!" I said while enjoying her cleanup efforts. As she pulled away and laid there on the couch, I finally realized this young girl was now in complete control over my body. And likewise for me over hers.

Right or wrong, resistance is futile when she is around. Luckily the night was young, and still time for alot more fun. Maybe sunny leone xxx story brazil hot in a bed next time.

Continues in Part 3