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Spicy kittens shag the biggest strap ons and spray charge everywhere monstercock splashing
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Chapter 16 THE LAST DAY The next morning Kitten drove Claire in to work. Claire said nothing to her about Kitten fucking Claire's father, and Kitten didn't volunteer anything.

Claire didn't really understand her own feelings. There was so much strange going on. She liked Kitten - maybe more than any friend she'd ever had.

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But when she thought about Kitten she also thought about Kitten's cunt. And Kitten was such a slut, and last night she had made Claire feel like her house was some kind of brothel. But Kitten was so much better and nicer than the other girls at Titcage.

Anyway it was so hard for Claire to think straight now. She never felt normal.

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For so much of the time she was horny, or underdressed, or looking at naked sluts. Even when she was at home in her room she had to go without panties. She didn't have a good frame of reference for telling what she should be thinking. And so Claire said nothing, and hugged Kitten fondly when they got to work. Because anyway, today was her last day at Titcage. Next week she would be back to school like a normal girl, and everything would be better.

She handed in her panties at Michael's office, and went to work. She snuggled up against Jim's naked cock as he stood behind her, and didn't mind when he came on her face twice before lunch, and once after.

She opened her mouth wide for the last one, and caught most of it on her tongue. It tasted good. She horny slut cara likes to take a big monster cock in her pussy twice with Kitten, and the second time she this is how grandma spends a lazy afternoon Kitten kiss her on the mouth while they pissed.

It was better and nicer and more loving than when Sluthole did it, and besides, this was her last day. Kitten cried a little when she realised Claire wasn't going to be coming back, and Claire cried too, and they hugged, naked in the toilet. Michael's "panties" for her today were nothing but a set of red tassels with clips, that he instructed her to clip to her labia. She did as she was told, and looked like a slut when she was done, and did not feel at all okay about Michael photographing her mostly-naked and lewdly-decorated twat, but again, it was her last day.

At the end of the day Claire went to Michael's office to turn in her badge. However, when she arrived she found not just Michael waiting, but also her mother and father. 'Claire, honey!' said her mother. 'We have wonderful news!' Claire panicked. What were her parents doing here? Did they know that Titcage made her act like a slut? Surely they could see the pictures of the naked girls on the wall!

Would her father spank her more for working in a slutty place like this? 'Mum, what are you here for?' she said. 'We've been talking to your very nice boss,' said her mother, 'and he's agreed to let you work here the rest of the school year.' Claire was horrified.

'But mum, I don't want to! I have school!' 'We're taking you out of school, Claire,' said her father. 'Your grades this year weren't very good anyway. You can repeat next year, with a bit of money and work experience under your belt.' 'Michael here has agreed to pay you a very generous wage, considering you're just starting out,' said Claire's mother. 'And he says you're already rising in the organisation.' Claire thought of her badge - W rank.

She certainly was rising. She didn't want to rise higher. 'But mum…' whined Claire, starting to cry. 'Oh, don't cry, Claire, it doesn't make you look very smart,' said her mother. 'You'll work here and that's the end of it.

I want you to turn up for work on Monday, and I want to hear good reports from Michael about how hard you're working. If you do anything to get yourself fired from a good-paying job like this, you can just start paying your own food and rent, young missy.' Claire looked around, hoping for some reprieve, but there was none to be had. Her father was nodding approvingly. 'We'll be so glad to have you, Claire,' Michael was saying.

'You've done excellent work here and you've adjusted so well to the organisation. Now that you're going to be a permanent employee we'll be able to give you a lot more interesting tasks, as well.' Claire cried all the way home. She didn't want to go back to working at that slutty, confusing place. She cried even more when her dad spanked her cunt back at home, and a little more still when she orgasmed under his hand.

That weekend, Claire didn't do anything. She just huddled in her bed, hating her life. She kept her panties off, as she was sister whore watch part on cutescam com to do, and she didn't hide from the cameras in her room, as much as she wanted to rip them off the wall.

Steph came in a few times and tried to cheer her up, but Claire was inconsolable. The only things that seemed to help were drinking her red cordial and occasionally masturbating.

Kitten came round on Saturday afternoon to bring her more cordial, but Claire didn't come down to see her.

And so she came around to Monday morning, and the dreaded start of her full-time work at Titcage. Chapter 17 RE-ORIENTATION Michael took her panties from her when she arrived in the morning. 'Okay, Claire,' he said.

'Now that you're permanent, we need to get you set up with some more stuff, and that's what we'll spend today doing.

Now, I need you to look at this. It's the criteria for W grade. I expect you to make this grade by the end of the week. We don't normally put that kind of pressure on our new employees, but I think you can take it. And if you can't, I'll be telling your mother that you're not working out here.' Claire looked at the card Michael was offering. W Grade Presentation: - Spends at least 35 waking hours a week without panties.

- Wears clothes that emphasise tits. - Generally exposes her tits and/or twat while indoors with no male company. Attitude & Obedience: - Is appropriately productive at work. - Clitoris is pierced with a Titcage ring - Wears a full Titcage ID with tit and twat photos, and has been assessed for fuck skill if not a virgin. Routine: - Sleeps naked. Toileting: - Wets herself among friends or family at least once a month. Alexis monroe having sex on the hotel Masturbates at least eight times a week.

- Tastes own cunt juices when masturbating. Treatment of Sluts: - Consistently uses language that degrades and objectifies females. Treatment of Men: - Hugs men to greet them and doesn't release until they do.

'You're already spending the 35 hours without panties, because you don't wear them at work,' said Michael.

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'And you're appropriately productive. And our surveillance shows that you masturbate enough. So that leaves a few categories.' beautiful blonde model sits on her boyfriend threw her a shirt.

'Put this on,' he said. Big tit girlfriend fucked on roller skates, Claire complied, taking off her button-up dress shirt and putting on the new one.

It was tight and stretchy, and the fabric pulled over her tits in a way that showed the bra underneath. It was slutty. 'That'll do you for today, but you might need to do a shopping trip to find more clothes that emphasise your tits. Kitten will probably help you, if you ask. Speaking of Kitten, if you're hanging out alone with her, you should probably be naked now. Same when you're alone with any other woman. We don't want you to freak people out, so there's some leeway there, but in general we want you to routinely strip down when there's no men around.' Claire unsuccessfully tried to cover her large tits with her arms as she listened to Michael.

'You'll need to sleep naked, of course,' he said. 'I know you sleep with your sister, but I think you'll be able to come up with something. Okay, this one here - "wets herself" - that's just pissing in your panties, or down your leg if you have no panties on. No one needs to know you've done it, you just need to piss yourself in company.' 'Like in the toilets?' asked Claire. 'No, that's regular toileting,' said Michael. 'This means pissing yourself somewhere outside the toilets, like on the bus, or at the dinner table.

You only need to do it once a month.' The thought horrified Claire, but she thought that if she could do it in front of Kitten, rather than some stranger, it would probably be all right. 'Now when you're fingerfucking yourself, we want you to lick or suck on your fingers during it, so you taste your juices. You can do that, right?' Claire nodded. 'And keep working on your language.

Remember, your gender are sluts and whores, not girls or women. And you have big udders that are for raping, remember?' Claire nodded again. 'Now, let's practice this one,' said Michael, pointing to the bottom of the list. 'Say hello to me by hugging me, and don't let go until I do.' Claire walked over to him. 'Hi Michael,' she said, and wrapped her arms around him. Her big tits mashed up against his chest.

He wrapped his own arms around her in response. Long moments passed, and he didn't let her go. She felt one of his hands dip down to her buttocks, and caress her ass for a moment. Then, finally, he released, and Claire did too. 'Just like that,' said Michael, 'with every boy you need to say hello to. Now, come through here and sit down.' He led Claire into the room where she'd taped her new training tape.

She unhappily sat in the chair, and let him tie her into place, her arms tied down and her legs tied spread. 'Sluthole will take it from here,' he said, and left, even as a look of panic appeared on Claire's face. Shortly after he left, Sluthole arrived.

'Hi, Fucktwat,' she said, grinning evilly. 'Hey, today I made V grade, so I guess I'm your superior again now.' 'Please…' said Claire, but stopped when Sluthole stuffed a rolled-up pair of panties in Claire's mouth.

They tasted like pussy. Claire couldn't quite spit them out. 'Shut up, Fucktwat,' said Sluthole. She undid one of Claire's arms, then pulled up Claire's top so that it came over Claire's arm.

She repeated on the other side, and pulled the top off tubby brit bitch jizz slapping and european. Then she unhooked Claire's black bra and did the same thing, exposing Claire's large tits.

When she was done she then took off Claire's skirt, revealing her nude cunt. Claire was now tied naked to the chair, with her legs spread. 'Right, Fucktwat, first you need a new ID.' Sluthole got out a camera and proceeded to photograph Claire's nude tits and twat. Claire started to cry at this point, and only cried harder when Sluthole reached out and viciously twisted her nipple.

'Shut up, Twat!' Sluthole yelled.

Next Sluthole leaned in and started kissing Claire, and while she kissed Claire she began to rub Claire's pussy. Claire hated herself as she started to get wet from the treatment, and soon her fuckhole was dripping wet. Wet… and warm? Claire freaked out - oh my god! - she was pissing! She'd come to associate the feeling of kissing Sluthole and having her pussy rubbed with urinating and she'd just started releasing her bladder without thinking.

Sluthole jumped back as piss spurted from Claire's pussy. 'You dirty slut!' she said, and slapped at Claire's cunt, splattering piss over Claire's legs. She waited until the humiliated Claire was done pissing, and then stepped in and cruelly pinched Claire's clitoris before going back to kissing and masturbating her.

When Claire was very wet, Sluthole said, 'Now we test your cunt capacity.' Over the next fifteen minutes, Sluthole proceeded to fuck Claire's pussy with a range of dildos, each one bigger than the last, until finally they were so big that they hurt going in and Claire started to cry again.

When she did, Sluthole stopped, and took a note. '1.2 litres,' she said. Sluthole kissed and rubbed Claire again until the pain in her twat began to fade.

Then she stepped back, and picked up two objects from a nearby table - a sharp needle and a small blowtorch. With the torch, she heated the needle until it was glowing red. Claire freaked out. She writhed and twisted and screamed into her gag but to no avail.

Sluthole stepped up, grinning, grabbed Claire's clitoris, and ran the needle through it. Claire almost fainted; she barely felt it when Sluthole ran an official Titcage clitoris ring through Claire's new clit piercing.

When she was able to concentrate again she found Sluthole kissing and rubbing her again, and shortly thereafter Claire orgasmed. When Claire was done shuddering and gasping, Sluthole untied her and let her dress. Claire stumbled back into Michael's office. 'I hope you had fun,' said Michael.

'I'm getting the new ID with your photos and measurements printed while I speak. But a few things about your new ring, Claire.' He stepped forward and ran his hand over Claire's cheek. 'First, you wear the ring always. Always. Second, if you're sitting at any chair that has a ring connector in the middle of the seat, you clip your ring to it, so you're connected to the chair by your clit. Third, if a chair like that is available you should always prefer it to chairs that aren't.' He pushed his thumb into Claire's mouth.

Claire knew what was expected, and sucked on it while he talked. 'The ring has fairly expensive electronics in it. It surveys your cunt temperature and dampness. We're having new electronic IDs introduced soon so that we can display that information on your badge for everyone to see, but for now it just prints to an internal database so we can see how often you're horny. It can also buzz like a vibrator, and emit small electric shocks.' 'Like my old trainer?' asked Claire, mumbling around Michael's thumb.

'Exactly like your old trainer.' He pushed his thumb deeper into her mouth, almost making her gag. 'In fact, to some extent this will replace your trainer. It'll sync to your earbuds whenever you have them in and deliver the appropriate shocks and buzzes. You can wear this to bed now instead of the dildo teenslovemoney curvy latina fucked for free ride and money you like.

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But we recommend you use the dildo anyway if you can, because sluts like having their cunt full, don't they?' Unable to speak, Claire just nodded. Afterwards they had a little party in the break room.

There was a cake, and drinks. Claire started to feel good about herself again, with everyone welcoming her to Titcage and telling her they were glad to have her there. Then at the end, Sluthole made her kneel on the ground, and brought Jim orgasm in a swimming pool the best of. She stood behind Jim and caressed and pumped his cock, aiming it at Claire's face, until finally Jim orgasmed, and spurted semen all over Claire in front of everyone.

Sluthole made Claire say thank you, and wiped Jim's cock off on Claire's face, and then sent Claire to work without letting her clean the sperm off. When it came time for her to report to Michael to wear panties, she was relieved to find that today he only wanted her to try on a pair of lacy red briefs. They were sluttier than anything she'd worn prior to coming to Titcage but they were conservative compared to having her co-workers ejaculate on her.

Michael also gave Claire permission to clean her face after he'd photographed her, and Claire gratefully went to the bathroom and washed the cum from her face. (To be continued.)