Pascalssubsluts busty jessie jo destroyed with dom cock

Pascalssubsluts busty jessie jo destroyed with dom cock
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Chapter 5 Master D and The Two Virgins I look at the girls standing in my room they are both shaking and they should be this is going to be hard for them Jessica taken from her bedroom of her big house while her mommy and daddy slept.

Kathy taken from a rich family in California outside of her house. Kathy- I want to go home I don't want these people touching me so I tell him my father will pay to get me back call him. Master tells me to shut up before he puts his cock in my mouth so I shut up I don't want that.

Jessica is crying and when he tells her to shut up she cries harder. I look up to see him pick something up and I no it's going to be bad. Jessica- I cannot stop crying I want to go home I miss my family. I know that I will never see them again. Master D tells us that we will be trained on how to please our new Master or Mistress and they will take our hymen oh God I can't believe these people are doing this to me.

He tells us that we will wear special belts to make sure we stay virgins, but if we comply he may let us cum I raise my hand and ask what that is.

Master D- I have never had a girl ask that so I guess I need to do history first so I ask. Have any of you ever been kissed by a boy or girl they both say no? Have either of you ever suck a cock they both say no? Have you ever touched yourself they both say no? Hell, I need to go back to the very beginning with these two it's going to be a long 4 weeks.

Master D has Kathy lay down on the bed and open her legs she refuses so he squeezes her nipple until she screams and does it. He tells me to look at her there I blush I have never looked at my own how am I going to look at her parts. Kathy- he tells me to touch myself and I shake my head he grabs my nipple again and I scream I put my hand down there and I feel myself blush.

He tells me that the little nob is my clit it gets hard when you rub it. It is starting to feel good but he slaps my hand away. He tells us that one of the female subs will help us learn to please our Master's and that if we can learn he may find us nice Master's or Mistresses if not we will be given to someone who will beat us and I begin to cry I really want to go home.

The door opens and a girl walks in she is pretty and looks young she goes to her knees with her head down and knees apart hands behind her back. He tells us that this is a submissive pose and that we are to get down and copy her. He tells us that today we will learn how to suck a man's cock and when I look up he slaps my leg as I cry out I am told to pay attention. Two guys come in and one guy stands in front of my I look up and I am hit again I need to learn to follow the rules or I will be beaten a lot.

Jessica- I do not want to be hit I don't want to be here. When the guy stands in front of me I know he will be putting his thing in my mouth. I look up to see Master drop his hand and the girl takes his dick out of his pants oh shit! I will not be able to put that thing in my mouth I don't know how she will do it I stare. It is so big and as wide as my wrist.

He tells us that each man is different like we are idiots I guess we are, but I did look up penises online. The girl begins to lick the head of his penis or cock as he calls it and it must feel good because he grows he tells her to lick his balls and she does. He tells her to put him into her mouth and she does all the way and I hear a gasp and look over at Kathy she looks like she is about to faint and she is beet red. He tells her to relax her throat and she does and take even more of him he tells us that we will be practicing that so that we don't gag and choke.

He tells us that each man likes things different and I feel like I should be taking notes. Master-D today Sonya is killing me the girl has no tonsils so my dick goes down her throat and I am ready to blow so I grab her by the head and fuck her mouth until I unload and she doesn't lose a drop.

Kathy- I can't believe he just did that and she looks like she enjoyed it he tells her to get on the bed and make herself cum while he helps us. Master D- Alright girls it's time to see what you have learned. Jessica- Master has us take out the guys cocks my guy is not to big so maybe I can do this he smells clean I look to the side and see Kathy's guy is big and long.

I sit up and take my first lick Master has the whip in his hand has he walks behind me he slaps my leg and tell me to use more tongue, my leg stings I don't want to be whipped so I go for it. Kathy- This guy is huge I will never be able to get it all in my mouth, but I take my first lick. I feel Master behind me I know I am going to fell. I feel the slap on pleasure drilling with fellows smalltits and hardcore leg as he tells me to put more into my mouth when I start to say I can't he hits my leg harder as I begin to cry I force more into my mouth.

I look up and tell Sonya to cum and she does arching her back god she is beautiful when she cums. I tell her to help me teach these girls how to suck a cock. Jessica- The girls stands behind me and pushes my head down and I think I am in natures garb tease from a gorgeous virgin to throat up she tells me to relax my throat I want to scream that I don't know how to do that, so I try with my eyes watering.

I can feel him in the back of my throat and he groans she tells me to use my tongue while I lick and suck. Kathy- Master puts his hand on the back of my head and pushes he tells me if I throw up I will be whipped until I am raw my eyes water and I do what I am told. As I am doing this I start to feel something down there.

Master hits my ass as he tells me to pay attention he also runs the tip of the whip over my pussy and he tells me I am wet. I look up and he hits my sex with the whip I cry out and the guys forces more of his dick into my two slutty blondes have intense lesbian sex masturbation big tits. Master tells us that when the men begin to cum that we are to continue sucking until we are told to stop and hold the cum in our mouths if we spit it out we will be punished.

I can feel the guy begin to swell in my mouth so I suck harder until he groans and my mouth fills up with when cum I am gagging an I feel that I am about to throw up he holds my head down when he let's go he tell me to open my mouth and when I do he tells me to swallow I want to spit it on him he grabs me by my hair and force my head back as he pinches my nose he tells me to swallow and I think he is going to kill me.

I do as I am told and swallow and as he drags me up by my hair I try to fight him he slaps me so hard I hit the ground. Master D- It is always one in the group that want to act tough well this will show her.

I grab the cattle prod and hit her with a dose of it and she screams as I tell her this is what happens to spoiled little bitches like her I order her to get up when she lays there I hit her again with it and as she screams she gets to her feet.

I look over at Sonya who is talking to Jessica while stroking her hair the boy looks pleased. I tell Jessica that she will be getting a reward for a job well done. As she and Sonya get on the bed I tell the spoiled bitch that she will be giving the reward when she looks at me I know she wants to kill me I tell her to go for it she is tense and her jaw ticks she looks at the bed as Sonya opens her legs and I smile. Kathy- My whole body hurts I can't believe that he did that, I don't want to put my mouth on them but I don't want to he hurt either.

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Master tells me to get over there and put my mouth on Sonya's pussy I feel sick but I do as I am told because he is still holding that thing. When I get to the bed she grabs me by the hair and forces my head in her pussy. Master tells her to slow down and teach me she moves my head where she wants and tells me to lick her so I stick out my tongue and lick a pussy for the first time I thought it would taste different.

Jessica- I can't believe Master just did that to her I will never do anything that would make him do that to me. Sonya reaches over and takes my hand and put it on Kathy's head and pushes. I feel myself throb down there I wonder what it feels like. Master- Jessica bend over Sonya yes Master!

Oh, My, God that feels good he tells me that I can cum as much as I want I was a good girl and I smile. Kathy will not be Cumming today and he slaps her pussy with the whip. Master- I look up to see that Lee is watching and I know that he sees what I see Kathy is going to be a problem.

I make a note to look at her file. Jessica- I cum screaming Young hippie chick xxx theater gang bang have never felt anything this good Sonya is sucking on my clit and I know that I will cum again until Master tells her to stop.

Kathy- Master tells me I to eat Jessica's pussy and I look at him, when he picks up that thing I dive in and begin to lick and suck her. I will get them for doing this to me all of them. She is screaming as she cums and I think I am done until he forces my head down and I feel like I can't breathe, as I see spots. Master- the bitch passed out good I have had enough of her. When I pull her head back I slap the bitch her eyes open and I see she still wants to murder me so this will really make her hate me.

I reach down and shove my finger up her ass, as she screams I tell Sonya to slap her across the face hard no harder. I tell Sonya that Kathy wants to kill me and she attacks as I pull my finger out of her I let Sonya have her way with her.

Jessica- Master tell me to get up as I watched Sonya beat up Kathy I can't believe she wants to kill Master-D. Master tells me that he is taking me to my room where I will wait for lunch. He tells me that I can ask questions so I do. Master she wants to know what she need to do so she won't end up like Kathy so I tell her to listen and do everything that she is told to do.

I also tell her that she needs to like everything being done to her.

She told me that she likes being licked down there, but I make her say it sbnaxy x x x vide0 likes her pussy licked. I tell her she will be taught how to eat pussy and that Sonya's pussy taste good.

I take her to her room she sees the two beds I tell her to pick and when she does I strip the other bed and I tell her that the bitch doesn't get a bed. When the door opens, the bitch is pushed to the floor looking beat up I need to talk to Sonya, she is a pint size dynamo, as the bitch looks up I tell her this is where she will sleep her eye is swollen and her lip is busted and I see a bruise forming on the side of her head.

Master- this is where you will sleep she looks like she wants to argue but thought about and remains quiet. I tell her that when she learns to comply with her reality she is in for a lot of pain and no pleasure. As I leave I hear Jessica say something to her. I make a note to get her a shock collar. When I get to the monitor's I see Sonya who is watching strangers creampie my aged wife then I see this bitch trying to push Jessica on the floor.

Kathy- I am not sleeping on that get off as I go to push her on the floor the door bangs open and I know who it is so, I try to run. I am caught and slammed to the floor with his knee in my back he puts something around my neck and then I feel a shock and scream.

Master- this should fix the bitch I tell her that she doesn't get a bed and that she will be sleeping standing up if she continues. I also tell Jessica that she can stand up for herself against the bitch and I also tell to call her bitch because that is her new name.

Kathy- I look up and I want to kill her them all they will have to kill me I can't do this sick shit. Master leaves and I go to look around looking for away, out. I find a bathroom with no windows I don't even know where I am. I feel my neck he put a collar on me. I go back into the room where this bitch is smiling and eating I look around and realize I don't have any food and I am so hungry and the door open's I am handed a ball of bread and when I tell this asshole that I am not eating that I get a shock that drops me to my knee's he closes the door as I lay there and cry.

Chapter 6 The Master's and Mistresses Mistress Ann calls us in and ask how's it going so I tell her my spoiled bitch already has a shock collar and we haven't even completed the first day of training. She tells me about Andre and the fact that he has Dom potential I tell her that I can see that if he agrees to be trained the right way he doesn't have a submissive bone in his body. T tells them that they will have to find a gay Master for Jessie he can't get hard for a woman and that Penny is being bratty, but it nothing he can't handle.

Liz comes in and tells us that her two are getting along so far and that Michael's Master is looking for a girl and if she can be trained he would take her.

She also told us that the girl was asking Michael questions about him. Rob comes in and sits down he tells us that he hasn't started working with his two because he had to see a client at The House then he turns to me and tells me that my spoiled bitch's daddy was at the house wanting to be beat spanked and fucked saying that he was upset that his daughter was missing and that he didn't even get a chance to fuck her yet.

Then I ask him if he got it on tape and he smiles (that's my boy) this bitch will be getting a rude awakening. I tell Ann to see if one of our middle eastern friends needs a new slave she says that she got a call from Aahil he needs a new toy he killed one of his I tap the computer and send him a quick message telling him I got a BB v with control issues. I hit send. Ann shakes her head. She tells me that she might be keeping her girl and she has that look in her eyes.

Ann and I started this thing years ago along with Rob and T a place to live out our wildest fantasies and we brought Liz in a few years ago. I met her about 7 years ago when she came into one of the clubs that I own in Brazil her family put her out, she was looking for a job at 16 of course I didn't know that breasty darlings lusty playing hardcore and blowjob that she had a dick also, and she likes to beat and fuck men and women I trained her myself her family hid her and when she refused to stay hidden they put her out, so I took her into my home and we made her over and we had fun fucking and killing people together she knows these are the only people that Teen bikini public first time school photo substitution trust and they know that I will put a bullet into them if they betray that trust just like I know they would do the same to me.

Ann is like a big sister I fucked took her hymen with my hands wrapped around her neck. She is one of the best Domme's that I know and she is a lipstick wearing high heel boot wearing lesbian yes, she has a male sub and I know his dick hasn't been nowhere near her box. She gets off on fucking him. She lost her last sub the stupid bitch tried to get the Eric her slave to turn on her and steal from Ann she put her in the ground with a hole in her head and cut up.

Ann is a bad ass. T and I grew up together running drugs out of back alleys to for a major Cartel. We have been through a lot together we have shared many women and men but we never fucked each other to very dominant men. T runs the drug side of our business now he trains once or twice a year.

I tell Liz that it's time for me to take my sub I tell her. Everyone knows who I am talking about, but I need to know if she is the one. I will be putting that to the test and from what I have seen today I am in love. Rob tells me that Mister C will be heading to Asian to look for some new meat. Rob is teen and escort fuck savannah enjoys to be a marionette and is highly athletic so former pimp running girls in and out of one of my clubs when I met him after one of his girls told me that he hit her so after I slapped her and made her walk through the club naked I told her to tell him to come see me.

After laughing his ass off we became friends and of course the bitch had to die loose lips and shit.

After I had my guy vet him I invited him to my house and schooled him on the game. I trained him to be the Master that he is changed his life and his days of hunting down street walkers are over and he had the tightest ass that I have ever fucked my dick gets hard just thinking about big tit mom in stockings xxx the last pikahoe. Rob lends over the table (You are thinking, about my ass) yes how tight it felt with my dick in it.

I haven't fucked him in a couple of months. I hear a ding, and I look at the screen. Aahil, yes same or double I tell him half he is on his way. I tell Ann she agrees no need to train the bitch she won't need it.

But now I have a problem with the count and need four replacements'. Mister C I need 2 g and 2 b asap. Mister C on it later. I go back to my office and find Sonya on her knees waiting for me. I ask her if she is happy here and she says yes.

Sonya is black and Asian her mother (Asian) sold her to me to feed her heroin addiction and when the bitch tried to come back for more I gave that bitch a hotshot, I killed her because of the things that that bitch did to my girl and when she climbed into my bed and put my cock in her mouth I let her suck my cock. I haven't fucked her yet but she knows I will and soon. I have spent a year grooming her for me. She is a straight A student and will be graduating soon she can shoot better than some men I know and she isn't afraid to get her hands dirty.

I am in love with her and she will be the mother of my child someday soon. Sonya- Daddy is looking at me like he can't wait I can't wait I want his dick in me. I knows he wants to wait but I love him and want to be fucked, but I don't say that because with him I have found my forever home even though he fucks other's sometimes we do it together well he makes them suck my pussy or I do them he has told everyone that he would kill anyone one who looks at me wrong so no one even talks to me unless he tells them it's ok.

I am driven to school on the days that I go I also have a chip in my arm so he always knows where I am. Master- Next week is your birthday what do you want to do? She looks at me like I have lost my mind. I have only had to punish her a hand full of times once when she let a boy at school kiss her or the time she played with her pussy without asking me, or when she killed the maid for saying that she was going to call the police on me for letting her sleep in my bed of course I would have killed her myself so I really wasn't made at her for that I just thought that she could have called me and asked that was funny her trying to bury her in the back yard.

I took away all her vibrators for two days and put her in a chastity belt she was mad at me. She tells me that she wants me to fuck her she knows what I like to do and she has been tied to my bed and whipped with all kinds of things and when I beat her she cums so hard that she passes out and wakes up and ask when can we do it again.

I let her play with certain people my partners have helped me train her. Ann has trained her to be a good Domme if she wants to be, but she says that she only wants to be mine.

I stroke her hair as I tell her that Aahil will be coming to get the bitch so she won't be training. I also tell her that I am proud of her and the job she did she ask if group fucking amazes euro luscious bitches hardcore groupsex can put her dick on and fuck her before she goes.

I love this girl so I tell her in the ass with her big dick, but no more bruises she agrees. I look at the monitor and see that the bitch is asleep on the floor.

I tell one of the boys to take her to my dungeon and strap her down. I get up and take her hand she is wearing a lovely purple camisole and a short matching skirt and no shoes only Master's and Mistress wear shoes.

We are walking down the hall when I remember I have something to do so I tell her go ahead and I tell her only make her lick amateur sister shana lane gives blowjob action pussy and wink.

I look up at the broad to see what room Andre is in and I see Ann and Rob and tell them to come with me I am also holding a cattle prod, I can't be too careful. When we get their he is asleep on the bed still chained when the door opens he jumps up easy boy I say. Andre- What the hell do they want I was finally getting some sleep after that meal I feel like I could sleep a week. I hope the guy with the rod doesn't think he will be fucking me I am not gay.

Master D- I tell him my name and stick out my hand for him to shake he looks at it and I say smart boy he begins to speak and I hold up my hand and tell him I know he is not a boy. Mistress Ann- Andre these are my partner's I told them about our conversation and they agree with me you are not a sub or gay and that you will either kill or be killed and he looks right at her and say's damn right!

Master D let's cut to the chase we want to train you to be the Attractive skinny girl gets her spread quim and small anus plowed and Master that we know you are I am a very rich man I have houses and clubs all over the world. Master Rob here was a street pimp when I met him. Now he is very rich as well he fucks who ever he wants to whenever wherever and so does your Mistress Ann who is like my sister she welds a mean whip.

Andre looks at me and says that he was thinking about what Mistress said. I look up and Mistress gives me the key as I unlock him he says to me would he have to be with men and I look at Ann as she leaves the room.

I ask him why? Andre here goes nothing when I was young one of my mother's friends tried to have sex with me and I remember him touching my dick he was trying to put his finger in me. I ask him you ever got head from a guy? he said yes from a man that paid him 100 bucks when he was 16 but he couldn't do it again.

I tell he doesn't have to be fucked, but I would want him to fuck one of the male subs they will want to have some of his big dick they have been talking about it all afternoon.

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He smiles and agrees I open the door and catch a boy going by and I point to the floor he goes down so graceful I tell him to go to my dungeon and wait. Andre looks at me I can tell he wants to talk so I tell him shoot. Andre- What do I do? I say it's just like fucking tight pussy in this case boy pussy he laughs. As we are walking to my dungeon he asks about condoms and I tell him no need everyone here is on a six-week testing schedule and if anyone leaves the compound for longer than 3 days they are not allowed to have sex until they get a full panel of course I remind him that he was told this when he first arrived than he says he was not paying attention.

When I open the door, I see my girl laying on her back. I stop and pull Andre to the side and I tell him Sonya is mine and I tell him that if he touches her I will cut his dick off and choke him with it while I fuck him before I put a bullet in his brain and I will dig it out before I feed him to sharks. If he could turn pale I think he just did.

Andre ok so I won't be fucking her ever I like my dick. As we head in I notice the blonde big mouth girl is beat up what the hell happened to her. I look around and I notice they all want to see me fuck this dude and I don't think I can get hard until Mistress tells me she is taking off the belt.

Then she gives the cute little chick that I can't fuck a kiss ok that did it man up. So how do I do this Master D says what do you want him to do but first Mistress Ann tells me we might need this as I hold up a cock ring he looks at it and says for what?

You don't want to blow before the fun begins I tell you what sit watch. Rob, you in man he says yes? Rob points to the floor in front of him and the boy crawls over to him he is already wearing a plug.

My girl is eating Ann's pussy as she is forcing that bitch to lick adorable summer has her teen snatch pummeled ass. I pick up a whip and begin striking Sonya and the bitch although I am going lighter on Sonya.

The bitch is trying to get away so I tell her she will be leaving us soon and that I have a little movie that I want us to watch as I pick up the remote and press play and as the audio comes on I tell Sonya to let her head go when the screen comes down she looks up and sees her father strapped down with a cock in his ass and one in his mouth while the audio is of him telling Rob how she left before he could fuck her she starts shaking and screaming telling me her father would never do that and that he loved her oh he loved you I say so much that he was going to fuck her and maybe kill her or sell her.

We just beat him to it. Kathy- I hate him that can't be my father he has a dick in him.

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I have seen him have sex with my mother. I will kill them all and then I feel it the shock and I scream Master tell me that I can't pass out that Sonya needs me. As that stupid video continues to play I hear my father begging to cum and he even ask to be hit harder. Andre, I really could get into this making people do what I want and get paid hell yes.

I ask Master D if I can let one go to make it last, he makes me stand and the boy takes my dick in his hand puts me in his mouth along with Master Rob damn I didn't know people could suck two dicks at once I think there is something wrong with his jaw. Rob steps back tells me to fuck his mouth like a dirty whore and I go for it I grab the back of his head and force my dick all the way in.

I look down and he is jerking his cock and I feel the change in me Rob says are you going to let him get his before I get mine and I tell him that if he cums before I do he will beat him on the nuts with a cane he stops and everyone laughs.

Rob tells me to rough and I say he stopped. I hold his head and let go that was one of the best blowjobs I have ever had. Kathy- so now the big guy is one of them I guess I will have to kill him too.

Sonya is looking at me when she gets up after making Mistress cum and they kiss the bitch doesn't kiss me. I feel something cold being rubbed on my ass oh no he is not putting his big dick in my ass it still hurts from when he stuck his finger in there. I look to the side and see Sonya is wearing a dick what oh hell no.

The bitch thinks she can fight us my amateur webcam redhead getting fingered stockings and fingering will get what she wants. I wink at her and she steps to the bitch when I say. Bitch after this you will no longer be trained here. Kathy- I can't believe that he is letting me go home.

Master- and no you are not going home I have a special friend who is on his way for you, and he is going to love your attitude, and I hope that you last a week I should tell you that you are replacement the last one he killed. Sonya- I am ready Daddy. Kathy what the hell Master slaps my breast with that whip. I feel something back there in my ass oh god alanah rae hard work office hurts.

Sonya- I grab this bitch by the hip as I begin to push forward her ass is tight. Master D- I stand behind my girl and watch has she pushes her dick with a butterfly vibrator on the other end into the bitch my cock is hard and I want to bury myself in her. I rub her breast and I know that she wishes my dick was in her.

When she bottoms out the bitch is screaming so I go around and stick my cock in her mouth and ram it down her throat, while my girl begins to fuck her ass long deep and hard we work well together and have done this many times.

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I look around to find Andre has the boy bent over as Rob is showing denise werley screws like a cheap whore how to remove the plug and make sure he has plenty of lube that boy has a cock as big as mine.

I will have to raise prices for him those rich bitches will be paying for some of that. I grab the bitch by the back of her head as I bend over a kiss my girl she is cumming and so am When I move Ann steps up flicks her cat over her breast as the bitch begin to scream. Andre- Damn his ass is tight Rob told me I can't ram him so I am going to go slow until I bottom out I let him adjust to me and then I begin to move.

This feels so go this is my first time fucking an ass I have always wanted to well not with a guy but it feels really, good the guy tells me to go harder when I look down, so I pull back and I slam forward and he moans.

His ass is squeezing my dick and it feels really, good. I feel my balls start to tighten and I know that I am about to cum so I reach around and grab his dick and start to move it up and down I tell him to cum and his very hot fuking rep sex tightens and I lose it I start jack hammering in and out of his ass and I groan loud as I cum in his ass.

Master D- ok so the boy needs some work with his stamina. Everyone agrees to meet up after the afternoon sessions.