Reading porn spikes up the blood of this old lady

Reading porn spikes up the blood of this old lady
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I waited for a few momemts while Tommy exited the pool bath, heading out back. I was absolutely certain that within minutes, every guy in the pool would know what had just transpired. I left the bath through the sliding door into my parents' bedroom and resumed my position at my "spy spot". Peeping through the crack in the blinds, I could see Tommy reenter the pool, yakking away.

Within seconds, all the guys were gathered around him, focused on him.and I just knew he was telling them what had just happened. All the guys except my brother Ricky. He just stood back.casting an occasional glance at the blinds I was "hiding" behind, a kind of a self satisfied smirk on his face.

I watched the animated chatter in the pool for another minute or two, and then exited my parents' bedroom into the house. I fidgeted in the kitchen for a moment, then made my way back outside. I was instantly turned on as every guy, even Ricky, stared at my every move as I made my way back to the pool.

With a sudden thought, I stopped and hollared," Who's ready for another beer?" Five guys yelped yes, and I detoured past the fridge, grabbing another six pack. I'm not sure what was turning me on more.knowing that five guys had their eyes glued to me, or the fact that I could still taste the somewhat salty taste of Tommy's cream.

Regardless of why, I felt another rush in my pussy.and somehow knew that my day was just starting. I grabbed a six pack out of the fridge and returned to the edge of the pool. I squatted on my haunches as I peeled the cans out of their plastic holder, careful to keep my knees well apart. Four guys were immediately right in front of me.staring at the thin material covering my pussy. Brother Ricky stayed back a little, the same little smile on his face.

When I looked over at him.he just winked.and his smile broadened. I gave him a half smile in return and finished handing out the beers, keeping the last one for myself. I knew I had to get back in the water.get my suit wet it would cling to me and show off everything, so I quickly jumped in the water. I surfaced at the perfect depth so the water came up just above my waist, my top clinging to, outlining my now hard nipples.

The guys were staring holes right through the skimpy nylon. I had a thought, and moved toward the steps, climbing out of the pool, pausing just long enough on the steps so the guys could see the thin nylon of my bottoms plastered against my cheeks, my lips, my slit. I headed for the slide at the deep end of the pool. The guys were still watching me as I climbed up the steps, and I paused for a moment at the top.

"Anybody goona help me if I start to drown?" Four guys were immediately clustered in the water at the bottom of the slide, and I paused again, plotting my next move. I sat down on the edge of the platform and pulled my knees back to my chest. I knew this would make my wet bottoms cling to me, clearly outlinging my pussy.

"Gonna do a cannonball!" I shouted gaily. I shoved off and skittered down the slide. I hit the water with a huge splash and immediately there were four guys trying to "rescue" me. I was still under the water as I felt hands.lots of hands.all over my body. Some brushed my breasts, some touched my even grazed up against my pussy. This was driving me crazy.I couldn't even tell which guy was touching me where!

All I knew was my pussy was now throbbing.again.and, as I broke the surface, searched quickly around, trying to figure out which of those wandering hands belonged to which of the guys. I made it back to the shallow end and stood, pretending to be completely unaware that all those hands had been touching me.everywhere.

I stood, making sure I was in shallow enough water so that my bikini top was clearly visible, the thin nylon clinging to, outlining my now solid hard nipples. I just stood for a moment, enjoying the way they were all staring at me, still trying to figure out which of the hands had belonged to which guy.

Giving up, I grabbed two of the baby basketballs, sexual enjoyment with alluring dolls hardcore reality one in each hand. Turning slightly, I flipped one of them casually toward the floating basket.

It went in! Chuckling, Kendra lust in changing room sex turned back to face the guys, hoisting the ball in my other hand. "OK guys," I purred suggestively, "which of you is ready to show me what you've got?" I'm not sure any of them caught my intended double meaning, so I just flipped the ball in their general direction, and turned back, climbing out of the pool and going over to the chest to fetch a couple more.

I did my usual show of keeping my legs somewhat spread as I bent far over, knowing for certain that all the guys would have their eyes riveted to the thin strip of material hugging my pussy lips.

I grabbed two more balls and straightened, turning back toward the pool. I flipped both of them toward their little group and jumped back in. The next several minutes were spent just horsing around, shooting at the basket, playing, splashing about. Again, several times I felt hands sliding across my breasts, my butt, and on a couple of occasions, even lightly groping at my pussy.

What a turn on! I was really enjoying this, not just being the center of the guys' attention, but it seemed like every time I tossed one of the balls in the direction of the basket, it went in!

I don't think I missed one shot in the next ten or fifteen minutes! The beer was flowing freely, the guys getting agitated as they weren't faring too well at shooting the balls. (Maybe I had their attention distracted?). After a few more minutes, poor Scott, (who I don't think had made one single shot), sighed resignedly and announced, "Sorry guys.think it's break time for me." I watched him out of the corner of my eye as he made his way to the steps in the shallow end and climbed out of the pool.

My eyes were glued to his butt as he made his way over to one of the patio tables in the corner under the overhand. I realized as I watched him that he had a pretty nice body.slim.muscular.nice legs.nice butt.

(What I could tell from his somewhat baggy suimsuit.) He plopped down in the chair in the corner and I turned my attentioon back to the pool.and the rest of the We splashed and played around for a few more minutes, and it seemed like the hands on my body were getting more and more frequent.and more and more intimate. I felt one reach up between my legs from behind and give my pussy a quick squeeze. I took a few more shots, still making almost every one I tried, and decided it was time to move this party on.

I plotted my next move. I was standing there, looking at Scott looking dejected sitting in the corner. I was forming a plan as I felt Michael brush up against my side. I could actually feel his penis pressing against my thigh. He was handing me one of the balls as he smirked, "Don't tell me you're gonna bail out on us too!" I took the ball from his hand, and then, feeling really impetuous, reached down into the water and groped the front of his swimsuit, giving his penis a quick squeeze.

I lowered my hand further, cupping his balls, as I replied, "Don't worry. I'll be back." As I gently kneaded his balls, I added suggestively, "And maybe later we can find out if your aim is better with these balls?" That comment gave me a great idea for an opening line, and I removed lesbian slut bound fisted by mistress tube porn hand from the front of Michael's suit, asian babe with big tits takes a toy and a big dick and heading toward the steps in the shallow end.

I climbed out of the pool, grabbing a towel, and headed toward the table where Scott was sitting. I made a show of drying myself, making sure the towel against my breasts had my nipples standing up straight and hard, obvious through the slinky nylon covering them, and, as I approached the table, suggestively ran it down my stomach, spreading my legs somewhat as I lewdly exagerrated the motion of rubbing the towel up and down the tiny triangle of nylon molded tightly against my pussy.

Scott's eyes were glued to me as I approached the table. I draped the towel over the chair across from him, "accidently" placing it so that it would provide a kind of a privacy screen between the guys in the pool and the chair he was in. "You know sir," I began in a light conversational tone, "for a small fee, I could probably teach you how to shoot those balls through the basket." "Kiss my ass," he chuckled, good naturedly.

"Yeah, wouldn't you just love that!" I replied quickly. "You should be so lucky." I paused, just looking at him for a moment. He looked at me, a kind of quizzical expression on his face, trying to figure out what I meant by my last comment.

After a brief pause, he regained his bravado and chuckled again.

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"Well, anytime, anyplace, chickie, you just say the word." He looked right at me, almost daring me to respond. I stared right back at him for a second, and then, placing one hand jauntily on my hip, said in a mock stern voice, "You do understand sir, that in order for sexy story gand marne wali sex story to comply with your request, you would first have to stand and remove your swim trunks." I stood there staring into his eyes, daring him right back in return.

I wasn't breathing, my heart was pounding, wondering what his response would be. He just looked at me for several long seconds, and then a sly grin broke out on his face.

He stood, hooking his fingers in the elastic waistband of his trunks. He gave a slight tug and pushed them down off his hips. My gaze immediately went to his was sexy.I wanted.wanted. After standing there staring at me for a moment, he finally managed to snicker, "Your move, chickie." I lifted my eyes from his penis to his face, and he just stood there, looking at me.daring me.

My gaze dropped back down between his legs, and I thought, (or maybe just hoped), I saw a slight twitch. I cast a quick glimpse back over my shoulder, and after assuring myself that the guys in the pool were totally ignoring us, moved quickly around the table to stand behind him.

I hooked my fingers in his trunks and lowered them to his ankles. Stooping down, I pulled first one foot, then the other, out of them, and cast them away to the side.

I grabbed both his ankles and spread them well apart. I sttod quickly and reached for his hands, placing them on the patio table in front of him. I pushed his shoulders forward, more and more, until he was kind of half leaning over, half laying on the patio table. I grabbed one of the cushions off the adjacent chair and dropped it onto the deck right behind him.

I quickly knelt on the cushion and ran my hands up his firm, muscualr thights. My hands reached his butt, and I gripped one of his cheeks in each. They were so tight! So hard! I kneaded and squeezed for a minute, my eyes gazing at the twin globes. I gripped his cheeks tightly in my hands and spread them far apart. There it was! His little tight back hole, staring straight at me.inches away. My eyes remained riveted on his tiny opening as I ran my tongue suggestively up the back of his thigh, then back down the other.

I felt his legs tense as I repeated the motion a few more times. I dropped my eyes and could see his balls hanging down between his spread legs. I abandoned his thighs and started licking gently all around his sac. He shuddered. I continued washing his balls with my tongue for several more moments, then went back to his thighs.

He tensed again as I moved higher and higher and started licking up his cheeks, first one, then the other. I pushed my tongue out and gently licked up and down the top of his crack. I moved back to his balls and lavished them again.back to the top of his crack.back to his balls.

His tiny hole seemed to be talking to me.begging for attention.

His hips began a swaying rocking motion as he seemed to be trying to position himself to get my tongue where he wanted it. I continued my tease, the tip of my tongue coming ever so close to his little opening. I curled my tongue and ever so lightly barely touched the tip against his hole. He jerked. I quickly moved back to his balls, licking hungrily. His hips were rocking now. I spread his cheeks even further and my tongue began a long, slow, up and down movement the entire length od his crack.

Every time the tip of my tongue would touch his tiny hole, he would jerk. I continued this for several moments, then curled my tongue again, pushing the tip against his opening. I tongued, probed, licked, pushed. I wondered if I could get a little bit of my tongue actually up inside of him.

His hips were humping back against my mouth. It seemed like they were trying to get my tongue inside of him as much as I was. I continued this delicious feast for a few more minutes, until the rocking of his hips became so harsh I decided it was time to move forward. I removed my tongue from his butt and stood, leaning forward and grasping both of his wrists.

I pulled his hands behind him and placed them on his cheeks. "Hold yourself open," I hissed, as I knelt again. He immediately spread himself, and my eyes were again riveted to his tiny back door. I curled my tongue, pushing it up against his hole as firmly as I could, trying to penetrate.

It didn't really taste like anything, I decided, except.maybe.a guy! I continued probing his hole with my tongue as I reached one hand up between his legs and grasped his penis.

It was already kind of swelling and growing and in a matter of seconds was hard and throbbing. I squeezed it and began stroking as I continued trying to push my curled tongue in and out of his little hole. I pushed my other hand down inside my bikini bottoms and pushed one finger up inside me, swirling it until it was wet with my juices. I pulled it out and, pulling my face away from his butt, pushed the tip of my wet finger against his channel.

I continued stroking his throbbing penis as I pushed my wet finger a little bit up inside of him. He gasped. His back opening clamped down around my fingertip as I began wiggling it about, relishing the sight of my fingertip disappearing up inside of him.

I stroked his penis faster and I could hear his breathing become raspy, his hips bucking madly. I stopped both movements abruptly, and pulling my finger from his back hole, grabbed his hips and turned him to face me. Still kneeling kaylynn busty milf gets fucked the chair cuchion, his throbbing penis was now only inches in front of my face.

I reached one hand back down into my bikini bottoms, again pushing a finger deep up inside of me. I twirled it around for a moment, then pulled my hand back out of my bottoms.

Reaching between his legs, I cupped his balls in the palm of my hand, and extended the freshly drenched finger, pushing the tip up inside his back opening. He jerked again as I reached up, adorable cutie is sold by her bf girlfriend homemade his penis in a loose fist in my other hand, beginning a slow, rhythmic stroking motion.

I saw a drop of his cream form at the tip of his tiny pee slit, and this time, couldn't resist. I pushed my tongue between my lips and leaned forward suggestively. I paused for just a moment, savoring the anticipation, then leaned forward and collected the tiny droplet on the tip of my tongue.

"Salt", I thought again to myself. I leaned forward further and began probing his tiny hole with the tip of my tongue, continuing stroking his penis as I began swirling my tongue all around the head of his throbbing hard on. His hips were starting to buck against innocenthigh tiny blonde student fucks bbc teacher as I wiggled the tip of my finger in his little back channel.

I parted my lips and pulled the swollen head inside my mouth, my tongue swirling, while my hand continued stroking up and down his shaft. I pushed my finger a little further into his back hole, while pushing my mouth forward, drawing more of his penis inside. I began a gentle sucking motion as I pushed further still. When my lips came in contact with the fingers wrapped around his shaft, I removed my hand and pushed forward again, drawing more of his throbbing organ into the cavity of my mouth.

I felt the head brushing against the roof of my mouth as I continued drawing more and more of him into me. I pushed my finger further into his tiny back door and pushed my face even further forward, feeling the head of his penis start to enter my throat. I started to gag and paused, remembering my experience with the carrot.the gagging as I had tried to push it all the way inside my mouth and down into my throat.

I froze, fighting the gagging sensation, and waited. My finger was still wiggling in his back side, and my tongue was still lavishing all around his throbbing penis as I waited patiently for my throat to relax and accept the welcome intruder. I moved my free hand back down inside my bikini bottoms and began stroking up and down my slit as I pushed my mouth a little further, feeling his engorged head move past the back of my mouth and into my throat.

I pushed one, then two fingers, up inside me as I pushed my mouth forward a bit more, feeling my lips brush against his wiry pubic hair. "Oh my God!" I thought, "I've got the whole thing inside my mouth!" I just held that position for a moment, my lips buried in his hair, the entire length of his throbbing penis in my mouth and throat, and removed my fingers from my sopping channel, beginning a slow circular motion around my aroused hard clit, torturing the little magic button.

I pulled my head back, releasing the shaft of his organ, until just the head remained in my mouth. I tasted another little drop of salt, and knew another droplet of his cream had made its way to the tip of his tiny pee hole.

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I pushed forward again, slowly engulfing more and more of him until I again felt my lips brush his hair. I pulled my head back again, leaving only his head between my lips, and stopped there for a moment, running my tongue furiously all over and around his penis tip, probing again at his tiny pee hole.

The fingers on my clit were moving faster now, and I pushed my finger deeper inside his back opening, wiggling furiously. I began a slow motion, taking his penis all the way into my mouth and throat, then slowly withdrawing until only the head remained. The fingers on both of my hands were moving faster and I felt the beginning of another orgasm approaching as my head fell into a steady rythm, my lips moving back and forth on his throbbing hard on.

After several of these in and shy french arab want to suck salami like mia khalifa motions, the gagging sensation in my throat disappeared, and I found that I really liked the sensation of his penis filling not only my mouth, but trying to get deeper into my throat.

As the finger movements on my clit started moving faster still, I pushed the finger in his little back hole all the way in, wiggling it around, and heard him start moaning. His hips were rocking steadily against my eager mouth, forcing himself into me, and the palm cupping his balls felt them twitch, then start to tighten and contract.

I knew he was close. My clit was on fire as I felt my own orgasm start to build, my finger now flying furiously. I could feel his penis throbbing. I moved my head back and forth faster and faster, tightening my lips around his shaft as I felt the first beginning waves of my own come start to overtake me. I felt his penis twitch, and jammed my face all the way forward, mashing my lips against his pubic hair.

I felt the head of him plunge into my throat.and jerk. I felt him squirt. I could feel his hot cream shooting straight down my throat as he spasmed once, twice, a third time. His tiny back hole clamped down tightly on my invading finger. My fingertip was wildly mauling my clit.I was so close.

The squirting stopped, and he seemed frozen. The head of his penis was still lodged in my throat as he let out a long sigh. His body went limp as my finger tried desperately to get me over the edge, my own hips rocking and bucking, wanting to.needing to.come. He began to soften in my mouth and I got even more frantic.

Mashing my fingertip against my clit, I pummeled it. close.not yet.almost there. He pulled his penis out of my mouth. He leaned back against the table, still breathing heavily, his chest heaving. I looked up at him, wondering if the frustration I felt was apparent in my eyes.

I pulled my finger out of his tight little back hole, and gave up mauling my clit.this was girl next door leanna lass vibrated pussy masturbation and pornstars apparently not my time. I looked up at him, disappointed and frustrated at the same time. "Disappointed?" I thought to myself.

Frustrated.definitely. But disappointed? Then it hit me. I had made a big mistake. When I had felt him start to come, I had jammed my mouth down over the entire length of his penis, burying the head deep in my throat.

When he came and squirted, he had shot it straight down my throat, not into my mouth. I never got to taste him. "Well," I thought to myself, "A lesson learned.I won't make the same mistake the next time." My mood brightened immediately as I realized that this party was just starting to warm up.

(To be continued.)