Dick addict honey sarah shevon deep throats thick cock like no other whore

Dick addict honey sarah shevon deep throats thick cock like no other whore
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Please Rate and comment Hannah was glad the weekend had arrived, she needed to unwind with all the pressure from school.

She checked herself out in the mirror. "Hmmm, need to watch the weight but looking pretty good." She had on a pair of Jeans and cute blouse. "No, I need something else." She tossed the Jeans and top aside. Hannah pulled on a pair of white shorts. "No, too much. " She found a pair of tight stretch sweat pants. Now that is better, she pulled them up tight so they hugged her crotch; her buns and crack were very visible. She found her gold "skimpy" top. She bent over to see how it showed off her cleavage.

She shook her tits and smiled. Hanna grabbed a camera big bouncing tits ebony bangs big dick took several selfie's.

WoW, babe, you are hot she thought to herself. Her mid-rift was well toned. Very full figured but tight. Her ass formed a small bubble through her sweat pants. She wrapped her hair in a pony tail. Guys like to see the pony tail bouncing around. Hannah couldn't wait, she needed it bad. She checked her bag for condoms and off she went.

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"Gonna be a good night." She laughed to herself. Hannah bounded along down University Boulevard. It was a two mile walk from campus to the downtown bars. She jaunted along making sure her gait had a nice bounce.

Her pony tail swung back and forth as her ass and boobs bounced. When cars drove by she got many stares. "BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP" "Hey Whore, want to earn some money." She ignored them, just some local High School jerks, but she didn't mind the attention.

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Halfway to downtown, a car pulled along side her. "Hannah, you want a ride?

"Hey Jesse, yea, thanks.!!!" Hannah jumped in. She knew Jesse around. Cool black guy, use to play football, big guy with dreadlocks. "Hannah, I am headed downtown, want to get a drink, hang out." "Sure, let's do it." Hannah's reply dripped with double meaning.

Four beers later and endless dribble about pro football, Hannah's head was starting to spin. "Hannah, you want to get out of here." Finally, thought Hannah, as she got up.

"Lets go Jesse." Hannah felt a little dizzy and very loose. Strange she thought, four beers shouldn't feel like that, maybe I am coming down with something.

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As Jesse drove out of the parking lot, Hannah wasted no time. She reached over and began to rub Jesse's crotch. "Hurry up big guy, lets find a place." "Come on girl, make me feel good." Jesse was such a big guy, a big black guy, Hannah was hoping for the best. It took little time to realize she was not to be disappointed. A good 10 inchs she thought, maybe even 12. LOL, just what I need a footlong. Jesse pulled in the Forest Preserve parking lot driving over to the rest rooms.

"Looks good, no one around." "We are going to do it here?" Laughed Hannah. Hannah let go of Jesse's xxx xxx sex stories kidnapping story.

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He got out of the car, dick hanging out his shorts. "Let's do it Girl. Hannah hustled over to the restrooms. "Men Or Women's" "Go in the Women's, maybe we get some company." "Hannah went into the women's room." An auto light went on. She was surprised, it had running water and was pretty clean. She pulled off her sweatpants and panties. Lot easier than Jeans she thought. Jesse had his pants off and as he moved toward her, Hannah held out the little package.

"What's that for." Laughed Jesse. "Protection, I get them at school for safety." "I'm not using that, no way." "Come on Jesse, it is the only way." Hannah pulled off her top and unbuckled her bra. Hannah cupped her breasts and thrust out her pelvis. "Come and get it Big Guy." Jesse was swearing under his breath as he struggled pulling the condom over his already enlarged cock.

In a single motion he grabbed Hannah by the waist and set her ass on the edge of the mom and boy hotsex sex stories. Losing no time he began pushing on her holding her thighs in his powerful grip. "Hey, take it easy big guy." Snarled Hannah. "Take it easy BULLSHIT.

I am wearing your fucking white girl condom, now I am going to fuck you like a black HOE." Jesse rammed himself inside her pinning her against the sink.

"STOP STOP. You are hurting ME." Jesse slammed into her even harder. "Fucking white cunt, you are all the same. Want me to wear a bullshit condom. You afraid of Black man's cum?" "AHHHHHHHHHHHh." "Jesse you are going to hurt me bad, you are too rough.

" "SMAAAAACK." Jesse slapped the bitch across the face. "Shut the Fuck UP slut or I'll snap your white neck like a twig." "No No No," Hannah begged in a low voice. "Please don't do this." Jesse slammed into her harder and faster fucking the bitch against the sink. He held her thighs in a vice grip as he pounded her pussy with his hard black cock.

"That's how you like it? Fucking white bitches like the Black dick hard. "Look at me slut, tell me you like it." "Tears were running down Hannah's face." "Oh God. Oh AHHHHHH." Finallly she blurted out.

"I like it." Jesse let go of one thigh and slapped her breasts back and forth. "Nice titties bitch." He laughed as he watched them jiggle. "Tell me you want it harder." "Oh no Please." "Smaaack." "Wrong fucking answer." "Jesse held his hand up again." "Yes harder, harder." He grabbed her hair pulling her face close to his.

"Kiss me bitch, show me how much you like a hard fucking by a black thug." Jesse kissed her hard, fucking her frantically. Hannah could feel him throbbing inside her as he unloaded into the condom. Jesse held his throbbing cock inside her brutally pushing her against the sink.

Hannah fell to the floor, completely traumatized. Her face was beet red from the brutal fucking.

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Jesse stood over her. "Get on your knees bitch." "No Jesse, not that, No." "Get up fucking slut Now or I'll get you up." Hannah crawled to her knees. "Suck on it with that trash mouth. If you want to leave alive, be careful." Hannah took his cock with the condom still on sucking on her own juices. "Suck it clean, swallow it all." Jesse pulled his dick out and took off the condom.

He pulled up on her hair. "Suck it real good, we need it real hard again." Hannah had no choice but to take the cum covered black cock into her mouth. "Like the taste, suck it all down." "Look at me pig." Hannah looked up to see Jesse squeezing out the condom over her face. "Cum face whore, school student xx story downloading sucking." He squeeze all the cum out watching it drip down her face.

Jesse laughed as he looked down at the cum faced white piece of trash sucking on his cock. She is not going to like what is next he thought. He spit down on her face adding to the mess. Jesse was hard as a rock ready for some more. " Look up at me Bitch." "Open your fucking eyes." Hannah struggled to open her eyes with cum splattered across her face.

(To Be Continued)