Russian hardcore anal threesome xxx my big black threesome

Russian hardcore anal threesome xxx my big black threesome
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I'm in 12th grade, senior year. I'm a guy with hazelnut brown eyes and brown hair with a strong, muscular, athletic build even though some people call me a nerd. Unlike most guys, sex isn't on my mind 24/7. I like more sentimental things and a lot of romance, but I never actually do any of it with a girl because of my social anxiety and awkwardness. I have this fear that my voice would randomly crack in the middle of a conversation with a girl and she would think I was weak, which prevents me from really communicating with girls.

There are a lot of girls in my high school who are absolutely beautiful and hot and always wear very revealing clothing. I don't really pay much attention to any of it until one girl caught my eye.

This girl, Maggie, is as cute as a button, but is so sexy at the same time. She has a round yet tight ass that could make any man drop to his knees and beg for it.

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She has average size round tits that she always shows off in tight shirts. Her eyes are a deep blue and she has brown hair with light brown highlights. Being about 5'4, less than 110 pounds, she's every horny cute gap toothed babe pounded hard pinko dream.

I luckily have the privilege of being in her P.E. class, seeing her in blue booty shorts every day and a tight light gray gym shirt.

Today is the day we hit the weight room, one of the worst units of the course. I step out of the boys locker room, looking down at my black Nike gym shoes, thinking about how I'll make an idiot out of myself today like I always do. I make my way to our class group and there she was, Maggie. Beautiful as ever, in her tight shorts and tight shirt, perfectly showing off her body.

Without any instruction from the coach, who was yet to appear, we begin walking to the weight room. I was the first one to exit the main gym. Maggie was behind me, following my lead. I open up the exit door from the gym for her in order to show her my gentleman side. She blushes as I do so. "Thanks handsome' she says blushing, smiling and stopping.

I wonder what she's doing, but reality soon hits me; she's waiting for me to walk with her. I sweat a bit at first, nervous at why such a sexy woman like herself would want me to walk with her.

I decide to say 'fuck it' in my head and just go with it. "No problem beautiful" I say with the most fake confidence I've ever had in my life. I smile at her as I say that, and almost as if it was contagious, a smile instantly grows on her cute face. "Aw, such a gentleman!" she says lightly blushing and moving a bit closer to me. "You really know how to make a girl smile" she says giggling slightly and looking into my eyes. Her ocean blue eyes grasp my body and almost drag me into a trans, but I maintain myself.

"Hey. Would you like to be my weight room partner?" She asks batting her eyelashes at me. I stand there and wonder what she means until it makes sense; she want's me to spot her at the workout machines and what not. "Sure! I would love that!" I reply with a bit more excitement then I should.

I realize this soon after I make the mistake. "I mean. Sure, I guess I can do that" I say trying to cover up my mistake by acting cool. She giggles, noticing my mistake and failed recovery.

"You're really cute. and kinda. hot" she whispers softly under her breath while biting her lip. Her eyes travel down my body and to my crotch. I glance down at it just to realize that it is fully erect and noticeable from outside my shorts. My face gets as red as an apple. She stares at it, almost with awe, silently. She soon shakes her head and looks back up at me, blushing heavily and nervously smiling. "I. Uhm. Sorry" she says full sex stories x vif30 40 minute me as if she's the one who did something wrong.

"No, no, it's fine, it's fine." I say shocked that Maggie looked at my cock in awe. I try to avoid getting harder, but my cock throbs in my shorts.

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We continue walking to the weight room and once we reach our destination, we open the door and enter. The room is a very nice and modern weight room, no sweaty odor or horrid smell.

"Where is everyone?" she asks looking around, slowly twirling herself in her tight booty gym shorts. "I don't know." I mumble. My eyes are glued to her ass in her shorts, putting me into a hypnotic trans that I can't break away from.

She notices me staring "Enjoying the view?" she says as she giggles and slaps both of her hands on her round ass, creating a loud smack sound, and she holds them there, teasing me a bit. "Maggie I'm so sorry!" I shout turning away, my face getting bright red. "Sorry for what? I don't mind. you're only human." She whispers getting closer to me.

Boy cums on his hawt pretty gf girlfriend and hardcore turns my head, puts her hand on my chest and looks up into my eyes. "and so am I. It's not wrong for humans to do human things" she says softly looking down at my shorts, specifically my cock region. She pretends that I didn't see her and breaks away from me. "So. Can you spot me as I do some squats?" "Absolutely" I say nervous and horny.

I take a seat on the bench in front of her.

She begins to turn around, but gets a sudden idea. "Actually. I have something different in mind." she says turning back to face me. Without any warning, she sits on top of me, her pussy perfectly on top of my throbbing erection. "Oh! I see someone's a little excited" she says as she lowers herself onto my gym shorts and on my cock. "This is a new exercise I learned." she says giggling "It's really good for the lower region. if you know what I mean" she whispers before she begins dry humping me.

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