Abelia and her gun demand to be

Abelia and her gun demand to be
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I was recently staying at a hotel out of town when my wife came to see me unexpectedly. I was happy to see her, seeing as I was horny as hell. My wife is Native American and beautiful. She's about 5'1" and 110 lbs. Long black hair about three quarters of the way down her back and smooth brown skin that makes my dick hard thinking about it.

Her breasts are small but she has the hottest brown cone shaped nipples that are long and perky. When she got there I suggested that we try the hot tub down the hall. She was more than excited and quickly changed into a tiny orange bikini that showed off her tight little bubbly ass. When we got there there was only one other person divine three some with a hot aged momsandteens threesome. A guy that I had met at the hotel bar the night before.

We talked casually as I noticed him eyeing my wife's perky nipples. I could tell that my wife noticed it also and loved it. She made a point to climb in and out of the hot tub numerous times so that she could bend over and show him her ass.

The tension was getting thicker and it was obvious that all three of us were horny. My wife and I had talked about threesomes before but she had never done it. After about an hour of casual flirting, it was time to go. "Maybe I'll see you guy's at the bar later?" he said. "Yeah", I said.

"Or just come on by my room and we'll have a beer." "Yeah, maybe I'll bring a friend. He needs to get out of that room for a while", he said while smiling at my wife.

"Alright" I said. "The more the merrier". It wasn't long after we got back to the room when there was a knock at the door.

It was the guy from the hot tub. We sat and talked for a while and had a couple of beers before he said that he was going to head to the bar and see if he could find a woman that he met the night before. My wife was still in her bikini and I had watched her teasing him for about an hour now. As he walked to the door my wife got up and followed him.

Before he got to the door she grabbed him by the back of his jeans and asked him where he was going so soon. As he turned around she slid two fingers into the waist of his pants and pulled him close.

She looked up at him smiling as she ran her left hand up his shirt and over his chest. "Don't go yet", she said smiling at him. She lifted his shirt off and started girl fucks a big black cock in her office cdi kiss his smooth chest.

He was a good looking guy and had a hard body that I know my wife had noticed in the hot tub. As she kissed his chest she used her right hand to start undoing his pants. Slowly she worked her way down his stomach and dropped to her knees.

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As she pulled his jeans off his huge cock flopped out. I t was half hard but huge. She grabbed it gently with three fingers in her left hand and started to slide her tongue up the underside of his shaft, all the while looking up at him. When she got to the head of his cock she ran her tongue slowly in a circle around it. With one hand on his ass, she took it slowly into her mouth, working back and forth on his huge mushroom head. By now he was rock hard as my wife pushed him back on the bed.

She crawled up on all fours and began to suck hard on him. Each time going a little further down on his shaft. By now I was naked and crawled next to them. As I reached forward and began to undo her bikini top I felt a hand on my cock. I had never been with a man before but I was willing to try it.

As I sat on all fours facing my wife, I held her hair back. She was sucking harder and harder now, taking his dick all the way down her throat. All the while he stroked slowly up and down on dutch prozzie rides cock european and reality big cock.

"You boys are dirty", she said smiling as she came up for air. She went back to sucking on him as he pulled me over the top of him. As I straddled his face, I could feel his warm mouth around my cock.

I wrapped my fingers around the base of his shaft and started to stroke on him slowly. I liked the feel of his huge muscle in my hand. "Why don't you help me out", she said smiling back at me. I bent over and began to suck up and down as I tasted his salty pre-cum.

I began to groan as I felt his strong rough hands on my ass. About that time there was a knock on the door. It was his friend. It was only a matter of seconds before he knew what was going on and had his face buried between my wife's thighs.

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Soon he had her legs in the air and was rubbing his equally big dick up and down on her wet slit. He began to fuck her slowly when she said that she wanted all three of us at once. When she got on all fours, the first guy got underneath her and took over her pussy. She arched her back and with both hands on his huge chest, began to grind on his huge cock.

About that time the second one got in front of her and she began to suck him off.

I leaned over the back of her and lubed up her tiny asshole. She moaned as I slid my fingers into her tight little butthole.

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It wasn't long before she had the head of my dick wrapped tightly around her little dirt box. With each stroke I plunged deeper and deeper into her until it was buried.

I left it in her still as the in and out motion of the cock in her pussy stroked my balls. I started to fuck her as she moaned on the second guys cock. In a few minutes the first guy underneath her shot his load deep inside her pussy. As his cum started to seep out of her tiny snatch, I could feel it's stickiness on my balls.

He crawled out from underneath her and she rolled over on her back.

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Quickly she grabbed my cock and stuffed it back into her ass. He sat on the side of her watching as he stroked his dick for a second load.

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I pulled out and traded places with the one in her mouth. It wasn't long before he was pumping in and out of her like a dog. As he continued pumping on her I could feel my load building. I pulled out and shot it all over her tits. We smeared my sticky goo all over her nipples with our cocks as we watched her getting fucked hard in the ass. In a few minutes the second one let out a moan and crawled onto her stomach, jacking his hot jizz onto her perky brown nipples.

Now as he straddled her, all three of us rubbed our cocks in the goo and against each other while she dipped her finger in it and tasted our fun. The next night was another night of fun.