Daddy gets to fuck the step daughter in extreme sex scenes

Daddy gets to fuck the step daughter in extreme sex scenes
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Lonely Julie Chapter 3 Sally and 11 year old Timmy were on the beach past near the flat of Timmys School matron Julie. Timmy was staying with Julie for the summer while his parents and her husband were abroad. Julie was 29 and the night before had introduced Timmy to masturbation and they had watched each other shit and cum.

Not wanting Timmy to get too attached to her, Julie had got her friend Sally, a blond also 29, to take Timmy out to the quiet beach nearby and suggested she also get Timmy to cum first by doing a poo in front of him. Sally was already bursting to shit and as soon as they were in a lonely spot on the secluded beach path she called to Timmy just in front of her.

"Timmy, slow down I've got a problem". Timmy turned around and came back to her. "Timmy I've got to do a poo urgently so will you stay by me here and make sure no one is coming." "Yeah fine" Timmy said remembering how he had seen Julie shit the night before and how he had shot his semen at her awesome blond haired gets a ripe gyno the lavatory in her flat. Sally stepped aside and a few inches up to lean on a boulder that would hide her from anyone coming from behind them on the path.

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"Hey Timmy hold my knickers will you so that I can squat properly" She slipped her panties down and gave them to the boy who by now had a hard penis showing the bulge in his swim suit. "Timmy you've got a hard on haven't you" she said. Timmy giggled and said "Yeah I cant help it" "Timmy darling that's fine. Its perfectly natural to feel sexy when you see a girl naked. Actually I don't min d if you want to masturbate while you watch me if you want to" Timmy need no encouragement. He slipped his cock out standing two feet in front of Sally and a foot below her so that he looked straight at her pussy and anus as she squatted down.

Sally neede to shit badly and she had been holding it since Julie asked her to take Timmy out. As she squatted Timmy watched heranus open to let out a thick brown turd, quickly followed by a burst of softer light brown dung that poured out of her ass and curled round in a heap inches from Timmys indian bhabhi sonia in shower soaping her bigtits indian sex.

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"Go on Timmy Do it cos Im going to piss too" Timmy jerked his penis and knew he was going to spurt in seconds and as Sally began to urinate he felt his sperm coming up. Two things happened at once !! Sallys urine splashed out onto Timmys feet at the same time as he ejaculated his young sperm straight onto the pissing cunt in front of him.

He stepped back still spending spunk and gasped "Sorry Sally I couldn't help it. It just came. Or rather I just Came "he said with a laugh. Sally laughed too and realised she had nothing to wipe her bum with. "Timmy darling I need to wipe my bum and Ive not got anything have you got a hanky. " When he pulled out his hanky Sally went " Hey, its your hanky will you wipe me with it"? Timmy wiped the soft bits of dung in her crease and looked at his own penis still dripping cum.

He wiped again and then asked a bit shyly "Can I wipe the last bit with you knickers and keep them with me tonight"? "Of course you can darling. Im going to be staying with you and Julie tonight anyway to keep you company so we can wash them and I can wear them tomorrow. Sally stood up and let her short skirt drop to cover her shaped pubic hair.

Timmy dropped his dung covered hanky on the pile of faeces and then tucked the panties with the last brown marks on them into his pocket.

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He realised that having cum heavily he now need to pee badly. "Sally I have to pee" he told her. She smiled at him "Hey can I hold your prick and point it while you do it ?" she asked. Timmy put her hand onto his softer penis and started to piss as Sally pointed the stream at her shit. Timmys urine made the pile steam more and Sally shook his cock as he finished. "We had better get back to Julie " she told him. Suddenly worried that Julie would know he had seen Sally shithe said "Do we have to tell Sally what we just did??" "That's OK Timmy darling Sally and I share a lot of things and we will all be sleeping in the same bed tonight so its fine that she knows" They walked back to the flat and as they opened the door Julie called from the bathroom.

"Glad youre back did you have fun?" "Not half" Sally said Timmy just helped me do the biggest shit I've done in years and he got to cum watching me" "Then its my turn" Julie called out " come on in here while I finish".

She was pushing out her last turd as Timmy and Sally both came in. Her piss was still dribbling and Timmy felt himself getting stiff again. "Timmy, I'll tell you what" Sally said "Why don't you wipe Julies bum like you did mine then we'll be equal" Timmy grabbed some toilet paper and eagerly stepped towards Julie who stood up and turned her bottom towards him. He wiped the remnants of her dung and then took another piece and wiped her wet cunt as well.

Julie gasped "Oh my God you're making me horny but we had better wait a bit cos we must eat !" Timmy dropped the shitty paper into the lavatory and looked down stellar babe is showcasing her gaped slim vagina in closeup pleasuring and opening it before flushing it down.

Julie pulled her panties up and the three walked into the kitchen arm in arm. Sally was wet between her legs after watching Timmy wipe Julie and Julie was soaking wet because her mind was on the three of them in the same bed that night.

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The girls knew that there was going to be sex and more sex that night. They and Timmy watched each other washing and pissing during the evening and all were aroused and eager when Julie suggested getting ready for bed. "No need to wear anything " she said "we hombre cojiendcon yeguas en selos all seen each other naked".

They climbed onto the king size bed and the girls put Timmy in the middle both wondering how things would develop. They were both very wet between the legs and Timmy had an almost permanent hard penis.

What happened was inevitable. !! And ended up by making quite a mess on the sheets. More in Lonely Julie Chapter 4