Mom and soon sex long time sex

Mom and soon sex long time sex
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Don't forget that even though the story looks long, it is an easy and fast read once you get started! And if you like rough sex, you will love this story! The governor's daughters' Cynthia and Stacy knew that their wealth and social status came with certain responsibilities and obligations, whether they wanted to oblige or not.

If the truth be known, they didn't give a rat's ass about the immigrant workers, legal or not. They thought minimum wage and access to health benefits (although expensive) was more than fair compensation for allowing the mexican immigrants to work for them.

But with all of the uproar in the media of abuse with illegal/legal immigrants, they knew they had to play nice and put on a good show of caring that immigrants were receiving equal rights. So when the Mexican Boss of their labor camp presented them with an invitation to their Fiesta (party) they felt obligated to make an appearance. The women didn't realize that the Mexican staff understood English so they talked freely while in their presence and this is where the plot begins.While Cynthia and Stacy were taking their morning tea, they were discussing the upcoming Festival and how they could benefit from it.

Cynthia to Stacy. Well, first thing we need to do is contact the local newspaper and news station to let them know that we will be making an appearance at the Cinco de Mayo festival to show our "support" "laughs" of the Mexican people! Oh God, moans Stacy, tell me we don't have to wear one of their ridiculous bright outfits with those clunky cowgirl boots.Well, why not, we could take a tax write off as a charity expense and then donate them to the local charity and get another tax write off.

We could think of it as one of our Halloween Balls. Ok, Ok, Stacy says but I'm definitely going to eat something before we go. I can't stomach the thought of eating their greasy tacos and swallowing that drink they have with a worm in the bottom of the bottle. And I am most definitely not following their tradition of kissing everyone's cheeks in greeting. Oh, Stacy, those nasty buggers wouldn't dare get that close to us but if they do, we can always make a show of air kissing them.

Well, Juan and Jose couldn't help but hear what the rich bitches were saying. They made up their minds that they would have them drinking more than Tequila before the night was over and have them begging for more. They took an early lunch break to see how many of their men wanted to take the opportunity that night to introduce the ladies of the house to several Mexican "traditions"!

After repeating what the bitches had said, there were more than enough volunteers to last throughout the night. They spoke to some of the of the Mexican women and told them that they wanted to make their employers feel welcome so could they encourage them to take part in the dances, tequila tasting (especially) and other entertainment to help them relax. The women assured them that they would.

So all they had to do was wait for the Festival to start. The time had come to dress, Cynthia and Stacy were both surprised at how sexy they felt in their bright swirling skirts and tight laced up tops. They were definitely starting to get into a festive mood.

They hadn't had time to eat but figured they wouldn't starve during the couple of hours that they were there and might even manage to eat a taco for the media's sake.

Juan and Jose had worked themselves into a sexual frenzy. Their already abundant level of testerone had reached an all time high. They were having difficulty in getting their swollen, stiff cocks to fit into their pants. They couldn't wait to teach the ladies of the mansion on the hill a lesson in humility and much more. They kept having images of stripping the white bitches and shoving their hard brown cocks into all of their holes and making them scream in pain and pleasure!

The festival was in full swing when Cynthia and Stacy arrived among the flash of cameras from the media. Treating them with the celebrity status that they were accustomed to. Little did they know that before the night was out, there would be other cameras snapping away at them making them a different type of celebrity among the Porn crowd.

All of the senoritas and seniors were being overly nice to them. Insisting that they try a few morsels of food from each dish followed by a shot of tequila to help wash it down. Then they insisted on finding them dance partners so they could experience the Mexican dances first hand. Cynthia and Stacy were beginning to feel the effects of the tequila and felt the blood begin to pulse through their body as the band started up and they were presented with two fine Mexican specimens as their dance partners.

The women didn't recognize Juan and Jose because all Mexicans looked alike to them but that was fine with Juan and Jose. They explained that the Mexican Dances are the bonding of two bodies and please don't be offended if it seemed that they were holding them a little too close or "accidently" touched their body " inappropriately." Juan and Jose winked at one another as they clasped Cynthia and Stacy's hand and pulled them against them.

Feeling their soft, ample breast pressed against their rock hard bodies almost sent them over the edge. But they knew that they had a ways to go before they could take their ladies away from the crowd for some "fresh air"! So they danced one song after the other prying Cynthia and Stacy with drinks in between each dance. The women could feel their hearts and pulses racing, their heads were spinning and they were starting to feel some attraction for their dance partners and that would be licked out in public fun sized associates take a hot in their social circle.

So, they were getting ready to "graciously" bow out when their partners offered to take them out to the gazebo for some fresh air. Please, they say, one last quiet dance, just the four of them. Cynthia and Stacy couldn't see the harm in it and nobody would notice them. They agreed to go. They didn't realize how large the gazebo was but more importantly, they didn't know that there was a trap door in the floor that would be opened at Juan and Jose's signal.

They held the women close to them so they couldn't get away and made a double stomping sound on the floor with the heels of their boots and the trap door flew open with several men waiting at the bottom to catch Cynthia and Stacy when they were tossed down to them.

Already intoxicated from the night's excitement and all of lovely babe is fucked in different positions tequila they had drank, both women passed out as they were being tossed down to the reaching hands and bodies of their captors! Their plan worked, they had wined and dined these two rich bitches and now they would teach them how a real man makes love.

Cynthia and Stacy slowly came to with someone slapping them hard across the face, telling them to wake up, that the real party was about to begin! They became aware of several things at once.

1. They had been stripped naked 1. There was a distinct male scent in the enclosed space 3. There were at least twenty pairs of eyes leering at them and 4. There were cameras on tripods pointing at them from all angles. Cynthia spoke up as Stacy cowered behind her back trying to hide her nakedness. WHAT is the meaning of this? WHERE are our clothes? WHO do you think you are, treating us like this? Just wait until we get out of here. We will have you sent back on the next bus headed to Mexico!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That really pissed the men off! Juan stepped forward and said "Lady" you are in no position to make threats and we heard you say you didn't want to be seen in our "hideous" mexican costumes so we merely took them off of you and lastly, by the time we get through with you, you will be signing a petition to the U.S. Government begging them to let us stay in the U.S.

on the off chance that you can have us one more time! And with that, they told some of the other men to grab the women's arms and force them down onto their knees in front of Juan and Jose.

The women both started screaming and sobbing, begging them to let them go. That earned them another hard slap to the face as their head was jerked back to look up at the men. Listen bitches, we are all going to fuck you senseless, starting with me and Jose fucking you in the mouth. The sooner you get started, the sooner you can go back to your big mansion on the hill, if you still want to that is.

Juan went to ram his cock into Cynthia's mouth and she spat at him and turned her head away. She immediately felt the bite of a belt against her back followed by several more. They were promised with more lashes if they didn't obey. Stacy was the smart one, she immediately started lapping at Jose's balls. It took Cynthia a few more strikes of the belt to convince her to obey. Stupid "gringas" don't even know how to give head but they will learn!

They grabbed their hair and pulled their heads back and told them to listen to their instructions and do exactly as they say. Spit on my cock and get it wet! Swirl your tongue around on my head says Jose. Both of them taking turns telling the ladies what to do. That's it, take our balls into your mouth, gently suck and lick them.

Spit on them some more. Fuck ya. Work our shafts with your hands. If we feel your teeth on our cocks, we will knock them out! Wet your lips and take the head of our cocks into your mouth. Lick it and put more of it in your mouth. Juan and Jose looked over at each other and grinned, these rich bitches are fast learners and with that, they rammed their dicks to the back of Cynthia and Stacy's throats with a loud roar, plunging in and out, hardly giving them a chance to breathe. The women looked pitifully at each other thinking their next breath is going to be their last.

They had never shared their secret that at age 30 and 32 they were still virgins. No men were brave enough to approach these beautiful but aloof women. Suddenly, they felt the cocks get even bigger and a great wave of salty fluid went gushing into their mouths and down their throats.

Their noses were being pinched closed so that they had no choice but to swallow. Juan and Jose felt like beating on their chest with victory at having made these snobs playgirl has sex with man pornstar hardcore their Mexican cum but it wasn't enough, they needed more. They fake red head teen and wet pussy solo she entices sean to get his large cock the women lick their cocks clean and told the other men to take their turns at fucking the women's mouths while they rested.

The other men were much rougher than Juan and Jose because they had just crossed the border and missing their women, they were in need of immediate release.

They took turns slapping them, pulling their hair, calling them nasty names and cumming all in their hair, on their faces and in their mouths. When they were spent, they flung the sobbing women into a corner of the room that had a drain and used a garden hose to clean them up. The women just lay there shaking and going into shock. The men then dragged the women over to a bed they had set up and repositioned the cameras. They layed the women side by side and tied their hands and feet to the bed frame.

Juan and Jose began kissing them on the mouth, face and neck and growled into their ears that they were about to have a real man fuck their cunts. They took their breasts into their mouth, first licking, sucking, biting and then smacking their breasts making the women scream out in terror and pain.

They shoved gags into the women's mouths and proceeded to drip hot candle wax all over their breasts, along their smooth lotion scented bodies to the top of their mounds. The women were writhing and moaning in pain. They pitched the candles and got down to the business of eating some pussy. MMMMM Juan and Jose thought they had died and gone to heaven. These women might be snobby bitches but they sure did smell good and they tasted good too, like sweet honey.

At first the women had tensed up and renewed their pitiful struggling but that turned into moans of passion as Juan and Jose continued licking and tongue fucking their vaginas while circling their clit with fingers wet from the women's juices.

It's time says Juan to Jose and as they position themselves to enter the women's pussys, the women's eyes widened in terror. The men wanted to prolong their fear so they slowly entered them inch by inch until they met an unexpected resistance. They couldn't possibly both be virgins but sure enough their hymens were proof of it. Juan and Jose were feeling doubly rewarded.

Not only were they going to fuck these bitches, they were taking their virginity too! They pulled back and slammed into them making the women scream into their gags. Oh, fuck yeah, so tight and the added turn on of a women's first time blood covering heeled cfnm domina watch girlnextdoor and humiliation dicks.

They slammed in and out of the bloody cunts rutting like the great beasts that the women claimed them to be. Finally, feeling the pressure of their upcoming releasethey slammed in all of the way up to their cervix and released a gallon of cum into their wombs.

As before, the men took their turns fucking and abusing the women while Juan and Jose rested and took a look at the computer screens as a live video feed of the women's rape and numbers appeared scrolling across the screen. The women were to be auctioned off at the end of the rape to an elite group of wealthy perverts!

Once again the women were dragged over to the corner of the room with a drain in it but this time enema tubes were shoved up their asses and they were told not to move until they were told to. Cynthia and Stacy huddled together wrapping their arms around each other, whispering comforting words to each other.

Once they started talking, they decided to be honest.

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They kinda liked what was being done to them. Having the men's dicks in their mouth and how full they felt when the men were fucking them.

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They really liked the pleasant sensation of having Juan and Jose eating their pussys. They couldn't wait to find out what was going to be done with them next but couldn't figure out why they were being given an enema. They said they were thirsty thinking they would get some more tequila to add to the fingering some new recruit pussy by hot sluts warmth in their bodies, but instead of that, the men walked over, pried their jaws open and began pissing in their mouth.

It really isn't half bad. It's kind of like drinking hot beer. Then they took the tubes out of their asses and told them to squat over some empty petite yo hardfucked and facialized amateur teen and expel the enema and empty their bowels. When they were finished, they were shackled to an overhead bar and the water hose was jammed into their asses making sure they were cleaned out and then they were washed down and led back to the bed and told to get on their hands and knees only tying their hands to the headboard this time, leaving their legs free.

Juan and Jose began by jamming a 12 inch ribbed vibrator into the woman's pussys and began flogging them alternating between a leather strap, plastic coat hanger, switches and a thin paddle with holes drilled into it. They didn't leave one inch of their backside untouched. The only thing that was keeping them from screaming out was the cocks of the other men being rammed down their throats.

Then they took some lubricant to cool the ladies welts alternating between gentle massages and lingering kisses. Cynthia and Stacy were both thinking that they had never felt so alive before. Nothing in their wealthy world compared to this. They wished it could last forever.

Hmmm If they only knew! The men had one last punishment for the women before the final phase of their plan was put into place and if the numbers on the computer screen were anything to go by, then their reward would be great.

They had the other men step aside and asked the ladies dani daniels danny mountain in naughty office they wanted to be set free or if they wanted more "punishment" for their bad treatment of the Mexican race.

They both began berating themselves saying how horrible they had been for berating the Mexican food, dress and ways of life and they felt they needed to be punished some more. A lifetime of punishment wouldn't make up for the way they had treated their Mexican workers.

All the while wiggling their asses! Juan and Jose stepped behind the women and began tongueing their assholes with a vengeance causing the women to writhe in pleasure, they were moaning and groaning, begging to be fucked! The guys were ready to slam their cocks into the bitches asses but knew they needed to prolong their audiences pleasure if they wanted the highest bidder in computer land to step forward. One of the volunteers started calling out the new bids scrolling out on the screen.

$100,000 $200,000 $500,000 A million 2 million, that got Juan and Jose motivated and they spit on the women's asses, slipping a finger in, jamming them in and out, 2 fingers, 3 fingers, then their whole fist slamming in and out like a jack hammer.

The ladies were screaming out in pain and pleasure, begging them to ram their fat cocks into them and bring them to a climax. The men started landing solid smacks on their asses as they jammed their cocks into them and rode them like thoroughbred stallions and as their cum shot into them, they heard a loud voice in the background.

ONE BILLION DOLLARS for the pair of rich bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now Juan and Jose felt redeemed and justly rewarded. But, now the question is, do they pick the highest bidder and send them to a shieks harem, take the lower bid for the sum of $500 million dollars and send them to the rich farmer with every kind of animal to be used in experimental breeding with the women?

Or do they keep them for themselves and continue fucking these rich but no longer snobby bitches in return legal papers for all of their Mexican compadres and their families? They are already going to be wealthy from the sale of the copyrighted version of the snivelling rich bitches getting raped and liking in.

Hmmmm Dear Readers, why don't you decide. Vote on this story and then scroll down to the comment section and you can tell me how this story ends and the new one begins. All rights to this story is reserved.

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