Neela sky enjoys fucking in the kitchen

Neela sky enjoys fucking in the kitchen
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As Gail stepped out of the shower, the back of her throat still felt a little rough from deep throating Jack, and her pussy was still tingling from her recent fingering and the vivid memories of the last12 hours.

As she was drying off, she kept staring at herself in the mirror, imagining what her husband must have thought seeing her "cunt eater" label across her tits, well at least he didn't see the label on her pussy. It's not that she didn't appreciate the constant sexual attention she had enjoyed, she was fearful of going too far and losing herself to her throbbing clitoris.

Thinking of back man sex with sunny leone, she wished she would have masturbated herself in the shower because she was still unsatisfied from almost choking on Jack's cock before she could orgasm.

She opened the bathroom door to see if the coast was clear, shut awesome blond haired gets a ripe gyno and sat down on the toilet. She spread her legs wide, leaned back almost knocking the toilet lid off, and let her fingers trace down her stomach and explore her nude pussy. Her fingers glided over her sensitive clitoris, causing her to lurch as her pussy began to swell and lubricate.

It was becoming too much for her to take in the silence of the bathroom. Her breathing became heavier, her forehead became ringed with beads of sweat, that now familiar smell of cunt filled her nostrils. She looked at her glistening fingers as they pumped in and out of her pussy, the site of her naked pussy getting finger fucked was getting her hotter and hotter. Needing to taste her own juices, she withdrew her hand from her pussy, replaced it with the other and raised her dripping hand to her waiting lips.

Just as she was about to close her lips around her soaked fingers, and cum while tasting her own cunt juices, the bathroom door swung open with Jack saying, "Someone named Sarah said it was important to talk with you." He began to say something else, but seeing his wife satisfying herself for the second time in almost 30 minutes left him speechless.

Gail, stammering, blurted out, "I'll take it on the bedroom phone." Jack quickly left, wondering what the fuck was going on.

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Twice in the last 30 minutes Gail was cheated out of an orgasm. But the call from Sarah was important, as much was hanging in the balance. Gail picked up the phone with a hello, and Sarah asked what she was up to.

Not really caring about the response, Sarah cut in to Gail's response, "You need to meet me in 30 minutes at the Shell gas station on 30th and Park. Don't be late if you want more pictures deleted off my camera." Gail didn't have time to finish what she had started, and barely had enough time to get dressed and get to the Shell station. Her cunt was still creaming with her own juices when she pulled on a pair of light blue cotton panties and jeans, slipped on a bra, a pull over shirt, and a pair of sandals.

Her hair was still wet, so she pulled it back into a pony tail, put on a ball cap and exited the house, telling Jack she'd be back shortly. When she arrived at the gas station, Sarah was already there. It was the middle of the afternoon on Sunday, so there were only a few people coming and going teacher ne jabarjasti choda student kblackmail karke the station.

Gail pulled up beside Sarah, and said, "What was so important?" Sarah, knowing this was a do or die situation, meaning she would either have Gail's complete obedience or Sarah would lose control over Gail, and it would happen here and today.

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"Into the bathroom, I have the key," Sarah said in a very stern manner. "What fo…" Gail could not complete the sentence, because Sarah pulled out the camera and waived it around.

Gail looked around the gas station to see if anybody was watching them, and seeing nobody around, she followed Sarah into the girl's room. It was a messy place with paper towels strewn on the floor, along with bits and pieces of toilet paper, and the typical grunge on the floor. Sarah closed and locked the door behind them and looked right through Chubby mature dominated over before mouthful masturbation and domination eyes.

"Gail, this is where your life changes. Take off your shirt!" Gail hesitated a little, and began stammering, without missing a beat, Sarah reached out and slapped Gail across the face. "I said take it off!" Gail, knowing now that Sarah was not messing around, reached up to rub her stinging face, then down to pull her shirt over her head.

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"Now the bra!" said Sarah. Not willing to argue anymore, or get slapped again, Gail took her bra off as well, standing there naked from the waist up with her top and bra in her hands.

"I see you're a cunt eater, and I see your nipples are nice and hard Gail, you like this don't you?" "No, not really," said Gail, "I'm embarrassed." "Really", said Sarah, "I'll bet your pussy is creaming already. Put your clothes in the sink and take of your jeans!" Gail, lowered her head in shame, unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans, then peeled her jeans down her legs.

"Off with them," demanded Sarah. Gail stepped out of her jeans causing her sandals to come off as well. Gail was standing in only her light blue panties in front of a woman she had only met last night, in a gas station bathroom, and unsure about what would happen next.

"Let me see the crotch of your panties Gail, if they are wet, you must take them off, and if they are dry I'll let you keep them." Gail knew she was done for, because they were wet when she left the house. As Gail began to take off her panties, Sarah said, "What, no contest?" "My panties are soaked, they've been soaked since I got here," Gail said sadly. With that she tossed her obviously wet panties and jeans in the sink, and stood naked in front of her conqueror.

Sarah surveyed her obedient subject, and said slyly," you're horny aren't you? Look at your nipples, they are rock hard, and I can see your wet cunt from here." Gail glanced down at her nipples quickly, and sheepishly nodded her head.

"Hmmm", said Sarah, "Your tits say you're a cunt eater, and your pussy says that you're Sarah's Cunt. Is that true Gail, do you eat cunt?" Gail was becoming speechless as the horror of what was happening began to seep into her mind. It all happened so fast, she didn't have time to think, she just acted…all she could do was nod. Sarah was having none of that, "Say it Gail, tell me what you are! Look if you're good today, you will end up having most of the pictures from last night deleted from my camera." Little did Gail know that Sarah had set up Judy's mini video camera in the valiant and cocky lesbian sex homemade hardcore on top of the towel dispenser to capture the entire bathroom scene.

"I'm a cunt eater, and I'm Sarah's cunt", Gail blurted out. "I'm your cunt Sarah, I'm your horny cunt." "Good girl," said Sarah, now "I'm going to let you masturbate yourself to an orgasm, then you are going to crawl over here and eat my pussy." Gail, had been close to an orgasm 2 times in the last hour, desperately needed to cum, and she began massaging her pussy just like she had in the bathroom, looking at her deranged site in the scratched bathroom mirror.

The humiliation and her throbbing clitoris were getting the best of her, as her legs became weak, she leaned her back up against the grimy bathroom wall for support and began to vigorously finger fuck her hot juicy cunt.

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As her long awaited orgasm began to course through her body, she slid down the wall and finished cumming as her naked ass hit the disgusting floor. Her cunt juice was leaking down her crotch to her asshole and onto the floor below making her ass a bit sticky to the floor. During this display, Sarah had dropped her jeans and panties to her ankles, and pushed them off to the side, sitting on the toilet with her legs spread wide and fingers buried in her own pussy.

"Come over here cunt, it's time for you to eat my pussy!" Gail was about to get up when Sarah blurted, "Crawl her on your hands and knees, crawl like the cunt you are!" Gail was way past any sense of dignity, so she crawled across the fowl floor on her hands and knees.

As Gail reached the toilet, she could smell the stench of dried piss on and around the toilet, but also knew the cunt she was about to eat was sitting on that toilet, and she had to ignore the smell, just like she has had to ignore many embarrassing things in the last 12 hours.

Once again, like the night before, Sarah forced Gail to get her chin over the rim of the toilet and her head almost completely in the toilet bowl to get at Sarah's cunt. Once Gail lips made contact with Sarah's cunt, Sarah wrapped her legs around Gail's head in a light vice grip, and let out a stream of hot piss in Gail's mouth.

Gail struggled to free herself, but only proceeded to have piss spray over her face, hair and tits. Finally freeing herself she got up on her knees, dripping with piss, she attempted to wipe the piss off her face, but her hands were dirty and smelly from the floor, so she stood on her knees just dripping with piss, staring in astonishment at Sarah.

Sarah coolly looked at Gail, and said, "not only are you a good cunt eater, you're an ok toilet too. I still need to cum, and you still need to eat me, so get back at it, I'm horny." Gail was defeated, on the floor of a dirty gas station bathroom, naked, soaked in piss, and lowering her head into a dirty toilet 5 boy with sunny leone eat a stranger's pussy.

What had she become, and how will this all end!