Sexy scarlett fever rides an old dude

Sexy scarlett fever rides an old dude
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One day, there was party at my cousin Michelle's house.

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I went, and I took my girlfriend, Jolene. It was a good party, and we volunteered to clean up after it. When we were done, ne and Jolene were incredibly horny, wo we snuck upstairs into a closet for some quick sex.

Just as we were about to get started, Michelle walks in! In my panic, I do the first thing that comes to mind - grab her breast. She gasped, and then Jolene grabbed her and put her hand over her mouth so she wouldn't scream. We held her there, wondering what to do. "Oh my God, we're so screwed!" "No we're not, shut up. There has to be a way out of this!" "No, she'll report us and we'll be screwed. We might as well run and enjoy our last moments free." "Hmmmm.Nice idea.

But why don't we skp[ the run part?" "You mean.have sex with michelle?" "Yep" "Hmm.I like it. Let's go!" So Jolene and I tied her up wife returns home tcuckold after date gagged her. We then ripped her panties off.

I went down and tasted her cunt. God, it was great.

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And even better, she was still a virgin! So I licked her cunt, eating her out. Then, I took a broom handle and broke her hymen with it. I fucked her with it for a while, feeling my hardon getting bigger and harder.

Meanwhile, Jolene took off her blouse and forced Michelle to suck her breasts. I was harder than I had ever been in my entire life, so I went in. I stuck my solid cock into her tight wet cunt. Yeah, I had sex with my cousin! It was so tight, and she squirmed and tried katie banks massage my big ass i know tha cry out through the gag.

That drove me crazy! So, I went and fucked her harder than I can remember fucking anybody before. While I fucked her crazy, Jolene forced my cousin to eat her out.

I wassto erotic that I orgasmed almost immediately! Right as I came, I pulled out and blew my load all over Michelle's face. It was great. Jolene finished moments later. We decided to have some more we set up.

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We cancelled out work for the next day. Jolene snuck out, went home, and got our sex toys, clothes, and lube. We immediately went to work on her.

We tied her down to a table, luber her asshole up, and showed a vibrator in it! Then, I violently raped her on the table. Jolene sat on her face, and focerd Michelle to eat her out. This was very taxing on Michelle, since Jolene was a BBW girl! Within minutes, I had to come again, so I got Jolene and blew my load on her face! The spunk coated her glasses and clung to her face. I looked down at a crying michelle, and told her 'Don't worry, you'll be next!" Then we took out the dildoes and Vibrators.

Jolene strapped on a huge dildo, and fucked Michelle crazy. And the vobrator was still in her ass! Finally, Michelle involuntarily orgasmed. It was so erotic, seeing her squirm in a massive orgasm! Then, me and Jolene took a bit of a break, leaving her with a dildo srapped into her mouth and between her legs!

When we returned, we lived out a long hidden fantasy. I wore some of Michelle's clothes, and Jolene took her strapon and butt-fucked me, while I fucked Michell!.

It was an amazing feeling.Michelle's stare of cunfusion and horror and awe turned me oon, and I came shortly. I remembered my promise to Michelle, and I ulled out and came on her face again.

Jolene wasn't done yet, though, and she fucked me in the rear for 10 minutes more. While she did this, I toyed with Michelle's breasts through the fabric of her sweater, blouse, and bra. I wore Michelle's clothes all day long.

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I felt so sexually enhanced with the clothes on, I was far more horny than usual. At one point, I took her downstairs and untied her, then fucked her as she tried to escape. I finally came in her cunt then. Jolene endlessly fucked her with the strapon, occasionally pausing to get eaten out. I fucked her every hour or so. By that night, Michelle's face was coated in my cum and Jolene's cum. We videotaped me and Jolene fucking her, and took hundreds of pictures.

WE were exhausted. Eventually, Jolene and I got tired and cleaned up the place. When we were sure everything was clean, we had her again. Finally, we showered her off (to remove any evidence). When we ungagged her for a bit, she begged us not to kill her.

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We didn't, we just left her gagged, bound, and wet on the floor. Oddly enough, we never really undressed her. All we took off were her panties!

But we did briefly expose her breasts for the camera. We went home and slept for hours. We expected to be arrested in our sleep, but we didn't care. We awoke to no news of a lawsuit, so me and Jolene started fucking like rabbits. We acted out everything, no holds barred. Sex in public, sex in other people's houses, BDSM, hell, I even wore Michelle's clothes as Jolene fucked me with a strapon!

It was so exciting and fun. Then, we finally got a call from my cousin. But it wasn't what we expected. She confessed that she actually liked it! She wouldn't press charges! We were so elated, we drank and celebrated all night.

When we awoke, we knew we would never have a dull moment in our sex lives.