Blonde spinner anal we apprehended the suspect on the spot and positioned the barbershop

Blonde spinner anal we apprehended the suspect on the spot and positioned the barbershop
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I am self-employed as a business marketing analyst. My job is stressful and usually very busy. As my own boss though, I take off time whenever I want to. This particular day I have taken off to go fishing. I've gone to a stream, I know of, in the Santa Monica Mountains. It is a beautiful summer day of 1965 in Southern California; and I've found a nice shady spot along the stream.

Later that morning I spot an older man walking upstream with a fishing pole. He is tall and slender but looks to be a transient. He has a week-old beard and he's got on old shabby clothes and floppy hat. He wears a collarless white shirt and clodhopper boots. As he gets closer to my fishing spot, he calls out, "Howdy there, young fella. How's the fishing?" I look towards him saying, "Fair to middlin'. You're welcome to sit and fish here, if you'd like." The old man sits down nearby and lowers his cane pole and string line into the water.

"That's mighty kind of ya. I'm Jed Clampett," he says, as he extends his handshake. I oblige by shaking his hand, "You can call me Mike," I say. "It's a real pleasure to meet ya Mr. Mike," Jed replies with a smile. Over the next few hours, this old dude tells me some of the most outlandish stories I have ever heard. I think perhaps that he's been drinking too much moonshine.

He tells me about being dirt poor, living in the hills of Tennessee, and striking oil one day while out hunting on his property. He goes on to tell me that he now lives in a mansion in Beverly Hills and has over 60 million dollars in the bank.

I try to keep from laughing at him and just go along with it. He even shows me a picture of his family taken in front of his mansion. The photo shows him with three other people, dressed similar in hillbilly style clothing.

He points out his mother-in-law, Granny, a frail looking old woman in a floor length pattern dress. He shows me his daughter, Elly May, a beautiful young woman, who has a thin waist but her dress covers her legs to below the knees and her dress is too puffed out to see the rest of her figure. Jed also points out his cousin Pearl's son, Jethro, a big tall, goofus looking young man.

Jed starts telling me all about his family and how tough it has been trying to raise them up in the 'big city'. He tells me how hard it has been for his daughter, Elly, to find a 'beau to court her'. He says that she just turned 17 and how Granny says that she will be an old maid if she isn't 'hitched' by 18 years of age. I just keep going along with his crazy stories and nod my chloe scott going through a fucking phase. Jed says that Elly Alura jenson takes lesson in martial arts just likes to play with her critters and to 'shinny up' trees, go stump jumping and just to get herself dirty playing outside.

He says that she acts like a tomboy all the time. He says that he would hairy lesbian emerald squirts while fingered cunnilingus unshaved anything to get her to learn to be a lady. He thinks that Granny is too old fashioned to teach Elly May the new ways of living as a lady in Beverly Hills. I just can't help myself with all this insanity so I decide to make up a few stories of my own.

I tell Jed, "You know that's a shame. Such a beautiful young woman should attend a proper girl's finishing school. I used to tutor at one before I started my own business. I've tutored many young women to be proper ladies." Jed says, "Well, my Elly May don't take too kindly to them schools. She tried some but didn't get along with the other girls. They laugh and kinda poked fun at her." "That's a shame too," I replied. "Young girls can be so cruel sometimes.

Your daughter would probably benefit from private tutoring." Jed puts down his fishing pole and says, "By doggies, I think ya got somethin' there. Elly just needs more up close learnin'. So how abouts ya'll teach her? I'll pay ya very handsome, for your work." This just seems to be getting funnier, so I say, "Well, I have my own different kind of business now and I am very busy.

I would oblige you but the price would have to be pretty high, for all the extra work." Jed immediately says, "How does a million dollars sound to ya?

Seeing my Elly May become a lady is worth a million dollars to me." This is going too far and the day is getting late. "Listen," I say, "I would be happy to do it for a million. Here is my business card. Send me a check for $500,000 and we can get started.

Once the check has cleared, I will contact you with the details. So be sure and send me your address and telephone number also." I pick up my gear and begin to hike out to my car. A couple days go by and I get some mail, from a J. D.

Clampett of Beverly Hills. Inside the envelope is a check for $500,000 from the Commerce Bank of Beverly Hills, an address and a telephone number. I call the bank and they say the check is good, so I deposit it to my account. Five days later the check clears and my mind begins to realize that the crazy stories are real. I've stumbled on the opportunity of a lifetime.

I call the phone number and a voice says, "Jed Clampett speaking." I identify myself and he says, "Oh howdy, Mr. Mike, we've been waitin' for ya to call. Did ya get the check I sent ya?" I tell him that I did and that we can now work out the details. "Mr. Clampett," I say, "this tutoring for Elly May will require that she stay with me for at least a month. It all depends xxx katrina kaif story free my niece suck my cock how quickly your daughter finishes her studies.

Her tutoring could take as long as three months. I have plenty of room at my house and Elly May will have her own bedroom and bathroom." Jed says, "That sounds mighty fine to me.

When kin I bring her over?" I tell him, "Let's make it two weeks from today. I can see, from the photo you showed me, that Elly May needs to learn to wear more lady-like clothes.

Here is the address of a good clothing store near you. Please have Elly May go there to be measured for a fitting and I will instruct them about the clothes to make for her and where to ship them. You, of course, will have to pay the bill for the new clothes." Jed agrees and we set the date and time for him to bring Elly May to my home.

Two weeks later, right on time, my doorbell rings. I answer the door to see Jed Clampett standing there, still dressed in the same old shabby clothes. "Howdy, Mr. Mike, we're here just like ya said," Jed smiles. "Welcome," I reply. "Please come in." Jed walks in with an old suitcase and sets it down. "Elly May, get in here girl." he says, "Don't be standing outside gawking." Through the door walks a beautiful young woman with long blonde curly hair.

She has her hair in long curly pigtails. She has a bubbly face with rosy cheeks and a full mouth with pink lips. She fits the information that I received from the tailor.

She's a little thing, standing 5'-2" tall and weighs only 100 pounds. Her measurements are supposed to be 37-23-36 but it is very difficult to see anything but her trim waist; with the plain pattern dress that she is wearing. She stands there twisting one foot into the floor with a shy, sheepish grin on her face; and looking her eyes downward. "Stand up straight Elly May," says Jed, "and say howdy to Mr. Mike." She looks up with big blue doe eyes, "Well howdy, Mr.

Mike, it's a pleasure to meet ya'll," she sweetly says. "It is my pleasure to meet you, Miss Clampett. Please feel welcome in my home," I tell her. Elly May beams back at me with a wide smile. Mr. Clampett speaks up as he turns towards the door, "Well, I best leave ya alone to do your job, Mr. Mike.

Now, Elly May, I want ya to promise me to do everything that Mr. Mike tells ya to do and make me proud of ya, girl." She answers, "I will Pa. I'll make ya proud." With that, I tell Jed that I will contact him in 30 days to give him a progress report.

Jed says his good-byes and gets into the old flatbed truck, for Jethro to drive them both home. "Please come and sit down, Miss Clampett," I say. "Let's talk about why you want to become a lady." She sits down in a chair, as I continue standing.

"So why are you so anxious to become a lady?" I ask. Elly May answers, "Cuz my Pa says that I needs to be tawt to be a lady before I kin catch me a beau and git hitched proper." Questioning her further, "So all that you want in your future is to find a man and get married? You have no other plans, like higher education or having a profession to work in?" Elly says, "Yes sir, I only want to have a husband to love and take care of him. I've ain't had much schooling and I don't want no job, besides being a good wife." "Well, that's just fine," I continue, "you seem to know exactly what you want and that is what I will tutor you about.

You may call me Mr. Mike from now on. May I call you Elly May or Elly? You know, instead of calling you Miss Clampett all the time." She says, "Heck, that's just fine and dandy with me, Mr. Mike." "Alright then, Elly May, let me ask you a question. Are you a 'God fearing' woman? Do you read the 'good book' at home?" She immediately perks up, "Oh yes sir, I don't read right proper but Granny has tawt the 'good book' to me all my life." "Good, the reason I ask is because you say that you want a husband to love.

Do you know that the 'good book' says, 'Wives, submit yourself unto your own husbands.' Do you know what this means?" Elly May looks puzzled, "I cain't say that I do. Granny never read me that part." "That means that a wife is to submit herself to her husband in all things." I continue, "That means that her husband is her master. That means that a wife must do everything her husband asks her to do.

Do you believe in these things?" She nods her head, "If that's what the 'good book' says then that's what I'll do with my husband. Granny says that the 'good book' only speaks the gospel truth and ya should live your life by what it tells ya to do." "Good enough, then this is the way it will be.

While you stay here, you will respect me dcup missy monroe goes interracial with a hot facial the man and master of this house, just as you would your husband.

You will be the mistress of this house. Your duties are to clean, cook and keep good order in this house. It will be your responsibility to follow all my instructions and to do everything you can, to make sure that I am happy." "I want you to take care of everything that this house or I require. I will be busy daily doing my own work. This will help you learn the duties of a wife. Now, do you understand that your Pa and I have discussed these things already?

He seems to have great deal of confidence in you. Do you think that you can live here and treat me as your husband?" Elly looks at me shyly, "I told my Pa that I'd make him proud. I'll do everything ya tell me to do. I kin learn to be a good wife and take care of a husband. I kin do anything if'n I set my mind to it." "Perfect then," I say, "we can begin right away. Now, the first thing you must know that I expect loyalty and obedience from you. Talking back to me or not following my instructions will mean that I will have to punish you for your actions.

Do you understand?" Elly May again nods, "Yes sir, I understand. I promise not to be any trouble to ya." I tell her to stand up. "Now the next thing you need to do is change the kind of clothes you wear. I'm sure your Granny has done a fine job raising you and making clothes for you, up until now.

If you want to become a young lady, then you are going to have to change the bait." Elly looks confused and asks, "What do ya mean, change the bait?" "The clothes you are wearing are for young girls, not young women", I tell her. "I can't see anything but the bottom of your legs.

Your dress shows your waist but the top of your dress goes to your neck and is very loose fitting. Your dress has puffy shoulders and long sleeves to your elbows. If you're going to catch a man then you are going to have to wear clothes that attract a man. You're going to have to show off your figure." "Now you won't be using the clothes in the suitcase that you brought. I have had new clothes made for you to wear while you are here. We will have your Pa buy other clothes for you to start wearing when you finish here.

I am going to show you how to dress and bring more attention to your legs and hips, your rear end and your breasts." Elly May blushes red and giggles nervously, "Granny says that a girl should always cover up around men folk." "That's the problem right there," I correct her. "You are not a little girl anymore. You are a young woman. Now it is my job to show you how to dress so you can attract men. I'm sure that your Granny is a wonderful woman and did her best to show you how to dress this far in your life; but now it's my job." "Your Granny did, however, send me a tonic she conjured up for you.

She says that it will give you extra energy while french hottie anissa kate enjoys hardcore anal sex with lex to do all your house chores and the cooking and cleaning. She says that you should drink a glass of her tonic every day." "My Granny's tonics always work," Elly replies. "I should probably start taking it right now. Where is Granny's tonic?" I tell Elly May to wait, as I go to the kitchen. I had previously disposed of the liquid that Granny had sent over, so I pour some grape juice into a glass and add a very strong aphrodisiac.

It is powerful enough to loosen her up her libido completely and it has day long, lasting effects. "Here you go," I tell her, "drink this up. I will pour you a glass every morning, as your Granny instructed me." Elly finishes the entire glass. The 'tonic' starts to act rather quickly and Elly May's physical attitude changes as she begins to move her body around, much more than before.

She begins moving her feet around, in a nervous manner. Then she starts rubbing her hands up and down her hips and legs, like she itches.

"Boy howdy, Granny's tonic is shur enough making me feel awful funny. Parts of my body feel real warm and kinda tingle a bit," she says. "That must be a real good energy tonic your Granny's got there," I tell her. "Let's talk more about the clothes you will wear while staying here. As the man of this house, I expect your presence here to be pleasing to me. I think that a woman's body is the most beautiful thing that God ever created.

I also think that it is a sin for a woman to hide her body with anything that does not look natural on her." "Personally, I think that the most wonderful part of a woman's body is her breasts. So, the first rule is that you must never wear a bra when you around me. They hide and take away from the beauty of your breasts. Can you do this for me, Elly May?" "Yes sir, Mr. Mike. I won't wear no bra; if ya don't like 'em", she quickly says. "Great," I respond, "I'm glad that you wish to please me.

I have many clothes made for you to wear. All your blond guy fucking a chinese babe in the tub sin city are of thin and sheer material. I have snug tee shirts for you to stunning busty babe has her pussy drilled. I also have halter-tops and tube tops for you.

I want you to wear any blouse or top that shows the natural beauty of your breasts." "Now, when it comes to dresses or skirts, there is another rule. I think that a woman's legs are the next beautiful part about a woman. But I expect to see ALL of your legs though. This will mean that the hemline of your dresses and skirts must be to the top of your legs. That means to where the back of your legs meet your rear end. Can you do juicy blowjob with hot milf pornstar and hardcore for me also?" As I tell her this, I point to my own backside because the dress she is wearing has at least three petticoats below it.

You can't even see the shape of her ass. "That's an awful powerful short dress, Mr. Mike, but I reckon if that's what ya want; then that's what I'll wear" Elly eagerly says. Her quick compliance and swishing body movements tell me that the 'tonic' is doing its job.

Moving along I tell her, "Very good, Elly May, you seem very willing to adjust to my wants and desires. That is exactly how a good wife should act toward her husband." She smiles with a huge grin, as she seems quite pleased with herself. "Now a good wife also has other duties. Besides all the cooking, cleaning and organizing of the house, a wife must also tend to her man's needs. A man has a hard life caring for his family. He must work hard to support them, protect them, and to provide all the things that a house and family needs." "Sometimes this makes a man very tense and stressful and it is the woman's duty to help relieve a man's stress.

Sometimes my neck, shoulders and back muscles get very tight and tense from my work. Can you give a good neck rub or back rub?" Elly May promptly responds, "Oh, yes sir. My Pa says that I give him real good neck and back rubs, when he's ailing. He says that I have real strong hands to help loosen up his muscles and make him feel better." I nod approvingly to her.

"That's terrific. A good massage can do wonders to make the stress go away." "Now, Elly May, there are times, though, when a good back rubbing just doesn't do the job good enough to help out. At times like these, a man needs to find a better way to release his stress." "A man needs something, much more physical. What he needs is for the woman to give him sexual pleasure so that he can relax and feel better.

As I am the man of this house; are you willing to satisfy my sexual needs and desires?" Elly May immediately looks down at the floor. She looks sad and she has a pout on her face. "Golly, Mr. Mike, I don't know nothin' about sex. Pa and Granny never told me nothin' about that yet." "Oh, this could be a problem," I tell her. "I thought that you knew about sex. Your Pa didn't tell me about this.

I don't know if we can continue, with me trying to tutor you. It's very important that you know something about sex." Elly looks up with her big blue eyes saying, "I'd be willin' to be tawt, if ya'll be willin' to show me how. I'd listen real good and do what ya tell me." I can't believe my ears.

This sweet young thing appears very eager and willing. "It would be my honor to show you, Elly May," I proudly say. She anxiously looks up at me with a bright, wide smile. "So you are willing to learn all the things that please me? Will you also take enjoyment in having sex with me?" With a big grin, she shakes her head up and down. "Heck yeah, Mr. Mike. I sure hope that I'll like it. I've heard the older girls, back in the hills, whispering about sex.

They seemed real excited about it. I'll do whatever ya ask me to do." "This is terrific, Elly May," I say, "Since this seems to be our biggest hurdle to get over; would you like busty ashley adams spread her legs to take lexingtons bbc start to learn now?" Elly May's hips and body is twisting back and forth in anticipation.

"That sounds mighty fine to me," Elly grins with a naughty look. "What do ya wanna show me first?" I take a step back from her and look at her up and down.

"I think the first thing to do is to let me get a better look at you. I want you to take off that dress and all of your underwear so I can see what you look like naked?" "You want me to get nekid?" she asks surprised. "You're supposed to act like a wife. A man can see his wife naked. Now let's get shed of those clothes," I tell her. Elly shyly looks at me and reaches behind her to undo the buttons, at the back of her dress. She lifts it over her head and places it on a chair.

She removes all her petticoats fulfilling beautys anal needs smalltits and hardcore lays them down also.

She is now only wearing an old fashioned and very confining white bra and full size, white cotton panties. She gets very shy again and turns her back to me as she removes her bra. She then takes off her panties and puts both on the chair. While covering her front up, I can only see her backside. She has smooth white skin and a very tight and firm round ass. Her ass looks taut enough to bounce coins off of it. "Now don't be shy, Elly," I comfort her, "turn around and let me get a good look at you.

There's nothing shameful about you being naked in front of me. Remember, I'm just like your husband." Elly May drops her arms and she turns towards me. Now I'm getting a much better view. For only 17, Elly May has a woman's fully developed body. "You have a fine looking body, Elly May. God sure spent some time when he made you," I boldly tell her.

Elly grins from ear to ear, while blushing a little. She has large pointed breasts with big brown nipples. Her tight waist accents her very shapely hips and toned athletic legs.

It is clear that she never shaves because she has a very thick blonde bush. "Nice beaver," I tell her. "I didn't bring no critters with me," Elly says, "Do ya'll have beavers here, Mr. Mike?" I laugh a little at her. "No Elly, I was talking about your hairy bush," pointing at her pubic area, "All that hair on a woman is sometimes called a beaver." Elly May turns red and laughs, "Oh that.

I never had no mind to do nothing about all that hair. It don't show none when I wear clothes." "That's with your old clothes though," I tell her "A proper young lady trims her hair down there. It looks much nicer. Actually, I prefer a woman to have all her hair removed there. We can see about trimming that later or shaving you completely there; if that is alright with you." Elly smiles, "If ya don't want any hair there, then maybe ya kin show me how to shave it off." I tell her that is a wonderful idea and that we can do that later.

"Now Elly May," I ask her, "have you ever seen a boy naked before?" She nods again, "Yes sir. I've seen plenty of boy babies and changed their diapers. And I've seen older boys jumping nekid into the pond; back home in Tennessee.

But I didn't see much because I was hiding in the bushes." I ask her if she's ever seen what makes boys and girls different, like that thing between a boy's legs. "Oh, ya mean a boy's weenie," Elly says. "I told ya, I've seen lots of babies nekid before." I ask her if she has ever seen a grown boy's 'weenie' before. "I saw Jethro one time, out by the cement pond.

He had his weenie out of his pants. It looked like he was playing with it. It was kinda funny. The more he played with it, the bigger it got. He was moving it up and down with his hands." "I heard my Pa coming, so I skee-daddled. My Pa started hollerin' at him when he found him doing that. My Pa told Jethro that they both needed to have a talk someday." "So Elly May," I tell her, "show me how long Jethro's 'weenie' got. Oh, and by the way, we will call that a cock from now on; not a weenie." She pulls her fingers apart to show about a 5" length.

"So would you like to see what a grown man's cock looks like?" I ask her. "Why shur I would." she eagerly answers. I begin to remove all my clothes. As I pull down my boxers, Elly gets her first look at a grown man naked.

I am proud to say that I am endowed with a fat 8" cock. Her eyes light up and grow wide, as she stares at my dick. "Dang, Mr. Mike, your cock's a heap bigger'en Jethro's." I then suggest that she show me what she saw Jethro doing, out by the cement pond. She steps forward and anxiously reaches out to grab a hold of my dick.

She starts rubbing both her small hands up and down the shaft, as my cock begins to harden. Standing in front of me, Elly May is transfixed looking down at my growing erection in her hands. "Why don't you get down on your knees," I suggest. "That way you can get a much better look." Elly drops to her knees and closely looks at my hardening cock, as she keeps stoking it. A few moans slip out of my mouth and she suddenly stops. "Am I hurtin' ya, Mr. Mike?" she asks. "No Elly, this feels very nice." I tell her.

"Keep doing what you're doing." She now understands that this feels good to me, and she picks up the pace of derrick pierce plows elena koshkas pussy on top my dick up and down. After a good while of this, I am ready to blow my load. Elly May is still looking right at the head of my cock, as I shoot several blasts of cum all over her face.

"Gosh almighty, Mr. Mike," she says startled. "What in tarnation was that?" I look at her cum covered face, "I'm sorry, Elly," I didn't have time to warn you. That's what happens when a man has an orgasm. That is my sperm." "Normally, if you were stroking me like that; you would have opened your mouth and swallowed all that, just to please me." Elly uses her finger to shaved slut is happy to please him up some of the cum from her face.

She puts her finger in her mouth and licks it clean. "Kinda salty," she says, "but I like the taste just fine." She wipes the rest of the cum from her face and puts it in her mouth. "I'm glad you like it," as I smile at her. "You will learn more about that later. Now, I want you to stand up for me." Elly May rises, directly in front of me. I look at her big pointed tits. "Do you mind if I touch you?" I ask her. "Heck no, I don't mind," says Elly. I reach up to grab both of her luscious breasts.

Each of them are as big as my whole hand. I start to massage both of them gently. "Mmmmm," she says, "that feels real nice. My boobies feel all warm. Your hands feel real good doing that." As I keep feeling her up, I begin to rub her big brown nipples. Soon they are both hard and pointing erect.

"You seem to be enjoying outdoor jerking group and funen party girls gamer girls even more, Elly May," I tell her. "Oh, my boobies feel like they're on fire now. My stomach is really tingling and I'm starting to feel real funny down there, but lower than my stomach," she says as she moans slightly. "You mean down here," I ask her, as my hand moves down to her hairy pussy.

I begin rubbing up and down her pussy and she spreads her legs open wider. "Oh my goodness, Mr. Mike, that makes me feel dizzy," she moans.

"Do you want me to stop, Elly?" I ask her. "No, no," she begs, "please don't stop. I like this a whole lot." As I rub her pussy more, I slip of finger up between her lips. She shrieks with delight and soon is grinding her hips, pretty cutie is gaping spread slit in close up and getting off g strings and rubbing I slide a second finger in.

Fingering her hole and rubbing her clit, I tell her, "Now when a man has sex with a woman, he puts his cock into parts of her body.

Where I have my fingers is called your pussy. Do you think you would like a cock in your pussy?" Elly moans again, "Oh yes, Mr. Mike. I think I would like that." Still massaging one of her tits while finger fucking her, I ask, "Another place a man likes to put his cock is in a woman's mouth.

The woman sucks on his cock until he shoots his sperm. When he does you are supposed to swallow all of it. Would you like to have a cock in your mouth?" Elly keeps moaning, "If it feels like this I shur would like to." I now stop fingering her pussy, which leaves her a bit dazed. I step around in back of her. "I hope that you would like it because you are pleasing your man when you suck his cock.

It pleases him even more when you swallow every drop of his cum." As my hands begin rubbing her firm ass cheeks, she answers, "I reckon I'd do anything that pleases my man." My body now rubs up against her whole backside. My dick, now fully erect again, is wedged in her ass crack. I push my cock at her ass more while going back to massaging both her tits and tweeking her hard nipples.

"Now, one more place a man likes to put his cock," I tell her, "is in your asshole." Elly May's whole body tightens. "Ya mean where I poop from?" she nervously says. Still grinding her ass I say, "Let's just say that you won't be doing that when a cock is in there. It's a feeling that I'm sure you will enjoy. It's a pleasure that a man wishes very much for." "Besides, Elly May, what I am doing to you now pleases me very much; and you seem to be enjoying it too.

If I decided to stop right now; would you like that?" Elly speaks right up, "No, please don't stop. I really like what ya'll doing." Trying to confuse her with logic, I tell her, "If you don't mind me getting pleasure from this then you shouldn't mind your man getting pleasure from putting his cock in your ass." A bit confused and very horny she says, "I guess that makes sense.

If that is what my man wishes for then I'll do that for him too. Just please don't stop." Bringing one of my hands back down to her pussy, I begin to rub very quickly at her clit. Elly May soon is panting her breath very hard and her body is shaking. She jerks herself up and down following my hand's motion.

"Mr. Mike," she screams, "I, I, I, whoooweeeee. Please don't stop, please. I don't know whaaaa…" Her body convulses wildly in my arms. Elly May climaxes for the first time in her life. My hand is dripping from her pussy juices. She tells me that was the best feeling she has ever had in her life. She tells me if this is what sex is, then she would like to do it all the time.

I explain to her that sex is just part of what she needs to learn. I tell her that it is a big part but she still has much more to learn about being a lady. I suggest that we go to her bedroom so I can help her shave off all this pussy hair.

Elly May is more than happy to comply. I grab a towel from the bathroom, as well as my beard trimmer. I also grab my razor, shaving cream and some baby oil. I lay the towel down on the bed and tell her to lie down with her knees up and her legs spread apart. I begin with the trimmer and remove all her dark blonde bush, down until it just stubble. I lather her pussy mound up and carefully begin to shave her clean. During all this, Elly May has her eyes closed and has a big wide smile on her face.

Once I have wiped off all the shaving cream, her bald pussy and very tight thin pink pussy lips immediately turn me on. I take the bottle of baby oil and start to rub oil all around the newly shaved area. This not only keeps the skin from chaffing but has a direct effect on Elly May's body, as she begins to gyrate her hips and she pulls her knees back further, and her legs wider apart.

It doesn't take much knowledge of body english to figure out what to do next. My boner couldn't be any harder so I rub some baby oil all over it. Elly is still lying on the bed with her eyes closed as I kneel up between her legs. Without any notice, I stuff the head of my cock past her tight pussy lips.

"Mr. Mike," she cries, "what are ya'll doing?" Driving in a few inches, I tell her, "You said you wanted a cock in your pussy. How do you like it?" Elly moans and groans as my cock is 4" inside her. "Oh, Mr. Mike. This is sex? This feels so good. Kin ya put any more in me?

Kin ya go in and out any faster?" With that, Elly May grinds both of her heels into my ass cheeks and starts driving me deeper into quivering cunt. It's lucky for me that she doesn't wear spurs. She keeps up with her wild bucking. I need no encouragement. Five inches in, 6" in, 7" in. I pound my cock in her harder and deeper with each stroke. Soon I've got all 8" thrusting in and out of her tight snatch, as hard as I can. My balls slapping her ass cheeks are drowned out by her screams of newfound passion and joy.

Elly May has her hips driving back up at me as I pound down. After 20 minutes of this, and several orgasms for Elly May; we are both reaching the top. We have a mighty climax together as I dump my load of hot cum deep up inside her.

After a minute, we both catch our breath. "Yee Haw," Elly cries, "I'm sure glad my Pa sent me to be tawt to be a lady." As I climb off the top of her body, I tell her, "Elly May, I want you to get a shower and start to become familiar with the house.

I have some work to attend to and I will talk with you again later." "For now, the house could use some dusting and cleaning. You will need to figure out what to prepare for meals today. There is plenty of food in the refrigerator." "Now get busy and show me what a good housewife you can be. You will find all the clothes that I got for you in the closet and inside the dresser." Awhile later, I am upstairs in my office going over a client's marketing assets.

I hear Elly May at my office doorway. "Kin I bother you, Mr. Mike?" I turn to see Elly standing in there, fresh from her shower. Her hair is piled on her head and wrapped with a towel. She is wearing a very short, baby blue, terry-cloth bathrobe.

I really hadn't taken much notice of her gorgeous legs before now. She has very toned and athletic looking legs. Even for her short height, her legs look so long and beautiful. "I was looking in the kitchen for somethin' to make for lunch but I cain't find nothing," she says. It seems that Elly May is used three hot sluts blow a massive shaft brunette and blowjob dishes like possum stew, hog jowls, collared greens, grits and fatback.

I tell her that a simple sandwich is fine and show her where the teen girl slut got cock hardcore 2, sliced ham, turkey and vegetables are at, that I buy at the local grocery store.

I realize that she is going to require more training than I can provide right now. After lunch, I leave the house and find tutors to give Elly cooking lessons, as well as other necessities like basic reading, etiquette, poise and wearing makeup.

These courses will require that I drive her to her tutors and pick her up. The classes will take up about four hours a day but I am guaranteed that she will complete the courses in 3 weeks. During that time, I show Elly May other clothes that I had made for her to wear, when going outside. They are very attractive clothes that show her figure off but not as exposing as her new 'house clothes'.

Elly soon learns about wearing nice dresses, nude form-fitting bras, garter belts, silk stockings and walking around in high heels. Later that same day, I return home after setting up her tutors and classes.

I am back working in my office. I hear Elly May fit shaved cunt milf banging in bedroom european blowjob around the house cleaning.

At one point she comes upstairs, outside my office, and is standing on the stair landing trying to dust the chandelier over the front foyer. She is wearing a very short pair of cut off jeans with white lace panties.

She also has on a sheer white nylon blouse that is tied in a knot above her stomach. In order to dust the chandelier, Elly must stand on her tiptoes and bend over the stair railing to stretch her reach. The cheeks of her ass are sticking out the bottom of her jeans and her breasts are swaying back and forth as she dusts.

I am now completely distracted and have a raging hard-on. Getting her attention, I ask, "Elly May, could you help me with a problem I'm having here." Elly turns to see me sitting in my swivel chair with my dick out of my pants and fully erect.

"Oh my gosh, Mr. Mike," she says. "Let me fix that for ya." She quickly comes into my office and drops to her knees while grabbing my cock and begins giving me a handjob. I stop her and begin to stand, while holding her hands to make her stand up also.

"Let's try this instead," I tell her. "You sit in the chair and I will stand. And instead of using your hands, why don't you try and use your mouth this time?" Elly May sits down and now has my cock right in her face. She looks up with her pretty oral pleasure by a beautiful amazing bitch hardcore and blowjob eyes and slowly puts the head in her mouth and starts sucking on it; like it was a candy cane. Elly has a wide mouth and my fat cock fits in there quite well.

As she is sucking, I grab both of her pigtails and pull her closer with each stroke. My cock hits the back of her throat and she gags a little. Her eyes begin to water up some too. I tell her to breath through her nose and just loosen up her throat. Elly is trying very hard but still has a great deal to learn about deep throating. I tell her to think only about sucking down all my cum and to just try to have fun with it.

After about 15 minutes of this, I'm ready to blow my wad. I pull on her pigtails to keep my cock as deep in her mouth as possible. As I shoot my load in her mouth, I am pleased at how she is making every effort to suck every drop of cum out of me.

I can hear her swallowing with gulp after gulp after gulp. When she has completely drained my balls, I pat her on the head and thank her very much for helping me. Elly May smiles sweetly at me and asks, "Is there anything else I can do for ya?" I shake my head no and she goes back to doing her chores. I return to completing the projects that I am working on.

Over the next two weeks, everything seems to be going just beautiful. Elly is doing well in her outside classes and the ways she walks and carries overwatch nova widowmaker porn fucking big dick cartoon sound show marked improvement. The community that I live in has a nice public pool. I often take Elly May there. She wears tiny string bikinis that draw the attention of every male around the pool.

I get her to notice how all the men look at her. She begins to understand the effect that swaying her hips, pulling back her shoulders and extending her chest forward, has on men.

Her daily 'tonic' drink also keeps her libido very anxious for sexual activity. On a regular daily basis, she gives me blowjobs whenever I ask, even though she still hasn't been able to deep throat me yet.

Elly enjoys getting fucked any time she can. She has learned several positions. I have shown her how to do it doggy style. She loves the deeper penetration that her pussy gets. Elly May loves sex laying down, standing up, sitting down, bending over, on all fours and even standing on her head.

When she ebony dubbed full movie xxx on top, she becomes the 'energizer bunny'. Her tiny body jumps up and down on my cock. Her youthful and athletic body never seems to tire. I soon learn that if Elly May never marries then she would be a great carpenter.

This girl never lets a good piece of wood go to waste. One weekend I injected a testosterone drug that instantly gave me an erection; and I fucked her mouth and pussy for well over an hour straight. When I became tired, she jumped on top and fucked my cock for the next two hours.

I thought she was going to wear a layer of mom and sis fucked after being mesmerized by magic device taboo right off my dick. But I have also been noticing that she is getting too comfortable with her house duties and responsibilities. One morning while working in my office, I came downstairs to get a cup of coffee.

I smelled a foul odor coming from the trashcan. "Elly May," I said, "this trash smells bad. Please get it emptied." She is busy doing laundry and tells me that she will do it right away. At noontime, Elly calls me to say that lunch is ready. Sitting in the dining room, I once again smell the trash in the kitchen. "Elly May," I bark, "I told you to empty that trash. This is the last time I am going to tell you. "Oh, I'm sorry Mr. Mike," she answers, "I just plum forgot about it.

I'll do it as soon as we're done with vittles." After lunch I have to leave to go to the post office, to mail a few business items, and I also go to the stationary store to pick up some office supplies.

I come home after a few hours and the first thing, when I walk in the door; I smell that trash still. I go into the kitchen and see that the can has not been emptied yet. "Elly May Clampett," I yell, "get in this kitchen, RIGHT NOW!!" She has been changing the bed sheets and comes running to the kitchen. "Yes sir," she pants from running, "you want somethin'?" I am standing there pointing at the trashcan. "What the hell is this?" I ask demanding an answer.

"Oh, I forgot again. I'll git to that right now." Still very angry I tell her, "Damn right you will" Elly quickly picks up the can and goes out back to empty it.

She brings the can back in and puts it away. "I had to tell you three times to do this. I should never have to ask more than once. I think that you need some discipline, young lady." I grab her arm firmly. "Come with me," I tell her. I lead her into the family room that adjoins the kitchen. "What you need is a good spanking. Now drop them britches and bend over the back of this couch." Elly May is wearing busty babe gets banged by a friend tight pink halter-top and tiny pink short-shorts.

She has a big frown on her face, as she pouts her lips. She slowly lowers her tiny shorts and starts to bend over the big boobs latina railed at the pawnshop. "Remove your panties as well," I instruct her. She pulls her pink bikini panties down and they fall to the floor.

She lies over the back of the couch with her gorgeous ass sticking high in the air. "Now you have disobeyed me too many times today. I had to tell you three times to do the same chore. You are going to get ten swats for every time. They are going to hurt more, for each and every time that I had to tell you." "You must be taught to follow my orders.

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In the future, you will learn to do things the first time." "Now I want you to understand that I am doing this only because I care so much for you. This does not give me any pleasure to punish you like this.

Do you understand that I am doing this for your own good?" Elly May turns her head and looks up with sorry eyes. "Yes, sir," she whimpers, "I know that I've been bad.

Pigtailed teen violet monroe enjoys a hefty black bone in front of daddy shoulda listened to ya the first time. I reckon ya'll need to give me a good whupping." Using only my hand, I give a firm slap to one ass cheek, and then to the next one.

The firm slaps, rather than hard ones, warm her bottom up nicely. Her tight ass cheeks go from white to a light red glow by the time I give her the first ten slaps with my hand. Every time I slapped her ass, Sunny leone five man xxxxxnx would jump some but it didn't make her cry out.

The next ten were going to be different From a nearby cabinet I pull out a plastic spanking paddle. It is 14" long and 3" wide with holes in it. The paddle covers both her ass cheeks as I give her the first swift smack. "Owwwww," she cries, "that stings somethin' awful!! I don't acknowledge her cry.

I just keep up with nine more hard whacks. Elly May screams out after each one. Her ass is now a glowing bright red. By the time I am done, Elly May has tears pouring from her eyes.

She is apologizing and telling me how sorry she is, but this gets no sympathy from me. "Here come the last ten," I tell her. "As a country girl, you should be used to a hickory switch." Elly looks over her shoulder, with fear in her teary eyes. "Oh no, not a switch, Mr. Mike. Please I'll be good," she says as I give her the first full swing of the switch across her sore red ass. The switch makes a loud, Whooosh&hellip.Shrrack. "Owwwwwwwwwww," she cries. "Please stop.

I'll be good." Whooosh&hellip.Shrrack! Whooosh&hellip.Shrrack! "Oh Gawd, please stop, pleeeeease" she screams. Whooosh&hellip.Shrrack! Whooosh&hellip.Shrrack! I keep up the switching count by count. By now, red welts are covering her ass. I am intentional to cause pain but careful though not to break the skin. By the time I finish the ten-count, Elly May is wailing like a baby.

"Oh please, Mr. Mike," she cries, "I promise to be good. Please don't whup me no more." I gently take her hand and stand her back up, facing me. "Now, Elly May," as I look deep into her watery eyes, "you know that I only did this for your own good. I hope that you appreciate what I have done." She nods her head up and down.

"I know ya did, Mr. Mike. I shoulda done what ya said. I'm grateful to ya for caring about me," she says with a sad tearful face. "Now I want you to show me your appreciation," I tell her. "Get down on your knees and suck my cock.

And this time, young lady, you had better get the whole thing down your throat." Very obediently, Elly May drops to her knees and pulls down my pants and shorts. She tenderly begins sucking my cock and massaging my balls. Afraid of getting another spanking, sexy lesbian teens playing ass and pussy on webcam concerns herself with getting my cock down her throat.

After a few minutes her throat opens up, and my 8" of hard, throbbing cock is going farther and farther down. By the time she has it all the way in, Elly looks up with her beautiful big blue eyes. The tears have gone and her eyes brighten up. She realizes that she is doing what I want and she can see the look of ecstasy on my face.

With almost childlike glee, she enthusiastically bobs her head up and down my cock. Feeling ready to burst, I grab the back of her head and shove her nose, hard into my pubic hair. As I blow huge bursts of cum into her throat, Elly May swallows like there is no tomorrow.

She has both hands squeezing my balls for every last drop. Pulling her head off my cock, she looks up and says, "Thank you for everything ya do for me. I promise to be good and do things just like ya tell me to do. I'll do anything to keep from gettin' another whupping like that." During the next two weeks, I never have to spank Elly May in that manner again.

Though she does seem to point out her mistakes sometimes and suggests that I give her a firm hand spanking, over my knee.

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She even suggests that we both be naked when I spank her. Every time I spank her now, she quickly gets on her knees after and gives me a terrific blowjob, out of appreciation. It has now been just over three weeks that Elly May has been living with me.

This one day, I have been out on business calls until early evening. I get home just after 5pm and walk through the front door.

"Mr. Mike," says Elly, as she bursts from the kitchen, "I've missed ya so much today." She is wearing a new outfit today. She has on a white pleated skirt and yellow tube top. As she runs from the kitchen, her tits are almost bouncing out of the tube top. Her ass cheeks are barely showing from below her little skirt. She runs up to me and gives me a big hug and kiss.

"I'm getting vittles ready right now. Why don't ya come and relax in the family room. I'll get ya a cold beer and ya kin watch some television." We both walk around the corner while I sit on the couch and take off my shoes. Elly May comes happily into the room with a beer and places it on the table. She moves to the TV and turns it on. She bends over while changing the channels.

"Do ya see anything ya like?" she asks. All I can see is that Elly May has decided not to wear any panties today. She clearly sees where I'm looking as I respond, "I like what I'm looking at right now." Elly giggles saying, "Ya'll being naughty," as she prances back into the kitchen to prepare food for dinner. After I finish my beer, I walk to the kitchen to throw away the bottle.

Elly May is at the sink cleaning vegetables. I walk up behind her and wrap my arms around her tiny waist. Hugging her, I ask, "I sure have liked you being here. Have you enjoyed it too?" She nods yes, "I've like being here a whole lot, Mr. Mike." I start to rub her taunt stomach and waist while I hold her tight. My hands move up to her breasts as I massage them.

Her tube top soon can't conceal her stiff hardening nipples. "Your hard nipples tell me you like it here more than you're saying, Nasty Girl." Elly snaps back, "I'm not a nasty girl, I'm a good girl." I've now pulled her tube top down and I'm groping her tits all over.

My right hand slides down to her pussy and reaches under her skirt. "Only nasty girls don't wear panties. Now tell me you're a nasty girl." I start to rub her pussy faster. Her clit is getting harder and I am giving it quite a workout. "Are you sure you're not a nasty girl? If you're not, I can stop doing this," I say teasing her. "Oh yes, Mr. Mike," she moans, "I'm a nasty girl. I'm a real nasty girl." As Elly May is getting hotter and hotter, I tell her, "Do you know what you need, nasty girl?" Elly moans again, "Unh, uh.

What?" Still furiously rubbing her swollen clit, I answer, "A good ass fucking. That's what you need, nasty girl." I grab her around the waist and pull her away from the sink. I push her shoulders down so her arms support her on the edge of the sink. "Now let's see those sweet little honey buns of yours." As I lift up her pleated white skirt, the sight of her little pink rosebud makes my cock grow hard as steel. I can see exactly where I need to drive my tool in.

I reach up to the counter and grab a bottle of vegetable cooking oil. I sunny leone shooting by xxx story some into my hand and rub it all up inside her ass crack. Slipping one finger up her ass makes Elly May squeal. "Ohhhh, I like that!" I get another finger past her tight asshole and keep driving them in and out. As a third finger goes in Elly is moaning loudly.

"Oh please," she begs, "fuck me with your big cock." I pull my fingers out after a while and rub some oil on my hard cock. I force the head of my cock into her ass. She likes the feeling until I begin to push it in a few more inches.

"Ouch!" she cries, "that hurts. Please that's enough." She then tries to push me back with one hand. I slap her hand saying, "Don't fuss, Elly May. Hold still." I ignore her plea and slowly keep up a rhythm pace moving one inch more up her ass at a time. "Please stop," she cries again, "This really hurts." This doesn't stop me. I drive in even further.

I then give her a hard slap across her ass and command her, "Stop fighting me, girl." "OW, OW, OW," she groans, "Ow, oh, ooh, oooh, OOOOOOH." Suddenly her attitude changes. "Wait don't stop. Please don't stop. I like it now. FUCK MY NASTY ASS!! FUCK IT GOOD!!" Her ass opens up and I'm driving 8" of slick cock in and out of her tight little butthole. I've got her by the hips and slamming my cock into her until my balls spank her reddening ass.

Elly May is grinding her ass back into me and screaming out for me to fuck her harder and harder. After a while, I can't contain myself anymore as I blow my load of cum into the depths of her bowels.

As I pull my cock out of her ass, Elly May straightens up and smiles at me. "I like being a nasty girl. I like it a bunch. Kin I be your nasty girl all the time, Mr. Mike?" After 30 days, I call Jed Clampett to give him a progress report.

"Mr. Clampett, I'm proud to say that Elly May has learned to be a lady. I will be bringing her home tomorrow." The next day I drive Elly through the gates of a huge mansion with vast grounds. Elly has her hair all done up nicely and she is wearing a very nice dress that shows her figure very well. She has on stockings and is wearing high heels. I knock on the door and Jed soon answers it.

As the door opens, he says, "Well howdy, Mr. Mike." He looks over my shoulder and right past his daughter. "Where Elly May?" he asks. "I thought ya was bringing her home." I smile as I bring Elly forward. "This is Elly May, Mr. Clampett." Jed looks totally amazed, "Weeeeell doggies," he says smiling, "is that really you, Elly May?" She gives a big smile, "It shur is Pa." The whole family comes out and can't believe their eyes.

They comment on what a wonderful job I have done. Even Granny says she looks real 'purdy'. Jed goes right to his checkbook and makes his second payment to me. As he hands it to me, I tell him, "Thank you for the payment. Mr. Clampett. I would also like to ask your permission to court Elly May." Jed looks to his daughter, "How bout it, Elly.

Ya'll want Mr. Mike here to court ya?" Elly smiles seductively, "I shur would Pa!!" On our first date I tell Elly May that we must follow proper courting procedures. We have no physical contact except for holding hands. After a few dates, we are back at her home one evening, sitting in her parlor.

I see Granny poking her head through the curtains. I give Elly May a kiss on the lips and fall to one knee to ask for her hand in marriage, and she says yes. "Jed, Jed, Jed," Granny screams, "come quick!!

Yur gonna have a new son-in-law." Everyone comes running into the parlor and is jumping for joy that Elly May is finally gonna get hitched. As the days go by and we are all planning the wedding, Jed comes up to amazing pussy vs monster cock. "I'm as proud as the dickens, to have ya in the family, son," and he hands me an envelope.

"I've always promised Elly May an equal share of what I own." I open the envelope to find a stock certificate made out to Elly and me. It is a certificate for 25% ownership in the Clampett Oil Company. My mind slowly accepts the fact that I am now worth 16 million dollars and going to be married to a beautiful and obedient 17-year-old young lady. The first thing that pops into my head is, "I think I just might retire now."