Ravishing maya is down for some anal brunette and cumshot

Ravishing maya is down for some anal brunette and cumshot
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We were headed to Saskatchewan to visit my Grandma. We were going to stay overnight sunny leone xxx supar hot Edmonton at my Aunt and Uncle's place. My Uncle was my dad's youngest brother. He had married my Aunt when I was about ten. On this trip I was fourteen, and horny as any male teenager can be. My Aunt, whose name is Asia (pronounced Ah-sha, not like the continent), was only twenty-nine that year.

She was a beauty. Her hair was a golden-blonde that comes midway down her back. Blue eyes, smallish hands, beautiful legs. Her legs were long and as I later found out, Really smooth. She had size c breasts, which I found out I really like. Anyhow, we had arrived at about 11 at night, and we were all really tired.

But we ate dinner, and found a place for all of us to crash. There are two floors to their house. My Mom and brother slept downstairs. I took the couch in the upstairs living room. We slept the night, and I, of course, pulled my dick out the moment everyone else was gone. I was thinking and dreaming and wanking and at some point I drifted off to lalaland. When I woke up two things immediately caught my attention.

A. I was naked, my pjs having worked there way down to my feet, I don't where a top. And, B. My aunt was in the kitchen. My blanket was flipped back so that only my dick was showing. My dick (GODDAMNIT) had been at halfmast but was gradually swelling. I noticed my Aunt turning around in the kitchen and I immediately shut my eyes then cracked them open a little. My Aunt, the mortal Dirty slut takes it rough in the anal, was staring straight at my cock.

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I watched as she quickly made her way to where I was lying on the couch. She was silent as she grabbed a pillow from the other couch and knelt on it. She slowly reached out her hand fuck my girlfriend and best friend lightly touched my cock.

She was watching my face as she did this to make sure I was asleep, so I tried my hardest not to move. Satisfied she started to slowly jerk me off. The sensation of her smooth, white hand on my seven inch dick was absolutely amazing. Keep in mind that the only people to see my cock before this was anyone who changed my diapers as a baby. I watched in amazement as she leaned forward and lightly flicked her tongue. I nearly blew my load. She then proceeded to lick my shaft.

Up and down up and down. This didn't last long and I had shut my eyes to enjoy the feeling when I felt something warm and moist closing over the end of my cock. My eyes flew open, but luckily my aunts eyes were closed. She had put the head of my cock in her mouth and was ever so slowly taking more of it into her mouth.

I was just about ready to lose it, but I wanted her to know that I had seen everything. I slowly moved my hand out from under my body and positioned it just behind my aunts head. She had just reached two inches when I simultaneously slammed my hand into the back of her head and my hips forward into her mouth. Her eyes opened wide at this sudden and abrupt invasion of her mouth. She looked up into my face as I began to both deep throat her.

It took me all of 30 seconds before my balls began to tighten. Asia (remember her name?) Sensed this and took over the deep throating. She bobbed her head so fast on my dick it became a blur. I began kendra lust anal in gym cum. And I have never, NEVER, had an orgasm that powerful. I felt like my dick was exploding.

As my Aunt told me later she felt like she had downed an entire carton of milk in one go, there was so much cum. I relaxed onto the couch, but my Aunt grinned at me.

"Looks to me like your dicks still hard, so we're not finished yet" She grabbed my hand and pulled me up. She led me down the hall to her bedroom. She pushed me down on the bed and then followed me. She sucked my cock a little and then slowly moved her way up my body licking kissing and nibbling. When she reached my nipples I was ready to blow. I'm slightly ashamed of my stamina but I was still virgin. I grabbed her under the shoulders and pulled her up to kiss her.

I then rolled s that she was on the bottom and I was above her. I began to kiss her and then I grabbed her breasts, one in each hand, and started to knead them.

She groaned into my mouth. I broke the kiss and this time it was me who slowly worked my way down her body. I moved quickly over her breasts not even bothering to suck them.

I like to save the best part for last. I reached her cunt which looked remarkably dry. I was slightly saddened by this, but I started in on her anyway. Not knowing what is where or even what is what in a cunt makes me extremely amateur.

But I quickly found out that I was doing something right. Her cunt was positively soaked and it started to drip the moment I touched it with my tongue.

Since I wasn't sure what to do I just licked everything every way possible. I licked her entire cunt, starting at the bottom and slowly dragging my tongue to the top of her cunt before reversing and going down again.

I did this until she was thrashing and the I grabbed sex purm tarzun hot six iscandal hips and held her down so she wouldn't kick me.

When she had settled down reasonably I shoved my tongue against her cunt hard. I managed on the first try to get her hole and I slipped inside.

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Now I have been told by a lot of friends, male and female, that they hate blowjobs, mainly for the taste. I completely disagree with them.

I loved the taste of her cunt. I began to give her what she told me was the best and most brutal tongue fucking she had ever had. I fucked her with my tongue until She came. I had to take her word for it because I sure as hell couldn't tell between her thrashing, her cunt spasming, and all the juice. When she told me I moved up and positioned my cock to her entrance. "Wait, --. Are you still virgin?" "Yeah" I said, "We need protection" "No man's first time should be with protection, anyway I'm on the pill" I had no idea what the pill was but I figured it was the same as protection so I thrust.

I missed the first time, but instead rubbed my shaft on her entrance. She moaned so I kept doing it.

When I was about to blow my load my cock slipped into her cunt. It was only the head but I was utterly surprised. I stopped moving but my Aunt wrapped her legs around me and pulled me in. I flattened myself against her and buried my shaft in her folds. I started to hump and it only took me about four good thrusts before I spewed my load. It was massive and this was compared to the load I had dumped in her throat earlier. I was done but I kept thrusting anyway.

When my cock was completely deflated I pulled out and rolled off. She was completely spent, just lying there. I rolled myself up onto my side and looked at her. She was a beauty. She was breathing heavily and this bought big boobs porn girls sex annybunny story downloads attention to her C-cup breasts. I leaned over and with one hand I reached down to massage her cunt, and with the other I kept myself from crushing her.

I leaned in and started to kiss her breast.

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I slowly started to work my way closer to her nipples. When I got to her areoles Sex girl amp west indies sex story used my tongue to go in circles around her nips. She thrust her chest up and her nipple hit my mouth and I latched on like a drowning sailor. I started to suck and eventually I bit her gently.

She groaned and I rolled her nip between my teeth. This time I could tell when she came. I had three fingers in her cunt slowly moving in and out.

When she came she squished all of my fingers together and a small amount of her juice squirted out onto the bed. I was content to keep going, but I heard someone coming up the stairs to from the basement. I jumped off the bed and grabbed my pjs and ran into the bathroom, which was thankfully right next to the bedroom.

We got away with it and we've never really done anything since, although every time we're alone I grab one her breasts or rub her between the legs. She said she was on the pill, and I have since found out what that is, but I think she may have been lying because it was in the next nine months that they had their first kid.

I've never asked if the kid is mine or not and she has never told me. Hope you enjoyed my tale. Sincerely, Kidnextdoor