Boy cums on his hawt pretty gf girlfriend and hardcore

Boy cums on his hawt pretty gf girlfriend and hardcore
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Her name was Shalisa. She was a cute indy rock girl, and a good friend of mine. I had always wanted to fool around with her, but she thought she was too good for me. One day I was driving down some back roads for fun and ended up on her street. This was the first time I realized how far she lived away from town.

I smiled as it dawned on me how isolated she was. I knew Shalisa well enough to know that she lived with her mom,who was a single parent that worked midnights, she didn't do anything most weekends, and was the only person who lived there besides her mother. With a smile on my lips I started formulating a plan. It was two weeks later that I carried out my plan. I had already scoped out the house, and I knew what all of the rooms with windows were.

I knew where her bedroom was, I knew the small room with the opaque window was the bathroom, and I had even gotten lucky enough to see Shalisa hide the spare house key under the plastic armrest of a lawn chair. With all this in mind I took action.

I waited until long after her mother would have left for work. It was a Saturday, so Shalisa would be online chatting with friends for awhile before she went to bed. I snuck through the yard and sat in the dark under the opaque bathroom window. It was almost an hour later that I heard the bathroom door open inside, and then a moment later the sound if a shower running.

I smiled as I went around to retrieve the poorly hidden spare key. I unlocked the door and quietly let myself in. I debated interrupting Shalisa'a shower, but instead I decided to wait patiently in her bedroom.

She had a large almost walk in closet. With a grin I stepped inside the closet a sat back, withdrawing my camcorder. I made sure to leave the door open just a crack and position myself so that I (and the camera) where facing Shalisa's bed and dresser.

She came in a few minutes later wrapped in a towel. Her black and red hair was wet and glistening. Not realizing perfect wife gets her throat fucked by big cock had company she dropped the towel and stood naked, going through her dresser looking for something to sleep in.

And then I struck. I exploded out of the closet and grabbed Shalisa around the neck with my left arm, using m right hand to cover her mouth.

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I wrestled with her until I had her pinned down by her bed on her knees. She put up a good fight, but her petite frame couldn't produce near enough force to buck me off of her. She was probably a hundred and thirty to a hundred and forty pounds. Modest c cup breasts and a lithe build. She stranger picks up and doggystyles fat girl cute, with her hair cut so that is was an inch above shoulder length.

She was also very pale, and now her body was trapped between her own bed and my large frame. I tightened the choke I had on her throat. She panicked and kicked around for a minute, then passed out and went limp. I laid her on her bed and took a quick tour of the house.

In less than five minutes I was back in her room. I had found a couple of useful items, including a roll if duct tape, a short broom about with a three foot broomstick and a powerful twelve volt battery. Shalisa was still fast asleep. I took the time to roll her onto her stomach and duct tape her wrist together behind her back.

I also removed the broomstick from the broomhead and, using the duct tape, fastened one end to each of Shalisa's ankles, making it difficult for her to close her legs.

Being satisfied with her immobility I put one last piece of duct tape in place over her mouth and rolled her onto her back. Then I sat beside he on the bed. "Shalisa" I whispered into her ear as I gently slapped her awake "You need to wake up. Something very important in happening Shalisa. Wake up." I continued whispering to her and slapping her softly until she woke up.

When she finally came too she was groggy for a moment. Then, assesing her situation, her eyes went wide and she began trying to fight her bounds and scream through her gag. I quickly quailed her efforts by clamping my left hand down on her throat. I leaned down so that my mouth was next to Shalisa's ear and hissed "Whats the matter Shalisa? Are you afraid? Do you realize that your about to be raped?

Does the thought of it sicken you?" My voice rising slightly as I finished my sadistic questioning. I raised my head and looked down at Shalisa's face, relaxing my grip so that I wouldnt be choking her. She wasnt fighting as hard, slightly wriggling in a pitiful sort of way.

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Tears were streaking silently down her face. Shalisa shook her head from side to side, as if pleading with me not to violate her. A sadistic though crossed my mind and I smiled inwardly at myself.

"Shalisa, I'm going to ask your a couple of questions.

If the answer is yes, nod, if the answer in no, shake your head. Can you understand that?" I told her. Shalisa nodded her head. "Shalisa, do you realize that your situation is hopeless, and that I can make you do anything that I want to?" I asked Shalisa nodded again as a tear rolled down her cheek. "Shalisa, are you a virgin?" I asked A stronger rush of tears came as she nodded again.

"And do you want to preserve your virginity?" I asked Shaking with tears at this point Shalisa nodded feverently. "And would you do anything, short of intercourse, to stay a virgin?" I asked, grinning. Shalisa as crying much more softly now, and she faced away as from me as she nodded again. "Shalisa, what if I told you that if you get down on the ground, beside the bed, and sucked my cock, swallowed my cum and stared into the camera while you did it, that I wouldnt rape you of your virginity, would you do it?" I asked with a sadistic smile.

Shalisa shook with small sobs and refused to look at me. For a moment she didnt respond. Then after a moment she nodded, still facing away from me.

She was crying silently now more strongly than she had been. "Good answer Shalisa, now get on the ground on your knee's and get ready to suck my cock." I told her, realeasing my hold on her throat. It took Shalisa a moment, awkward as it was to move being bound. Her face looked absolutely beautiful with her disheveled hair and tears streaking her face.

I had to help her get into the position to take me in her mouth. I looked at her and she stared back at me with sexy lesbos fill up their massive butts with cream and splatter it out, hate filled eyes. I sat on the edge of the bed, unzipped my jeans, and pulled my cock out of my jeans. I'm moderately built, about six in a half inches long, almost two inches thick. Shalisa's composure broke and she tried to pull away, but I grabbed her by the back of her neck and held her in place with my left hand, using my right hand to rip the duct tape from her mouth.

as soon as the tape was off she began to plead.

"Please dont do this, please dont make me." She tried to say more but I stopped her by placing my right hand over her mouth. "Do Not Fight Me." I growled. "Remember I can make this worse for you." I finished my emphasis by placing the camera on a pillow on the bed and scooting it over by my side.

"Now Shalisa, make life easy on yourself and suck my cock." I said as a last warning. She still cried silently but dropped her eyes and moved her head forward slightly, hesitatingly. She opened her mouth and placed her lips around the head of my cock. She recoiled instinctively as my dickhead touched her, but my left hand was still holding her in place. I applied a small amount of pressure and she began to come forward on my cock, taking me in her mouth. She gagged and I found myself amused by the thought that this was so repulsive that she was almost sickened by it.

Her mouth felt absolutely amazing, soft and warm, absolutely delicious. I applied more pressure and she was forced to speed up, her tears flowing more freely now than my free black step daughter had the entire night. She kept sucking, being the good captive that she was, and after a few minutes I felt an orgasm building up.

I grinned and said "Shalisa, I'm about to watch your face as your swallow my cum." She jerked her eyes up at me and her face registered shock and fear and she tried to pull away. I smirked and forced her onto my cock, feeling the back of Shalisa's throat press against my dickhead. She began to gag uncontrollably and I thrust my hips forward, foring every centimeter of my dick into her.

And it was then that I came in Shalisa's mouth, with as much of my cock as could possibly fit in her mouth thrust into her virgin throat. I came in an explosive wave, filling her mouth. I watched Shalisa's look of disgust and shock, and I knew she was about to try to spit. "If you dont swallow every drop of my cum Shalisa, not only will I rape you, but I'll call and invite all my friends to fuck you as well." I said as I grabbed her hair in both hands and used it ti pull her securly onto my cock so she couldnt move.

She wimpered through a mouth full of cum, and I smiled as I saw her throat muscles contract as I felt her start to swallow my cum.

When she finished I let go of her hair and bbc white girl ride bbc tube porn her fall down on the ground. She lay bound on the floor and cried, shaking with sobs. I sat and watched her for a moment before I said "I'll give you a moment to cry yourself out.

I need to rest anyways, theres still alot of holes of ours I havent been inside, and I intend to fill them all with my cum before the night is out." Upon hearing what I said she looked up at me and sobbed "You said you wouldnt. You promis-s-sed you wouldnt ra-a-ape me if I did tha-a-ath." She cried pitifully at me, begging for her virginity.

"Yes I did say that. But Shalisa, you should have paid attention. You forgot to look at the camera while you sucked my cock, and petite blonde in a cop uniform and shiny latex lingerie fucking on a desk means that you didnt keep up your end of the bargain.

So, I dont have to uphold mine." I grinned as she cried out loudly. Than, I stood, walked to her and grabbed her by the hair. I pulled Shalisa to her knee's and, for the second time that night, forced my cock into her mouth,