Teacher nicole st time anal and creampie

Teacher nicole st time anal and creampie
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It had been a week since the incident took place, and I was dealing with it rather well. Mostly attributed to the love and support from my boyfriend and mom. I would have been a wreck had it not been for these two. Today was mom's first day back at work after our ordeal, and I wanted to do something to show her that I appreciated everything she did for me over the past week.

I got up extra early this morning, and left my boyfriend to sleep a little while longer. I went into the kitchen and prepared a delicious breakfast for mom and my boyfriend. Mom walked in using her police uniform, ready to go to work. "Good morning baby, something smells amazing", said Mom, smiling as she took a seat at the table.

"Morning mom, I made breakfast", I replied, as I set down a plate in front of mom, and another two opposite. I went upstairs and woke my boyfriend up, and told him to have a wash and come down for breakfast. Mom and I spoke as we ate, and enjoyed each other's company. Come to think of it, our mother-daughter sunny lione all sex vidio has been somewhat amplified over the past week.

Mom was on her way out when my boyfriend walked downstairs. He hugged her and kissed her on her lips, and she left. He sat down on the table and enjoyed the breakfast that I'd prepared for us. I started washing the dishes and, when my boyfriend was done he came and left his plate in the sink with the other dirty dishes.

This morning I was wearing silk shorts, and a tight strap top with no bra. My boyfriend was using shorts and a t-shirt, as he usually sleeps with. I felt his hand rubbing my ass, and I turned my head slightly to look at him. "Baaaabe", I moaned, looking in his eyes, seeing the lust that I've come to know. He said nothing, as I continued to soap up a dirty plate. He moved his hand up to my breast and caressed them.

I loved the feeling of his big, strong hands on my petite and sensitive boobs. My nipples started to harden to the touch of him.

He kissed my shoulder, and playfully bit me. Moving to my neck, he licked and sucked my delicate flesh. He knew exactly how to turn me on, and turned on I was becoming. I almost forgot about the plate I was soaping, when suddenly I felt his hand between my legs, over my silk shorts my hands became buttery, and the plate slipped out of my hand and into the sink, making a loud noise and bringing me back to reality.

Just then, I could feel I was being lifted up. My boyfriend picked me up, legs supported by one arm and my upper body by the other. I wrapped my arm around his neck. He carried me to the sofa and placed me down, on my back, and got on beside me. I grabbed his face with my soft, small hands, feeling the slight stubble on his face.

I pulled him towards me and latched my lips onto his. We kissed affectionately, playing with each other's lips. We took turns taking first the bottom, then top lip into our mouth and sucking on it. I pushed my tongue into his mouth, met by his. I ran my hand down his slender chest and tummy, and rubbed his cock over his shorts. My boyfriend pulled his lips away from mine, and drew back his sony leon xxx xx story com. I was sad, I was enjoying the kiss and never wanted it to end.

He pulled my top up slowly revealing my flat tummy, but not off, it still covered my boobs. Although, my nipples were pretty visible through it. He used the tips of his fingers and, very lightly, just barely touching my skin, ran them up and down. It was an electrifying feeling, my body quivered to his touch.

As he did that, he lowered his head and licked, sucked, and kissed my tummy.

I was loving this. He kissed my navel as his hands reached under my top which was covering my boobs. He cupped them, and played with my nipples between his fingers.

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Gosh, I was so fucking wet and horny at this point. He knew that, the little devil, he was teasing me. He looked at me and I saw that familiar mischievous smirk on his face.

My boyfriend got off the sofa, and I was getting up ready to suck his cock. But he pushed me back down onto the sofa and positioned me such that my hands were on the headrest, knees were on the seat, and my ass was in the air.

Hmm, I loved when he took control over me like this. He pulled my silk shorts together with my panty down just a little, and kissed my ass cheeks while doing so. I moaned softly and rested my head on my arm, turning around to look at christy mack behind the scenes behindthescenes masturbation. He spread my ass cheeks, revealing my tiny, puckered asshole and glistering wet pussy.

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"Ooooh baby", I cried, as I felt the cool air striking my hot pussy. I felt his tongue on my asshole, lapping and licking hard on it, sending exhilarating sensations right through my body. My boyfriend used his fingers and spread my pussy lips, illuminating the pink flesh of my pussy. Soon enough I felt his tongue licking my pussy.

He started at my bf assists with hymen examination and reaming of virgin chick, and licked down my slit. He used his fingers and spread the hood of my clit, bringing out my super sensitive and engorged clit.

I felt his tongue start to lick my clit. "Ooooh my god, baby, Aaaah", I screamed, as his tongue started flicking my clit at tremendous speed, sending waves of pleasure through me. With one hand holding onto the sofa, I used the other and squeezed my boob and pinched my nipple, looking back at him as I bit my bottom lip. He pressed his middle finger into my pussy hole and started to finger me furiously. "Oh god, baby, I'm going to cum, Aaaah. Fuck, I'm coming", I moaned as I began to have an immense orgasm.

My knees went weak and I almost fell but my boyfriend held me as I rode out the climax which lasted almost a whole minute. With my body still shivering from the orgasm, my boyfriend shoved his cock deep within the confines of my wet, hot, and tight pussy. He fucked me doggy-style in the position I was on the sofa.

My pussy and clit were so sensitive right now, each thrust of his thick and hot cock gave me a fucking unexplainable feeling. As he fucked me, he put his hands in the front and grabbed onto my boobs.

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I let go of the headrest and wrapped my one arm around his neck, and used the other to play with my clit. He pulled his cock out of me, and stood up.

I quickly got up and kneeled down in front of him. It must have been an erotic sight for him. My silk shorts and panty had now fallen down to just above my knees. I hungrily grasped his cock with my hand and enthusiastically swallowed it down my throat. I used my tongue and tickled his balls, as my own hand unwittingly went between my own legs and I began to play with my clit.

I bobbed my head and slid my lips along the girth of my boyfriend's cock, using my fingers to play with his balls. He pulled out of my mouth and stroked his cock while looking at me kneeling down, patiently awaiting his hot cum all over me. White, thick, hot cum started to shoot out of his cock, and he intentionally aimed it at my face. When he was done, he shoved his cock back into my mouth.

I sucked it clean and licked the last drops of cum. My boyfriend lifted me up, and placed me on the sofa. This time, my back was on the sofa. He lifted my legs up and pulled my shorts and panty off. The feel of the silk on my legs was stimulating. My pussy twitched and oozed more juices. He knelt down, and got his head between my legs. I put my legs on either side of his neck and got comfortable on the edge of the sofa. He began to lap at my pussy, Ooooh it was so fucking sexy, he tongued moved like a dog drinking water out of a bowl.

He pulled the folds of my pussy between his lips and kissed them, licked, and continued sucking. I closed my eyes and enjoyed sweet juvenile pretty gal licked by pold guy my pussy eaten.

I felt his finger go into my hole, and he fingered me for a while. I guess he did this to wet his finger, because moments later that same finger was pressing at my asshole. It slid in and he slowly finger fucked my asshole, making it lose for what was about to go in there.

He got up and lifted my legs, he pulled me closer and my legs were rested against him. He put his cock in my pussy, made it wet, then pressed it slowly on my asshole until the head was in.

He began pumping in and out as he's cock went further into my asshole, inch by inch, until his entire cock was in there. He fucked me slowly and allowed my asshole to adjust to having an intruder in there. It felt good to have my asshole penetrated again.

I started to finger my pussy and play with my clit whilst having my asshole stretched.

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My boyfriend took my one foot in his hand, and put my toes in his mouth. He used his tongue and sucked on them as he fucked my ass. Oh yeah, I should have mentioned, my boyfriend has a colossal foot fetish.

I didn't mind, obviously, I would let him do anything he wanted to me. I had pretty feet. I just didn't get what the big fuss was about.

He sucked on each toe like a baby sucking a pacifier. I was getting close to cumming now, and I was moaning loud and making sexy noises. He loved when I did. Although, truthfully they were involuntary groans. My asshole was relatively loose now and my boyfriend quickened his pace. He fucked me hard and brought the very pretty blonde ex girlfriend lily rader taking facial cumshot exgf us of closer to orgasms.

My fingers were still roughly fucking my puss. My boyfriend shot his cum deep inside my asshole and the sensation, feeling his hot cum spewing in me, which caused me to cum.

I fingered my pussy until my orgasm subsided. My boyfriend pulled his cock out and be both collapsed onto the soft. He grabbed my sweaty body and held me close, and kissed me lovingly. "So baby, what's our plans for the rest of the day?" I asked, teasingly. "Anything you want to, my love, you name old mature hardcore going south of the border, he said. I looked at him for a moment, with a serious expression on my face.

"Babe, it felt so good having your cock in my ass. But, the other day when those guys were here and they put their cocks in my pussy and ass at the same time…" I drifted off. "What is it honey? You want me to stop doing that?" he asked, compassionately. "No love, it's not that. It's just that… I don't know how to say this to you. I'm embarrassed", I replied. "Babe you know you can tell me anything, just get it out", he said.

"Okay, I'm just going to say it. Please don't be angry", I said, looking at him a bit anxious. My boyfriend looked concerned, but smiled at me so that I could continue. I explained that it felt good when the two guys were penetrating me at the same time, and that I wanted to have that feeling again. He confessed that he enjoyed watching that, when they were using both my holes and fucking my mouth at the same time, which was the most erotic thing he has ever seen.

He said that he felt really bad for thinking that but he couldn't help but get aroused. We decided, as a couple, that we were going to get another guy to fuck me and that he was going to be the second guy. Together they were going to double-penetrate me. The only thing now was finding another decent guy. My boyfriend suggested my cousin. "But baby, he's only 14", I said. Although, I liked the sound of that. I'm pretty sure that he is still a virgin, and the thought of taking his virginity turned me on, more so because he was mom's sister's son.

Almost a brother to me. "Okay, I said, but now we have to make a plan to get him here with us babe", I said. We woke up, showered and got dressed, ready to take on the day. To be continued…if you like.