Mom and son 2019 ebony dubbed

Mom and son 2019 ebony dubbed
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MY SEXUAL AUTOBIOGRAPHY PART 40 SEX IN OFFICE The thought of having sex with my husband in his office never crossed my mind until I did it. Yes! I never thought this in advance but it just happened. I am so lucky that I always get what I want and I when I want. The same is applicable to my husband too. We both, sexy husband and wife do our fucking whenever we wish and it does not surprise us anymore.

We both love challenges and adventure in sex. According to the programmed, I visited my husband's office in the evening. The time was around 5.40 in the evening. Our program was to go for shopping together after close of his office. Many of my husband's colleagues in his office know me and they wished me seeing me in the office. Actually, this was my first visit to my husband's office. Even though I was three months pregnant, there was hardly any sign of pregnancy on my body.

My stomach was almost flat but I could feel some changes in my inner body. I could feel that my boobs becoming heavier but size remains the same. I could feel something in my stomach and I was thrilled carrying my first baby in my body. I was wearing a red sexy skirt in which my sexy legs were visible up to my knees.

My white top was showing height of my two mountains very clearly. My husband's lady secretary told me that I look nice and I thanked her for the compliment. We exchanged small talk for a little moment before she guided me up to my husband's cabin in the office.

I entered my husband's cabin. I sat on visitor's chair. We were talking normally with little flirt. After same time, both of us noticed that it was the time of closing the office as most of the people working there were already left.

My husband picked the intercom and called his secretary inside his cabin. She entered in the cabin by knocking the door. My husband told her that she can leave if she wants as it may take some more time to wind up his work for the day. She smiled and said good night to both of us before leaving his cabin. When she opened the door of the cabin to go out, I saw that there was no one in the office; we were alone in the office. Only a security guard was sitting outside of the office for his night duty.

After finishing his work in hands within 10 minutes, he shut down his computer and we were ready to leave. He stood up from his chair and was standing near me. I cracked a joke and we started laughing. He was standing less than a foot away from me and I let my hand fall normally on to his hairy chest.

We stop laughing as I my hand linger on his chest unknowingly. He glanced at my hand, then me as I shifted my weight on my heels, causing me to inch closer to him. He took this opportunity to grab my free hand and pull me to him and then my face was bumping his as we stared angelina jolly hot sexi bedeo each other's eyes.

We both understand the heat of sex and love better than many people. No one was in the office and only a security guard sitting outside of the office. Everything was in our favor and without speaking anything from our mouth, we have decided to make full use of the situation and of the opportunity we got in his office.

I move forward, running my tongue over his lips. He pulled me to him, our lips meet and our tongues explore each other's mouths, searching for each other's tongue. Finally, we were finding ourselves softly pushing against each other's.

He wrapped his arms around my waist and my hands griped him. His firm, strong arms pulled me closer to him and our mouths engulf each other's. His tongue was moving hard and fast against mine in my mouth. I knew he is a wonderful sucker whether it is my lips, my boobs or my pussy. My mouth was hungrily stickled on his mouth. I was trying to hide my excitement but I could not help of thinking of throwing him on his desk behind us and fucking the shit out of him and I know, he could read my mind very clearly.

He moved up to the cabin door and locked it from inside as we did not want to be disturb during our fuck game, possibly by the security guard who was sitting outside of the office. He put his strong hands on my hips and picked me up, put me making sit on his the gorgeous brunette dillan lauren pulls up her and our mouths locked again in a sexy kiss.

On completing a long and sexy lips kissing, he pulled away himself and fallen to his knees before me. He pushed my skirt up to reveal my beautiful shining thighs. He softly kissed my inner thighs and he gradually pushed my legs apart. My body quivered as he slides his tongue up my thigh to my saturated pussy.

I opened my legs a little wider as he grabbed my legs throwing them over his shoulders. I leaned back on my elbows and watched his move to start eating my big white wet butts 2 scene 2. To be very frank, it was needed so badly to me. He grabbed my thin panty and moved it to the side of my swollen clit protruding through my pussy lips. He slides his tongue over my entire slit tasting sweetness of my juices, spreading my juices all over my swollen slit.

He stopped at my clit as the tip of his tongue circles it teasing it slowly at first. I moaned out as I lay back on the desk putting my hands on his head. His tongue was started to move a little faster fiercely flicking against my clit. In the reaction, my hips started bucking now and I was pushing them against his face. My breaths were started to get shorter as his tongue stopped toying with my clit.

I looked down at him as he run his fingertips up and down between my pussy slit. I cried out in pleasure as he shoved his finger deep and fast inside my tight and dripping pussy. He pulled his wet fingers, wet by my pussy juices, out of my hot and wet pussy and put them to my mouth…where I licked my own tasty cream off of them. Mmm, tastes so good as always. I watched him as he tickled his way back to my juicy pussy hole.

He pushed his finger back into my pussy and I pushed my round hips against his thrusts. My pussy started aching now. He stood up and lean over the desk on me, wrapping my legs around him. I sat up to meet him as our tongues flied out of our mouths darting for each other.

Our lips haven't met and our tongues were pressing against each others. Finally our mouths met swallowing each other's tongues sucking it softly. When he leaned harder on me, I could feel his erected, long and thick hot cock pushing and straining against his pants. I grabbed his shoulders and thrown him back. I looked back at him. He ripped his belt off and pulled his pants partially down along with the underwear. His rock hard cock was slapping against his six pack abs inches away from my face.

I look at it quickly and gently kissed on the tip of his hot tool tasting his pre-cum and licking it off. Then, I grabbed his cock, slapping it against my lips and jerking it hard for a moment. I took the tip of his hot and throbbing cock into my mouth and started sucking it firmly nibbling it a little. I circled my tongue over his piss slit tasting his pre cum again.

Damn. He tastes so good; His hips started pushing forward as I took inch after inch of his manhood into my mouth. I swallowed his cock burying it deep in my throat. Once it's deep in my throat, I stocked my tongue out and flicked towards base of his cock. He let out a muttered moan and he placed his hands on my head, holding it steady. I wrapped my arms horny oriental mother id like to fuck enjoys cock japanese and hardcore him, grabbing his naked ass and was pulling him to me.

He was fucking my mouth with his strong fucking tool. His rock hard ass was flexing with each movement and his cock reached up to deep into my throat.

I opened my throat for him allowing him to fuck my mouth deep, deeper, harder and faster. My mouth was hungrily sucking on his swollen cock head nibbling and licking feverishly.

I traced his firm ass with one of my hands; my fingertips were sliding up and down of his ass crack. His hips were pushing harder, his balls were slapping hard against my chin. My nose was crushed by his body and as always, my mind was completely understood that this is a pleasurable pain to gain.

I slowly pulled his ass cheeks apart and I let one of my fingers ran along his tight asshole tickling it a little. I continued to pull his ass to me with one hand and I was still tickling my finger pretty babe wasnt expecting to get fucked his back door, and my mouth was hungrily sucking harder and faster his cock now.

It was very important for me to take him the half way of fucking by licking his cock so that he do not take longer time to cum inside of my pussy while fucking.

If I do not make him to travel half way in fuck before cock pussy fucking, He always takes a longer time to finish. I could feel and I knew that the attention I was giving to his ass was excited him even more. I moved my other hand to fondle his balls. For a moment, I pulled them gently pushing them and then squeezing them hard massaging them softly. He moaned out as I swiftly inserted my finger into his tight asshole.

His hips plunged forward one last time as I pulled away letting his cock come out of my mouth. He opened his eyes and looked down sunny leone xxstory new 2019 me.

He grabbed his cock and started stroking it as I grabbed his lapels and pulled him to me. I shove my tongue into his mouth and our bodies were become one, once again. I bit him softly and he yelled out in pleasure. He then put his mouth on my ear. His hot breath on my neck excited me and he started nibbling my earlobe.

He pulled back and looked at my face with evil smile was crossing on his face. He grabbed my top and removed it. Then, he made me free of my bra.

He instantly took my nipple in his mouth and started sucking it hard, with light and enjoyable biting on my nipple. I grabbed onto his head ripping at his hair yelling out and he slid his hand in my skirt and shoves his fingers deep into my dripping pussy once again. I pulled my skirt up and pushed my pussy forward. He buried his nose into my soaked cunt and I was begging him to suck my clit.

He took my pussy clit into his mouth and started sucking it hard and circled it with his tongue tasting my tasty pussy juices again. I could see his cock standing rock hard, waiting for a wonderful fuck.

As always, my pussy, my clit was being sucked skillfully by him. I pushed myself, my pussy again against his face and my body started shaking uncontrollably because my orgasm was moments away.

He continued to flick his tongue fast over my clit as my body started to burn and shake. My breaths become shorter and shorter. Suddenly, I exploded like a bomb in my orgasm pleasure. He stopped his activity on my pussy and I was lying still on his desk.

A pleasure wave ran through out on my sexy body after the strong orgasm I experienced. After some time, I fallen onto the desk battered sweaty and bruised. His cock, amazingly stiff, standing at complete attention position, throbbing, ready to blow and I slide off the desk, and pulled my skirt down.

I also removed my last cloth, my panty from my sexy body. Sexy keisha grey dripping wet pussy fucked was completely naked and was ready to be fucked.

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He was just watching me as I standing naked before him, waiting for a wonderful fuck. He asked me to turn and push me against his desk; I was holding his desk and was bending myself holding corner of his desk.

I have widened my legs slightly so that my pussy can be pushed out a little for a fuck from behind. He took his long, hard and thick fuck tool, his hot cock, in his hand and shoved his cock deep inside of my drenched pussy with two three powerful strokes. I yelled out in fuck pleasure and he pushed me against the desk with the force of his thrusts fucking me fast and hard. I leaned forward slightly as he pounds my pussy harder and faster with his swollen hot cock.

He reached around my ass and pulled me back against him and his hand found the way to my pussy, pushing his fingers hard against my clit circling it fast while fucking me with his cock. My boobs were hanging in the air and were moving backward and forward with every stroke of his strong cock in to my lovely pussy. I smiled in my heart because my pregnant pussy was being fucked by my husband in his office, without making any program in advance for the same.

He pushed my hair off of my neck and kissed my neck. My breaths become shorter and my body was aching as I got closer to my second Cumming.

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Oh my God, it felt so incredibly good. I was on the seventh sky of pleasure once again in fucking. He was thrusting his hips harder on to my ass. His hand was still working hard on my clit easily sliding over it due to the wetness that has oozed from my pussy all over his hand. He stopped fingering my clit and grabbed my thick hips digging and pumping his cock in to my pussy even harder. I arched my back slightly as I was matching his powerful strokes in to my pussy.

My pussy was on fuck fire. I was shaking my body uncontrollably; Cumming hard and I reached my destination of orgasm, second one in short time. My body was convulsing as he slammed his cock deep into my cunt one last time. He let out a loud grunt as his shoot spurt after spurt of thats my girl sex scene talent ho hot cum deep into my pussy. His hot cock was dancing in pleasure in my pussy while showering his love juices.

My body was still slowly bucking against him as he filled my pussy. I was still in the same fucking position and experiencing pleasure of my orgasm out of that wonderful fuck in his office cabin. He slowly took his cock out of my pussy and softly kissed the back of my neck. His cum, fired in to my pussy was coming out of my pussy after he pulled out his cock from my pussy. It was dripping on the floor of his office cabin. He pulled his pants up along with his underwear and tucked his shirt in after cleaning his cock with tissue papers.

I took some tissue papers too from his desk to clean my wet pussy. I took my panty first and pulled it on the right place between my legs followed by my bra, my top and my skirt. I took some more tissue papers to clean the floor of his cabin where a fair amount of his cum fallen out of my pussy after fuck. Then, we went to the attached bathroom of his cabin to make up ourselves.

We were ready for departure from his office after adjusting our cloths. We both came out of his office having hands in hands. The security guard sitting outside of the office had saluted us wishing good night. What a wonderful and memorable fuck we had in his office, first time, without any advance plan for it. Julee