Sunny leone xxxx story new 2019 downlod and 5 boys

Sunny leone xxxx story new 2019 downlod and 5 boys
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I'm your typical average high school teenager that is works out when he can to keep my body in shape. I would say I'm very sexy looking but I'm very shy. Along with good looks I was great at school especially math and I joined the chess team. I was always teased by this mom tech chaild sex story daunlod every since junior high. I'm 17 years old and in grade 11 and I'm one of the top in my school.

I've yet to be with any girl and lack the confidence to ask any of them out. It's not that I'm not attracted to them I just was too shy. I spend countless nights home in my room jacking off over fantasies of Carole (one of the hottest girls in school). I never thought they would want to do anything with me because I had a huge (and I mean HUGE) dick.

Being the nerd that I am I had to research this and my dick was way huge for my age. I always feared that they wouldn't be able to take it all or would get intimidated by the size and leave me to jack off. I had no problem concealing my boner because as soon as I felt my self getting aroused I would put my mind solely on something like history of war or some other kind of schoolwork I was working on.

Trust me nothing kills the wood faster than algebra! Anyways my story begins at lunch in the cafeteria. I was in line to get my order when I noticed Carole sitting at a table in the middle of the room. The way she was sitting it gave me full view of her pink underwear. I felt myself getting immediately hard.

I couldn't take my eyes off of her when I slipped and knocked over the tray of beans on the counter and that went flying into the air and splattered everywhere some knock over other things like cans off pop busty besties sharing bfs big cock after shower soup bowls. Few cans of pop fell to the ground and fizzed everywhere.

Anyway a long story short it ended up in one of those classic food fights. I ended up getting in trouble and getting detention that afternoon. Well when the clock hit three I went to the detention room where there were about six other people there. I chose the desk to the wall away from the troublemakers and just stared at the clock. This is about the time when Carole walked in and she sat down in the front of the classroom.

I had perfect view of her ass. God her ass was perfect.

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She unknowingly teased just about every guy in the school with that ass. My dick went hard again by looking at little ass of hers slightly wiggle around in her seat. It was making unfaithful bf becomes a cuckold natural tits cunnilingus giant bulge down my leg of my pants.

I would give anything just to grab her and fuck her right then and there in front of everybody. I would stick that huge dick of mine into that pussy of hers in no time flat! I noticed that she was waving to me and smiled at me, this brought me back from my little fantasy. Wait, did she notice me staring at her luscious ass? Did she that she made me hard?

I started to panic. I looked at the clock and focused on the latest episode of the 'Simpson's' I had seen. When 4 rolled around I was calm enough to walk out without a boner tenting my pants. I swiftly went to the hallway and started towards my locker. I was taking my books out that I needed for homework that night when I heard a sweet hey from the other side of my locker door. I closed my door and there she was leaning up against the neighbouring locker.

"Hi," I responded and then there was an awkward silence. I was never a good one for conversation especially those that was so 'stimulating'. "So, you were looking at me in detention," she said softly. "Um, no … I wasn't, I was looking at ahh," I couldn't think of anything, my mine was gone blank.

I was slowly getting hard again. This is the third time in one day (she is such a tease). "And earlier today, you was looking at me in the cafeteria," she said slyly. How did she know? Well I suppose she could have been watching me but I wasn't paying attention to her eyes in the cafeteria. I just swallowed deeply as I stood there speechless.

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"Did you like what you seen? Hmm?" she asked. "I ah I got … to go do something," I stammered. "How cute you're nervous. You know I never really found the jock type as hot as the nerds. With the nerds you get to unwrap them a see what hidden behind the glasses, but with the jocks most of them wear their dicks on the foreheads acting like jerks," she said seductively.

Was Carole really seducing me in the hallway of our school? This was unbelievable! There weren't many people around any way so I guess she had the upper hand. "Why … are…you telling …me this?" I asked stammering all the way. "Now don't you want to take a break from studying because I know I do," She seduced further. Her hand stated to rub amateur blonde slut gives hot handjob in handjob porn 2 tube porn dick to its full glory.

"Ooooh! Your so big!" she said almost a moan. I was transfixed onto her beauty. I wanted her to reach in my pants right then and there and satisfy my desires right there in the hallway. She then stopped and started walking towards the nearest classroom wiggling her ass all the way. "Well, don't you want to join me?" she asked and then blew a kiss at me. I couldn't resist.

I dropped my book-bag where I stood a follow her in to the unoccupied classroom and locked the door behind me. I went towards her and kissed her mouth-on-mouth. She broke off our kisses and looked me over in a more intense way. She seemed like she was taking into account every detail of my body.

"Okay now cutie strip for me and I'll strip for you," she said tauntingly. I started with my jacket and tie.

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I took them off and discarded them to the side. I unbuttoned my white dress shirt and decide to take off my belt. By this time she had some how managed to reach up in under her short and taken off her silky bra without revealing her great size tits.

She threw her bra at my face to taunt me a little more. "Um Ned, could you help me with these buttons, they seem a bit stuck?" She asked with a grin. Before I got over to her she sat up bound girlfriend having orgasm tube porn a desk against the wall. While unbuttoning her buttons she looked over my hairless chest. "Oooh, look at you! You got a body of a jock but know where to keep your dick. That means it can come out for very special occasions," she said enjoying flirting with me.

I was more focused on what I was doing knowing each button I undid revealed more and more of her tits to me. As soon as her blouse was undone she smiled. "Do you want to touch them?" she asked and without responding I started messaging them. Then I went down and stated licking one and then the other. I was alternating back and forth between them. "Oooh yeah," she cooed. She then took my hand and she guided it up in under her skirt. I could feel her wet pussy through the thin fabric of her panties.

I slipped my hand down in under the fabric and started rubbing her clit. She started moaning like mad. "Oh god! You're making me so hot," she moaned. I was so horny at this point I wasn't thinking I just acted on instinct.

I ripped down her soaked panties and started licking away at her pussy. My tongue rubbed her clit over and over. The sweet aroma drew me in further. I pushed my tongue into her pussy. This caught her off guard and nearly drove her mad with pleasure. "Yes! I'm cumming!," she wailed and her juices squirted out all over my face. I lapped up as much off her delicious cum as I could. My dick was throbbing that hard I nearly hurt. It seemed like the fury of passion was building in my dick. I couldn't take it much longer.

I had to get relief now. I got up and pulled down my pants and my boxers to my ankles and my giant dick bounced out ready for action. It seemed like an animal ready to pounce at the very first sign of meat.

Slipped in between her legs and that's when she realised that my dick was pressing up against her pussy lips. This is when she finally got a good look at my huge dick before it started to invade her pussy. I was overcome by lust as I started to sink the head of my dick into her warm cunt.

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Her eyes widened to the surprise of the thickness of my member. I relentlessly continued to slide into. God she was so tight! But I would stop, I was determined to get all of my rod into her. I grabbed her ass and pushed the entire length of my dick into her. She gasped at the pressure and the pain. I was stretching her little cunt to the limits. I wanted a second for she to adjust herself but no longer.

I started to pull out of her and that's when she started to moan. Her pussy squeezed and released my dick. She was quivering with pleasure. Her skin became ever so sensitive. "I'm…cumming!," was all she said as I had only the tip of my dick remaining in her pussy. Her juices flowed out and all over my dick. This extra bit of natural lube made it a bit easier to trust into her pussy again. I started thrusting in and out. I had to grab on to her shoulders so she wouldn't fall over.

My shirt swayed in the motion and tickled my ass. After that earth-shattering orgasm I had you are nothing but a fat disgusting slob chastity humiliation humiliation femdom hold on to her shoulders to keep her up. After that I relentlessly fucked her pussy. I lifted her up with both of my strong hands on her ass and started sliding her up and down on my long and hard shaft.

Her gorgeous tits were bouncing in my face so I started licking them like crazy. "Oh fuck yes! Yeah fuck me harder! Yeah! Yeah!" she moaned.

This moaning was making me feel even hotter than before. I could feel my climax rising. Just a little bit further. I felt her spasm and knew she was climaxing once again. This time her cum not only covered my dick but also started running down my legs.

I wasn't done with her. I laid her down on the teacher's desk and flipped her over and started giving it to her doggie style. I grabbed and massaged her ass with one hand and grabbed her hip with the other to help me thrust into her even faster than before. Her ass giggled a little every time my dick slammed all the way in her, my hairy balls smacked against her ass.

She was constantly moaning. She grabbed and crumpled up a piece of paper on the desk to try and hold back her scream. I could feel myself getting closer and closer to the point of no return. I could hear myself breathing heavily as I was violently thrusting into her pussy that now offered absolutely no resistance.

"Fuck yeah!" I shouted as I started to climax. I could feel my giant dick throb and jerk as shot after short of my sweet cum flowed into her pussy. This triggered another of her orgasms and she just about went wild. My thrusts into her got weaker and weaker as my climax subsided. I just collapsed on top of her. Our juices mingled and some flowed out on the desk creating a little puddle on the desk.

"Whoa! What a ride!" she said in an exhausted voice. We got up a few minute later and she congratulated me on a job well done. We got dressed and I drove her home but for the first time tonight in my car.