Slutty granny looks amazing with fifthly cum face

Slutty granny looks amazing with fifthly cum face
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Sasha finishes applying the body gel to her body. She rubs the lathery soap all over, her skin tingling as the gel turns into suds. She grabs the body brush cleaning every area she can reach.

When she has thoroughly scrubbed herself she turns the water back on making sure that the spray is warm, almost hot, as she rinses the grim away with the suds. Finishing up with the shower she turns the water off stepping out of the tub. She grabs a thick towel bending over while she towels her wet hair. She has to consciously balance herself as the weight of her long wet hair and her breasts try to pull her over.

She finishes toweling her hair wrapping the towel around her head before standing back up. She grabs another towel continuing to dry the rest of her curvy body off. It has been a long day for her. I sent my son to Chicago for two weeks of training that afternoon. She had taken him to the airport for his 3:00pm flight but ended up staying there with him until 6:30pm due to a delay with the airline.

She stopped at the grocery store on the way home and it seemed like the store was overly crowded for a Friday evening. Ultimately she didn't get home until nearly 9pm and all she wants to do is take a shower and go to bed. She and Wayne have been engaged for almost 2 years and she never likes it when he went away on a business trip. Staying home alone always gave her the creeps. She thought about asking Vicky to stay with her but in the end she decided that she needed to learn to handle these things by herself.

Feeling refreshed from the shower she went into the bedroom pulling a pair of sexy teen presley dawson loves big cock in her cameltoe and creampie cotton panties from the dresser drawer.

Stepping into them, she pulls them up then got a soft terry cloth robe out of the closet and put it on pulling the front together and tying the sash. She feels warm and comfortable now and decides to go out to the living room and get something to drink and watch a little TV before going to bed.

She had just walked through the living room into the kitchen when there is a knock at the door. Looking at the clock and seeing it is 10:15pm she wonders who in the world it could be.

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A slight shiver of fear runs up and down her spine knowing she is alone. Walking over to the door she didn't open it and said, " Who is it?" " Sasha, it is Wayne's Dad, John. I have a car problem down the road and need to use your phone please," the voice said. It sounds like Wayne's dad but she isn't real keen on letting me in at first.

She didn't like me but didn't see how she can refuse. " Uh. okay. just a second," she said as she unlocks the door and opens it. It is John. " Please come in," Sasha said. " Thanks Sasha. I appreciate it." Sasha feels another shiver as I walk in. The last thing she wants is for me to feel like we were close. " Where is your cell phone, John" she asks me.

" I forgot it." I replied. She notices my eyes are bloodshot and she can definitely smell liquor so she knows I have been drinking. " What happened to your car," she asks as she follows me into the kitchen turning to the sink to wash a couple of glasses while I made my phone call. Suddenly she feels me press my body up against her back reaching around cupping her breasts through the robe. She is stunned and paralyzed with shock for a few seconds.

She came out of her frozen stupor as I press my hips into her ass. She feels my hard cock throbbing through my pants and her robe as it settles tightly against her crack. She tries to push back and turn but I hold her firmly. " Get the fuck off of me," she yells at the top of her lungs as she struggles.

" Come on honey, let me make you feel good," I whispered into her ear my hot breath causing her to shiver as it tickles her neck. Sasha increases her struggles and nearly broke free of me as she grabs a knife and tries to swing it around at me. " You fucking cunt," I yell. I grab both of her arms spinning her around the towel flying off of her head.

I bring my right arm back and with an open palm slap her hard knocking her to the floor. Sasha lay in a heap on the floor numb from the burning pain in her face. She starts to cry suddenly feeling fear that has been held at bay by her initial anger. I watch my future daughter-in-law sobbing on the floor for a minute then said in a harsh and commanding voice, "okay Sasha, get up off the floor and stop crying!" Sasha didn't obey, just kept lying on the floor crying.

" I said get up and I mean NOW," I growled. When Sasha didn't move after a few seconds I reach down grabbing her by the hair pulling her up. Her scalp is on fire and when she feels herself being lifted she finally struggles to get her feet under her to relieve the pain. She finds herself standing in front of me as she continues to sob. I look at her then an evil grin came across my face as I held her hair over her head. " I told you to stop crying didn't I?" " You hurt me you bastard," she flung at me through her sobs.

" You think I hurt you," I ask smiling. " Are we going to have any more trouble hon," I ask as she starts to breath normal again. " No. sir," she squeaks out still not quite breathing easily yet. " That's good baby. That is just a sample of what you will get if you ever disobey me or talk back again, understand?" " Yes," she said sounding more normal but very subdued. "Good, now come over here," I ordered.

Sasha struggles walking over to the dining room table where I was standing. She isn't looking up at me but she sees me handing her a glass. Hesitating only a second she reaches out and took the offered liquor. " Drink it, it will make you feel better, and don't make me tell you twice!" Sasha looks into the glass at the golden hardcore with hot playgirl smalltits and blowjob liquid then brought it to her lips and took a gulp.

The liquid burned all the way down to her stomach. She holds back a choking cough as long as she can then finds herself unable to resist as she coughs.

I let her cough and catch her breath smiling to myself as I watch the attractive young woman follow my directions. I know that it will not take long to bring her completely into my control.

She is slowly adjusting to her new 'master'. " Drink it all now," I told her as I down my glass in a single swallow. I see her look up at me as she brought the glass to her lips again pouring the booze down her throat.

I watch her go through another fit of coughing but it didn't seem as bad as the first time. I walk over to Sasha reaching over to her sash I untie it.

Her robe falls partially open. I look at her creamy stomach as she stood there with her head down. " Look at me," I ordered as I slide my hands inside her robe pulling her tightly to me. She looks up into my eyes fear showing clearly in her face. I bend forward nuzzling her neck as my hips gently grind into hers. " I've wanted to do this for a long time baby! You are a hot woman and need a real man to take care of you. That son of mine is a limp dick wimp.

You are too good for him." Sasha is feeling the effects of the liquor and feels dizzy as her soon to be father-in-law kisses and sucks on her neck. She feels my hands slide down to her ass cheeks gently kneading them as I pull her tightly against me.

She is surprised that I'm being so tender after being so rough and mean to her. " Oh yes baby," I said.

" I'm going to show you what a real man can do for a woman." I move my lips to the other side of her neck continuing to press lovable chick stretches spread cunt and gets devirginized her. " Oh my god," Sasha thought to herself. She is getting shivers as I continue to nuzzle her neck. She definitely feels the booze now blaming it for the slight tingle of excitement that is running up and down her spine.

This man who had just been rough with her is now exciting her and causing her to feel a bit aroused. I notice that Sasha's breathing is starting to come in small quiet gasps and I feel her body shiver. I pull one of my hands back to her stomach and up to cup one of her full tits. Her nipple is rock hard and distended showing clearly that she is aroused. I flick the hard bud several times feeling her jump slightly with each tweak. I pull my mouth off of her neck pressing it against hers.

I feel her respond to my kiss with her tongue pushing into my mouth sparing with my tongue. We kissed for several minutes then I pull my mouth away from hers looking into her now bloodshot eyes and sees a dreamy look as she is floating in the high of the booze and the arousal of my manipulations. I reach down to her panties lightly rubbing up and down her pubic mound finding that she is very wet and hot.

" Uh. Ooohhh," she moans closing her eyes. " Please, Mr Malone, we need to stop," she said half heartedly. Smiling to myself again I look at her and responding with, " Call me John from now on honey.

You know you want me to make you feel good don't you?" Her eyes stay closed but she is starting to move her hips around as I lightly rub her wet pubic mound through the cotton panties. " No. yessss. uh. ohhhhh," she moans.

I bend forward pulling her robe fully open pressing my mouth onto one of her rock hard nipples grabbing foxy sweety jacker learns the hard way bud between my teeth.

My tongue lashes across the top of the bud as I grab her hips grinding my pubic mound into hers. I feel her shiver and shudder as I continue my foreplay.

" OOOHHHHH. My god," she suddenly moans loudly after a minute. She places her arms around my head pulling my face tight into her tit. Knowing my soon to be daughter-in-law is about to orgasm I pull away and stood up.

Sasha is breathing hard and fast clearly aroused and in heat. " Go get in bed," I said to her. " I'll be there in a few minutes." Sasha's eyes open slowly and she looks at me with a lustful desire. She turns walking, or rather staggering into the living room and down the hall. She is clearly turned on and high from the booze. I know that before the night is over she will be mine to do with as I please. This thought causes me to smile to myself as I watch my soon to be sexy daughter-in-law disappear into the bedroom she shares with my son.

My arousal is raging as I thought about the sexy woman waiting for me in the bedroom. I pour another glass of Jack downing it in one swallow. I stand up and head for the bedroom and my waiting daughter-in-law. I enter the darkened bedroom my eyes adjusting to dim light of a street lamp filtering in through the window. I see Sasha's outline in the bed her firm full tits rising and falling with her ragged breathing. I undo my shirt pulling it off dropping it on the floor. I undo the belt and zipper of my pants letting them drop to my feet stepping out of them.

I crawl into bed moving over to Sasha's waiting form. I move my mouth to hers, starting a deep passionate kiss. She didn't resist but she didn't respond for the first few seconds. I slide my hand over her wet mound finding her panties still on.

Her hips buck up against my hand when it touches her and she begins to respond to my kiss at the same time. We continue the foreplay for many minutes as her breathing is ragged as she is again approaching an orgasm.

I pull my hand away from her pubic mound moving my mouth blonde trisha has dressed in bad teacher her neck nuzzling her as I whisper. " I love you baby. Asian cheerleader hardcore hd porn going to make you feel like a real woman! " Yes John, whatever you say." I move my briefs down releasing my hard monster cock.

I toss them on the floor with my pants turning back over to Sasha.

She feels my hands move to her hips griping the band of her panties. The sensation of me touching her causes jolts of electric arousal to shoot through her. She lifts her hips off of the bed to allow me to pull them down. She pulls latina alexis rodriguez swallows a big black cock feet through the garment hearing me tossing them to floor.

Putting her legs back down on the bed she feels me move a hand up her the inside of her leg and then onto her pussy mound.

The sensation is indescribable as her desire is beyond anything she has ever felt with Wayne or any other boy. When my fingers push through the pubic hair and inside her wet pussy she moans with pleasure. I work my fingers in and for what seems like a lifetime but is only a couple of minutes. She feels me pull out of her sopping pussy and then spreading the hood I start fingering her erect clit.

The sensations and electric shocks racing from her pussy to her nipples drives her over the edge. She arches up letting the uncontrollable orgasm wash over her. As soon as I press my finger against Sasha's clit I know she is going to cum. As she arches up giving in to the passion that would not be denied.

I bend down to her mouth as she lets out a loud moan pressing my lips to hers pushing my tongue into her mouth. She eagerly accepts my kiss, her tongue playing with mine as she all but screams. I feel her entire body shuddering as her orgasm peaks.

Her pussy shoots juice all over the bed and my hand. She is bucking as her juice continues flowing as I continue fingering her clit. Sasha pulls her mouth from mine screaming, " OH MY Beauty and beast xxx porn movie free download I'm cumminggggg!

Soooooo Goooooddd!" " That's right sweetie, that was nice wasn't it," I asked as I continue to gently rub the sensitive nub.

" Oh god! Please stop. I need to rest. Please John, let me catch my breath." " Okay baby, it's time for something better anyway," I said moving my body over her vibrating body. I position myself over her with my arms on either side of her heaving chest. I press my knees between her legs and she quickly moves them apart for me. I see a sheen of sweat on her body and this excites me even more.

As I hold myself in the push-up position above her my cock is throbbing with anticipation of the sweet wet pussy it is about to explore. I give her a couple of minutes to calm down then ease my hips down to hers pressing my hot hard long thick cock onto her lower stomach.

" Uh OH," She moans as she involuntarily bucks against me. She feels me gently grinding my cock against her stomach feeling excitement building again. I lift my hips off of Sasha noting the wet spot left by my precum on her stomach. Moving my hips down her body I hold myself up by one arm, reaching down grabbing my 9" manhood moving the broad head down to Sasha's pussy.

I start rubbing it up and down her sopping wet slit feeling pierced blonde teen and lingerie anal household piping jerking slightly with each stroke. Looking into her face I said, " look at me baby! I want to see me as I make you into a real woman!" Completely in my control she opens her eyes looking into mine.

She feels warm and cozy with me above her and she felt new ripple of excitement as she moves her eyes to look at my body hovering over her. She jerks her eyes back to mine as I start to press the broad mushroom head of my huge cock into her tight pussy. " Oooohhhh. My God.Stop.Please. Your so won't fit.Please," She said continuing to stare into my eyes. I thrust my hips forward burying the head inside her tight well lubricated pussy.

She starts bucking against my cock trying to push my cock out of her, I would not let her take control. I press my lips to hers and she eagerly returns a passionate kiss probing my mouth with her tongue.

I push forward inside her with a couple of inches more meeting resistance due to her tightness and partially torn hymen. I pull back then push forward harder completely tearing her hymen and stretching her tight narrow tunnel, her scream muffled by my mouth.

She brings her arms up wrapping them around my arms digging her finger nails into them. She tries to press her hips up into me to escape the pressure and pain. Sasha pulls her mouth away from mine as I push another couple of inches in. I'm deeper than Wayne has ever been and she feels her pussy throbbing in anticipation of more to come. " Oh god, fuck me John, I need you to fuck me so bad," She pleads. An evil grin grows on my face. Sasha is mine now. She will do anything I tell her. It is time to break her in all the way.

I slam my hips into hers driving my cock all the way home. My balls slapping against her upturned ass with a smacking sound. I hold myself above her, letting her grow accustom to the new monster cock in her life. When Sasha feels me drive my huge cock fully inside her eagerly accepting pussy she feels like she has been hit by a train and with a electric cattle prod.

She grabs my arms as tightly as she can throwing her head back closing her eyes. She has never felt so full and she has never felt so alive. Suddenly her hips start bucking on their own as she feels a wave of pleasure erupting from her loins building up in her body as she orgasms.

Her fingernails digging into my arms as she flung her head back and forth screaming her pleasure. " Yeessssssss Oh God YESSSSSSSSS! I'm cumming you bastard! Yeah. I'm cumming.," She wails.

I hold myself over Sasha as her a monster orgasm rips through her under me. I feel her nails cutting into my arms this arouses me more.

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She finally starts to calm down and stops flinging her head from side to side. I feel the sexual tension in her body relax as she moans throatily. I slowly pull my cock back out of Sasha's clasping pussy until the head is barely in her. Then I slowly drive it all the way back in. When I hit bottom again Sasha lets out a deep satisfied moan.

She lifts her legs wrapping them around my legs as I pull out again and slam back in harder and faster. She again lets out a moan as I bottomed out. After a few more hard thrusts in I start driving into her faster and faster. Each time I'm fully inside as she moans. I drive into my daughter-in-law like a pile driver running at full speed. The bed is shaking and banging against the wall with each thrust. " Yes. John, don't stop!

It is so good! Fuck me harder," swedish blonde hottie enjoys ed powers cock european edpowers said to me. "Oh yeah baby, I'm going to fuck you so hard! You belong to me now!" I bend my head down sucking one of her rock hard nipples. " Uh oh yeah," she said. "Bite it, bite my nipple!" I did as she asks as I gently grind the bud in my mouth she starts to buck up against my every thrust her breathing becoming ragged again.

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" OH YESSSSSSSS! I'M CUMMMMMINGGGGGGG AGAIN!!! FUCK ME JOHN, FUCK ME HARDER!!!!" I have been power fucking her for about twenty minutes when she starts cumming again begging me to fuck her harder. I'm slamming my hips into hers hard like a pile driver. Her bucking is chaotic as she came on my pounding cock. I let go of her nipple again pressing my mouth to hers as she returns my kiss with wanton desire.

As she starts to come down from her orgasm, I feel my balls screaming for release. I pull my mouth off of hers asking, " are you on the pill?" " No baby but I don't care, cum in me I want you to cum in me," she begs " Not now sweetheart.

maybe later," I said then with will power I pull my cock doctor cumming in patients mouth hospital hardcore of her dripping pussy letting it shoot my white goo all over her pubic mound and stomach. I'm good for lots of cum. I watch Sasha continue to buck under me as my cock continues to spew pearl necklaces on her.

When I'm finally spent I gently drop my sweaty body onto her moving my hands to her face as I jane doe gets her love tunnel plowed her. Sasha wraps her arms around my back moaning into my mouth.

We stayed in that position for several minutes then I pull myself off of her and move to the edge of the bed. I place my feet on the floor and got up. I grab my pants from the floor pulling them on not worrying about the juices that are slathered all over my semi erect cock. I walk out the door hearing Sasha start to snore a little as I left.

I grab my glass pouring a couple of fingers of Jack into it quickly downing the hot liquid. I grab my cigar and went outside sitting on the steps. I slowly open the bedroom door and walked in. On the bed are a pair of panties. I pick up the panties, unzipping my pants, start to rub my cock with it. My heart rate increases knowing that my daughter in law is in the bathroom next door while I'm was using her panties to make myself horny.

I increase my pace as I imagine Sasha laying in the bed, and feeling her bouncing up and down on my cock. My cock is rock hard again as I hear the shower turn off. I quickly drop the panties as they were and left the room. I close the door leaving a small gap. Just as I'm about to leave, Sasha came out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel. Sasha unhooks the towel, letting it fall to the floor, not knowing that her horny father in law is watching her every move.

With her back to the door, I got a perfect view of that wonderful ass I was groping earlier. She then turns around showing her body in all its glory again. Her pussy bush is very well trimmed now showing very little hair and her breasts are firm and perfect. She begins to dry her wet hair with her towel, which makes her breasts jiggle slightly from side to side.

I use my free hand to start stroking my cock again. Sasha finishes drying her hair, picking up her thong and bending over to put it on. In doing so, I got a better look at her butt, and had I not been able to control myself, I could have stormed in right then and fucked her from behind.

Her lighter colored butt hole looks very inviting as I thought to myself if she let my son put his prick in there. As she bends down to put her panties on, gravity took effect on her breasts. This sight sent me over the edge, as I shot sperm all over the inside of my pants. I enter the bedroom telling Sasha, " Why don't you come over here and I'll give you a massage." She reluctantly said yes and slowly walks over to me and lend up against me with her back as I started to work on her shoulders.

" Oohh, this feels so good already", She moans. I continue to massage her shoulders as the feeling of having Sasha up against my body making my cock harder. Sasha's eyes are closed as she starts to enjoy what I'm doing to her shoulders. Her butt is now positioned on top of my crotch. " Oohh, I can't believe how good this feels, you are really good John." " The pleasure is all mine", I replied as I slowly grind my crouch into her ass.

Sasha realizes what is happening. She places both her hands on my legs as she tries to push her self off my crouch. In her lazy state, this only causes her to move her ass up and down while using her hands to rub my thighs. All of a sudden she feels incredibly horny, I knew I had her again. " This is starting to get uncomfortable for me, why don't lay down on the bed," I commanded.

" Well all right, I haven't felt this good in a while, but just for a little longer since I don't want to tire you." I told her, I was going rub some lotion onto her back. Her arousal is showing again with her erect nipples clearly pointing out. Sasha laid down on her stomach as I positioned myself on top of her ass. "Its easier for me this way," I said as I started rubbing Sasha's lower back and waist.

Sasha closed her eyes starting to drift off to sleep. " Oohh John," She moans. I softly kiss the back of her neck then moving studs gang bang horny asian squirting and japanese down her spine to her ass.

Sasha's pussy is now starting to get wet again as I'm kissing her body. I carefully kiss my way down her thighs, I inhale her aroma, kissing her pink pussy lips. Her pussy is wetter then before. Then Sasha feels me grip one of her ankles. Sasha is sliding down the bed. I pulled her to the edge, her face pressed into the bed. Sasha's feet hit the floor as I positioned her legs apart pulling her ass upward.

When Sasha realized what I'm doing, all she can say is, " Oh, god. oh god." Then I thrust my thick cock inside her pussy, taking her from behind, doggy-style, there on the bed, her voice rose to a scream. " Oh GOD!" " Like that, Sasha?" I sneer behind her. " You're wet enough." It is true; despite my thick girth, my cock slips into her with ease, then I thrusting in and out with a vigorous pace, the friction is pleasurably slick.

The shame of it is almost as strong as the ecstasy. I fucked her brutally there on the bed again. " Yes, yes." She panted, arcing her ass up a little higher, her face pressed against the mattress. " Oh, god, yes. please." Sasha feels the soft slap of my balls against her pussy, hearing my animalistic grunts as I piston in and out of her.

Rough, hard, deep and primal; I took her. Like it is my due.

Like she is a prize. The thought made her moan louder. She is insensible with the pleasure of being fucked; heedless of anything other than the rigid length of my cock deep inside her. " That's it, Sasha, that's it," I grunted. " Like that, Sasha? You wanna be my slut? Let me fuck you like this whenever I want?" " Oh god," She cries out again. " Yes, please. please, fuck me. Fuck me." She realizes she is drooling on the bed. She didn't care. " Oh, so goooood." Suddenly I stop pulling out of her pussy, " Fuck, that's a nice, tight hole," I growl, spreading her ass cheeks apart to run my tongue up and down her crack.

My tongue is warm and wet, and for a while, pleasant, before I start worming it into her ass. It feels like a finger and thicker than she thought it would have been.

Sasha shifts her ass to make my tongue go up and down over her hole again. The mattress shook again as I straightened and slapped my rock-hard cock over her ass-crack. I squeezed lube onto my cock, then leaned back to apply a few cold drops over her hole. " It's my first time, go slow," Sasha pleads, but she don't think I heard her; My cock is rubbing hard against her crack, and making brief jabs at her entrance as my lela star with romi rain started to rock back and forth.

Sasha had heard the stories about my womanizing and knew she is simply another conquest in a long line of my bed partners, and she is okay with that. In fact, it excites her.

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M thrusting slows. I begin to push my cock up into her tight virgin hole in earnest. It is warm. so warm, and so thick. It feels like I'm trying to push a beer can sbnaxy x x x vide0 her, her hole isn't budging. I stop for half a heartbeat, taking one hand off her hip to grasp my shaft, before trying to push my cock in her again, this time I manage to force the head in.

Sasha cries out, " Oh God.Stop.Your to big.It won't fit. Please stop." I continued to bear down on her, relentlessly shoving my manhood deeper and deeper inside her. When she feels my body pressing up against her ass-cheeks, my heavy balls resting against her cheeks, she still can't believe how thick and long my cock is.

It is soft and fleshy in her hand and mouth, but in her pussy and ass it feels like a baseball bat. It stretched my pussy out to the limits and now it is stretching my ass out to the limits; it has been a nice, tight fuck for me. " Give me a second," She said, reaching back with a hand to touch my leg. I hear her, chuckling in my deep voice as I brush her hand off, and continue to fuck her. I pull out a tiny bit before plunging myself deep inside her again. With each stroke, I withdraw a little more than the previous thrust, and my cock is so snug inside her.

I moan in satisfaction as I fuck her, my hands tightly grasping her hips as I pull her into each thrust for deeper penetration. " Fuck, you're tight. You're really fucking tight, sooooo tight." I fuck her slowly, almost tenderly, but with enough force to make her body shake as my cock drives home each time. " You like it?" I ask, and as she replied, I unexpectedly pull my cock all the way out -- she gasps in shock- then I rammed it back in. I chuckle again at the distressed sound she made, and the effect on her body my cock had.

Sasha lost track of time while I fucked her from behind. At some point, I pulled her back up on the bed so she laid flat on her stomach, mounting her again, and entering her with a rumbling ' Mmm' of content.

I slide in easily he uplift her mom skirt time, and her hips rose to meet my thrust eagerly. I fucked her this way for awhile, before lowering myself to slobber and suck on her neck.

My thrusting slows. " I going to cum in your ass. Your ass feels so good." I run my lips across her neck, panting heavily next to her ear. Sasha feels the coarse hairs on my chest and belly rubbing against her back. I dripped sweat on her as I straightened, slapping her ass hard, twice on each side with my hands, then pulled her back into the doggy position slamming my cock back inside her ass, pumping her ass furiously.

I fuck her hard. The mattress sheets bunched in her hands from the fists she made, and the sound of skin slapping on skin and my labored breathing is all she can hear.

Sasha is crying out with pleasure and pain with each thrust, I feel a crescendo building within me, and when I finally came, it was sudden and explosive, and all-encompassing that my vision blurred. Sasha screams, voice hoarse and strident, tasting the mattress, her cry muffled against it.

I jerk my cock deep inside her a few more times, letting her ride the waves, her body limp now; limp and weak as a kitten. She can't move even if she tried. I feel my fingers getting covered in Sasha's cum. With one final thrust I again shoot my seed inside Sasha's ass.

Another two Loads shoot inside Sasha's tight ass. We collapse onto the bed, I'm on Sasha's back. My cock buried inside, one hand slowly rubbing Sasha's sore pussy, while the other is lightly squeezing her beast.

" Fuck yes," I growl, as my seed drips out of her on to the sheets. She had not realized I had cum. I buried a finger deep in her ass with a wet squelch, and gave a low chuckle, proud of my work. " So good you're gonna come again, aren't you, Sasha?" I suddenly slam my cock back inside her ass now I'm slamming into her so hard her body jerking.

" You wanna come for me again, Sasha? Come for that big cock?" I lean over her, still holding her down on the bed. Her arms aching but she hardly feels it. Sasha screams as a earth shattering orgasm rips through her. I get up pulling out of her panting, my body covered in sweat.

Sasha laid there shaking covered in sweat. " I think you should go", she said with a tears in her eyes. She staggers towards the bathroom. Her lovely dark hair in a complete mess. I see my cum slowly running out of her ass, and down her thighs.