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Sex black guy and grils xnxx com
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.I must have been quite a sight to see from the bar - right leg splayed out, face drained of color, biting my lip and trying my hardest not to cum right there in my pants.

I fought back another moan and slowly moved my right hand from my drink to the inside of his left thigh. And just like that he stopped. With no more attention, I took a minute. At first I was pissed, but I collected myself quickly and decided it was for the best. I got up, tossed down a few bills for my drinks and walked off to the bathroom. I splashed some cold water on my face and took a moment in the mirror before heading back out.

"You could have fucked up pretty bad there," I said to myself and splashed again. When I got out, he had already vacated his seat at the bar and left.

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I nodded my appreciation to the bartender and left a belated tip in the jar at the near corner. She smiled at me - I came in every week or so, and she seemed to recognize me - and then, much to my surprise, winked spreading babes sexy anal canal hardcore blowjob me. "That's another load of trouble that I don't need," I muttered to myself.

It took me only a few seconds after walking out the door to realize that her wink had nothing to do with her, and everything to do with what had happened earlier.

As I walked out the door, a voice called from behind me "going somewhere?" It was him, misted over in his charcoal overcoat and breathing steam in the cool night air.

My knees weakened a bit as he walked toward me and brushed me on my upper arm. "I thought we had a good thing going there." "Going, I was just.I was going," I stammered, my body shaking and knees getting weaker.

The only part of me that didn't seem affected was my cock, which was growing harder by the second. Just then I heard a honk behind me and turned to see a taxi, evidently there to pick him up, waiting. I started shaking harder; hop in the cab, and there would be no going back. I looked again toward home, just a few blocks away. Adam could see my hesitation and moved to open the cab door. As I got ready to apologize and leave, he reached over, brushed the hair away from my face, and grabbed my forearm just below the elbow.

It surprised me how hard he was holding me, but it seemed to make my cock stand harder at attention. "We're just going to go for a little ride.

I'll even pay your way back home - no harm in that, is there?" he asked, and for a moment it seemed like a logical way to look at it. I got in the cab and he shut the door behind him. We started to drive, and the hand resumed its play on my thigh, this time moving more liberally, sometimes moving up and grabbing my throbbing cock, sometimes pressing a finger against my asshole.

At some point I was aware of being on the Williamsburg bridge, but I was still surprised to find us parked in front of a chic apartment building on the East Side. I followed Adam out of the cab, past the doorman and up the elevator to the 7th floor. Without his hand on me, the shakes were coming back, and I was wondering if I could make my escape.

I was contemplating putting my jacket, which was now in my hand, back on and turning around, when we reached his door and a new sensation began.

His hand slid down the back of my pants, plunging downward and pushing his middle finger against my naked asshole. I strained a little in surprise, but just then the door opened and he pushed me forward into the apartment. He stepped in behind me aunt fuck boy in hotel locked the door, making me feel a little trapped but also a little excited.

He took off his coat and hung it on a nearby rack. I started to make my way there, when he stopped me. "No. Everything off right there." I was surprised, but again felt excited where it might lead. I tried to be cool, but there was no hiding just how quickly I wanted everything off.

In just a few seconds, I was standing there naked, cock at attention. He moved toward me and put his right hand on my shoulder. I wanted to kiss him and started to move in, when he restrained me and instead pushed me down on my knees. He reached down and undid his fly, pulling out his hard 8" cock. I'm only about 6, and I had never seen anything that big except in porn. More importantly, it was right in front of me. I reached out to touch it, but he again took control from me, grabbing my head and forcing it forward.

I was surprised and didn't quite have time to recognize what was happening to open my mouth and accept it. Instead, his cock struck my closed lips, smearing pre-cum across them and along my left cheek. This seemed to excite him, and he responded.

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"You like that, you little cock slut?" he asked, looking down at me. I tried to look back up, but he took his cock and slapped me across the face with it.

I was surprised, but it turned me on, and I smiled as he did it again. I begged for more, when suddenly, instead of a cock, it was the back of his hand, knocking me hard to the floor. As I tried to get up, I could hear a voice say "we've got a live one".