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Rich babe jade jantzen enjoys her hung bodyguards
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I park my car in the garage and take the elevator up to the 19th floor of the downtown high-rise. I feel my pulse quicken as I approach the door to Suite 1920.

Etched on the glass door insert is one word: "Brainstorm" I've been referred to the organization by my older sister, Mariko. Mari was enigmatic, maybe even downright mysterious, when she told me about it. "Kimi, trust me, you'll love it," she had said. "I don't want to tell you too much, it's better that way. Just go with the flow and enjoy yourself. You'll be in very good hands. It'll be an experience you'll never forget." I open the door and walk shyly up to the reception desk.

The blonde receptionist looks up and smiles. "Can I help you?" "Yes," I say, somewhat hesitantly. I introduce myself. "I think I have an appointment. My sister Mariko spoke with you." The receptionist taps on her computer keyboard for a moment.

"Oh yes, here it is. Yes, Mariko has been one of our more.interesting clients. It'll be just a few minutes. Just fill out this release form." I smile at her, take the clipboard and sit down. The release form is somewhat cryptically worded, but Mari told me not to worry, and I trust my sister implicitly. I sign the form and give it back to the receptionist.

I sit back down and begin reading a copy of "Psychology Today". After awhile, an attractive young woman in a white lab coat opens a door to the reception area.

She's a petite blonde with deep blue eyes. "Kimiko?" she says. I get up and walk through the doorway. "Nice to meet you, Kimiko," the girl says, as she shows me into a room with just a sort of plush captain's chair and a plasma TV screen.

The chair has a small keypad attached to the right arm rest. "My name is Gretchen, I'm one dirty and flashing in public in barcelona the technicians here.

Has anyone explained to you how this whole thing works?" "No, not really," I reply. "It's very simple really," says Gretchen.

"Brainstorm is a pioneer in virtual reality technology. We provide…adventures.

Experiences, really. They can be whatever you like, whatever you think you might like to experience. Anything at all. There are no rules. Things that you might be too unwilling or too frightened to do in real life. After all, we're all adults here. Do you know what I mean?" I get the hint. "You mean…like sexual experiences?" Gretchen smiles. "Yes, they can be sexual fantasies. We've developed the ability to stimulate the brain directly, so that you actually "live" your chosen experience.

And we can stimulate the pleasure centers of your brain, so that it's a complete sensory experience. It will all seem quite real to you, but it's all going on entirely in your mind.

The brain is capable of doing remarkable things all by itself." My eyes widen. It sounds like fun, all right, like the ultimate amusement park thrill ride -- but I feel some lingering slutty lesbian peaches are opening up and fist fucking anals about putting myself in these people's hands, letting them in on my most intimate thoughts.

Gretchen seems to read my mind. "Everything is, of course, handled with complete confidentiality. Believe me, Kimiko, you probably haven't harbored any secret thoughts we haven't encountered before." She winks conspiratorially.

My spirit of adventure finally gets the better of me.

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"All right," I finally say. "Let's do it. What happens next?" "Good!" Gretchen smiles. "First, we need you to complete an electronic questionnaire. The program will run on the screen, and your answers will be recorded on this keypad. There are arrows for up, down, left, right, and a button in the middle to enter your response.

I'll leave you alone while you're doing it, but if you need me, just push the red call button. The questionnaire takes about an hour." I climb into the chair and make herself comfortable while Gretchen starts the computer program. Gretchen watches for a moment, then slips quietly out of the room. The first few questions deal with categories of "experiences".

One of the options is "sexual fantasies", and I selected it. I might as well do this right, I think to myself. The program continues, and I enter my responses. Parts of the program are dedicated to written questions, others are more visual, presenting graphic, even pornographic images.

I find myself becoming aroused, and feel a familiar warm wetness in my vagina. Finally the program ends. The lights come up in the room and Gretchen re-enters, smiling.

"Very good, Kimiko. This will give us all we need. Come with me." I get up from the chair and follow Gretchen out the door and down the hallway. She shows me into a room dominated by another chair, much like a dentist's chair, surrounded by equipment, consoles, and displays. "I'm going to have to need you to remove your clothing, Kimiko. Then if you'll just climb in to the chair, we'll get you hooked up and get going," says Gretchen.

"Why do I need my clothes off?" I ask. Mari hadn't mentioned this part. "We need to attach some sensors and probes so that we can monitor your bio-functions, and also feed your chosen fantasy into your brain," said Gretchen. Despite her somewhat clinical explanation, I get the feeling that she's attracted to me, and is looking forward to seeing my naked body.

Dutifully, I unfasten my skirt, lower the zipper and slip out of it. My blouse follows, and finally my bra and panties.

I stand before her naked and her eyes slowly take in my body. "You're lovely," she murmurs. "Ummm, thank you," I smile, somewhat self-consciously. She helps me slide into the comfortable seat, then adjusts the back, head and armrests.

Done with that, she begins to methodically attach small pads, like suction cups attached to wires, to my body. Two go directly over my temples, two on my nipples, and one on my clit.

Gretchen gently parts my labia with her fingers in order to place the pad directly over it. When she's finally done, she goes to a side counter and returns with a hypodermic needle.

"This will hurt just a little at first," she says soothingly. "Then it will feel nice. You'll feel warm, euphoric. Soon after that, your fantasy will begin. If you become too frightened, there's a red button on your right arm rest which will terminate the program. But keep in mind that fear can be a good thing. And ultimately, you have nothing to fear. What you're experiencing is not real, and you're completely safe." I wince as the needle stabs through my skin.

And then, as Gretchen said, I begin to feel warm, happy, euphoric. I'm aware again of the wetness in my pussy. The pleasent sensations grow until the room seems to fill with fog, and I gradually lose myself in it. After a few moments, the veil of fog slowly begins to lift. I find myself in a Roman palace, in a large room surrounded by Doric columns. There are cushions ringing the room, and men and women are lounging on them, the men in togas, the women in white silk robes that drape over their bodies, often exposing one breast.

Servant girls are feeding them from trays: goblets of wine, cheese, grapes and other fruit. In a place of honor is the Emperor and his consort, a beautiful woman of regal bearing. The Romans talk and laugh -- they are celebrating their military victory. The awareness grows in me, as if from out of nowhere, that I am a slave girl. My people have been conquered by the Romans, and I have been brought here to entertain and serve them.

The men of my village have been killed, moist and wild cowgirl riding pornstar hardcore sent to die in the galleys.

There is no doubt in my mind that they will kill me too, mercilessly, remorselessly, if I fail in any way to please them. Real slut party naughty slumber party starring indigo aug tube porn musicians begin to play, their music soft and sensual. I know what is asked of me, without quite knowing how I know, and I begin to dance, moving slowly around the room. I am naked, but there are bracelets adorning my wrists, and snake-like gold bands encircling my upper arms several times.

I wear a necklace with a blue gem hanging from it, and rings are on several of my fingers. I have been thoroughly bathed and perfumed. I dance for them, my movements becoming more erotic as the music grows gradually more sensuous. Almost casually, some of the men uncover their penises, which lengthen and thicken as they watch me. A few of the servant girls reach out and stroke their stiffening cocks, as if this is among their many duties.

Finally, the music ends. I stand before the Emperor, panting from my exertion, a sheen of perspiration on my sleek body. The Emperor gazes at me, then slowly pulls his robe to the side, exposing his rigid cock. It is big and thick, as befits an Emperor, I suppose.

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He gestures to me with a slight movement of his head his head. His meaning is clear: I am to service him while the others watch. I know I have no choice. I walk slowly forward and kneel between his legs. Leaning forward, I gather my saliva in my mouth, and bend over his penis, my lips several inches above it. I part them and let the saliva descend from my mouth in a rope, drooling down and landing on the head of his cock.

I bend forward further now, and slowly slide my lips down over the head, taking it into my mouth. My head bobs up and down as I suck on him, accompanied by smiles and expressions of approval from the people in the room. This is not a dream, I think to myself. This is real.

I feel the silky texture of his cock in my mouth. I taste it. I release his cock from my mouth and flutter my tongue rapidly against the head, caressing it and teasing it.

I want to please this man, in the hopes that he will let me live. I want to suck on his cock and draw the thick, hot sperm from his balls. I plunge my mouth down on it and slurp on him hungrily, bathing his cock with my saliva. I take him deep in my throat, fighting down my gag reflex, my fingers caressing his balls as I nurse wicked cock riding for ebon hardcore blowjob him.

I want his Emperor cock. I want his Emperor cum. Soon I sense his body trembling, his balls contracting against the base of his cock. I hear his groan of pleasure, taste the first hot, thick spurt of cum as it pulses into my mouth. I pull my head back, trailing strands of sperm, and pump his cock with my encircling fingers, extending my tongue to capture successive spurts of semen.

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It drapes over my tongue in thick white ropes, and oozes down my chin and down to my breasts. As his orgasm begins to wane, I take him again into my flooded mouth and suck on him eagerly, letting his cum flood out of my mouth and down the shaft of his cock. When he's done, I lick the sperm from his shaft. His cum tastes heavenly. He is finished with me for now. He smiles slightly at me as I raise my head, and I'm glad I was able to make him cum.

He indicates his consort with a slight sideways movement of his head, and I crawl obediently to her. She has parted her garment and exposed her perfumed, hairless sex to me. I bend down and lick upward along the length of her cleft, and she sighs with pleasure.

My tongue laps at her as she reaches down and parts herself with her fingers, to murmurs of approval from the other people in the room. She tastes wonderful. My tongue teases her just above her clit, moving from side to side, then laps against it repeatedly as she shudders. Looking up into her blue eyes, I stiffen my tongue and drive it inside her, tasting her flowing nectar. Again and again I stab into her, fucking her with my long tongue as she writhes against the invasion. Sensing her approaching climax, I let my tongue slide upward again, running the flat of it directly across her clit.

She gasps as I close my mouth over her sex and suck on her, then pull away and let her sensitive flesh slip from between my lips. Once again my tongue lashes at her bud, and she rewards my efforts with a shattering climax, hunching against my mouth and crying out as pleasure swirls through her. When she comes down from her peak, sobbing with pleasure, I ease my mouth away and look up at her, my face sultry with my own mounting sexual desire.

I wish I could make love to her every day, and I sense that she is thinking the same thing. It is time for the next phase of my ordeal to begin. The Emperor claps his hands twice, and two servant girls escort me to a raised slab in the center of the room.

They are naked. One of the girls is blonde, and looks very familiar, as if I've seen her before. There is a soft cusion covering the slab, and I am pushed gently down onto it. More servant girls join the two who brought me here, perhaps eight in all, and they quickly pour scented oil all over my body, spreading it with their hands. I feel two of them close their lips around my nipples, sucking them to hardness, then caressing them with their tongues.

Another kisses me, our tongues twining together. Their hands, fingers, lips, mouths, seem to be everywhere at once, moving smoothly over my slippery body as I writhe with pleasure. I feel slippery fingers penetrate my vagina and my anus, skewering in and out repeatedly. One finger is joined by others, polvo con corrida final entre lilith y snake they slowly fuck them in and out of my slippery holes, stretching me.

Other fingers rub my quivering clit, bringing me quickly toward orgasm. I cannot escape them. I don't want to escape them. I lose myself in them. I gasp and cry out as my body begins to convulse, arching upward as I reach a furious, wrenching climax. The girls do not stop. One of them gathers her four fingers together and slides them inside my cunt.

Her thumb tucks into her palm and she slowly fucks her entire hand inside my obscenely stretched vagina, sinking it inside me to her wrist. She twists it and turns it as she moves it in and out, fisting me. Another girl has bent down and is sucking on my clit. Her tongue is driving me wild with ecstasy. A third girl thrusts three fingers in and out of my lubricated ass.

Two more suck on my taut nipples, squeezing my breasts with their fingers. I orgasm repeatedly, shuddering violently, moving from one climax to the next without pause. my body alive with sensation. I sob from the repeated convulsions of my overstimulated body. Gently, they withdraw their fingers from my orifices and turn me over, bringing me to petite stepsis having a nasty dream about her stepbro hands and knees on the low slab.

They pour more oil on my body, their hands once again caressing my skin. I feel something being inserted in my vagina, a thick, smooth, wooden rod of some kind. Another one is slowly inserted in my asshole. Hands grip them and thrust them in and out, fucking me with them. They are stretching me, preparing me for what is to come. Slippery fingers again rub my frantic clit, and pinch my sensitive nipples. Once again, my tortured body erupts in orgasmic ecstasy as they jam the twin rods deep inside me.

After I've cum, they remove the thick rods and back away from me, leaving me crying softly, my body trembling, racked with pleasure. Again the Emperor claps his hands. Five black men are led in to the center of ther room. They, too, are slaves, captured somewhere in Africa by Roman soldiers. They are naked, tall and muscular, with big, trunk-like penises hanging between their strong legs.

Their heads and bodies have been shaved -- they are completely hairless. Somehow, as before, I know what is expected of me, and what is expected of them. These men, these savages, will fuck me. All of them. I fear them, and yet I'm excited, aroused by the thought of what awaits me. I descend from the slab and kneel on the floor as they gather around me. As I look quickly around the room, I see that several of the women have taken the men's cocks in their mouths. Others are straddling the men's cocks and impaling their cunts on them, moving slowly up and down.

Everyone watches the entertainment in the center of the room as they fuck. The black men gather around me and I reach for one of their cocks, raising it with my fingers and stroking it.

It is massive and thick. All of them are. As I stroke it, the glistening head emerges from beneath his foreskin, and I take it into my mouth. My two hands reach out blindly and grab two other cocks, stroking them as I feel them become engorged with blood.

I suck them, each in turn, masturbating the others at the same time with my hands. As one stiff penis slips from my mouth, another takes it's place. I turn this way and that, and always there is a new cock to suck on. I nurse on them greedily, slurping on their rigid cocks. Another clap. One of the black men lies on the slab, his cock sticking straight up, black and glistening with my saliva. Eagerly, I crawl over him. I'm no longer being compelled against my will, if I ever was.

I want this. I want to be fucked. I straddle his penis, reaching down to grasp it and guide it to the entrance to my slippery cunt. I sink slowly down on it, impaling myself on it's rigid length. It fills me deliciously, stretching the walls of my pussy. My muscles clasp it tightly, sucking on his embedded penis. A second slave moves up behind me, positioning his cock at the tight pucker of my ass.

It has been stretched by the servant girls' fingers and the wooden rod, and it now opens to accept the massive head see these luscious girls get screwed hard his cock as he slowly forces it inside.

I wince in pain at first, but gradually my defiled ass begins to accept the obscene invasion. He doesn''t wait, but brutally thrusts it deep inside me with an animal grunt.

Another ebony cock now appears in front of me. It's owner yanks my head up by my hair, and guides it between my lips, forcing me to suck it. My mind swirls with confusion. Three cocks are buried inside me! Savages, captured in some fetid, steaming jungle, and they are fucking me like rutting animals. They skewer their cocks in and out of me, all of them at once. It's as if my body is floating, suspended between them, held there by their thrusting, fucking cocks. Hands grab my hands and hold them outward, and they are soon filled with two other cocks -- the other two black men.

I stroke them eagerly now, aroused beyond all imagining, my mind unhinged by the ravaging of my body by these men. Savagely they fuck me, pumping their cocks in and out of lovesome kitten is geeting peed on and ejaculates wet cunt now-welcoming orifices. Suddenly, they stop, and I realize that they are switching positions. I hear a voice, a distant one, crying out. With shock, I recognize that it's my own, begging them to fuck me harder.

Soon enough, my body is once again stuffed with cock. On and on they go, fucking me for a while, then rotating, each of them enjoying every hole in my body. Each time they switch, I entreat them to thrust their cocks back into me.

I lose track of the number of times I cum. One orgasm blurs into the next as I descend into a turbulent sea of plunging black cocks. At last, I sense that they cannot or will not hold back any longer. As if by a signal, they bury their cocks deep in me, and I feel them spurt hot cum into me like seething, molten lava. Spurt after spurt floods my bowels as the cock in my ass flourishes violently. My pussy is flooded with syrupy cum as my muscles contract around the spurting cock buried inside it.

His sperm bathes me and soothes the fire in me. Then the cock in my mouth erupts, filling my mouth with copious spurts of delicious sperm. I scream around it as my own final orgasm grips my body, He continues to pump his cum into my mouth, and I gulp as much of it as I can down my throat.

Some of it escapes and oozes down my chin, dangling there and snapping off. Then the cocks in my hand spurt their cum, and I stroke them rhythmically as hot, thick cum drenches my fingers. I gasp for breath, coughing as the black men stand back, leaving me oozing sperm from every orifice of my body.

I hope that this is the final act, but a voice inside me tells me that it is not, that there is more yet to come. I collapse on the slap, on my back, trembling, struggling to regain control of my exhausted body.

Suddenly I hear a trumpet fanfare, a flourish of sound. I raise my head, and watch as a group of 80 men march in. It is a Centuria, a unit of the Roman military, let by a Centurion.

They wear breastplates and helmets, but are naked from the waist down. This group of men has been singled out for special honors, having demonstrated uncommon bravery in battle. The Centurian gives an order, and two of the men approach me, still lying on the slab. They move up on either side of my head, reach down, and slowly begin to stroke their cocks.

One of the servant girls, the blonde one, moves up behind my head and cradles it in her hands, whispering soothing words in my ear. The soldiers stroke their cocks, bringing them quickly erect. They continue to masturbate, bringing them close to my face as the audience watches with rapt attention. Once again I know, somehow, what is expected. I part my lips and extend my tongue, await the torrent of sperm that will soon spew forth from their balls.

I extend my tongue. The first of the soldiers suddenly groans and his penis erupts, sending viscous spurts of cum across my tongue, bathing it with warm wetness. Again and again his cock flourishes, covering my face with cum, some of it sliding down my tongue into my mouth.

The second soldier now begins to cum, and he pumps it out on my face, his sperm joining that of his partner. When they are finished, they wipe their spent cocks on my cheeks and move back into ranks, to be replaced by two more soldiers. They, too, jerk themselves off, masturbating until their cocks spew cum all over my face, bathing it with thick, white sperm.

I force the cum that has accumulated in my mouth out between my lips, and it runs down my cheeks in slow-moving rivulets as two more soldiers take their place.

On and on they come, two at a time, adding their hot, thick cum to the thick, gooey quantity already covering my face. Some of them spurt on my forehead, or in my hair. Some of them spew on my heaving breasts, and on my nipples.

Some of them spurt their cum on my nakedly hot vixens get fucked and facialized by hung studs cunt lips and clit.

I reach down between my parted legs and slowly rub my slippery pussy with my fingers, still oozing cum deposited inside by one of the black slaves. Most of them, though, aim for my mouth, which is repeatedly flooded to overflowing with cum. I keep forcing it out and making it run down my cheeks, but I swallow some of it, thinking that it will please the Emperor to do so. I can't describe my thoughts through all of this.

My mind swirls with the obscene image of how I look, a receptacle for all these men, a place for them to shoot their cum.

And yet, I find the scene pretty cutie is gaping spread slit in close up and getting off g strings and rubbing erotic, and my body again hovers on the brink of orgasm.

Through the ordeal, my servant girl whispers soothingly in my ear, and occasionally reaches out to clear the sperm from my closed eyes. Sometimes she gathers cum from my face with her fingers and brings it to my mouth.

Finally, the 80 men have all emptied the hot, thick cum from their balls on my body. My glistening, sperm-drenched face looks as if a bowl of cum has been turned over on it. The last man now approaches. It is the Centurian himself, a hero of Rome. He crawls up and straddles my body, sliding his monstrous cock between my breasts.

I reach up with my hands and hold them together, surrounding it. He fucks his cock between them, sliding easily, lubricated by semen. My breasts glisten wetly as his cock skewers between them. I lift my head so that I can extend my tongue and lick the head of his cock each time it thrusts forward.

My servant girl moves around behind him, between my legs, and begins lapping at my spermy cunt, her tongue sliding inside me, then caressing my clit, bringing me yet again to a climax. The Centurion groans and sinks his penis into my mouth. His balls explode, flooding my mouth yet again with cum. I suck on him eagerly, lifting my brown eyes to meet his cold blue ones.

I suck him dry, my lips stretched tight around the thick girth of his spurting cock, drinking down his cum. He moves back, his spent cock slipping from between my lips, trailing a thick strand of cum. The crowd erupts in prolonged applause. My servant girl laps lovingly at my spasming clit.

It is time for the finale. Once more the Emperor claps twice. Two of the soldiers depart, and return leading a huge white horse, an Arabian stallion. It is the Centurion's mount, and he, too, is destined to partake of me. The horse is led to the center of the room, and I descend to my knees and crawl to him.

The soldiers hold him as I bend beneath his belly, reach out, and begin to stroke his incredibly huge equine penis. It dangles from his body, seemingly three feet long as my fingers stroke it.

Soon the glistening glans emerges from it's sheath, throbbing and engorged with blood. I am beyond caring now. There is nothing I will not do. If I could, I'd let the horse fuck me. I bend forward and lick the head of his cock, slowly encircling it with my tongue. It's far too big for me to suck on, so I content myself with licking the head as I pump my fingers on the shaft, masturbating him. Lurid cock riding with wild awesome hottie tongue finds the hole at the tip of his monstrous cock, and I stiffen it and try to force it inside, fucking my tongue into the opening.

Suddenly, without warning, the stallion's thick cum blasts against my mouth, the force of his sperm knocking me backward. Powerful squirts of it erupt against my face, covering it with equine sperm.

Again and again it spurts forth, bathing my face with it, so much that it oozes down my body, covering my breasts and my belly. I reach down and rub my clit frantically, and my body explodes in a shattering, all-consuming climax as the stallion empties the last of his horse cum on my face.

The crowd roars it's approval. They are all fucking now. Cocks are thrust into pussies, into mouths, into asses. Women lick each other and force fingers into each other. Everyone participates, even the nubile servant girls. Cum spurts everywhere. The entertainment is over. The orgy has begun. They will fuck all night, I know. My blonde servant girl crawls to me and holds me in her arms, licking the horse's cum from my face. Our breasts press together and our legs intertwine, as she licks me like latino casting couch hot latina cast men for upcoming rolls on kitten.

I feel the fog envelop me, enclosing me in it's soothing warmth until I can no longer see, and I blissfully lose consciousness. ********** "Kimiko.are you awake?" The voice belongs to Gretchen. "Are you all right?" I gradually regain consciousness. I am still in the comfortable chair. The sensors and probes have been removed.

Gretchen's lips are at my ear. "Yes.I'm okay." I'm still trembling from the endless series of climaxes that have ravaged my body. My voice seems very weak and faraway. Gretchen is whispering softly.

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"I hope you don't mind that I participated a little bit in your experience, Kimiko. We do that sometimes, just for fun. I was a certain servant girl. You might recall her." "Mmmmm, yes, I remember," I smile, remembering.

"I thought perhaps you were the Emperor's consort." "Hmmmm, I wish I would have thought of that," says Gretchen, her hand tracing down my tummy and touching my exposed clit with a gentle fingertip. "Anyway.I hope you enjoyed your first session. Judging by your responsiveness, I suspect that you did." She gently stroked my clit, and leaned forward to kiss me. I feel myself becoming more alert, more aware. I raise my head and gaze at her. "Oh my god, it was amazing. It was like I felt it, LIVED it!

It was so REAL! I couldn't stop cumming!" "I know, sweetie, I know," she replies, sliding a finger inside me. "We've seldom had such an extreme fantasy, certainly not with a first-timer.

We weren't sure how you'd react to the horse.your questionnaire didn't give us too much to go on." "Mmmmm.that feels nice," I whisper, as she drags her wet finger over my clit and teases it. "Perhaps you'd like to explore a different fantasy tonight, sweetie," murmurs Gretchen. Her fingers are heaven. "I get off work in a few minutes." "I.I think I'd like that very much." THE END