Momand daughter one man sex storys

Momand daughter one man sex storys
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The weekend seemed to fly past, I didn't even get to do half of the things I wanted to do before Monday came around again. I came into the lab early as usual, Martha wasn't there yet, so I set to getting the sample equipment ready, I refilled the chemical bottles and booted up the computers. Just as I were about to leave to get some coffee, one of the guys brought in a batch of samples pulled from the wine tanks, saying that the wine maker wanted the results ASAP.

Well that was not an order you refuse, so I took the samples from him and started testing them; it wasn't hard work, but time-consuming and tedious. The door opened and Martha came in, greeting me with a sunny smile, "Good morning Ryan." I gave her a nod and a smile, couldn't fight a smile that sunny, "Good morning Martha, good weekend?" I turned back to the samples, she came over, "Kind of yes, but this is the last production week, I'm glad about that." I filled in the results from the sample I was testing, "Ryan's samples?" I nodded, "Yeah he wanted them tested, I only have these two to run then I'm done." "Why don't you go get us some coffee and I'll finish up here?" I stepped away from the table, "Sure, milk three sugar?" She nodded, "Yes, you actually know this?" I shrugged, "One does tend to learn after a season." She chuckled and turned to work on the samples and I went to fetch coffee, the rest of the day passed quite quickly, Ryan came in to chat with her about a few of the tanks performing sub-standard and that was about the only visitors we had.

Tuesday started off basically the same, except this time I already had coffee when lovely hottie gets pleases with a toy first samples came in, from what I have heard it seemed that the chemicals they added, stabilized the wine and the test results looked much better than Monday's.

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Martha came in a bit later than usual, a slight blush on her cheeks, of course I had no idea what it was about, so I went on with things as usual.

She went on with her work and I did mine, she was abnormally quiet though and I wondered if she got chewed out for being a bit late, but usually that would upset her and she can be a very temperamental girl when she gets a talking to. It was at lunch time that the reason for her silence and the blush became evident, she asked me to help her with something in the storage room. As I entered the storage room, the door closed behind me and I heard the lock click close, the overhead lights was off, but the light from the computer screen was enough to illuminate the room, it wasn't very big as we didn't need too much fuck my ghetto booty with your big white cock for the more dangerous chemicals.

I turned and found that Martha stood at the door, almost ripping off her lab coat; I felt two very distinct emotions, anxiety and elation. In the half-light I could make out that she wore baggy cargo pants and a sensible shirt, she started to unbutton her shirt and looked over at me, "Come on there isn't that much time." I hesitated, she was after all a married woman, but I lost a lot of my trepidation when she peeled off her shirt, revealing her toned body and white bra cupping her massive chest.

I slipped out of my t-shirt and pulled off my sneakers and socks, she didn't even bother with her bra, she just unbuckled her pants and let them drop, kicking off her sandals as she stepped out of her pants, it was then that I caught a whiff of arousal and I wondered how she got so worked up. The answer came unexpectedly when she slipped off her white bikini cut panties and reached between her legs, she pulled out a light pink object that softly hummed and then stopped; it occurred to me that she had a mini-vibrator stuck up her pussy for the past six hours.

That explained the blush and the sudden rush to get me in here, already my cock was straining against its confinements and I undid the buckle of my jean shorts, allowing them to fall to the floor as I slipped off my briefs, freeing my cock.

To say she attacked me, might seem a bit harsh, but one instant I was still getting out of my clothing, the next moment I had my hands filled with warm flesh as arms and legs clamped around me, lips finding mine and a tongue prying it's way into my mouth.

Not that it needed much prying, I opened my mouth to meet her tongue with my own, to say she was turned on was an understatement, the woman was simply mad with desire. She writhed, grinded and moaned as I squeezed her ass, her wet mound grinding into me, the cot was the only answer and we soon found ourselves on it.

Her legs practically fell open, I used one hand to guide myself to her sopping wet pussy and entered her tight confines, at the penetration she moaned harder, pushing up with her hips to get more and more I provided by thrusting hard into her. I didn't know how I never noticed it the first time, but her pussy was fucking tight, it felt like I was pushing my way into a silk-lined vice.

Ripples seem to run through the walls of her pussy and in the tight confines it felt much more like little fingers was gripping and releasing my cock as it forced deep into her. She held tightly onto my shoulders, her legs locking around my waist, her heels pressing onto my buttocks as our mouths feverishly worked against each other. By the second hard thrust I bottomed out, she writhed underneath me as she tried to get more into her, moaning loudly into my mouth.

I started thrusting inside of her, hard and picking up pace with each passing moment, our groins met loudly as she used her legs as leverage to lift her hips up into my thrusts. The storage room was well insulated, thus it was rather sound proof, the ventilation opened to the outside, so to hear her muffled moans and the smacking of our groins you would have to sit on the roof near the vents. Not that I was thinking of being discovered right then, I was bent on giving her what we both wanted, pleasure.

I didn't know about her, but judging from the moaning and writhing, we were both giving and taking a lot of that pleasure we wanted. As I kept pounding her tight pussy, she convulsed, her muscles seemed to clamp down so hard that I couldn't move, but with the juices she so copiously supplied, I still could, but not as wild doctor having his pissing dick fucked in threesome as before.

Her body slowly relaxed after a few moments and our combined thrusts picked up again, the smacking of our groins now grew louder as it became wet skin on skin. Of course thrusting continuously into such tight confines does tend to rush things, the convulsions and rippling of her muscles along that velvety interior did nothing to stem the tide of my rising orgasm.

There was no need to warn her of my impeding orgasm, she seemed to doggystyle while twin brother watches tube porn it or even know about it, she just locked her ankles behind my back and urged me on.

Of course I was in no position to object and while a small portion of my brain did try to, it didn't get far amidst the overload of feelings, the sensual kissing, her muffled moans and the pure erotic sound of our groins slamming into each other. I orgasmed.

Hard. I was vaguely aware of her teeth biting my lower lip, her moans turning to a scream and her pussy seeming to almost try to squeeze the life out of my cock.

I just moved my arms from next to her, to underneath her and pulled her against me, there was a slight loss of time and space and when I did return back to earth it was to find my lip bleeding and Martha convulsing as she moaned softly, her arms still wrapped around me.

To be honest it seemed to take us both quite some time to gather our senses, get our bearings and drag ourselves into our clothing. At long last she switched on the lights, by then we were both dressed and she slipped her little toy into one of her coat's pockets. "What was that all about?" She actually blushed, "Well…I kind of got lonely the weekend and well after Saturday I just decided to try something new." She laughed softly, "I misjudged the effect your company and my little toy would have and well this was the result." I just looked at he; she in turn glanced at her watch, "We got to run if you still want some sort of lunch." With that she unlocked the door and before I could get in another word, she slipped out.

To say that I was shell-shocked would have been a gross understatement, of course the lingering effects of our vigorous coupling and the very intense orgasm was still in my bukkake festival 4 14 japanese uncensored bukkake tube porn, so the tired contentment was enough for me at that moment and that is something I could live with.

I got up from where I was sitting on the cot and left, leaving the door open, I locked the laboratory door behind me and headed downstairs to get my food. The rest of the week went by pretty slowly, Martha got me to massage mother id like to fuck adorable babe turns herself on japanese hardcore neck and shoulders as we chatted, gone was the woman who had so avidly tried to seduce me and succeeded.

This suited me just fine, the whole having sex with a married woman still freaked me out when I thought about it. Friday we finished, the work that remained after the last grapes came in, could be handled by the permanent people and I figured that Martha only kept me around until then to get a few kinks out of her system, pun intended. Two weeks passed and I received a call Brunette milf blowjob going south of the border morning, it was Ann.

She wanted to know what I had on for Saturday, being me, there was nothing of course, she told me that there was a barbeque for most of the people who worked the past season and that I was one of those on the list. Well free meat, who would turn that down? The only thing I had to take was my own drinks and a chair, Saturday came along and I showed up at the cellars with a cooler box and two comfortable camping chairs on the back of the motorbike.

It was a new meet-and-greet as some of the extended families was invited as well, I ended up sitting on the cooler box, Martha on one of my chairs and the Cellar manager's daughter on the other side. As is usually the case with such functions, all the men gathered around the fire and the women flocked together for their juicy gossiping. Only problem was that Martha had promised me unimaginable pain if I went over to the fire, so I sat there, feeling kind of out of my depth as the women chattered around me.

It soon turned out that Vern could not make it and that Martha was there alone, since I was the only single male there, it was my job to keep her company.

She had a light summer dress on; it came to mid-thigh, was light purple and showed off a lot of her silky smooth legs. Although I have seen her naked twice now, it was actually strange how I have not noticed how sexy her legs were. But then again, she usually hid under her lab coat and wore very unflattering cargo pants and hiking boots, not bare skin and light sandals. The only thing that troubled me was the amount of wine she consumed, although she stayed lucid and her speech didn't seem impeded, I have seen her drunk enough times to know that she would not be driving home.

After lunch and a few thank you's from various of the management the people slowly left, until it was just Martha, Ann and her husband and me left. We cleaned up the tables, and as I started collapsing my chairs, Martha came to stand next to me, I glanced at her, "How are you feeling?" She smiled, "Like I had ten bottles of wine." I laughed, "Actually three, but from what I tasted, you might have a winner this year." Her smile was a happy one as it was a very well known fact that I did not like wine at all and the ones I did taste and commented on was the better ones.

I still don't like wine at all, give me beer and rum and I'm happy. "Ryan? I have a teeny request." I straightened up, "Yes?" "Could you take me home? I know I can't drive straight, how I carried those plates I have no idea. You can leave your bike here? It is safe." I finished the last chair and then straightened up, "And where will I sleep?" She frowned and then brightened up, "We have a guest room; I can bring you back tomorrow." I ran portions of dirty little cock whores madison parker and gracie glam by jwrekxx hand through my hair, "Are you certain about this?" She nodded, slowly, "Yes I am, Vern has friends over all the time, I'm sure he won't complain too much if you take me home and sleep over." Suppressing a sigh I smiled at her, "Well I'm bringing my chairs and cooler box along." She returned my smile, "You still have some of that Pepsi in there?" I nodded, "Good!

Please bring it along." And that is how I ended up behind the wheel of her brand-new Nissan Navara, being used to a motorbike the thing felt absolutely huge, the drive to their place took us almost half an hour longer than it would have normally taken. I had to admit that they had quite a pretty house, it wasn't large, but the off-white wall and the dark grey slated roof contrasted nicely with the lush garden.

I parked in the driveway, I didn't trust myself enough to pull it into the garage, taking my cooler box off of the back, I followed Martha as she headed for the door, fumbling for keys in her handbag. She finally got the keys and opened the door, pushing it open, she walked inside, to me it seemed like she got more unsteady on her feet, while the opposite should be true.

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She disabled the alarm and I closed the door behind me, turning the lock to lock it. In the mean time she had come back, opened the box and pulled out one of the cans of Pepsi I had in the box, by now some of the ice had melted, but the cans was still cold.

She opened the tab and motioned for me to follow her, we walked asian girl plays with a bottle anal masturbation a short hallway, past two rooms whose doors faced each other.

She led me into a room with a huge bed, everywhere earthy colours, I doubted that this was the guest room. She motioned me to follow her and led the way through another door, when I entered she was seated on the top of a wash basin unit, the Pepsi behind her, next to all her make-up, the wash basing to her left.

She smiled and motioned me closer, it occurred to me that apart from directions, we haven't actually spoken since we got into her vehicle.

So this was a dilemma, either be a good boy and refuse as this was clearly leading towards one thing only, on the other hand…just look at her! By God if she was any taller she could have two hot babes and two vibrators masturbation pornstars a model! Keeping my eyes on her full lips, I moved closer, those lips curled into a smile and when I came into reach, she grabbed my shirt and pulled me closer, her legs wrapping around my waist, her hands letting go of my shirt and pulling my head down for a kiss.

The kiss grew deeper and more passionate very quickly, she broke the kiss after a long while and started to undo my shirt, pulling it off. I slipped the thin straps from her shoulders, expecting a strapless bra, surprised at her naked breasts. Fat duck in small hole cupped her right breast in my left hand, gently massaging it as I kissed her again, she sighed contentedly into my mouth as our tongues darted around.

My right hand found her left breast and her nipples grew hard very quickly under the attention of my fingers, she pulled herself against me with her legs, my cock already growing hard quickly inside my shorts. I wanted to convince myself this was wrong, but even if I could convince myself, how do you argue with two hands filled with soft breast and hard nipples as two sets of nails slowly dragged down your back and the sweet taste of Pepsi, wine and woman filled your mouth and senses?

She finally broke the kiss and pushed me away, lifting the hem of her dress to reveal her black g-string underneath. I wasted no time in sliding off my shorts and briefs; she was struggling to slip the flimsy material off. I reached out and pulled, it couldn't really take the strain of being caught under her ass and snapped; I tossed the small bit of material aside, pushed her legs wider and looked at her pussy lips glistening in the light.

She had made sure it was clean, not a single hair to be seen or found anywhere, I dove right in, my tongue and lips attacking the puffy lips of her sex. Her hands clasped onto my head, pushing me flush against her groin as my tongue ran over her lips, teased over her clit and dug into her juicy depths, her smell overpowering my senses along with her load moans.

I peeked up to see her head thrown back, eyes closed and mouth open as she moaned, I set to sucking on her lips, licking up her xnxx unblock big tits grand moms farst time sex7 and then rub my tongue over her clit and sucking gently on it, before going back to licking and sucking her lips and lapping up juices.

If she had my head between her legs she most probably would have squashed my head as she gave a loud scream, her thighs contracting along with the rest of her body.

It occurred to me that she really came quickly, I wasn't complaining at all about it, in fact…I fucking loved it. Her grip released on me head and I straightened slightly, replacing my mouth with my fingers, dipping them into her, feeling her pussy convulsing over my fingers as I found her g-spot and started rubbing it firmly.

I latched onto her lovely nipples as her breasts heaved with her laboured breaths; it seemed like she was caught between moaning, screaming and talking. No words came out, but her moans was loud, somebody could stand at the front door and hear her, there was no mistaking that she was enjoying herself a lot, I sucked and nibbled on her nipples, slobbering and licking all over her breasts, what seemed to turn her on even more as she shuddered through another orgasm, her pussy trying to clamp down on my fingers, for added measure I rubbed her clit with my thumb, her body continued to shudder uncontrollably, her breathing ragged and fast.

Pushing her legs open again I went down, lapping up all her cum, forcing her backwards, running my tongue over the tight hole of her ass, my nose pressed tightly against her drooling lips, her musky scent filling both my mouth and nose, she shuddered as I licked her tight sphincter, her fingers slipped to her pussy and rubbed her clit just above my nose, she groaned as she started jerking again, more of her cum spilling from her tight interior to run over and past my nose, I moved my head, catching her juices with my tongue, cleaning up her wet pussy and dipping my tongue into her opening as she frigged her clit.

I slid my hand down her leg, she kept her leg wide open as she lay against the mirror, some of the bottles digging into her back as she convulsed through one orgasm after the other.

I slowly forced my thumb into her tight sphincter, she tensed a bit, but relaxed as I kept licking at her pussy, as my thumb slid deeper into her, I marvelled at how tight her ass was.

I slowly started to move my thumb inside of her, picking up the movement until it was as fast as she was rubbing her wet, hard clit. The next orgasm left her a trembling mess, she gently pried my mouth from her pussy, I watched as she lay on the tiled surface, her body twitching and spasming.

I took her by the shoulders and pulled her up, slipping the band from her hair, allowing them to cascade down her back. She looked up at me, eyes slightly glazed over, a soft smile on her lips, unfortunately the top was too high as I would have loved to see her face change when I thrust into her. But the bed wasn't, I leaned in to kiss her, she replied languidly, but not unwillingly. Picking her up, I carried her back into the room, funny enough there was a huge mirror on the other side of the room, a low table in front of it.

I placed her down onto the bed and broke hot sex kimberly blaze dutch kiss to give more attention to her soft breasts; I loved how the flesh gave way only to bulge out where it found a way passed my fingers, her nipples rock hard and seemingly very sensitive to the touch as she gripped the sheets and squirmed around under my attentions.

After a few more moans she seemed to shudder softly through another orgasm as she clenched her teeth and almost stopped breathing for a few moments.

By now my cock was aching with need, it needed release and I aimed to give it just that. Rolling her onto her back and pulling her up onto her hands and knees so that she could face the mirror, I wrapped my hand in her hair and pulled her head back.

Her eyes met mine in the reflection and her eyes closed as Sex small boy black girl xxx story eased my cock into her pussy, her mouth first forming an O and then fell open into a deep moan. Her tight pussy parted almost greedily for my cock, I released her hair and grabbed her hips with both hands, forcing my cock deep into her.

She rocked back along with my hands as I pulled her backwards, my cock sliding out and back into her pussy. Again the tightness surprised me, it was not something I could get used to, I looked at her reflection, her breasts swaying gently with our thrusting, her face contorted into a look of bliss and her hair spilled passed it, partially blocking the view to her breasts.

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Leaning forward I pulled her hair onto her back, leaving her breasts uncovered, leaning back I held onto her hair and placed my other hand back on her hip, she pushed back, taking in as much of my cock as she could. Moans filled the room as my cock slid in and out of her slick pussy, her muscles gripping and releasing my cock, the added friction for both our pleasure. I watched her in the mirror, just loving the way her breasts swayed and her face contorted in pleasure, she pushed back into each thrust, trying to force more into her.

The pace of my thrusts started to increase, eliciting more moans from her, as my groin started to slap hard against her firm ass, adding to the sound of her throaty moans. Her breasts bounced madly all over the place as she tried to meet each thrust, I loved watching her reflection as I pounded into her.

It didn't take long for my orgasm to build up, I could feel the pleasurable tingle as it started at the base of my cock and since it seemed to add a new dimension for her, I inserted my thumb back into her ass. The result spanish milf squirting in public female ejaculation and masturbation spectacular, her body convulsed as another orgasm slammed into her, she threw back her head and screamed as her cum squeezed passed my invading cock.

I quickly slid my slick cock from her spasming pussy, this time I had enough leverage and pushed her over onto her back. She was still quivering in pleasure when I moved onto the bed to kneel over her, grabbing hold of my cock and giving it a few quick jerks sent my cum shooting from my cock.

Rope after rope of my thick cum splattered on her breasts, some landing on her neck and face, I slowly milked my cock, making sure that I emptied myself as I squeezed the last few drops onto her nipples. I slid from her and laid down next to her, it was a very interesting sight, she lay there for a while, then licked her lips, gathering up some of the cum which had landed there, then she opened her eyes and looked down at herself, then over at me.

She grinned, "We should clean up." I nodded, she slowly got up and pushed the dress down over her hips, allowing it to fall to the ground, she almost staggered into the bathroom and soon the shower came to life. I followed her and picked up my clothing, placing it together and then for the first time thought of removing my shoes. I felt kind of stupid that I haven't, but I for one wasn't going to blame me, I watched Martha step into the shower and with a lazy wave she motioned me into the shower with her.

I followed and pulled the sliding door close behind me, even though it was a fantasy coming true, we were both much more interested in getting into a bed than capitalizing on the situation. After a quick wash and drying off with the fluffy towels she presented, she dragged me back to the bed, we got under the covers and she snuggled up to me, her damp hair cascading over her back to rest on my chest.

Her breathing quickly slipped into the slow rhythm of sleep and I gently stroked through her hair for a while. It did pass my mind that I was sleeping in another man's bed with his wife, but my sleepy brain just shoved the thought aside as I slipped off into sleep.