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A precious specie offer hardcore and european
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Disclaimer: This story does not reflect the attitudes or characters in the Harry Potter series, nor does it have any affiliation with its author. Chapter 3 Harry looked at Ron in confusion. There had been nothing out of the ordinary about yesterday and he couldn't see what Ron was possibly referring too. Was Harry forgetting something?

Had he done something wrong? 'Ron mate what are you going on about?' asked Harry. 'Look Harry I've been speaking to Ginny, and as much as I don't want to, I think we need to talk about sex.' said Ron. Harry could see what Ron meant when he had said this was going to be awkward.

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They had over the years discussed girls, as best friends do, but this was his own sister. Harry wasn't really an open person and this was the last thing that he wanted to speak with Ron about right now. 'Why bespectacled brunette slut has her cunt pummeled big tits cumshot you want to speak about this mate if its going to be awkward?' he replied to Ron.

'Well like I said I've been speaking to Jav uncensored ameri ichinose ichinose and she's asked that I have a word with you.' Ron said as he sat down on his own bed facing Harry.'Believe me I tried getting out of this telling her I didn't want to know but she insisted, something about her having to listen to me and Hermione whilst she tried to sleep or something like that.' 'She's told me how you don't want to do anything with her whilst you're here because of mum.' Ron continued 'But mate I've had the same lecture of off mum, you just have too ignore her and hope she never finds out.' 'It's not just that Ron, your mums done so much for me and I'd feel bad disrespecting her wishes.' said Harry.

'I know mate, but if you think its just lads that think about sex a lot then you've got another thing coming. And I know it must have been hard for Ginny to come talk to me about this so it must be bothering her mate.' replied Ron. 'I suppose I should do something then' sighed Harry. 'Only if you're ready mate, and if you're worried about doing it in the house then there's a little cottage not far from here that my aunt owns.' said Ron.

'She never uses it and its where me and Hermione went first time.' 'Okay cheers mate.' And that left Harry with the perfect idea. ***** *A Few Days Later* Ginny walked down stairs for breakfast late. She'd been up late last night masturbating after Hermione had gone to sleep and it was starting to lose its appeal. She remembered the conversation she had had with her brother the other day and had hoped that he would have been able to change Harry's mind about sex by now.

Seems she couldn't trust that idiot Ron for anything. As she walked into the kitchen she noticed that Harry wasn't there, which was strange as he was always up earlier and would wait for her to come down and hombre cojiendcon yeguas en selos breakfast with him. 'Mum where's Harry?' She asked Mrs Weasley who was washing up by the sink. 'Oh he said he was going out for a walk dear' she replied.

'No doubt he wants to think about some things and clear his mind, I'm not surprised after all that the poor boys been through.' Worried a bit about what he would need to think about that he couldn't talk to her about, she turned around and left the kitchen without having anything to eat to go and find Hermione.

'Ohh Hermione you're here.' Ginny said as she walked into the lounge and sat down on the sofa next to Hermione.

'Hi Ginny, what's up?' Hermione asked, noticing that her friend was on the verge of tears. 'I don't know if its just me being paranoid but I think Harry's going to break up with me.' she said, the first few tears running down her face. 'Ohh Ginny.' Hermione said, putting her arm around her.

'Why would he do that? He loves you.' 'Does he though? He's never told me he does, and he wont have sex with me, no matter how hard I try to seduce him. And now he's gone off this morning without even telling me where, or even speaking to me at all.' She wept into the shoulder of her best friend. 'Look Ginny. All boys are shy about expressing their love towards girls. Ron hasn't said that to me yet but it doesn't mean he doesn't love me.' Hermione replied.

'And I know that Harry loves you. I was with him all last year and you was on his mind all the time. He used to lie awake at night reading the Marauders Map to check that you were ok. Every night without doubt he'd sit there for hours just staring at your name.' 'Really?' asked Ginny as Hermione nodded.

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'Wow he never told me that.' 'Yes well now we've cleared that up how about we go and buy you some sexy underwear to help seduce Harry!' insisted Hermione with a smirk on her face. ***** Harry had just got in from what he had told Mrs Weasley was 'a walk to clear his mind'. Like he was going to tell her that he was out planning a romantic night for Hot twink wakes up as muscled buddy takes his ass in nasty fuck tube porn. He did feel bad about having to lie to Mrs Weasley but loved Ginny and this was something he had to do for her.

'Oh Harry you're back.' said Mr Weasley looking up from his newspaper. 'Molly asked me to ask what you would like for dinner tonight?' 'I'm sorry Mr Weasley I forgot to say I was planning on asking Ginny if she would like to come into the village for dinner at a restaurant tonight.' replied Harry guiltily. 'That's fine Harry, although you must tell me what its like, I've always wanted to try 'fast food restaurants' as the muggles call them but Molly wouldn't approve.' said Mr Weasley, somewhat disappointed.

'Sure thing Mr Weasley' replied Harry as he made his way upstairs to his and Ron's bedroom. Harry was half way up the stairs when he heard a scream from his bedroom that made him sprint the rest of the stairs and burst into the room. 'YES! I did it Harry!

I DID IT, IM IN!! screamed Ron whilst jumping around his room in delight. 'What are you going on about Ron?' Harry asked in confusion. Ron threw an opened letter to him and said 'I'm in at the Cannons!!' Harry read the letter. Dear Mr Ronald Weasley, I am writing to inform you about the position you held trial for at the Chudley Cannons U20 team. Our coaches have analysed your performances in these trials and have made a decision on whether you fly at a high enough standard for this prestigious teams youth squad.

We are delighted to inform you that your services are wanted as we would like to offer you the position of goalkeeper in our youth team. If you still express your desire to play for this team please contact us to arrange a meeting tomorrow to discuss your contract and medical.

Yours Sincerely Fabian Fawcett Head Coach of the Chudley Cannons 'Wow mate this is brilliant!! Well done' congratulated Harry. 'I know! I'm going to reply now and meet them first thing tomorrow. Ahh I can't wait to tell Hermione.' beamed Ron as he practically bounced out of the room.

Harry was made up for Ron. This was what he'd been dreaming about all his life. Although Ron hadn't been the best goalkeeper at Hogwarts his confidence had grew after the war and had gone sky high when he started dating Hermione.

Harry had gone to watch him fly at his trial match for the Cannons and he had performed exceptionally well. And on these happy thoughts he started to get ready for his big night. ***** Ginny was lying on her bed reading the Quibbler that Luna had just sent over.

Just as she got to the end of an article about how Cornelius Fudge had decided to live life as a muggle there was a piece of paper pushed under her door. It then fluttered up of off the floor and hovered in front of her until she took hold of it. She looked down and read. Meet me outside at 5. Harry x P.s.

Open the box outside your door. Getting up she approached her bedroom door and opened it. Looking around outside Harry had disappeared but a square box was neatly wrapped on the floor.

Picking it up, she took it back into her room and placed it on her bed black cocks matter krissy lynn lets black cock stretch pussy she began to unwrap it. 'Wow. Ohh Harry' she said out loud to her self as she pulled out a beautiful silver dress with black flower patterns.

'I guess its lucky I bought that underwear with Hermione.' And with that she started to get ready. ***** Harry was checking his reflection in the mirror. Earlier when he'd gone into town he'd gone to the hairdressers and asked the women in there if she could tidy his hair up a bit.

She'd told him however that it would never lie flat so she'd styled it so that it was still messy but looked a bit cooler. He'd also been into a muggle clothes shop to by Ginny a dress and some smart clothes for himself. Not knowing anything about fashion he'd asked the sales assistant what she thought would be appropriate for a date. She seemed to be delighted with this little project and had him trying clothes on for a hour until she found an outfit that she felt he looked good in.

So now here he stood in a new pair of shoes, some skinny jeans and a chequered shirt. He admitted to himself its not the normal black shemale lesbian fucck hard of thing that he or wizards atall would wear but he did notice on his way back that a lot of people his age in town were wearing the same sort of thing.

As he heard the door open he turned round to see Hermione and Ron walking in. 'Wow Harry, you look different' said Hermione 'Looking very modern and cool.' 'Thanks, thought I best make an effort' he replied. 'Yeah Ron's told me all about your plan for tonight and don't worry, I taught Ginny the contraceptive charm weeks ago' said Hermione, to which Harry smiled nervously and Ron shot her a look that clearly said 'Stop talking now!' 'Well I've got five minutes so I best go down and wait for her' he said nervously as he walked past the couple and headed towards the door.

'Good luck' they said in unison as he left the room. Harry was stood out in the garden as Ginny walked out through the front door towards him. 'Wow you look beautiful Ginny' he said as she approached him and gave him a passionate kiss. 'Thank you, the dress is amazing, I love it' she said as she took his hand and he led her out towards the path at the end of the garden.

'So where are we going?' 'Well I've bought us some tickets for the cinema in town' he replied. 'What's that? 'It's a muggle business, you watch films on a big television screen' He answered as simply as he could. It still amused him how pure blood wizards and witches didn't know about such things. ***** 'That was amazing Harry' Ginny had loved the cinema, she had found the concept of people going to watch films on a big screen intriguing and had enjoyed sitting cuddled with Harry whilst watching a romantic film.

'I'm glad you liked it' said Harry as he put his arm around his girlfriend and led her back through town. 'Where are we going Harry? This isn't the way home.' questioned Ginny but Harry remained silent and just carried on walking. 'Isn't this my aunts cottage?

She asked again as they reached a garden gate, and again he didn't answer as he led her to the front door. 'After you' he said as he opened the door for her and followed her inside. Ginny was shocked. When Harry had opened the door she didn't know what to expect, but it certainly wasn't this.

The front room was in semi darkness as candles illuminated the centre of the room.

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A candle lit table, beautifully decorated with a rose stood in the middle of the room. There was also a soft melody playing from the radio that was sat in the corner. Harry guided her to her to a chair and held it out as she took a seat. Harry then sat down opposite her and clicked his fingers. A waiter dressed in smart dress robes walked out from the kitchen with two plates of delicious looking food.

'You even got a waiter!' said Ginny shocked at the effort he had gone through just for her. 'Of course, I wanted tonight to be special' he replied. So they continued to eat their meal talking to softly to each other until they had finished. 'So are you ready for your next surprise?' Harry asked her. She nodded happily with the biggest smile possible etched across her face.

'Ok I need you to put this on' and he passed her a blindfold. Becoming excited, she did as she was told and allowed Harry to guide her upstairs. As they reached a room upstairs Harry asked softly in her ear 'Okay are you ready?' and she nodded again. Harry pulled the blindfold over her eyes and let in fall to the floor. Ginny looked around speechlessly. The room was again light up by red scented candles and a double bed made up of silk quilts and pillow with rose petals scattered across the blankets.

She turned to face Harry as he said 'You know how I said I didn't want to have sex in your parents house.' looking around the room to signal his intentions. Ginny's heart skipped a beat. After a year of longing for what was about to come he had made such a great effort to make it perfect already.

And as Harry brought his hand to her cheek he reached down and kissed her. A kiss full of passion and desire. And he kept kissing her, never stopping as she reached for his shirt and began undoing the buttons.

Frustrated at how many there were she just pulled the shirt forcefully off of his body. Harry went too reach around Ginny towards the zip on her dress but she pushed him backwards so that his knee's hit the bed and he fell backwards onto it. 'If you don't mind, I've got a surprise of my own' she whispered seductively as she unzipped her dress and let it fall to the floor.

Harry stared in shock. She was wearing a matching lacy red bra and pants as well as suspenders. Her boobs were pushed up in her bra cutie jacker will focus on school from today on Harry just wanted to have his hands all over them straight away but she hung back teasing him. Turning away from Harry he noticed how the panties seemed to melt around her bum, and his cock became erect at the thought of her taking them off.

Ginny sensed that Harry was overly excited so she planned on teasing him a bit more. She unclasped her bra with her back to him and threw it to the side. She then bent forward pushing her arse back into Harry's face as she let him get a quick squeeze before she took them off as well and then turned round to face him. 'I want you out of them clothes now!' she ordered. Shedding his clothes quickly as possible he walked over to her and lifted her off her feet, carrying her to the bed where he placed her down and climbed on top of her.

Leaning down to kiss her he let his hands explore her body. First reaching down and caressing her legs as he brushed his hand against her inner thigh. He passed over her pussy for now and reached up for her boobs. They were more perfect than he had imagined and he squeezed them gently, rubbing her nipples as they became hard.

He stopped kissing her as began trailing kisses along her neck, leading his way down her body to her nipples where he licked her slowly. And as he began to suck and bite on her nipples Ginny let out a moan of longing. This is what she had always dreamed about. All those times she had touched herself at Hogwarts or in her bedroom wishing it was Harry and now it was and it was more wonderful than she could imagine.

Harry started oh my god im cumming worry as he reached down with his hand, passing over her small strip of pubic hair, to rub his fingers against her pussy. He'd never done any of this before and didn't want to do anything wrong. But instinct kicked in and he began to rub his thumb against her clit.

'Ohh fuck' Ginny moaned out loud as Harry continued rubbing. His confidence grew as he took this as a signal that he was doing something right.

He didn't know why but it all seemed so familiar and easy to him. Putting that a side he had a new idea. He trailed his kisses away from Ginny's nipples, to which she let out a groan of disappointment that soon became a moan of pleasure and excitement as Harry began to kiss his way down her thigh. Pulling her pussy wide he reached forward to suck and lick her clit as he inserted a finger into her hole.

Ginny moaned even louder as she placed her hands russian shower locker room voyeur the back of his head, pushing him down, longing for more. After a few minutes of carrying on with this, as well as reaching up to pinch her nipples, her body tensed up and her legs wrapped tightly around his head as she cried 'Oh God!

I'm cumming.' Her sweet juices ran out onto his tongue as he tasted her. Licking at her pussy in a search for more she stopped him and forced him down next to her on his back. It was time for Ginny to trail kisses of her own down his slim body. Although Ginny had never done anything sexual with her previous boyfriends she had begged Hermione for information on how she could pleasure Harry.

So as she kissed her way past her stomach she came face to face with his 6 inch erection. Leaning forward she pulled his foreskin back and licked his bellend. Wanting to give him more please she trailed her tongue down to his balls, which she began to suck whilst stroking his cock.

Harry was just lying back enjoying the ride. He had never felt anything like this and he had a feeling more was yet to come. He was certainly right. Ginny trailed her tongue back up and engulfed his cock into her mouth, enjoying the taste, as she began to suck, twirling her tongue around his bellend. Harry jerked with excitement as she carried on taking his cock deeper in her mouth until she had all 6 inches in.

Sensing that he was about to come however she stopped what she was doing and lay back down next to him. Harry turned to face her. 'Are you ready?' She quickly pulled out her wand and tapped it against her stomach three times muttering to herself until her tummy lit up red and then returned to normal.

Harry presumed that this was the contraception charm Hermione had mentioned. 'Definitely' she replied as he climbed back on top of her and positioned himself between her legs. Ron had told him earlier about how a girls first time was painful and what he should expect. So he started by pushing in slowly, fitting an inch into her tight pussy. It was like a vice around his cock and it took him time to push further in until he reached a barrier.

All this time Ginny was holding onto him tightly. It black babe gets fucked in hardcore fashion already hurting her a little because she was so tight, and she knew it was about to get a whole lot more painful.

Harry looked down into her eyes and she nodded, telling him she was ready. In a final act before taking her virginity he held her hand and thrust in tearing her hymen. Ginny whimpered quietly in pain and squeezed Harry's hand as he lay still letting her get her composure back.

After a minutes of waiting she whispered 'okay carry on but go slow.' Harry pulled out and then pushed back in slowly. The sensation rushing through him as he built up a slow and steady rhythm was carrying him closer to cumming, but he had to get Ginny there as well.

Knowing that he wouldn't last he rolled them both over so that she was riding him. Ginny had squealed in excitement as Harry had rolled them both over. The pain was going with every passing second and it was being replaced with more please. More pleasured than she'd ever had. Placing her hands on his chest she began grinding herself against him. She knew he wouldn't last long so she lent forward moaning and whispered in his ear 'Rub my clit Harry.' He didn't let her down.

As she leaned back he reached out and rubbed her clit frantically with one hand and began to rub her nipple again with the other. 'Fuck Harry! Just. Ohhh. Like. That' she groaned to him as she began big dick in the ass beautiful blonde grind herself against him even faster.

'Ohh my god! You've got me so close.' Harry couldn't hold on any longer. 'I'm about to cum.' 'Don't you dare Harry Potter! I'm nearly there. ohh god. YESS!

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Arghhh I'm cumming.' As her pussy tighten round his cock he let himself go and fired his thick load deep into her pussy. Ginny was still still grinding slowly against his cock as she felt his warm cum fill her pussy up.

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Falling forwards onto his chest she lay panting, struggling to catch her breath as the effects of a powerful orgasm still swept through her. Harry lay back in total peace and he placed his arms round her, cuddling her to his chest as he stroked his hand against her back.

She looked up at him, And he said for the first time in his life 'I love you Ginny Weasley.' 'I love you too Harry Potter' To Be Continued.