Tease and denial jerk off

Tease and denial jerk off
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The Shaman 4 Well, That was a surprise. Perhaps we WERE immortal. Sara didn't know how to reach John White Eagle and that was the only person that we thought could answer our questions. Not that we were all that sure we wanted to ask. He might think that was too much knowledge. Sara hadn't asked and didn't know how old John was. Then we heard a knock on the door.

I walked to it and looked through the peep hole. There was a tall, dark and handsome man at the door who looked vaguely native-American. "Fuck it." I said, and opened the door. Stuck out my hand and said "Hello, John." He grasped it and said "Hi, Mark." I said, " I suppose that it isn't too surprising that you showed up just now. After all, you are a shaman." "Right, and I already know what you figured out. You're immortal.

Well, not really. The wrong thing happening, would kill you, but you're not going to die a natural death, unless you just want to," said John. "Some do, you know." "I'm guessing that you know the future as well, since you brnd sis six real pak to travel from somewhere to arrive at my door, seconds after we figured this out." I said.

"It's true I can read the future but I have the ability to read only what I want to, and I wanted to help you when you figured this out." Said John.

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"Well, that is better than what I was afraid might happen." I said. "And what was that? said John. "We just didn't know. We didn't know if you would consider what we have been doing the proper use of the powers." I said. "And what did you do? Start WW III? Just joking. I know you didn't. By the way, I don't know all the future. I don't want to. But I listen to the news.

If you had done anything really naughty, it would have been on CNN. I am vaguely aware of what other people with the power are doing, and I could tell you were having fun and not hurting anyone. Not that you could directly do so. Your powers won't even let you change if it would cause a car accident.

Likewise, you couldn't disguise yourself and rob a bank. If you were yourself, you could do something wrong, but if you were like that the power wouldn't have even come to you." Said John.

"That's a relief. I don't even have to worry about being tempted, if you really mean it." I said. "Let me tell you, if you disguised yourself using the power, you couldn't even act in a bad movie." Said John. "Not even porn?" I jack of spades sissy boi. "Depends on its artistic value." Said John.

I laughed. "You're kidding, right?" "Well, yes and no. A lot of porn actually does good," said John. "Well, take me in and introduce me to your family." I suddenly realized that I, Sara and Louise were sort of a little family, already.

I had already thought of inviting Louise to live with us, and thought better of it just because it was way too quick to ask something like that. "Well, come on in. Me casa su casa. And by the way, that's about all the Spanish I know." I said.

"You have more powers than you seem to know. You haven't talked to anyone who speaks a foreign language, have you?" Said John. "Well, no." I said.

By that time, John and I were to the conversation pit. I had whipped on a robe to go to the door. But Sara and Louise were nude. John stripped off his horny redhead teen enjoys sucking her boyfriends huge cock before giving each a hug. I introduced Louise and John. I took off my robe and hugged John too. We sat down in the conversation pit, and continued our conversation. "So we're immortal." Said Sara. "Not really. Accidents can kill you, and if sensual cunnilingus for hot luscious babe hardcore and blowjob have a condition or a disease that would kill you, you would have to CHANGE to fix it.

But if you don't jump out in front of moving buses… You could jump off a cliff and if you had time to change into a bird…" said John.

"What, I could change into a BIRD?" asked Louise. "Yeah. Whatever floats your boat," said John. "But the power isn't really able to change the world. Global warming could still really kill us all.

That is beyond the power's ability to fix." I'm afraid that the power can only do little things like having fun and random acts of kindness. Random acts of meanness are ruled out. The rule that the power can only do good, is the reason why the world can't be changed.

You can't change the world because someone would have to get hurt. That's part of the rule of unintended consequences. Unfortunately real life is not that simplet. Many things that people do, unintentionally hurt other people, and some people just don't give a shit if they do." "So what should we do with this power we have?" I asked. "For a while at least, you should have fun. Once you figure it out, then you can do more. Meanwhile I am here to help you have fun and learn your powers." Said John.

"So let's have fun. Are you here for the party? And by the way, how old are you anyway?" I said. "Hey, I just graduated from college. How old can I be?" John said, not answering me.

I just let it go.

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"Hey, Sara said you gave her a really big penis, and you a vagina and tits." I said. "Where can we go with that?" "Okay, all the guys will have vaginas and tits, and all the girls will have big penises, but to make it all different, the change will take 30 minutes so we can see it happen." Said John. I immediately felt a strange sensation in my penis and chest, but nothing obvious was happening.

I started playing with my penis, and it got erect just like normal, but it was a little shorter, or was that my imagination? Sara and Louise went to the kitchen to make some sandwiches, and I started watching John's penis which was already shorter than busty babe fucking studs by the pool harmony starting out. I watched John intently, but noticed nothing.

Then I looked down at my nipples, and they definitely seemed larger. My penis seemed shorter too. It was like watching a clock. You have to look away to see a change. I went into the bathroom and watched my nipples and chest. It did seem like they were swelling. Yes, I was up to an A cup. I looked down at my penis, and it was already an inch shorter.

This was interesting, and since I was sure the change would be temporary, I wasn't worried, much! I looked back at my breasts and they were up to a B cup, as best I could tell without trying on a bra. I looked down at my penis and it was ½ as long as it had been 5 minutes ago. I looked in the mirror, and my breasts kept swelling up.

John had said nothing about hair, so I was afraid of having hairy tits. I pulled out a razor and shaved them. Meanwhile, my penis was down to ¼ its original size.

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I had a cunt before, but it happened really fast, and the hair seemed to have been trimmed nicely. Now my penis was about to vanish in a thicket of hair. I got out my hair trimmers, and cleaned off a nice landing strip, being careful not to harm my tiny penis.

Without a sound, it shrunk down to a clitoris, and a dimple appeared below it, where my balls HAD been. To take my mind off of that, I looked at my breasts in the mirror. My God, they were visibly getting woman with glasses gets her pussy banged by pawn guy. How big were they going to get?

They were expanding like balloons being blown up. The nipples were about as big as my thumbs. Fascinated, I picked up my right breast, and brought the nipple up to my mouth and sucked on it. That felt very nice, so xxx bazaars teacher and doctors office storys my right breast up by the nipple in my mouth, I brought the left one up and tried to get it in my mouth too, without dropping the other.

I sort of propped both up at once, and worked the other nipple into my mouth without quite clamping on my right nipple in my teeth. I sucked both at once. They sort of hurt a little, but it felt really good. I guess like girls sometimes like nipple clamps. I let them fall, and for real breasts their size, they did not sag too much.

I looked down at my penis, between my breasts, and it was totally gone, and a clitoris, labia and a vagina were in place of my dick and balls.

I was not totally feminized but with the hair shaved off my breasts and a nice landing strip below, I looked OK. I flexed my pecs and my boobs bounced an inch or more went back out to the conversation pit and there was John with a pussy and tits also. Since he was native-American, he had no hair on his chest and the breasts that had grown there were hairless and very pretty.

I kneeled down in front of him and got him to spread his legs. Since I was kneeling, I went over to him and pressed my big tits against his.

I stroked my nipples against his, and felt his nipples and mine get erect. I pushed his breasts together with my hands, and sucked both of his nipples into my she had the time of her pussy life. I felt them with my tongue and stroked both of them gently, back and forth. They got even bigger and more erect. I sucked both eagerly, while working the mammary glands under his nipples with my fingers.

The glands were very sensitive, and I could hear John moan when I felt them. John's moan reminded me that I should go further down. I moved school girl joyride by loyalsock lips to his clitoris, which was moderately sized but very erect.

I sucked on it for a while, then traced patterns back and forth across his clitoris until he moaned very loudly, and his pussy started getting very wet. I rubbed my chin which was clean shaven against his pussy, and he pushed his pussy onto my chin as hard as he could, until it was ½ inch into his pussy. At this point, my chin started growing longer and more slender, and soon I had a six inch penis there and was thrusting it deep into his vagina while simultaneously sucking his clitoris.

I quietly laughed to myself, having heard a woman say that the perfect place for a man's penis was on his chin. Quickly John built up to a strong orgasm, while he moaned loudly telling me he was enjoying himself. Sara and Louise heard John moaning, and came back from the kitchen to see what was going on. They had put on aprons to fix food, and it was really endearing go see them with their aprons on with their big penises hanging down below. John had outdone himself putting penises on the girls that hung down to their knees.

I could only hope that he had equipped us with suitable vaginas. I was certainly ready to find out.

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My chin-penis went away, which effectively removed it from John's vagina. That was sort of good, since I could only imagine that it would look sort of silly, and not particularly useful for Sara or Louise, although John did seem to like it a lot.

I could keep that in mind for future use. The magical chin-penis reminded me that John was not the only one with powers, and that I had not needed to shave the hair off my breasts and crotch. I immediately willed away any stubble from those areas. We sat down in the pit and ate our sandwiches, with only the erection of the girls' orgasms licking teens ass and big creampie in her wet fertile pussy as a distraction.

I asked, and they said that it happened because of the really delicious breasts that we, the men, had on our chests. Their penises were certainly a distraction, for sure. Sara's was about 16 inches long, While Louise's was about 10 inches. I suddenly realized that the size of their penises was based on the capacity of their vagina.

I was hoping that my vagina was at least the length of the penis of the girl who wanted to fuck me. I guessed that John's power of precognition would have helped him plan it out. Sure, enough, Louise wanted to pick the guy with whom she had not yet had sex, and Sara wanted the one with the biggest tits. I assumed that meant tai phim sex mp4 dung luong thap I had the longest vagina.

After eating our sandwiches, we paired off and I started playing with Sara's monster cock. I could just fit the head in my mouth. Meanwhile, Louise started licking John's still wet pussy.

I guess it was a race to see who would be fucking first. Louse was first to get to the bottom of her partner's vagina, but Sara was only six inches behind, as she had farther to go. Both John and my vaginas were very wet from the sex play we had indulged in while the girls were in the kitchen.

Sara started stoking in and out, not the full length of her penis, since she would have had to stand up and run back and forth to do so, but about 2 to 6 inches, sexy lycra ass spandex leggings tube porn to me felt really good. I had been gifted with a very strong vagina, and it was gripping Sara's penis very tightly. Sara was wound up really tight, thinking about the monster cock she was wielding, and every stroke made her cry out with pleasure.

Meanwhile the incredible sensitivity of my pussy, was making me moan with pleasure also. Every inch of inside of my vagina was being rubbed the right way. I was lubricating like the river Nile. It felt so good, I would not have been able to describe it, Meanwhile Sara was alternating between stroking my nipples and breasts with her nipples dangling down as she leaned over me, and rolling my nipples in-between my fore finger and thumb or sucking them. John on the other hand was on top of Louise, going up and down a good 8 to ten inches on her penis with abandon.

Louise was touching John's large brown nipples with her hands, feeling their hardness on her palms, while grasping the mound of his breasts with her fingers. His milk glands were swollen, and she could feel something wet on her palms. She noticed breast milk, flowing down her wrists.

John was lactating. She brought a drop to her mouth and licked it. It was very sweet and tasted good. She suddenly had a strong desire to suck John's nipples, and told him to slow down and bend over so she could get one of his nipples into her mouth.

She started rhythmically sucking it as he moved up and down. This had the side effect of greatly stimulating John, who started building to an orgasm. The eroticism of the milk flowing into her mouth and feeling John building up, triggered an instant orgasm in Louise, shooting copious amounts of semen into John's vagina, while John began an orgasm which caused his eyes to roll back, and yell to his Gods in the Pueblo language. Lustful cougar alexa gets her cunt serviced pornstars fingering said "Damn, that was quick," about her orgasm, and asked "John, how was yours." John said, teeth clinched, "It's still going." His vagina squeezed and squeezed on Louise's organ.

He moaned and howled. After over three minutes, he finally relaxed. Meanwhile Sara and I were still going at it. Sara was quick to notice that I was lactating too.

Milk was beading up on my nipples, and very fine streams of milk were spraying out onto Sara and onto my face and chest. The feeling of release in my breasts triggered the oxytocin to flowing through my body, stimulating me to orgasm as well as giving me a glow of pleasure throughout my body.

I did not have as strong an orgasm as John, but it lasted even longer, with my breasts flowing strongly during the whole orgasm. Sara started pumping rapidly to trigger her orgasm, which caused her to fill my pussy to overflowing.

"I hope I don't get pregnant" I thought. The thought of pregnancy made me think. If I immediately changed back to a male, there wasn't a chance for a sperm and egg to unite. Letting it go longer would be more complicated. I guessed that some sort of mental or physical birth control would be required, but since today's plan was not to remain the opposite sex for the amount of time for fertilization to occur, today was not a problem.

Did I want to remain a female for the amount of time to give birth? Only time would tell. We wanted to have children, some time, but who would bear the first child? Sara and I would have to talk. Meanwhile, Sara went over to John and Louise, and said "May I join".

John and Louise said "Sure." Sara reached down and started sucking Louise's big cock. Even after the big cum, Louise just had, he quickly became really hard again. Louise returned the favor by grabbing Sara's weven bigger cock and sucking on it. Not to leave John out, Sara reachedcout with her right hand and started playing with Joun's pussy.

Although John had just had a big orgasm, she was still very arroused and she started playing with her nipples which quickly became very erect again. John pulled Sara's big cock out of Lousie's mouth, and rolling Sara on her side,wiggled up to Sara's big cock and placed it against her pussy Sinced it was so long, she had little trouble working it deep into her vagina.

The big pwnis, long and probably 7" around, streached her vagina beyound belief, vur amazingly it didnt and felt really good. Taman m (glasgow city united kingdom viewers may have been John's imagination, but she thought she felt every vein and wrinkle of the gigantic penis as it went into her.

It hit the bottom of her vagina, and she could feel it stretching out to accommodate the enormous member's length. Meanwhile, I was gettin turned on again by the action and started rubbing my clitorus. This got me really in the mood. and I began playing with my nipples with the other hand.

Getting even more aroused, I stuck my fingers into my pussy alt the way to my palm. This felt so good that I folded my thumb into my palm and slipped my whole hand into my pussy.

I started thrusting my had in deeper, and rubbing my wrist on my clitoris. While I was doing all this, I was still watching the others. John, Sara and Louise.had shiftted around. Louise moved to John's rear.and started playing with John's anus. The pink flower did not look very big, but it seemed to be very lubed from the generous overflow of John's lubrication from her vagina, so trusting John would let her know if there was a problem, H After we had time to wind down.

We joked about taking pictures as a record of what shapes we took, but John said, "Best Not". We reverted back to more or less normal, and John explained that he had coupled the growing-over-time feature of his and my beasts to add an enhancement we may not have expected.

"Wasn't expecting that, Pard!" I said, slapping him on the back but thoroughly approving. "Your boobs were just like mine at Sturgis, when I played Sex Bomb." Said Sara. "Except for the milk bar feature." "I liked them, I will try them again sometime…with the milk bar." I said.