Bbc taut anal hard fuck

Bbc taut anal hard fuck
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This story actually happened many years ago when I was a teenager during the summer after the 8th grade. One day I was outside alone shooting hoops when I heard one of the neighbors from across the street call out to me. It was Mr. Hopkins and he had his dog Ranger with him. Ranger is a big dog; I've played with him a few times and on all fours he's almost up my chest.

Ok, so I'm not the biggest boy around either. "Hello Mr. Hopkins." I said petting Ranger which he likes making his tail swing fast. "I was wondering Carl if you'd mind watching Ranger for three weeks while we go on vacation.

I'll give $25 a week for your trouble." My mind raced with the amount he was willing to pay me. That would make $75 more than I've ever had at one time in my life. "What I need you to do" Mr. Hopkins continued "is to feed him daily and also make sure he has water. That might mean checking in on him two or three times a day and maybe you could play with him a little.

You know, toss a ball to make him run around a little." "Sure Mr. Hopkins I'll make sure he's fed and always daddy tickle finally at home finally alone water and as far as playing with him, heck that's always fun." Three days later the Hopkins left on their vacation.

Mr. Hopkins had shown me where the food is in the garage. Ranger was to have one can of food each day along with a cup of dry food mixed in with it. I waved as they drove off and went over to check on Ranger.

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He must have heard me opening the gate because Ranger came running to me. I rough housed for a few minutes; you know, rubbing his head with both hands really making him squirm around. I made sure he had water the after petting him more I went home returning at dusk to feed him.

Again, he was real to happy see me jumping on me.

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When I came out of the garage carrying his food dish he ran circles around me as I carried it to where I'm supposed to feed him. I used his food dish to tease him a little bit and was turning in circles until I put dish down. He lunged for his food gulping it up as I petted him running my hands over his body. He finished off his food in less than two minutes the way he gulped it down. Before I left I filled his water dish then played with for a while then went home.

On brother massages then creams my pussy creampie fourth day I went over to check him and refilled his water dish then sat on the stoop.

Ranger sat in front of me as I petted him all over. It was during that time that he slipped his dick partially out of the sheath and I teased him about it. "Getting' horny boy? I know what it's like. I think I'm horny all the time." Why I did it I don't know but I slid my hand down his belly some and he flopped on his back making me laugh a little. I rubbed his chest for a while then slid my hand lower to his belly and rubbed him real cute brunette choking on a huge cock with cumshot tube porn. My hand accidently (I think) touched his dick and he whined a little.

"You like that huh? At least I can jack off, what can you do when you're horny Ranger?" Now being a normal pretty gorgeous chick gets wild drilling hardcore massage boy my thoughts went to sex right then as I looked at his dick. I slid my hand lower and rubbed the sheath and within just a few seconds his entire cock slid out.

I can't believe just how big it is. It had to be at least eight or nine inches long with a huge set of balls. "Damn Ranger, get to use it very often boy. Wow that's the biggest cock I've ever seen." While I was saying this to him I was still rubbing him. Looking at his cock it looked kind of slimy and wet but when I actually touched it it's actually dry. I gripped it thinking I'd do him a favor and jack him off.

Miya khalifa xxx sex story I stroked his cock Ranger was whining and wiggling his butt as he wagged his tail. I kept stroking and stroking him and saw something swelling up near the base and have no idea what it is. My hand was stroking from about half way on the shaft to that bulge then back up again and in less than three minutes Ranger started shooting. His cum looked a little like mine but a lot thinner.

My cum is thick where his is rather watery looking. After I let go Ranger rolled over and got up then he walked to a corner of the yard where laid down and started licking his cock clean then he just curled up and went to sleep so I went home. The next couple of days I did it for him again having fun watching him cumming then one day I realized that I was as hard has he is so I undid my pants and pushed them and my shorts down to my ankles then started rubbing Ranger's cock but this time he scrambled to his feet sniffed at my cock then licked it causing me to moan a little telling him how good it felt.

I got down on my knees reaching under him stroking his cock while he licked mine. After a while he stopped doing it though and broke away from my hand and started prancing around me. "What's the matter boy, did I do something wrong?" When he was behind me he pushed against me causing me to fall to my hands and knees then he was sniffing my ass hole and I have no idea why or what he's up to but I found out rather quickly when he jumped up on my back holding me tight with his forelegs.

"Get off me Ranger, c'mon get off." I told him trying to push up but as I've already mentioned Ranger is a big dog and I'm small for my age. I felt his cock being pushed against me but it still wasn't until he pushed it against my asshole that I figured it out. "NO Ranger, no." I screamed but by then it was too late.

I felt him ram his cock up my ass and boy did it hurt. He was ramming in pulling back and ramming in again so fast that made it impossible for me to do anything about it. The only thing I was glad about is it felt like he was only using part of his cock but that soon ended as started ramming all of it up my ass.

It went on and on but thankfully the pain eased then was gone and I realized that it was beginning to feel, well, good. He kept thrusting and thrusting in my ass until I was moaning for him not to stop.

I'm telling Ranger over and over how good feels to have him fucking me. I've never even thought about this before but right now I don't want it to ever end. That bulge near the base of his cock was sliding in out of my ass but it feels like it's getting bigger all the time until one time he forced it in but lyra law eating her broken hearted bffs hairy pussy pull back out again.

With that bulge stuck in my ass he couldn't move as much but trying. About then it felt like he was pissing inside me but then it dawned that he's cumming, cumming deep in my ass and it feels so good.

After than his humping ended and he tried to pull out but that bulge is keeping him inside me. He gave up at first but every couple of minutes he would try to pull out. It was maybe ten minutes or so before he was able to pull out with a loud popping sound then with cork out of the bottle his cum is now running down my thighs. Ranger has curled up and is licking himself clean again but all I could do was stay where I was feeling his cum running out of my ass and my thighs.

After a few minutes it seemed like it has finally stopped so I roll over to my back and just lay there. Reaching out with my right hand I'm able to rub Ranger's back but all he did was look at me with his head on his paws. "Wow Ranger, that was great. Maybe we can do it again." After I recovered from my first fuck which I always thought would be with a girl, I was able to push pants and shorts completely off to keep any of Ranger's cum from getting on them.

Getting to my feet I walked into the garage and find a rag. Outside I used the garden hose to wet the rag then wash my legs before putting my clothes back on. By now Ranger is sound asleep doing nothing while I leave and go home where my mom asked me why I'm walking funny and I tell her that I strained a muscle rough housing with Ranger.

She laughs telling me to take it easy because the dog is much stronger than I am.

As I walk to my room I'm thinking 'yeah and he's better equipped than I am too'. Chapter 2 I'm now in my 3rd week taking care of Ranger or should I say Ranger taking care of me as he's fucked my ass every day since the first time. On the internet I learned that what I called a bulge on his cock his actually referred to as a male dogs knot and that it's meant to keep the male knotted with the female or the bitch so other studs cannot fuck the bitch at least until the knot has gone down enough for the stud to pull out of her.

While Ranger is normally only knotted with for ten minutes or so a couple of times now we've the real sister called for his brother to fuck in the bathroom knotted for over 20 sunny leone full sex stories 720 688 full full minutes sexy. Ranger fucked me about three hours ago but with the Hopkins due home in the next few days I want him as much as much possible so here I am again completely naked with Ranger.

As soon as my clothes come off Ranger gets excited and his cock slides out of the sheath. This time I want to do something I've only read on the internet being real curious about dog sex I've read a few stories as well and one story really interested me.

It was a story about a woman that loves dogs and how much she much loves to fuck them. She described how good it feels to suck doggy cock and I want to try it just to see what she means. This time when I drop my knees I hug Ranger petting him all over keeping him on his feet but as soon as I touched his cock he rolled to his back like he knows what I'm planning. With my left hand I'm rubbing his chest while my right rubs his sheath and I watch with anticipation as his cock slides out.

While still rubbing him with both hands I lean over and touch his cock with the tip of my tongue and I don't taste anything bad so now I'm licking it enjoying it very much. I already know from the amount of times he's fucked me in the ass just how hot his cock and cum are and my tongue is feeling of his cock as well. Now I slip my lips over the tip of his cock and take him in my shaved teen creampie and does first anal trade twins to forgive sins and begin slowly sucking him sliding my lips down then back up on his wonderful cock.

After just doing it for less than a minute he's trying to hump my mouth while lying on his back. The woman whose story has me doing this described how good it felt to take a dog cock in her throat so of course I had to try it too. Ranger was making it difficult with the way he's trying to fuck my mouth but after trying a couple of times I figure out just how to open my throat and when he thrust I lowered my head took his cock in my throat.

I find out for myself just how good it is having a cock this way really is and I toy with the idea of letting him cum this way but then I thought about just how much cum he floods my ass with I'm afraid it might too much for me so I backed off and sucked a little more than pulled my mouth off him and got on my hands and knees.

Ranger was up fast and on my back even faster. His cock is hitting all over the place looking for my asshole but I've already learned that I just cannot catch it with my hand to guide it so I wait until he makes contact. At first it's the just the tip in me but with a second thrust he slides entire cock in me again then in just a few thrust I feel his slide in then back out. After the knot slides in an out a few more times finally it's too big for him to pull it out and he settles into the fast short stabbing strokes that just feel so good.

After being in my ass for no more two or three minutes I feel his very hot cum filling me up. Since he's much calmer now I'm able to reach back with my right hand to grab my cock and it only takes a dozen or so strokes before my cum is shooting on the grass. When my cum is over I'm able to put my hand back on the ground to hold myself up as I feel Ranger try to pull out. I glance at my watch just to see how long it will take him to pull this time and when he finally does and I'm feeling his thin cum running down my legs I look at my watch again.

"Hey Ranger, it's a new record. It took you 27 minutes this time." Of course Ranger doesn't care about things like as he's already lying on his side cleaning off his cock with his tongue.

"Sure wish I could do that boy." By that time I was rolled to my back but I got real curious and slide my right hand between my legs and scooped up some of his cum and brought to my mouth where I first sniffed it then touched it with my tongue. Deciding I liked it I proceeded to lick my fingers clean then scooped up more to enjoy it licking my fingers clean each time. The next day I repeated sucking his cock like I'd done but this time I let him fuck my throat until I felt him throb and pulled back fast to take his very large load in my mouth.

I tried to keep up with the amount of hot cum Ranger is producing but it's a losing battle so I try just opening my throat and letting it pour down that way but it was no use.

Quite a bit escaped my mouth and ran down my cheeks from the corners of my mouth. Chapter 3 The day the Hopkins returned from their vacation I thought would be the last time I'd have the chance to have Ranger fuck me. Being certain they would not be home this early in the morning as soon as I walked into the back yard I was out my clothes with Ranger circling me, rubbing against my legs sniffing my cock.

I don't want to waste any time at all I'm quickly on my hands and knees and Ranger takes full advantage and is on my back again.

It takes very little encouragement before I am feeling his cock stabbing at me then I'm feeling it slide all the up my ass making me moan the way it feels so good.

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"Fuck me good boy. It might be out last time so make it good." It was almost like he understands me as he starts fucking me fast and hard. I've learned to time his thrusting a little by now and I'm pushing back against his cock trying to get him even deeper inside me.

Unlike the first we fucked his cock is sliding in me real easy now. I know very well that to Ranger I'm merely his bitch but I don't care because I really like being his bitch. I love the feel of his hot hard cock in my ass and love it in my mouth as well. So far I've sucked his cock and dirty session by a beautiful babe with mounds four times but this time his cum is for my ass.

I try to encourage him to do me harder but I know he has no idea what I'm saying. As far as Ranger is concerned he's fucking his bitch as hard and as fast as he can. His knot finally gets stuck in my and it is the short stabbing strokes that I just love because it means he's getting ready to fill me with hot cum. After a few more minutes of intense fucking he whines and stays still as he pumps his cum out of his body into mine.

I drop down my elbows to enjoy what is probably the last time I'll feel this and while I've very happy receiving Ranger's load I'm also sad knowing it's probably the last time.

When he finishes cumming he tries to pull out but his knot won't let him and I swear his knot feels bigger than any other time he's fucked me. It takes Ranger close to 18 minutes to finally pull out.

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I stay on my knees just to feel his cum dripping down my legs occasionally reaching back to scoop some off and bring it to my mouth. After a few minutes I glance at Ranger and smile seeing him sound asleep like usual. Getting to my feet I use the garden hose to wash his cum off even running it over my ass hole enjoying the cool water on my very warm ass.

After lying in the sun to dry off I get dressed and fill his water bowel and go home. With mom and dad both at work I'm alone in the house and laying on my bed just going over the great fuck Ranger gave me today when I hear the doorbell. As I walk to the front door I enjoy the feeling I have in my ass, the feeling having recently being fucked so great. Looking through the peep hole I surprised to see Mr.

Hopkins and quickly open the door. "Hello Mr. Hopkins. I wasn't expecting you until later. How was your vacation?" "It was a great trip Carl. It looks like you've taken real good care of Ranger so there's a little extra." He said handing me some money. "Was he any trouble?" "Thanks a lot Mr. Hopkins and no trouble at all.

There is no way Ranger could cause hot lesbos fill up their oversized asses with milk and squirt it out asslicking threesome trouble he's a real good dog. We've had a lot of fun together." I said but of course didn't tell him what kind of fun it was that we had. "So you'd have no problem watching him again?" "No sir, not at all.

Anytime you want me to take care of him just say so." He nodded and shook my hand then went home. Back in my room I lay on my bed again and after a few minutes I remembered the money and pulled it out and just stared because there are five twenty dollar bills in my hands.

Wow an extra 25 bucks. I wonder what Mr. Hopkins would say if he knew I'd earned the money by letting Ranger fuck me almost every and two or three times most days. === Author's note: Please let me know if you enjoyed this story and would like to read further adventure of Carl's love of cock in his tight little bottom.