Japanese teen homemade whos scandal is this

Japanese teen homemade whos scandal is this
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"So what do you mean you can't get wet anymore?!?" "Just that. Brandon and I have tried everything; role-playing, porn, even a few threesomes!" Sally looked at me with shock and also a little bit of sadness.

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She slid in closer to me on the couch as I told her how I felt like I wanted to have sex, and each of my nerves would tingle, but just hadn't been able to get my pussy to react with the rest of my body. "What about lube?" "Well, it works for awhile, but then I just get tired of all the anticipation and no orgasm." Sally leaned in close as if she was going to whisper something in my ear, but instead she began kissing my neck.

"Does this get you excited?", she said in a slow heavy breath. "I do feel warm down there." I admitted. Knowing that this answer gave her permission, Sally reached her hand up and began to unbutton my blouse. "I wish my tits were as large and voluptuous as yours." Sally said softly, using both hands to gently rub and squeeze my breasts; skimming over the nipple ever so lightly… just enough to send sparks through my aching groin.

She slid my blouse down over my shoulders and reached behind me to unhook my bra. It was almost as if my nipples were so hard and hungry for her bare touch that they catapulted the bra right off, unleashing my all-natural D-Cups.

We both gasped and giggled a bit at the sight of my bra popping off my tits that it released any tension that either of us were feeling. Sally began to kiss my neck and chest while running her thumbs over each nipple. She kissed down my collarbone until her warm wet mouth reached my rock-hard nip.

She slowly sucked and nibbled at my nipple making my pussy quiver and I let out a small moan. I pulled her down on top of me on the couch and said "Take off your shirt and let me see your titties now.

I want to suck those perky nipples of yours." "No way! This is all about you. I'm going to get that pussy of yours wet! I feel the sexual tension in your body. You need to burst! I'm going to make you cum!" Sally worked her way down to my waist with her mouth and undid my jean skirt. Taking off my skirt she stood and looked at me in my white cotton panties. "Now, let's have some fun." She slid my panties down and caressed my shaved cunt. Separating my legs gently, she started to kiss my inner thighs - building the suspense, for what seemed like an eternity, until she finally suckled and nibbled my clit.

"Well your little clitty seems to be up for the challenge." "It's hard as a rock." I moaned and writhed around driving my hips up to join her warm mouth to my eager clit. "Suck my pussy!" I screamed. Sally licked and sucked furiously as she took two fingers and jammed them in my hole. "Owwwww! That hurt, bitch!" I yelled. "I'm sorry baby, I thought your pussy would be ready, but you're dry as a bone in there!" "Aren't you enjoying my pussy lapping?" She exclaimed, sounding offended.

"I AM enjoying it! I don't understand why my pussy won't get wet!" Sally reluctantly stood up and began to put on her clothes. "Maybe it's not another girl that will do it for you." "I have a friend at work that gave me the number for a gynecologist that is very discreet with potentially embarrassing problems." "Maybe he'll be able to help you", she suggested.

She left the number on the counter, made some brief comment about calling me tomorrow and then left. I felt bad that she had gotten so hot and bothered while trying to help me.

I will have to remember to help her release some of that tension after I get my problem solved. The next morning I called the Doctor's office and told the receptionist that I had a very private problem to discuss with him. Hot cameron gets it in her mouth said that the doctor would only be taking privacy appointments after 8:30 pm this evening.

I thought it was strange that a doctor would be in his office that late, but I was so desperate to get some help that I agreed to come at that hour. I arrived at the doctor's office promptly at 8:30. I reached for the front door of the suite and felt the knob lock up. Next to the door was a small black button with speaker. I hesitated for a second, but then pushed the black button. In a few moments a woman's voice came over the speaker and asked me for my name.

I gave the information and after about 20 seconds a tall, shapely brunette with red lips, green eyes and a tight, too short to hide the bottom of her ass, nurse's uniform on answered the door.

The reception area was dimly lit and I could hear trance music in the background. The nurse turned to me and said, "My name is Vivian. We always have a more casual atmosphere after 8:00 pm… I hope it makes you feel relaxed. Please go to room 7, remove all your clothes and put on the paper gown with the opening in the front." I walked down a short hallway to room 7. The trance music was piped through the entire suite and I must admit gave me a comforting feeling.

I swear that I could also smell lavender and roses. Room 7 was also dimly lit and there was nothing in the room but an examination table with the traditional stirrups and a small round stool on wheels.

I stripped my clothing and hung it on a hook on the back of the door. The paper gown was very small and skimpy and my nipples immediately got hard with the cold air in the room and cold vinyl under my ass. The doctor came in and introduced himself. "Ms. Smith, I am Dr. Jones. It home foot massage escalates amazing pov suck ampampamp fuck very nice to meet you please let me know what brings you here?" I told him of my recent problem as I scanned his form.

He was about 6ft. tall, slender and had strong shoulders. Since it was dim in the room, I couldn't really make out his face too well, but I could tell that he had short, wavy dark hair and a square jawline. I could feel myself start to tingle all over. Maybe it was the excitement of telling a professional about my sexual dilemma.

"Well, that sounds like quite a difficult little problem. Lie back and put your feet in the stirrups. I'm going to ask Vivian to join us. Vivian walked in and stood behind my head. Dr.

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Jones assumed the position between my legs and began to push my feet apart. "Vivian, please start a breast examination as I watch our patient's pussy react." Vivian reached down and slowly began massaging my shoulders. She kept going further down my body and pushed the gown aside.

Now I was completely naked lying on the exam table. Vivian massaged one breast and then the other, ending a continuous circle in a sharp nipple twist. I gasped at each pinch. "Oh no, Miss Smith, does that hurt?" Vivian asked rather coyly as she pinched harder. "Let me kiss it and make it better." She came around to one school girl shamed physical exam and sucked softly on one nipple while pinching the other.

I felt the doctor slowly put one finger inside the fold of my pussy. "Well, your clitoris seems to be reacting nicely to Nurse Vivian's attention." "I'm going to insert my finger in your vagina to judge wetness." Feeling wrapped up in the dirty nurse's affections, I managed to pant out a little "Okaaayy." Vivian stood back from my breasts and stripped off her uniform.

"Ms. Smith, you have me so hot. Do you think you could suck on my nipples for a little bit?" "Gladly" I responded as she shoved one of her tits in my mouth. The doctor was moving his finger in and out of my cunt a little bit faster now. He said that I was feeling a little more wet, and maybe it was my artful tit sucking. He asked me to rub Vivian's clit. I eagerly complied. Her hot little breathy moaning was getting me excited and I wanted desperately to feel and taste her wet pussy.

As if he was reading my mind, Dr. Jones instructed her to straddle my face and let me smell and taste her juices. Vivian didn't hesitate to mount the table and shove her hard little clitty on my mouth.

I began to lap at her cunt as she screamed, "That's it you little whore! Suck my cunt! Make me cuuuuummmm!" I reached one hand up and started to finger fuck her as I sucked her clit. She started convulsing and moaning as her body rocked with orgasm.

"My legs are weak and wobbly. That was a wonderful tongue lashing. Now, I want to lick her doctor." "Please do, Nurse Vivian." He urged her as he removed his fingers from my tight pussy. Vivian assumed the position and started sucking furiously on my clit. Dr. Jones came around and began sucking on one of my nipples. "You're doing very well, Miss Smith.

Your pussy was starting to get very wet. I'm sure when Nurse Vivian is done, I should be able to fuck you with my hard cock." I don't know if it was his dirty promises, but I felt pre-cum ooze out of my cunt. "I think she's ready for you now, doctor" Nurse Vivian said almost disappointed to give up her pussy licking.

"Excellent. My cock was aching watching you two girls go at it." Dr. Jones moved down between my legs and Nurse Vivian sat on the floor under my ass.

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Dr. Jones teased my pussy hole with the head of his cock while Vivian began to lick my asshole. "Please shove your cock in me, doctor! I need it now!" He immediately complied by ramming his huge member in to my tight pussy. "Yeeeessssss!" "Fuck Me! Fuck Me!" "Oh Miss Smith, your pussy is so tight.

I don't think you have any wetness problem any more." He moaned. "It is so tight and hot in dirty and flashing in public in barcelona cunt, that my cock is unbelievably hard!" The doctor fucked me harder and faster while the nurse stuck her wet index finger in my asshole.

The orgasm shook my entire body, I felt like I might fall off the examination table. Dr. Jones pulled out of my quivering box and brought his cock up to my open moaning mouth.

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He came all over my lips and throat while Nurse Vivian licked the oozing cum from my cunt. I haven't had any other "problems" since that afternoon and now, I need to go properly thank my good friend Sally. I hope her pussy needs a little tongue bath.