Kinky threesome session in the toilet cumshot facial

Kinky threesome session in the toilet cumshot facial
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Charity Jones here again, your trollop muse continues her memoirs In my last sojourn I described to you the method in which, Faith, Hope and myself managed to regain our honour roll positions without having to study even once. As you might have guessed from the other chapters in this long saga it might have involved with a cock in me.

Tyla wynn in white boots doing her job notdear readers, you are absolutely right Big tits and blonde hair will get you far in school I discovered with my popularity, but triple teaming your teachers with a pile of nubile teen flesh will almost always succeed. We were now fucking Mr Halston ( from our last chapter) the English teacher, Mr Kowalski from the Math department and Mr Chow for Chemistry.

All we asked for this rotation of spunking in teen twat were straight A's on our report cards. They were quite agreeable to it. None of them of course knew about the others, each had to feel like they were the masters of the universe. Men fucking around behind their wives always need to feel this waythe male ego is such a fragile thing. That's why I prefer single men who like to fuck a lot, they're using us and we're suing them.

Leave the emotional clinginess with your wives or girlfriends We also slowed down our other exploits, but not to the point I still wasn't getting laid regularly. It was down to 3 to 4 times a week as opposed to every single day. I was catching up on homework in classes I didn't have trouble with, my energy for cheerleading was back to normal, and I wasn't so cranky around Chet my boyfriend anymore.

Momma had to explain it to me that women often go through a " slut" stage when they first discover their sexuality. It can happen at any age and not just because I was a virgin just a little over half a year ago. She told me eventualy people settle down and either move past it, or move on to quality more then quantity.

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I had to agree with her, I cleaved to the partners and experiences I loved and avoided just random screwing around. And to top it off, we had this discussion as Marcus' cum was dring on our faces after he blew a load on us during what had become ongoing threesomes with Momma's beau.

My wonderful boyfriend Chet was unaware of our reverse-gangbangs of teachers and I had no intention on telling him. Yes, Chet the high-school teen dream was my secret cuckold, but fucking the teachers was more like business to me then the fun I normally made Chet lick out of me. I'm not saying I didn't enjoy the sex, I just recognized this as prostitution plain and simple, thankfully it was done with respect Of all the teachers we were fucking individually one or twice a month after school, Mr Halston was our favourite.

He had the most stamina, the biggest cock and could eat pussy like a lesbian. We had never met a lesbian, but we knew he was better then us at it, and we were gals that loved monica sage in sis loves me on valentines day diving.

That and Hope and I would make him recite sonnets when he was fucking us. doggy style But all good things come to an end and it was late in the year when it did.

And it did cum in our ends, but that's getting ahead of ourselves at the moment. It was the beginning of May and this was to be the last time we fucked a teacher this year, so we saved our favourite Mr Halston for last.

He would give us this final grade and then we were on our own for the end of year exams.We were studying solidly for those, so I was safe we could maintain an A average, at worst slip to a B+ We were in a semicircle as a last gift to him we were letting him give us a facial all over our teen faces.

He was spunking his load on our faces, Hope the cum whore trying to hog it all when the Apocalypse burst through the classroom door. We all turned our heads to the allegedly locked door and I got spunk in my eye as a result. It burns like a bitch I tell you. Standing there was the woman everyone in school affectionately called " The Dragon Lady", Vice-Principal Gordon. She was all of five-foot-four, an entire inch taller than me but she terrified the fuck out of everyone she crossed. Our hears sank immediately into the floor.

And Mr Halstons spunk machine instantly became a limp noodle. She had short cropped steel grey hair, piercing blue eyes and strong Germanic features. The running joke was that she was Nazi super soldier which wasn't put into production at the end of the Second World War, but she was still scary. She always dressed severely too, alexis may and teen friend bukkake facials horn rimmed glasses, even sharper pressed dress-suits all in gunship grays or in black.

This was little different except she was in her Nazi leather long coat this time. Bitch "Mr Halston, stand by the door"she hissed at our teacher. He was white as a ghost and trembled quickly through getting dressed, shooting scared looks at us and her. Images of divorce papers, termination notices and a long prison sentence dancing in his head no doubt.

I decided to play up a long lost skill I developed on my good for nothing father that always worked. I opened my eyes wide and trembled my lip deliberately, my best wounded Bambi look that always melted adults into being wrapped around my finger " Vice-Principal Gordon, I can explain---", I said in my best little girl voice " Save it slut", she barked at me That took me by surprise. I had been called slut by a woman before, but usually only after her and I had swapped cum or I had eaten a load of jizz from out of her ass.

That was playful, this was mean. She was out for blood.I gulped deeply and audibly. Faith was getting to her feet, her hot Maman francaise cougar aux gros seins sodomisee par un jeune technicien blood flowing at her friend being insulted; but Vice Principal Gordon shot her a look that would freeze a bullet in mid flight.

Hope just covered her face in her hands, hating any kind of intense confrontation. " For the last 4 months you three little hussies have been treating this fine school as your own personal whorehouse"she said starting to pace in front of us She continued as she slowly marched" Sucking boys off behind the bleachers, screwing in the parking lot, running trains by the football team in the construction site, and now this trading your teenage whore ass to teachers for grades" This was not good, in fact it was horrible.

She knew everything we had been up to at school this year. Stupid boys just had to brag didn't they, at least that has always been my suspicion between now and then. In any case, our jig was finally up it seemed. " I should expel the three of you right on the spot", suspended slaves breast whipping and hardcore bondage of extreme mature painslut tube porn she hissed " Oh god no", Hope whimpered behind her hands " And fire your pedophile ass on the spot," she snarled at Mr Halston.

" Please Vice Principal, don't expel us", I began crying " And just why shouldn't I, you blonde bimbo?" Just as I was about to burst into a flood of tears at the thought of being a teenage dropout, Faith's business sense jumped in the way of that oncoming train " Please Vice Principal Gordon, is there anything we can do to make this up?"Faith tried desperately looking for an angle 'So, you vant to make a deal, ja?" our Vice Principal said, her German accent finally coming out Great, the stories were right, she was a Nazi super soldier.

"Yes ma'am", I said choking back tears, " we'll do anything you want." Our Aryan super-soldier Vice Principal stopped pacing and turned and stepped up to me. She took me gently by the chin and tilted my head up to hers and to lock on me with her cold steel eyes.

" Anything?", she said with just the hint of malice I forced back the oncoming tears, " Anything." " Gut. Very very gut.", she smiled lesbea filipino spreads teen open in horny at me with the taste of evil and let go of my head. She stepped away from me and folded her arms across her chest, still looking very much like an SS officer in her leather long coat.

" On your feet tramps and bend over your teachers desk" she told us We nervously looked at each other, trying to figure out with one another what was going to happen next. Even Hope had taken her hands off her face now. Her eyes were reddened and she looked even more scared than how I felt. " Now!", Vice Principal Gordon commanded in a tone we had never heard before We obediently got up and turned around and bent over Mr Halston's nearby desk.

I was in the middlewith Faith and Hope on my left and right respectively. We looked nervously at each other and I bit my lip as I tend to. To be fair, Faith was more angry then scared, you could tell by her gritted teeth.

I don't think Faith has ever been scared of anyone. We heard her clop up behind us, probably in Nazi boots I figured.

I looked back over my shoulder for a second, to see what she was up to. " Eyes forward bitch!", she snarled " Yes ma'am!", I replied looking forward " Eyes forward until I say otherwise, do you three sluts understand?" " Yes ma'am", the three of us murmured meekly.

That was when I felt something hard and flat and cool being dragged across my naked ass cheeks. Jesus H Christ! She had a god damned paddle!

This was just getting worse and worse. It was a girls in prison movie come to life " Louder tramps!" " Yes ma'am", the three of us said keeping our eyes now locked onto the blackboard and some truly inane notes on Shakespeare who had been 400 years too late to save us now.She continued walking behind us gently dragging her paddle across our bare buttocks as she paced up and down behind us. " Very gut. Very gut indeed" She stopped behind me and I felt her hand grip my ass, my head moving up in surpise, but still not turning around.

She then did the same to the other two cohorts of mine. It was if she was inspecting meat, which was what I was truly beginning to think I was under her eyes. " Such wonderful teen arsche, all the fucking and sucking, ja?" She clearly was seeking an answer from us because suddenly there was a whooshing and the paddle came firmly down on my backside and I let out a yelp. It took only seconds but I heard the woosh and smack on flesh as our Nazi vice-principal treated Faith and Hope to the same damn treatment.

And they both let out their own respective screeches. "Answer me!", she commanded " Yes ma'am!", we cried out. " Gut huren" I didn't know what 'huren' meant, but I was pretty sure I didn't like it " Every time I ask you a question, you vill answer it, understand huren? " Yes ma'am" we answered, Hope and I were crying again at this point " And just to show you I am serious" And down came the paddle firmly on my other butt cheek.

I felt as though my ass must be glowing as red as an ember by this point. My redheaded friend and goth compatriot received the same treatment. The worst part was that she didn't stop.

Our Vice Delicious bbw xxx mom boy ebony threesome porn really went to town with her wooden board. She swung hard and mercilessly on our bent over derrieres. It was hard and rapid on us all. These weren't little love taps.She was full on walloping our asses with steady swings.All three of us were crying at the sheer abuse that our gluteous mazimus' were receiving. " Ms. Gordon, is this really necessary?", Halston meekly tried speaking up.

Vice Principal Gordon stopped her hammering of our butts long enough to wave the paddle at him. " You have three options Mr Halston; tender your resignation, keep your mouth shut, or bend over and wait your turn", she said in a tone that tolerated no questioning.

Mr Halston chose neither unemployment or showing solidarity with his little harem. To be fair, if I was given his options he did, I easily would have chosen silence as well. " Tyrone, would you please come in and secure young Ms Jones", the Nazi said seemily sated from beating famous half asian camgirl live toy show pussyfuck and myfreecam bums. I heard the door open and whom I assumed was Tyrone the school custodian enter the room.

I didn't dare turn my head and look, fearing another round of paddling. Nor did I attempt to even to look in any direction other then forward. I could hear Faith and Hope whimpering to either side of me. As Tyrone stepped in front of me, Faith and Hope were pulled back and off the desk by their hair, both screeched and were pulled away by Vice Principal Gordon. Tyrone bent down in front of me, and I tried imploring the old black janitor with my eyes to not do what he did next. He took my hands and bound them together behind my back at the wrists.

Faith and Hope were forced to their knees just to the side where Mr Halston stood in the corner. Their eyes were red from tearsHope's makeup was making her look like a racoon. Old Tyrone took some more lengths of rope from his coveralls and tied Hope and Faith's hands behind them as well. That's when Vice Principal Gordon took of her long coat and stepped in front of me. I knew I was in shit when I saw what she was wearing under her " Nazi uniform " it was worse, far worse.

She was in a black leather bustier, thigh high leather boots and covering her crotch was a thick long black strap-on she had strapped to her leg. " Now all you little huren are going to see vhat ve do with sluts in my school", she said slapping my face with her *cock* a couple times She gripped Faith by he hair and pulled her away to around behind me.

" Come my rothaarige huren, you must get me prepared ", she said dragging Faith behind me In moments I heard gagging sounds right behind me, familiar ones too. It was the distinctive sounds of Faith being facefucked, I had heard it in enough group scenes over the last near year with her to recognize it when I heard it.

" Tyrone, stick your big drecksneger cock down Charity's throat", Vice Principal Gordon said offhandedly. " With pleasure ma'am", the old man smile It took all of a couple seconds for the old man to unzip his coveralls.

For an old guy he sure was packing a lot of meat. Not that I had a chance to check it out very long as Tyrone very quickly shoved his tool into my mouth.

He gripped the back of my head and without any further aplomb proceeded to fuck my mouth as thought it were just another hole for him. I tried salivating a bit so that he wouldn't choke me completely and could lube him bukkake festival 4 14 japanese uncensored bukkake tube porn, and as I did so I heard Vice Principal behind me " That's good enough for now slut, and young Ms Jenkins, start sucking your teachers cock like the slut you are" I looked out of the corner of my eye and saw where Hope was kneeling by Mr Halston.

She tearfully and obediently opened her mouth and Mr Halston reluctantly pulled out his limp dick and fed it to Hope. That's when I felt someone's face pressed to my crotch from behind, like they were literally having my face showed into my back side. " Start licking your whore-sister's arsche and fotze, " she commanded Faith And lick my " arsche" and " fotze" she did. Luckily we had been in this position before many times already and she knew how to reach my spots even from a forced angle.

I guess if we were end for a molestation, we might as well try to make it easier on each other. She slurped her way up and down, tonguing my clean bunghole too as instructed. Her face was pushed further down and then I felt a big dollop of sit drop onto my backdoor.

In a couple seconds later I could feel the head of the fat black latex strap-on pressed against my anus.Vice Principal gave out a short laugh and without anything remotely resembling gentleness, showed her *dick* into me. I all but howled in anguish as she anallly ravaged me, but I couldn't do anything but make choked gurgling sounds around Old Tyrone's big black cock in my mouth.

And picking up on my cues of discomfort, our Nazi Bitch started really ramming into me. As VP Gordon anally punished me, Old Tyrone had gripped me by the back of the head and was thrusting his big black dick further and further down my throat. I couldn't do anything to resist or set my own pace.

Tyrone barely gave a shit if I could breath, maybe pulling out enough for me to gasp a breath every 30 seconds or so. Drool was pooling down my chin and dripping onto the floor, it was so bad I had not dribbling out of my nose. The worst part was the despite my throat ravishing, I'm also a big anal slut. The anal ramming I was getting, though incredibly painful was stretching my nerves right out, coupled with Faith's licking of my twat and occasional clit tonguings ( you try doing better from that angle), I was well long island in new york hotel arizona girl girl gangbang my way too cumming I tried holding it back, but my legs started trembling the way they often do when I climax, and VP Gordon took noticed.

She leaned over on top of me, pressing her body weight into me. She grabbed my hair in one handful and twisted a hard nipple of mine in the other. " Cum for me you little whore", she barked in my ear. And damned if I didn't cum as commanded, the submissive in me came out to play so it seemed.

I had never been dominated before, and this was far from consensual, but I couldn't help but get off on it. And just as I was finished cumming, I could feel Old Tyrone's shaft beging to expand in me.

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" Keep his cum in your mouth huren" she ordered He dumped volley after volley into my mouth, and had to fight my urge to swallow as I usually do Nazi Bitch laughed at my spunk humiliation and then wrenched her *cock* out of me. I felt like s he had been ramming a long in me without any lube. My ass hurt like it was on fire. She gripped by hair and pulled me off the desk. She pulled me across the room and dumped me down beside Hope.

She then pulled Hope away from sucking Mr Halston's dick. She actually whimpered a bit at that too being the oral fiend she is.

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Nazi Bitch then pulled her to where over to where Faith was kneeling at the edge of the desk. She then gripped Faith and pushed her over the desk and placed Hope between her legs where Faith had been eating me " Mr Halston, fuck her throat and cum all her slutty face when you're done" Mr Halston began pushing his dick between Hope's lips, but I was soon obscured by Old Tyrone who was now shoving his half hard dick between my tits.

The dirty old bastard would spit between my tits and occasionally stroke himself for lube. " I said FUCK her throat Mr Halston, or do you not want a job come Monday morning" With that I started hearing the sick gagging sounds again that I must have been making myself. Moments later I could hear the muffled screaming of Faith as what I can only assume was VP Gordon also mercilessly fucking her ass.

Eventually Tyrone got fully hard againbut kept spitting between my tits for lube. He pulled hy head back and fucked my big tits and looked over at the show. Ignoring me was the worst part of that humiliation Mr Halston came in Faith's mouth, and we were all swapped out again by VP Gordons hands dragging us by the hair.

I found myself buried deep in Hopes ass and pussy as the Nazi Bitch ruthlessly fucked her rectum for all she was worth. All the whilst the now hard again Old Tyrone was face fucking Hope just as mercilessly. Eventually Tyrone blew another load this time in Hope's mouth, which must have been a night mare for a self professed cum junkie like her ,and VP Gordon pulled out.

She pulled the busty goth off of the table.She positioned us side by side each other facing her. My ass was on fire and I knew sitting down was going to be a bitch tonight let alone the rest of the skinny blonde girl twerks and masturbates on cam Gordon then ordered as kneeling girls to spit our cum loads on each others faces.

I was ordered first to spit on Hope, when I demurely shook my head the Nazi Bitch picked up the paddle off the floor I looked at Hope with an apologetic eyebrow curl and spit the cum right in her face, it was pretty nasty. Then Hope spit in Faith's face, and then Faith grudgingly spit her cumload in my face. It was humiliating being ordered and objectified like this. And VP Gordon just couldn't stop laughing.

She dismissed Mr Halston first and straightened herself out, neatening her hair and tying her strap-on back down to the inside of her thigh. Tyrone then went on to bring his cart in and claean up the desk and the spit and cum from the floor like he was doing an everyday job. " I expect to see you three every Friday night after school untill the end of the year to continue your punishment, if you don't you're expelled." She truend away from us and walked away as if we didn't exist.

We quietly cleaned up and put our clothes back on and left school. Outside it was already dark, it was close to 9 by the time she had finished all but raping us and we made our way painfully back to my place. We soldiered down the road leaning on each other. My nipples ached and burned from the twisting.

My ass cheeks felt like they were on fire from the paddling. And I felt like someone had stuck a telephone up my ass. We staggered our way back to my home having already planned on crashing there anyways. As we wandered into the trailer park we noticed a couple familiar cars drive out.

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" Shit, the gangbang…", Faith sighed out. We were supposed to meet the football boys at 6 for our monthly party, but we obviously couldn't make it due to our punishment at the hands of the Nazi Bitch. They obviously had come looking for us. As we walked up to the little patio of the double wide Momma and I shared, a couple of the boys from the team stepped out in very good spirits.

" Hey, looks the party is about to start again", one of the teen boys said We hobbled up the stairs past the boys and were about to kinky girlfriend gets her anal railed while being filmed, feeling like we should break the news we couldn't fuck tonight inside. But then the second asshole spanked me on the ass.

SONOFABITCH that hurt!!!! " Asshole!"I exclaimed turning on him. Faith then pushed him down the stairs summoning a bit of energy just to do that, and we trundled inside " What a bitch, at least her mom was fun to party with.", the frst guy said picking up his friend I didn't have to mull what the meant long, as soon we entered the living room I could figure that out.

Momma was laying face down on an air mattress she used for acts at the Zebra Club. Her face was down but her ass was up in the air. The smell of sweat, sexspunk and beer filled the apartment. Beer cans were all around the floor. The big titted tramp of a mother of mine was snoring happily having been fucked and alcoholised into unconsciousness. What sucked for me was that she was wearing my chearleed top scrunched above hard force sex licking water boobs.

I'm a 32DDD, but Momma was a 36G… that top was ruined to shit, with cum and beer stains on it. We collapsed on the couch and I poked at Momma with my foot to wake her up. We fished a beer out the nearby cooler and drank in silence. Okay, Hope got behind Momma and ate the cum dripping out her first, but then she joined us on the couch for silent grumbly musings.

Fortunately there was only a few weeks left in the school year, but those weeks sucked and sucked bad. Every Friday after school we got our asses wrecked by the Nazi Bitch with Old Tyrone and Mr Halston doing the facefucking.

We'd stagger back home, but then we'd be no good for sex like our adventures usually were on a Friday. And god knows there was no anal until Monday because of that anal molestation. That left midweek for some furtive fun, but rarely were fun boys available.

We were pissed off at the guys fucking Momma and not waiting for us, so we punished them by not giving them a last party before the big game at the end of the year. Which we then naturally lost.

The following last weekend of school blonde hottie gets fucked hard in the park for cash pornstar outdoor my 17th birthday, and Momma had already picked out 6 guys to service me.

But come the night in question my period struck with a vengance. In short a shitty end to an otherwise great school year I had the summer to come to look forward to, three months away from the Nazi Bitch, no more cheerleading practise, no more homework And I had two great best friends now I planned to get even with Nazi Bitch one day, but at least I could take some time off for me again I guess I'll have to tell you about my 17th summer, but this is a good place to end this part of the story END OF FAITH, HOPE, AND CHARITY