Badass teen kacey quinn in a heated back seat sexual act hardcore licking

Badass teen kacey quinn in a heated back seat sexual act hardcore licking
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It's Friday night, and we are getting ready for our first "date" with Lacey. She and I decided that it would be a little bit more fun if she invited another guy along for our first outing. His name is Pete, and he is very sexy. Built like a god, and well enough endowed to take care of both of us girls for the night. He is not gay, but does not mind having a guy suck on his dick from time to time, as long as there are females playing as well. This worked out perfect for my purposes, as I wanted to be the first one in this adventure to fuck my husband up the ass with my 8 inch strap-on.

Frank told me he wanted me to wear my black mini skirt for the night, and I didn't have a problem with it, but told him that this would be the last thing that he would be "telling" me, because I would be giving the orders from that point on, until the night was over. We decided on TGI Fridays for dinner, and had a few drinks with the meal to liven things up a little.

I must admit, I was a little nervous. I had never been with another man in front of Frank before, and was not sure how he was going to react. He always says he would love to see me sucking on another guy's dick and getting fucked like the little slut that I am, but you never know with things like this until you try.

After dinner we headed to a little hole in the wall bar to have a few more drinks, play some darts and get to know each other a little perfect model is flaunting her stretched slim twat in close up, and by the time the second game came around, Pete was already getting a little frisky and started rubbing on my tits with his arm to throw a hint my way. I of course got a little more nervous, and I think Lacey could tell, because she came and sat down on the other side of me, and began rubbing my leg.

As her hand traveled up my thigh, Pete decided that it was time to get this party started and reached over and pulled me closer to him so that he could kiss me.

As his tongue swirled in my mouth, the sweet taste of crown and coke making my head start to spin, his fingers started pinching my right nipple, causing it to stand at attention teen sucks and tugs cocks cocksucking deepthroat a little soldier.

He flicked and pinched again, then went to the other and did more of the same. All the while, Lacey's hand had reached my panties (I had worn crotch less for easier access) and she began to lightly rub around my pussy lips with her finger, careful not to touch the middle just yet, making me so wet and anxious that I could hardly breathe.

I could feel the juices starting to leak out of my pussy on to her finger, and when she called Frank over, I almost lost it right there when she pulled her hand from under my skirt and told him to suck on her fingers. I am not sure if that last game of darts got finished or not, because in a flash we had gathered our belongings and headed out to the parking lot where Lace and Pete resumed their sexual assault on my body. Lacey finally looked over at Frank, who was standing there watching in awe as strange hands roamed all over my body, down my shirt, down my skirt and into my panties.

She instructed him to sit down with his back up against the car, and Lacey straddled me over him facing the car and told me to put my hands on the roof. His face was inches from my pussy, and I could tell by the bulge in his pants that he was getting VERY excited. Lacey whispered into my ear, "Now, pay attention, because the fun is just getting started and I am going to teach you how to control that man of yours.

I promise you will love it and so will he!!!" Frank was instructed not to say a word unless he was asked a question, and not to touch anything unless he was instructed to do so.

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Pete moved to our side and unzipped his jeans, freeing his very hard erection from its bondage, and began stroking it as he put it right in Frank's face. So now Frank had a pussy in front of him and a hard dick to the right of him being beat by its owner, and wasn't allowed to do a thing about it. He could see the pre-cum on the tip of Pete's head as he stroked it, and wondered what would happen if he stuck out his tongue and licked it off. He decided it was worth the risk and did just that.

Of course when Pete felt the tongue on his dickhead, he pulled back and Lacey stepped up to let him know what his punishment would be.

She sat him up a little higher and held his head in her hands pushing him even closer to my pussy, and told him "Watch this, Frank… another man is about to stick his rock hard dick up into your wife's hot pussy and there is nothing you can do about it." Pete pulled my skirt up a little and slowly began to push his dick into me from behind. Franks face was less than an inch away and Pete began to pick up the pace.

Every time he went in, more of my pussy juice splashed out, right on to Frank's face. He could see every stroke, and wanted so badly to reach up and stick his fingers in my pussy hole while Pete fucked me. "Do you like that, you like watching another man fucking me?" He looked as if he was teen sexy yoga hot pant formation partie 4 to explode."That's right, this man and his nice big dick are giving me the pleasure that you can't right now, and you love it, don't you?" I know how bad he wanted to be inside of me so Lacey finally decided that he had had enough punishment for the moment and told Pete to pull out of me and shove his dick in Frank's mouth to let him lick off my pussy juice as a reward for taking his punishment like a good little cuckold slut.

I moved out of the way so that Pete could have better access, and Lacey and I began to kiss and fondle each other giving the boys just enough of a show to get them even more anxious to get back to the house so that we could really let loose.

I looked over and watched as my hubby was getting his mouth fucked, and decided that I would give him a hand. I sat down beside him on my knees and Pete pulled back a little so I could join in on this face fuck.

He alternated between my mouth and Frank's and finally stuck it back in Frank's as I went lower to lick and suck on his balls.

I could feel his sack start to tighten and he grabbed a hold of Frank's head and forced him to open his throat as he shot his load. He pulled back in just enough time to leave a little bit of cum on Frank's tongue, and as he pulled out, I attacked, knocking Frank over and me straddling him, opening his mouth so that I could share the last bit of cum with him before he swallowed it down.

The taste of Pete's cum mixed with the lingering taste of my pussy juices on his lips and chin set me on fire!! I wanted to cum so bad right then and it seemed like Lacey was reading my mind, because she came up behind me and began licking my pussy. It took all of about 2 minutes between Frank's kisses and her dude spied busty milf changed in bathroom, and my pussy began to convulse. She licked and sucked as I came harder than I remember cumming in a long time.

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Frank caught my screams in his mouth, sucking the air from my lungs, making my orgasm that much more intense. After my body started to calm, and my heartbeat began to return to normal, we all sat back, trying to relax a bit so that we could make the drive back to the house.

Pete spoke up a few minutes later to say that it was time to go…there were some people coming out of the bar, and the last thing that we wanted this night is to be arrested for indecent exposure.

I hope you enjoyed this second part in the Sex Tutor series, and believe me when I tell you, there is a lot more adventure right around the corner. Enjoy ;)