Petite girlfriend has anal in the morning

Petite girlfriend has anal in the morning
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Ellie and I slept together, naked in her bed. She fell right asleep, and I wrapped myself tightly around her naked form. My half limp cock nestled in between the top of her cheeks, and my hands clutched her C-cup breasts while I dozed. She loved what I did to her…but would she love me? I woke up at around 10am, Ellie still fast asleep. I reached into my bag and put my mask on. She was exhausted and might as well have been dead.

It was a cinch to tie her wrists above her head to the headboard, and an ankle to each bedpost. I stood there admiring her naked spread beauty. A gorgeous slightly darker vintage mom and grany mother olive colored skin, natural, absolutely no tan-lines.

Strong, but not fat legs, a gracefully curved figure. Nipples slightly darker than her skin, not too big, not too small, a little under sensitive, but that allowed for more torture. And then, those lips. Full, luscious, they put Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Garner to shame. Those high paid, over maintained tarts had nothing on this natural beauty. Jolie could suck me all day, and I may or may not feel it, while Ellie, Ellie could bring me to the edge with one stroke, one small stare from those brown eyes.

I knelt over her breasts, causing her to awaken. Her eyes began at my cock, and quickly darted up to my face. I could see the disappointment at my wearing a mask. Soon perhaps. She strained for my cock, and came inches short. She struggled against her bonds and tried once again, but to no avail. I brought it within reach, enough for her to get her lips around the tip, then pulled away. I teased her again, this time letting her brush her tongue back and forth across the tip for a few seconds before pulling away.

I repeated this a few more times, each time letting her lick slightly longer before I pulled away. Eventually she flopped her head back to her pillow and gazed up at me with those eyes. "Please?" she pleaded. "Please, what?" "Please may I suck your cock?" "What are you going to do for me if I let you?" I asked mischievously. She eyed my six inches hungrily.

"Anything…" she breathed "Anything at all?" No hesitation, she nodded. "Remember that," I said. Rather than slide forward and let her go at it, I turned myself so that we were in a '69' position and plunged my meat down her throat. I felt her lips and tongue slide down my shaft, and my balls bump her nose as she moaned with appreciation. Thrusting in and out lightly so as not to hurt her, I turned my attention to her pussy.

It was already wet! I hadn't even touched her yet. The girl really got off from pleasuring me. I have to hand it to her, there wasn't much she could do with her tongue because in this position, it didn't brush my spot, but man was the girl trying.

And it was working. It seemed like it curled infinitely around my dick as I pushed in and out, not quite touching the right area, but coming close enough. I started slowly, licking and kissing all around, but not quite touching her clit. Her stomach just above, her lips, the inside of her thighs, my tongue would run up them, up her lips, but tantalizingly miss her spot. Each time I came close I heard a begging grunt from her as she continued to service me.

I kept my thrusts methodically slow, I wanted to cum, but not yet, and not in her mouth. I saw to it my tongue started getting closer and closer, finally brushing her sensitive clit. From there I started running my tongue back and forth vertically over it, touching it ever so slightly with the tip of my tongue. She expected me to slowly hit it harder and harder, building her up like I usually did. Instead I pressed my lips down and sucked hard on it, her whole body flinched massively in surprise, her lips grew tighter and her tongue limp, she had too much to think about, too much hitting her at once.

Sucking her clit partially into my mouth, I circled it once with my tongue slowly, suprising her again, I kicked it into overdrive, as I whipped the tip of my tongue back and forth, up and down. Ellie's lips tightened and she held me in her all the way. With my fingers I spread her lips and continued my oral assault on her clit.

I could taste and smell her sweetness more and more as she grew wetter and wetter until finally… I pulled my dick out of her mouth, slobbering wet and moved off to the side so I could fully enjoy her orgasm.

I slid a finger in and began massaging her g-spot while I licked back and forth on her clit with more fervor than ever. Every once in a while I mixed things up with a two finger thrust deep into her pussy before moving back to the spot.

"mmMMMMMM…UHH…UHHH…" she orgasmed. Repeatedly. Her juices started seeping through her lips as she thrust her hips into my hands and face with each increasing climax. I didn't slow down as her orgasms rose in intensity. After several minutes, with a loud scream she reached her peak and squirted out onto her sheets. Finally I pulled away, her breathing continuing at its rapid this sapphic girl fucking loves it hard fast and deep. Her eyes were clamped shut and her face was all red.

Kneeling above her head, but facing her legs, I lowered my balls until they hit her slightly parted lips. She kept her eyes shut, but opened her mouth wider until they dropped down onto her tongue.

She started rolling them around in her mouth, polishing them with her tongue. I began to police xxx ducking sex stories storys myself as she toyed with me, harder, faster, intending to bring myself to orgasm.

It didn't take long with my balls in the heavenly confines of her drooling mouth. I pulled out of her mouth and let my cum drip all over her body, her stomach, her breasts, taking care to get both nipples, and just above her pussy. I got off the bed, walked over to her desk and grabbed her phone. "Let's find someone to play with," I said.

She told me what number to call and I held it to her ear. "Hey Karen, how are you? Bored? Come on over, we'll find something to do. Just come on up to my room, the door's unlocked, I'm working on something for college… Great, see you in a few. Bye." "She'll be here in 5-10 minute Ellie informed me.

Karen was more or less nice to everyone, though not many outside of her inner circle of friends knew her well at all. Her body was dynamite at 5'2'' and a firm double D-cup. She played field hockey, and was strong, she could probably bench more than I could. As you'd expect, her stomach was buff, and her legs were a bit thick for a girl her size, but she looked great. Rumor had it she once gave a blowjob as a birthday present.

Her face…could be better.

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She wasn't ugly, but she had a sort of haggish look to her. She was of Latin descent with very tan skin, and dark curly hair. True to Ellie's word, I heard a car pull into the drive a few minutes later. I got up form the bed, I had been making Ellie squeal by pinching her clit and pussy lips and thoroughly enjoying shaven womanhood. Kissing her, I got up and hid behind her bedroom door as I heard the front open, quickly followed by cacophonous footsteps on the stairs.

Karen pushed open the door and quickly saw Ellie. Gasping, she made it two steps before I had her arms pinned behind her back and a hand clamped over her mouth. Strong though she was, I had her. "You're going to do what I tell you to, or your friend here is going to be utterly miserable until I get tired of her screams, then she'll be gagged and miserable after that.

Understand me?" She nodded against my hand. I forced her onto the floor and let her go. I wanted to keep her as helpless as possible, but had to get her clothes off. "Strip," I commanded. Asian teen gets bored so seduce her friend slid off what looked like a very tight, restricting black tank top, and undid her matching miniskirt.

She looked up at me in a black bra and thong. "All the way." Starting to sniffle, she undid her bra and tossed it aside. Slowly her panties began to creep down. Too slowly, I reached down and yanked them off. She had a reputation for being somewhat of a slut, of course she shaved. I commanded for her to get on her feet and put her arms behind her back, bending ninety degrees at the elbow and laying one forearm on top of the other.

Not too much later, I had her arms completely immobile behind her. I turned Karen facing me so I could get a look at her breasts. I pinched a nipple, she squirmed. Sensitive, excellent. I pulled out clamps, and against some squirming by Karen, attached them.

Her face contorted with pain, but she remained silent. I grabbed her by the hair and dragged her over to the bed. "Clean Ellie off now." She hesitated, so I pushed her down towards Ellie's cum splattered body.

Ellie flinched with the first touch of Karen's warm tongue, but more or less remained relaxed. Karen moaned with displeasure as I forced her to lick up every drop of cum on Ellie's gorgeous body. Karen hesitated at the nipples. "Not only do I want you to lick it off, I want you to suck on them until she moans." The cum was gone after a few laps of Karen's tongue, and she went to do her work.

Ellie delightfully bit her lip and tried as hard as she could to stay silent. Deciding to help her out, I moved up and began making out with Ellie as she lay there helpless. Eventually she couldn't help it though as Karen's rough sucks and licks forced a small sound out of Ellie's magic lips.

I pushed Karen onto her knees and blindfolded her. Then I released Ellie from the bed and bound her hands behind her back. I placed her next to Karen and removed her blindfold.

Two lovely ladies, there for my blondie with glasses gets her pussy fucked by pawn guy. "Karen, you're going to lick and suck on my balls while Ellie gets the cock. If you do a good job, these might come off," I said tugging on the chain that connected the clamps. Karen whined as I did so, but moved closer, and ducked down to take my balls in her mouth.

After she was in position and rolling them around with her tongue, I motioned for Ellie to start servicing my cock. I may have orgasmed less than an hour before, but I was already rock hard again. Ellie let out a grunt of frustration, Karen's head was preventing her from taking me all the way. I pulled both girls off my cock, and laid Karen on her back on the ground. Then I pulled Ellie so that she knelt with her pussy over Karen's face.

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"I changed my mind Karen, you're going to make Ellie a very happy girl, or when she's done with me, I am going sunny leone shooting by xxx story take great delight in tearing orgasm after orgasm from your lithe body." I pushed Ellie down slowly until her lips rested on Karen's.

Karen immediately went to work, and Ellie's lips formed and let loose an "O" of appreciation. I ran my hand softly down her cheek, and lightly grabbed her chin, turning her head back towards my cock. She looked up at me and smile before impaling her head on my dick. She moved her head up and down the bottom inch of my cock, letting her throat do all the work on my spot. She stayed down there for what seemed like several minutes before slowly sliding back up.

A small sucking sound escaped her lips as she pulled off my head, took a breath and went down again. Apparently Karen was doing her job well because Ellie got more excited and started to speed up. Before long, on each down thrust soft muffled moans of enjoyment were filling the room.

After a little while, when Ellie pulled off, she was pulling my dick slightly downward. She had knelt lower to force Karen to put more pressure on her clit. I looked down at Karen, her face obscured be Ellie's lower half, her large breasts just sitting there on her chest, her legs fidgeting uncomfortably. All of a sudden I felt the rush.

"Open your mouth and stick out your tongue," I said hurriedly to Ellie. She complied, and I began 'jerking off' using Ellie's tongue to stimulate my sensitive spot.

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When the time came, I allowed her to wrap her lips around just my head as I dropped a warm load on her tongue. Despite what happened before, I still got out a pretty big wad of cum, and Ellie just knelt there enjoying it while Karen continued to work her clit. I reached down and started toying with Ellie's nipples and massaging her breasts while we gazed into each others eyes.

For several minutes we just stared at each other, me mesmerized, her wondering who I was. All of a sudden the trance broke as Karen's amateur licking finally pushed Ellie babe loves getting fucked hardcore and blowjob the edge.

She moaned softly as she had several small orgasms. Too bad, I'd have loved to seen Karen drink juice from the both of us. I picked Ellie up off of Karen and set her on her knees next to her. Karen lay there on the floor, her lips glistening from Ellie's wetness, her eyes watering from the shame. I pulled Karen up off her knees and positioned the girls facing each other about a foot away. I grabbed two pairs of nipple clamps and proceeded to Karen's dismay, and Ellie's enjoyment to link their breasts to each other using the clamps.

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If they were smart, one could pull the clamps off the other with her teeth. If they weren't, they could pull against each other and face some of the most intense seconds of pain they would ever feel. I packed up my things and left them to figure it out. * * * I returned a few hours later to find Karen long gone, and Ellie dozing naked in her bed. I marveled at the beauty of her peaceful slumber before peeling off my own clothes, slipping in behind her and curling my naked body around hers.

I fell asleep…maskless…