Fulfilling beautys anal needs smalltits and hardcore

Fulfilling beautys anal needs smalltits and hardcore
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Chapter 1 My name is Brandy. I was a very spoiled child. I was even worse as I turned 18 along with a credit card from my father that was unlimited. Every want, every need was just a card swipe away. I always wanted to turn heads, be the center of attention. At times I used my father's generous credit cards to obtain that.

I woke up on a gorgeously warm summer day. I decided I needed a new bathing suit as well as anything else I might find. I took a shower, curled my long blonde hair and applied my make up. I wore a pair of cute yellow very short shorts, along with a blue spaghetti noodle blouse. I noticed all the guys looking at me knowing what was going through their minds. I loved it. I wanted to make sure I got everyone's attention.

After a couple hours of shopping, trying on outfits I got all my stuff and paid with Daddy's credit card. On my way to my car I hear a vehicle bearing down behind me. I pay it no mind really, it's a parking lot.

Turns out it's a gray van with no windows and two men jump out. They grab me violently and throw me hot amateur wife fisted and showered in piss the back of the van. Once inside, my hands and feet are tied and tape is placed over my lips.

On the ride, I am given a some sort of shot that knocks me out totally. When I awake I am in a cage, striped naked. I start screaming as I try to figure out where I am and how I got here. Two men come in, "shut the fuck up bitch, no one will hear you here" the bigger guy yells.

I, of course, scream louder yelling for them to let me out. The biggest guy comes over and unlocks the cage. He tells me, "I see you need to learn a lesson". He grips my long blonde hair jerking me out of the cage and onto the cold cement floor.

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The smaller of the two grabs me, holding me tightly by my wrists as the bigger man grabs a whip. The guy bends me over the cage and the bigger guy begins whipping me.

I scream as blood tickles from the wounds of the whip. Tears stream down my face as the pain is absolutely unbearable. After, several blows land and mark my ass he removes his pants and slips in behind me. He violently shoves his hard cock into xxx sexy story black guy inimals dry pussy lips making me scream for mercy. Yet there is no mercy in either of these men's hearts.

The smaller guy moves around to the front of me, now stretched over the small cage and being pounded ruthlessly by the other's cock. My screams from the violent rape of my pussy offer him the perfect opportunity to slam his cock into my throat, making me gag violently. The larger guy continues the spanking of my now striped and bleeding ass with his large hands.

Both guys fucking me hard and violently raping me on both ends. Nasty slobber pours out of my mouth as his cock continuously chokes and gags me. I feel his large cock twitching inside my mouth before he lets go, squirting his vile semen into my mouth and then pulling out to cover my face with cum.

As the other guy fucked me, cum dripped off my face with my tears. He told the guy don't touch her asshole, she'll bring much more if it's tight. The guy fucking my pussy laughed and said "I just want her nasty cunt" then proceeded to fill my pussy up with hot cum.

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My hands and feet are tied once again and I am placed into the cage. I lay there with their cum dripping out of and off my entire body. I lay in their body fluids, my ass hurting from the beating, remembering the lesson I was just taught. Later, I awake to find three men around my cage. My naked, nasty body is crusted with dried semen. I see a large fire hose just before they turn the water to it. I am hit with a violent spray of water, hard to breathe.

The water violently rakes at my flesh, feeling like tiny asian slut rides and gets covered in cum hardcore and filipina in my skin. Finally, I am removed from the cage, forced clean by the spray of water. The men roughly move me around the room, placing a collar around my neck with a long leash attached.

They take me to the center of the room, tying both hands together while tying the other end to a hook in the ceiling raising me just a bit to my tip toes. A spreader bar is attached to my ankles spreading my legs wider apart. They leave me hanging there to dry. After hanging there what seemed like forever, my arms hurt badly.

I had fallen asleep at some point. I am awakened by someone coming once again through the door. It is the largest black man I had ever seen. His massive muscles rippled even through his clothes. He walks over to me, slapping at my breasts making me squeal out. The sting is absolutely unbearable. His large black hands begin to squeeze and torment my breasts as I plead with him to stop. Finally, His large hand slaps at my pussy lips making me yell as He tells me to "shut the fuck up bitch".

He continues His assault on my pussy, the stinging is unbelievable. He shoves His thick middle finger into my pussy, burying it deep making me gasp. I struggle but the spreader bar will not let me close my legs as His thick, black finger fucks me. I feel totally ashamed as I begin to feel His finger sliding in easier knowing He's forcing the wetness to begin flowing.

He adds another finger to the first one stretching me even more. He leans in close to my ear whispering "I see you're nothing but a white trash slut, enjoying when you have something black inside that nasty white cunt of yours, wait until I push my dick inside".

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He pumps His fingers in and out of me at an extreme pace. I begin to cry, totally and completely humiliated as an orgasm overtakes my body, I cum all over His fingers. He laughs at me and says, "you are going to make one fantastic slut". He then leaves the room, leaving my binds tight.

My cum streams down the inside of my thighs. I wonder if anyone will ever find me to rescue me.