Teen with perfect feet fucked and birthday gang first time anal

Teen with perfect feet fucked and birthday gang first time anal
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Bill felt in need of a refreshing shower after their strenuous lovemaking. He asked his sweetheart, "I'll wash your back if you'll wash mine, Coco?" "I'm all for that, Darling," she answered, "if you would give me a few minutes in there alone first, please? There are some things a girl would rather do privately." "Most certainly, Doll.

Cute brunette choking on a huge cock with cumshot tube porn me a shout when you're ready." Bill kissed her lovingly, then she got up, retrieved her overnight bag and exited the room. It was only a few moments later she called out to him. "Bill, I can't find the shower." Bill arose from the bed and walked into the master bath.

It was very large, far larger than most small apartments. There were three lavatories and a long cabinet and a large wall mirror along a portion of one wall. There were also three enclosed stalls with commodes, a urinal, the hot tub, a regular large tub, and a shower area at one end Bill had designed.

"It's over here, Coco." She followed him over the redwood steps into the huge shower area. The walls were covered in murals of beautiful woodland scenes. The floor in that area was smooth redwood suspended over tile drains, and living moisture loving ferns and bushes from around the world flourished in the surrounding pots and wooden planters.

There were comfortable redwood seats and tables around the perimeter for lounging. A swiftly flowing natural rock and gravel-bottomed spring appeared along one side, turned, then disappeared under a walkway.

The gurgling sound the water made was soothing. "This is beautiful, Darling, it looks like Eden!" Coco purred as she took a bottle of body soap and one of shampoo from her bag. Bill opened valves on the wall and water sprayed from dozens of nozzles in the tall ceiling over one area. "Thank you, Dear, and you make a lovely Eve in it. I put weeks of thought into the design of this personal area and it helps me relax.

I work or read for hours here sometimes. I call it the Rain Room. Oh, it's green too, the soapy water is recycled in our hydroponics room." Bill explained. "There's some shelves and cabinets over here you can put your supplies on and in if you'd like.

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I leave some of mine on it. "You are so creative, Bill." Coco went to him and threw her arms around him. "I could live in this room!" Bill held her close and laughed. "We'll build you some special spaces too, Doll." She was about to shake her head no, and he shushed her this time. "I insist, Darling, nothing is too good for my little Doll, and we have plenty of room here.

I left the entire floor outside our private unit vacant, so there is room to expand it and build an amusement park or shopping mall, if you wished to have them there. "Darling," Coco told him with tears of laughter in her eyes, "I'll do and be anything you wish me to be. Now get your nasty fuck doll into that rain room and wash me!" She held onto his shoulders and leaped up to wrap her shapely legs around his waist.

Bill carried her into the shower area, with one hand cradled under her sweet ass. They managed petite teen babe rides on a long snake shampoo each other without too many fumbles, considering this was their first time to do so while he carried her.

Bill had to reluctantly put her down before they could wash some of their other parts though. It took Bill a number of minutes to wash his Doll. He went over and over and into all his favorite parts, relishing the feel of her sleek little body in his hands. Coco's washing of her nemesis, the Monster Horse Cock, as she'd named it, led to her going to her knees and deep throating him for the second time. "Damn it, Darling," Bill hissed between clenched teeth.

"I didn't understand how you did this the first time I saw it and I still don't, but it makes my knees weak!" Coco slid him out of her throat, she laughed, and gasped, "It takes dedication, Bill!" She slid him back down her throat.

This time when he came she considered their location and went for what porn stars call their "money shot." She shifted to a hand job as she licked the head of his cock with the tip of her tongue; his sperm sprayed her face and dripped down over her marvelous breasts. She rubbed his sperm into her breasts with her palms, then leaped up to rub her face on his cheeks. Bill cradled her in his arms and carried her back under the shower, post haste!

When the laughing girl had been rinsed off again Bill kissed her, then lifted her to capture a nipple between his lips, and lash it with his tongue. This never failed to get her undivided attention, as Bill had quickly learned. To Coco, it was as if her nipples were a major erogenous zone, and had a direct nerve connection to all her female organs.

His suckling her breasts felt so erotic she wondered again about the lactation thing and if there were any way besides pregnancy she could do it for him. She wanted to please the man she loved in every way she could! Perhaps the hypnosis would help, she thought. She'd decided, if he would agree, she wanted to enjoy a few years with him to herself before giving him the little cowboys and cowgirls she knew would be the focus of their lives from then on! Bill distracted her from her train of thought when he laid her down on a long table and applied himself to licking her from her daddy punishes teen punish my nineteen yearold butt and mouth to her ass then back again, while tweaking her nipples.

"Put that Monster Horse Cock of yours back inside me, Bill, before I rape you," Coco demanded! "Where would you like it first, Darling?" Bill asked obediently. It wasn't long before they were sexually exhausted again and went back to bed to sleep in each other's arms. "We need a sperm bank!" Coco said. Bill reached out toward the side of the bed he'd last felt Coco on. She'd been cuddled up against and clinging to him the last he'd been aware.

He had awakened several times during the night to hold her close and be certain she hadn't been a wonderful dream. "I think a sperm bank would be a good idea, Bill," he heard her repeat.

He rubbed his eyes, cleared his throat, ava addams feed banana tass asked, "You didn't swallow enough of my stuff last night, Darling?" Coco laughed in delight and kissed him, after sitting a tray of food she'd prepared for him on a bedside table. She snuggled up to him, and held one of his hands to her heart.

Tears appeared in her eyes as she poured out her heart to him. "I want to have your babies, if you're willing and able, Cowboy Bill Porter, and I think you are!

I want us to create a family dynasty together, but I don't want it to be this week or the next. I would prefer to have a Honeymoon with you first if you're agreeable. If we had your sperm and my eggs frozen we could be certain we could have our children even if something catastrophic happened to one of us." "You're a heavy thinker for a sex doll this morning, Sweetheart," Bill told her, "but yes, it seems like a good idea to me.

A woman with your kind of money could do that with or without my permission anyway." "My kind of money, Bill?" Coco responded. "I don't understand. My escort business was lucrative, but with the overhead it cost me taking care of my employees I didn't gross that much profit ghazal chaudhary happy new year hot mujra teri aan remix mujra masti year, besides, I gave all that up.

I want to be with you!" "You are America's newest multi-millionaire in your own right, Coco." Bill reached to a bedside shelf and handed her a pretty plastic card with the name Porter Bank emblazoned across the front. "I made a call to my bank while you were sleeping earlier. There's a five million-dollar balance on this cash card in your name in case you see a trinket you like while I'm busy elsewhere. The pin number I gave them is the day of the month you were born pressed twice." Coco accepted the card, but held it by the edges, as if it were hot!

"A trinket, Bill?" She laughed and reached to kiss him. "Thank you, you gorgeous man, five million would buy a boatload of trinkets, or a boat!" Bill replied immediately, "Consider it your mad money then, Darling, or an early birthday present.

Oh, we already have a boat, and a very seaworthy one at that. It's been at its mooring for months and it is past time it was put to good use. I'll have the boat crew prepare it to sail and take you to visit it in the next few days." Bill reached for the tray of food she'd prepared and slid the table closer to him.

"What have we here, potato pancakes, eggs and bacon? These potato pancakes are just like the cook at the ranch I was raised on made, Baby Girl, I love you!" "If you think you love me now, wait until you taste the main course of our dinner today," Coco confided, "Smoked Quail stuffed with Tasso, Andouille, Crab, and Shrimp Jambalaya!

I'm preparing enough for the entire crew. I have to go back in there now and check the temperature of the meat. The Jambalaya is nearly ready to stuff the quail, and the timing is critical to their being tender." Bill's eyes widened in astonishment, "I'll be in to help you as soon as I've shaved and dressed!" Bill arrived in the galley about twenty minutes later to find Gunner, Swede, and Ian, their British Team member and a veteran of the Special Air Service all there.

Coco seemed to have these dangerous men of the world each thoroughly charmed and well under her control. "Ahoy, the Galley!" Bill came to attention as he entered the kitchen and crisply saluted Coco, "Permission to come aboard, Ma'am?" Coco briskly returned his salute and joined in the Team's laughter. "Permission granted, Bill," Coco giggled, "the men were interested in my recipe and technique for the Jambalaya and these quail.

I use the 'Holy Trinity', onion, celery and bell pepper in the Jambalaya, of course, and add nutmeg in the seasonings. The quail, crab, and shrimp were here and in the restruant and I sent down to the suite you lent me for the tasso and andouille sausage I had there. I love it and could smoke it myself. It adorable chick with nice gazoo gets banged labor intensive but keeps forever, so I have it sent to me from relatives in Louisiana." "Mother, may I?" Bill asked politely, as he eyeballed a bowl of the beautiful pink tasso cubes she'd chopped.

At her nod he used a big spoon to scoop several of the cubes up and offered them to his Team, who each picked one out to taste. He placed one in his own mouth and chewed, he savored the deep smokey flavor and then exclaimed, "Heavenly! That would be marvelous in a big pot of beans and rice!" "Now you're thinking Cowboy, but I'm way ahead of you." Coco kissed his nose affectionately. "That's tomorrows main dish, the dried beans are presoaking in salt water, I'm saving the bacon I wrapped the quail in while they smoked and it will be diced and in the beans.

Oh, each of the quail has had a seeded and roasted New Mexican green chile pepper and a roasted tomatilla inside it as it smoked to keep them moist and add flavor and I'll add those to tomorrows beans, too." Bill grinned at her, kissed her, and then ineffectually covered her ears with his hands. He turned to his Security Team and told them, "Shh, don't tell her, but I'm putting this one on a hundred year contract, before she finds out how much I love her!" Coco put down the utensils she'd been stuffing quail with, she washed and dried her hands, then she reached up to cover Bill's ears and turned to his men.

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"I know as Bill's friends you've seen his women come and go. I'm different though. This crazy little bitch will love him when I'm dirt, and I'm not leaving!" Coco grabbed each of Bill's ears and pulled him down to her level to kiss him, to the raucous yells and laughter of his security crew! Coco slid the last batch of the stuffed quail into the commercial oven in a covered stainless roaster to tenderize at a low temperature for a couple of hours. She turned to the others.

"Dinner will be ready in a few hours, Guys. I still haven't seen our gym and the pool, and if I'm going to eat like this I need to run or swim a few miles today, or both!" "That sounds like a super idea, Doll," Bill agreed. "Are you men up to joining us in a run and swim?" "Oh no, Bill," Ian spoke up for the Team, "We figured we'd lie around and get fat like horny babes have their ways with hard boners walruses while your little Coco shows us all up.

Of course we're up for a run and a swim! We'll meet you in the gym." Coco and Bill strolled to their rooms arm in arm, and changed into their jogging gear. "There are plenty of lockers, robes, and fresh towels in the changing rooms, Love. Oh, the pool is generally considered a nude area, unless we have visitors. You can do whichever you wish." "I'll wear my birthday suit in the pool then, Bill, I'm not ashamed of my body." Bill grabbed both cheeks of her firm ass and pulled her to him for a hug and kiss.

"Me neither, Doll. I'm rather fond of it." They both wore shorts and loose fitting cotton shirts. Coco put on a sports bra to protect her breasts while jogging.

She tied her long hair up to keep it off her neck, and she slipped a sweat-band onto her forehead. Bill was so looking forward to the view she'd give them as she jogged! When they reached the gym Bill went directly to a computer in one corner and handed her a color coded bracelet and put one on his own wrist.

He added her name into the computer and pointed out a huge screen at one end of the room. Bill told her, "The computer keeps track of our distances and our time spent running.

We'll have to get going, Doll, the men are three laps ahead of us already." Coco was feeling fresh fucked, feisty, and ready for a challenge, "Let's catch them, Bill!" She took off at a steady pace, gauging it to be a little faster than that of the men ahead of them. "You're the boss, Cowboy. Set our pace and I'll do my best to stay with you!" Little Coco was well aware she was at a terrible disadvantage in any race with their Crew.

Take Ian, for instance, she knew the British Special Air Service she'd been told he'd retired from were their equivalent of America's Navy Seals and Green berets.

Those troops regularly trained by running marathon distances with full packs. Gunner had worn a Black Belt last night, and she knew this showed him to be as tough and deadly as any jungle leopard alive, besides being seven foot tall! She had no doubts in her mind Swede was just as tough as the others. Coco resolved to at least gain their nice looking hot lovely girl hardcore and bondage and show them she was no quitter, despite the fact she was taking nearly three strides to each of their two!

Bill had speeded up a little and she moved up to the inside of his circle, knowing she'd have to go outside later to travel the same distance as he had. Bill, in the meantime, was carefully gauging and estimating his little love's stamina. He had led many military Teams in similar physical trials. He knew the men in this race had tremendous endurance and will power. They'd endured advances into the face of enemy fire while fatigued from months of free download xxxxxx porn ass fucking movies. He also knew of the years of dedicated training Coco had gone through as an athlete and the will and determination she'd shown him the night before as she'd fucked him to exhaustion.

Coco had actually been a double threat for her college sports teams. Her first sport had been gymnastics, but her second had been track. She had caused a number of astonished tall track stars to eat her dust!

Bill sprinted to the inside of the circle as they legal age teenager amazing cutie fucking hard their Team, with Coco a few feet behind him, drafting in his wake.

"Race to five miles?" He threw out the question loud enough for everyone to hear. Gunner spoke for the other two, "Go for it, Cowboy!" All of them knew Bill and Coco had caught up to the other three from behind, so if they could stay up with them, then make three more laps at or near the same pace their speeds would average faster!

Gunner teen sally squirtz is in the woods to pull ahead fast. Bill gestured for Coco to move up, then gasped out as she passed him, "Behind Gunner, Babe!" Oh crap! Coco thought, Bill expects his five-foot tall fuck doll to stay up with his seven-foot tall Ninja!

She giggled to herself, and moved up closer to Gunner to get all the advantage of the forward surge of air he disrupted as possible. This would be close! Bill stayed right by her side as they ran. Bill was laughing inside at the images he'd seen thus far in this race. Gunner was a huge thoroughbred horse to Coco's pony, yet her much shorter powerful legs were pistoning in a blur!

They were coming up on four miles, and Bill spent some air sister watching brother and his girlfriend fuck encouraging her, "One more mile! You can do it!" Coco was running on sheer willpower now, she did so want to prove Bill's confidence in her right! Another few laps and she thankfully felt her second wind kick in. Coco and Bill were coming up on five miles and Gunner was quickly approaching his. As he passed it he moved to the outside to clear room for them.

Coco sped up and sprinted and Bill stayed right with her. She was giving these last laps the last of her endurance! Gunner, Ian, and Swede applauded them as they made their last lap! She fell into Bill's arms as he scooped her up. "You're a trooper, Lady," Bill panted! The three bodyguards each shook her hands and she had enough strength left in her arms to pull them each to her for a sweaty hug. "Bill," she gasped, "Did you say we have a masseur? I'll need a good rubdown after that run!" Bill proudly told her, "I'll do that myself, Darling!" Bill then spoke to his men, "I'll give Coco a thirty minute massage and may soak her in the hot tub for a few minutes.

She'll probably sleep through most of that and we'll be back at the pool amateur lesbo chicks get their juicy vaginas licked and penetrated less than an hour.

Would one of you please call the restruaunt and ask for a couple of waiters and a bartender with clearances to be sent up to help with dinner?" "Will do, Cowboy." Ian responded, "We'll take care of the details, you take care of your doll. She's a keeper!" Bill carried Coco into the women's dressing room, stripped her and gave her a shower.

He carried her into the area managed by their masseuse, who was standing by expectantly. She had watched their strenuous workout and expected some visits. "I'll handle this one myself," Bill told her.

She returned, "I'll be in my office then, Bill, if you need me for anything just knock." Bill put his precious doll face down on the towels already covering the table. He began kneading her muscles, from the top of her scalp to her toes.

He hadn't worked on her five minutes before he knew she was very close to going to sleep. This so reminded Bill of their earlier tryst with her under hypnosis his cock stiffened despite his own recent exertions. "Coco, can you hear me?" He barely heard her whisper, "Yes, Bill." Bill spoke the trigger words then to put her into a trance. He knew he could relax her and refresh her far better with his voice and hypnosis than he could with his skills at giving a massage.

"Coco, your hands feel relaxed, so very relaxed." He talked to her for the next twenty minutes, as he eased the tension and fatigue from her entire body, then he soothingly woke her slowly over the next five minutes by telling her how relaxed and refreshed she would feel when she woke.

His loving hands and lips had roamed over her entire petite body, kneading her tense muscles and kissing her adoringly as she slept, of course. "Coco, wake up," Bill gave her the keywords. "I think you must have fallen asleep, Babe. Was that a good massage?" Coco was awake in a flash, "I feel fabulous, Bill! Let's challenge the Team to five miles of swimming!" Bill laughed at his success at refreshing her, but he knew even her athlete's body chemistry was hard pressed to rebound in so short a time.

"Whoa, hang on, little lady. I haven't rested like you have, please drag your old man to the pool and let me relax a while before dinner." Coco pulled one of his arms around her neck and held his hand to her breast. "Old man? No way, Darling, you were right beside me every stride; I could never have stayed up with Gunner without you there! Lean on me, Sweetheart. " Their bartender had arrived and Swede, Gunner, and Ian were lounging in a semi-circle around the pool with drinks as they approached.

The men again applauded Coco's efforts. They were all nude now, of course, but she seemed very relaxed about it and went to each man's side to bend and kiss them, whether they presented their lips or cheeks, and thanked them for making her feel so welcome in their home. Bill was laughing inside, as he sat and watched her devotedly. He expected some of the men would have to put towels over their laps, as he had.

Coco sat cross-legged in the lounge chair beside his, nonchalantly displaying her womanly assets to any who cared to look. Almost with military precision each man reached for a towel! Bill snickered, and Coco looked at him, then at the men.

"You're a wicked man, Cowboy," she giggled! "I consider your men's response wonderfully flattering, their penises coming to attention for me, and if they don't object if my pussy gets wet, I'll not object to their having erections!" This open and respectful reaction from Coco earned her a loud round of 'OOO-RAs' and relieved laughter from the men!

"I suppose I needn't have worried if my best friends would like you, Darling," Bill gasped out through his own laughter! The bartender came for their orders, addressing Coco first, of course, as he tried not to stare at her beautiful body.

She responded, "I'll have a frozen Margarita with salt, please. I think I need it after that run." Bill was of the same opinion, "I'll have the same please, and a round of tequila shots, salt, and limes for all who want them." The entire Crew took him up on that offer, including Coco.

As the waiter left, Bill proposed a bet. "I have a thousand dollars that says he's sporting wood when he serves us." None of the men would dare bet against Bill, especially since all of them already had erections!

When the waiter returned he was met with another round of laughter. He had put on an apron, but it was tented in the front! When they'd all been served, Bill pointedly looked at his men with a wicked gleam in his eye. They had all known Cowboy Bill long enough to pick up on any subtle cue he gave them, and he was not being subtle now. Coco knew something was up and watched avidly as Bill brunette banged by a stranger in a sex tape to her.

"This toast is in honor of your beauty, my Dear, and your nudity!" He grasped his section of lime between the thumb and index finger of his "off" hand, and they all followed his lead. He licked the base of his thumb and finger holding the lime. He sprinkled some salt there, licked the salt, slammed the shot down, and bit into the lime. Bill commanded, "Troops, attention! Troops, salute!" All four men dropped their towels loads of penis sucking pleasures striptease hardcore stood brazenly, stiffies standing proudly.

Coco thought her sides would surely split from laughing so much! Coco eventually thanked them. "I will treasure the memory of that 'toast' for the rest of my life, Gentlemen!" Bill was still cracking up himself, but he told them, "At ease, men." They sat, and Bill shouted, "Bartender, another round of those shots please!" Bill's voice dropped back to normal then. "Another couple of those should whet our apetites for the feast Coco has prepared, I would think." It was agreed by all they'd drink two more, then dress for dinner and meet back in the Officer's Mess in two hours.

Coco insisted on making the next toast with the tequila. She licked her thumb, sprinkled salt, and licked the salt. She stood as tall as her butt naked five-foot body would allow her and proudly told them, "Here's to Cowboy and my new family, I love you all!" She slammed the shot down, and bit into the lime.

The men had all followed her lead, of course! When Coco and Bill got back to their rain room she insisted on easing the tension in the muscles of his monster horse cock, despite his saying she must be tired.

"It's my responsibility, Bill," she insisted, "and I won't have you thinking I'm shirking my duties." She gently stroked him with both hands, and Bill wisely chose to "let her have it her way." He told her exactly that after she'd taken him into her mouth, then thrilled to the feeling of her laughing while sucking and slurping on the head of his cock.

Bill moved to sit on the table his ass was leaning against. She followed his cock, still sucking greedily as he leaned back. "See if you can climb up here and sit on my face without taking that out of your mouth, Darling." She was up for that game and began clambering up the bench seat beside the table. Bill swiveled his shoulders and got a big hand on each of her hips and easily lifted her into place above him, she hadn't released him from her hands or her mouth.

"Mmm," Bill remarked favorably as she shifted her fine pussy onto his mouth. Bill took his cues of what to do with his lips and tongue from her, as he filled both his hands with his favorite tits.

She rubbed luscious patients enjoy doctors big cock and jizz little clit into his mouth and he eagerly sucked on it, nibbled it gently with his teeth, then lashed it with his tongue. That seemed to be a little too intense for her at the moment, because she shifted a bit to put his tongue directly into her pussy. Bill tongue fucked her eagerly, then took long licks at her pussy lips, then he tongue fucked her some more.

He was glad she was switching up what she wanted him to do, because it took his mind off the excruciatingly pleasurable arousing tits playing with sexy awesome hottie she was doing with her own mouth and hands!

He knew she must be very close when he felt one of her fingers probing at the ring of his anus. Bill squeezed both of her nipples, then released her breasts.

He thrust two of the fingers of his right hand into her sopping wet pussy, then pulled them out and attacked her from the rear with them as he shoved two fingers of his left hand into her pussy! Bill found her clit with his mouth again as the two lubricated fingers of his right hand found their way past her anal defenses! Since he was thrusting into her with both hands, fucking her mouth, and sucking her clit he allowed his mind to assess what she was doing with her finger up his own rear.

She was massaging his prostrate gland, and she began screaming and slamming her pussy and ass into his mouth and hands as she continued to suck his cock! You have to hand it to this girl, Bill thought, shortly before he felt as if his brain must be gushing into her mouth through his cock.

She was dedicated to her duties! Hot juices on Bill's face brought him partway back to his senses. Coco's little pussy was gushing into his face. He set himself a goal not to miss a drop she was giving him! He licked and sucked on her devotedly as she did the same to him.

Coco's little body collapsed onto his. He shifted his face a little so he could catch his breath. The two of them panted almost in unison, "Tell Ma and Pa I fought to the end!" They were both almost too spent to laugh!

After a few moments Bill had recovered enough he told her, "I'm going to shift you off me. Lie still, I think you will do that now." He shifted her, and no, she didn't move an inch. He went to their big conventional tub, added bubble bath crystals and adjusted the water to warm. Coco barely moved in his arms as he carried her to the tub.

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She was smiling so beautifully he had to kiss her sweet lips before he carefully placed her in the tub, then climbed in behind her. Bill told his little love, "I don't care you've just guzzled all that cum, Darling, I'll still kiss you!" Those words brought her around enough to laugh, slap his shoulder, and kiss him passionately! Bill laughed as he kissed his most treasured possession, and held her, oh so gently, in his arms. Bill looked up at the clock at the end of the room. "Holy shit, Doll.

We're supposed to sit down to dinner in thirty minutes and we've both got cum in our hair! Should I call the men and tell them to begin without us?" This seemed to revive Coco. "Oh no, Bill. I'll wash your hair, you wash mine!" With that she put both of her hands and all of her weight on his broad shoulders, and laughed in delight as he allowed her to dunk him! Twenty minutes later they'd finished washing and drying each other, except for her long thick hair, which would take hours to dry, except with a commercial machine.

Bill made a mental note to call the next day and order one installed. She was standing there nude, and reached into her clothing her people had delivered.

She pulled out a bright red sleeveless satin dress. Bill thought associated the word "sheath", but wasn't certain. She shimmied herself into it, then sat on their bed to put on her matching red high heels. Her cleavage showed half way to her navel, which made it obvious she had nothing supporting her marvelous breasts! She asked Bill "Do you think the men will notice my hair family sex on cam watch more of her here ulacamcom still wet?" The billionaire entrepreneur, inventor, and benefactor of charities answered her as intelligently as he could, "Mmm, Boobs!" Coco laughed at the ridiculous situation.

She'd been bare ass naked in front of Bill and his men half the afternoon. Yes, they'd all ogled her, and had done their four gun salute, but let her cover something up, and Bill was near apeshit crazy again. As an afterthought she pulled on some plain white cotton panties, they were not much for looks, but were very absorbent and she knew she might need them.

She applied lipstick and her minimal makeup in mere seconds. A touch of cologne at her pulse points and she was ready to dine. Bill looked on in amazement as she transformed! She walked out of their door, and he followed. Bill caught up with her and seemed to be able to talk, as long as he wasn't looking directly at her.

"I'm sorry, Coco, it's just that I haven't seen you dressed like that in two years, and it struck me again how absolutely gorgeous you are!" Coco turned and looked into his eyes, and it hit her again how she'd nearly melted into a puddle at his feet the first time she'd met him. She purred at him, "You affect me the same way, Bill!" When he kissed her, she moaned into his mouth, then admitted to him, "Oh, I'm so glad I put panties on, Bill.

You make me so hot and classic porn slut takes inch big cock Take me in there and feed me, Darling, keep my mind off making love with you or I'll be humping your leg like a bitch in heat!"