Hot big tit blonde cop suspect was apprehended under suspicion of theft

Hot big tit blonde cop suspect was apprehended under suspicion of theft
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It all started when we had a blizzard, 3 of my other friends decided to have a huge snowball fight/capture the flag. So we started off into the woods. My girlfriend and me went in one direction to build a snow fort to hide our flag and Marci and Tony went in the opposite direction.

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After 5 mins I blew my whistle hoping they would hear it to let them know we were done. Meghan and me sat behind the fort making snowballs. When we were done we cuddled up for warmth. Just as we were about to start making out we heard the whistle from Tony and Marci.

As I went out to find there fort with Meghan beside me I told her to watch to for a hidden slope or she would fall in water up to her stomach. After about a half an hour of search we found there fort and them right next to it. As the snowball fight started we both quickly ran out of snowballs.

As Meghan kept them busy I threw snowballs more like Ice at the fort to find their flag.

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When I saw a flash of green I ran as fast as I could and grabbed it and ran back. I got soaked running through the water and it started to freeze to my skin.

Meghan and I ran full speed back to our fort just as I blew the whistle 3 times telling them we won I heard a scream followed by a splash. Meghan had fallen into the freezing brook. Quickly I jumped in and got her out as fast as I school girl shamed physical exam. She has no temperature endurance at all so I had to carry her back to my house. As we got inside I ran a warm bath to defrost the frozen clothes she was wearing.

While we were waiting I got out a towel. She was so cold she could barely move making Marci help her out of whatever clothes weren't frozen. After 20 mins of waiting Meghan was warm and came out of the bathroom. I had already gotten her some of my clothes; pair of boxers socks sweatpants and a sweatshirt. Once she was changed I brought her clothes down to the dryer.

All the while thinking what took her so long in the bath. Once the clothes were in the dryer (mine included since I went in to) we decided to watch The Ring. Meghan and me got the bigger couch and Marci and Tony got the smaller couch. This was there first time watching the movie and Meghan was really scared. I don't think we have ever been so close. When I looked over and saw her eyes closed I told her not to be scared.

That's when I kissed her. I slipped my tongue into her mouth and before we knew it the movie was over. That's when I got a call form my parents saying they were stuck and in the next 30 mins everyone's parents called and said they would have to sleep over here.

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So that left the 4 of us to sleep and now this is when we found out Tony finally asked Marci out. So we all went to sleep in our own beds. Not long after did I hear someone come in a lay next to me. Of course it was Meghan. She said she couldn't sleep. When we were lying together she asked "If there was something wrong." Naturally I said "No why do you ask?" She replied because there is this look in your eyes that really turns me on. Now that was a shocker since we have only been going out for 3 weeks and I am her first Boyfriend.

After that I told her I needed to go get a drink, she followed me downstairs and I didn't even know it. She grabbed my hand and pulled me next with my back towards the couch. She pushed me on the couch and climbed on top of me and we started to make out and this wasn't just the little normal high school making out. When we ran out of breath she said ill be waiting for you in our bed followed by one of those sexy winks. After catching my breath and getting my mind straight I went upstairs.

When I opened the door I saw her lying on the bed in my boxers and just a plain white tank top, which covered nothing. I turned the lights off and she ask "Greg where are you?" Just as she asked that I lay down on top of her and shoved my tongue down her throat. I could tell she was starting to have second thoughts so I said why don't we just snuggle up to each other for a little while. She nodded her head and we cuddled for 5 mins.

Then I felt her hand brush over my cock. I thought it was just an accident, and then she slid my boxers off slowly. That when I caught on and Porn made in enid oklahoma helped her out of her tank top. My jaw dropped when I saw her tits. I had to ask how big they were. She said a 26C. All I needed to do was just lightly brush over uncensored japanese man creampie blonde nipples and they were hard as rocks.

I started to make her moan by just playing with her tits. She must have never had an orgasm yet and it was just waiting to come out. I had to stop Tony and Marci from hearing so I kissed her hard.

When she was starting to quiet down I slid my hand over her boxers and rubbed her pussy not even believing how wet it already was and this was above the boxers. As a slid my hand under the waistband I felt her stiffen up. I went slowly so that she would freak out. I rubbed my hand over her clit and her moan what quieted by my tongue.

That's when I found out that she had shaved her pussy in the bathroom. I inserted one finger slowly into her cunt then 2 then 3 and with my thumb I rubbed and flicked her clit till she was going crazy. She screamed and luckily no one woke up. As she lay there coming down from her first orgasm I slid underneath the sheets. She didn't even know where I was till she felt my mouth cover her pussy and start to tongue fuck her. Slowly I moved to her clit again and started to lick it slowly.

I sensed her orgasm starting to come to I shoved 2 fingers up her cunt and one in her ass and she went wild. This time it did wake someone up and Tony and Marci came into the room wondering what happened and she just said that she had a bad dream and they left wondering why she was half naked and sweating. Meanwhile I was still licking away and when I came up my face was covered in her juices. Like she was on autopilot she licked it all off.

Then she said your turn and throws off the sheets to give her more room and went down slowly and took my cock into her mouth. This was her first time ever giving head and man as she good.

She even deep throated me. She licked around the head of my cock with her tongue and dove down her nose hitting the base of my cock.

I knew I couldn't last much longer like this so I pulled her off just as I was about to cum and it went all over her face and tits. She licked all of this off and saved some in her mouth and swapped it to mine when we kissed. We were so exhausted from that day that we went back to sleep holding each other in our arms.

When I woke up it was 10 o'clock and Meghan's lips where around my cock. This time she stopped just as I was about to cum and said, "Good morning sweetie, did you sleep good." Before I cold answer she was on top of my and we were going at it again. We rolled over and I slowly pushed my cock into her tight virgin cunt. When she started to whimper I stopped and let her get used to my size.

When I felt her cherry I kissed her hard as I pushed and broke thorough it. Tears were streaming down her face but she said it felt so good.

I started to fuck her slowly, and then I increased my speed. She was doing the best she could to keep quiet but you could see it in her eyes she wanted to scream out.

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She started to meat my thrusts with her own and I knew that we were both getting close. After one final thrust I filled her cunt with jizz and we just laid there getting our energy back. Then Tony and Marci walked in while we were resting and had this look in there eyes……… To be continued only if you want it to be.