Amateur posh french milf sodomized and facialized for her sextape

Amateur posh french milf sodomized and facialized for her sextape
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I did knock I knew he was in there, so I knocked again—still no answer. Thinking he must be asleep, I opened his bedroom door enough to peek inside. He was there, but he wasn't asleep. He was sitting at his computer, ear phones on, totally naked and stroking his very impressive cock. Jeff was fourteen, tall for his age at six foot and very fit. Like his late father, his hair was dirty blonde, and he had the most beautiful blue eyes you can imagine.

He'd inherited something else from his father too—a beautiful long cock. That wasn't a surprise. It had been obvious from the day he was born. What was a surprise, was what he did when long ropes of cum began flying out of his hard cock. He let out a loud strained moan, "Argggg", and then he turned his head and looked right at me, a huge grin on his face.

I panicked, closed his bedroom door and fled to the safety of my room. * * * It took a long time for me to settle down. The look in his eyes when he was cumming, and the grin on his face kept flashing in my brain.

With no older male there, I'd been forced to have "the talk" with him myself. I waited until I began seeing signs of his starting puberty. The copious cum stains in his underwear and on his sheets left no doubt he was having wet dreams. He was only twelve, but it was time. "It's obvious you're having sexy dreams that are causing you to ejaculate in clara brunette de ans aime le sexe et nous le prouve sleep.

Do you know how to stop that from happening?" He seemed naturally embarrassed, so when he shook his head, I continued, "You need to start masturbating. Boys your age will call it 'jacking off', 'beating off', 'beating your meat' or any one of a dozen other things, but all of those slangs are referring to the same thing. . masturbation. Have you tried it yet?" Again, he just shook his head. He couldn't force himself to look at me, and that was somewhat of a relief. I'm sure I was blushing, and I didn't want him to see that.

I needed him to believe that masturbation was a very normal and natural act. If he thought it embarrassed me to talk about it, he might think it was something to be embarrassed about.

I'd had a similar talk with Jana, his older sister by a year. I'd even bought her a vibrator. The talk was easier with her, even though it was more complicated. After all, boys don't have periods or have to worry about getting pregnant. Still, it was a girl/girl talk, so it was much more comfortable for me. In the year following my talk with Jeff, he'd get hard at the most inappropriate times; during breakfast, while watching a movie and so on.

I found watching him try to hide it kinda cute. Fortunately, Jana and I always managed to hold our giggles until after he'd left the room. But then, she and I would have a good laugh about it. She shocked me after one such incident by saying, "God, he's big." I had to compose myself quickly, "Oh? And how do you know that? Have you seen enough to compare?" And then I held my breath until she answered.

"Just on the internet, but I did feel Jimmy's once through his pants when we were making out in the movie theater. His wasn't nearly that big." Whew! That was a relief. She hadn't gone farther yet. "Well, your brother takes after his father in that respect." And then she threw me a curve ball, "Doesn't it hurt—I mean, it's a lot bigger than my vibrator. I can't imagine having something that big inside me." I decided to be honest, "It can hurt a little the first few times, but your body adjusts to it, and then it feels.

. incredible." Fortunately, she seemed to accept my answer, and we changed the subject. * * * Something changed just before Jeff turned fourteen; he stopped trying to hide it.

He started strutting around the house in his underwear. . even when he was hard. "OMG!" Jana exclaimed when she found me in the kitchen.

"He just walked right past me with his thing sticking out the top of his underwear. He didn't even try to hide it." I turned to look at her, "Yeah, I don't know what's gotten into him lately. I'll have a talk with him about it. Until then, just try to ignore it." She chuckled, "That's easier said than done. It's really difficult not to stare at it." I chuckled, "Trust me, I know what you mean.

It's hot as hell." "Shit, it makes me so horny; I have to get myself off almost every time. It's all I can do not to reach out and touch it." "Yeah, well, do your best and I'll talk to him." * * * I had two stiff drinks before I called Jeff into the den for that talk.

But when I called him on his recent actions, he said the one thing that left me with nothing to say, "Mom, you said it was normal, so why should I be embarrassed about it?" I finally composed myself enough to answer, "I'm not saying you should be embarrassed about it, but that doesn't mean you should flaunt it. You live with two women. I'm just sania mirza ki blue film story that you consider our feelings." "Oh, and what feelings are those?" OH GOD!

How could I answer that? How could I tell him that seeing his hard cock was keeping us horny as hell? How could I tell him that every time I saw his hard cock, it brought back memories of having incredible sex with his father? How could I tell him he should hide it without making him think it was something to be ashamed of? Finally, I said, "Jeff, going to the bathroom is normal and natural too, but we still have doors on the bathroom." * * * Unfortunately, my son's behavior didn't change.

If anything, it got worse. We were in the kitchen. He was wearing just his underwear, and his hard cock was obvious, a couple of inches or more sticking out above the waistband. Jana had hurried out of the room. Finally, I had to say something. "Jeff, what the hell are you doing?" "Just trying to get some breakfast." "Don't play dumb!

You know exactly what I'm talking about!" He looked right at me, "Hell, Mom, I've been doing what you said.

I jack—masturbate all the time, but it doesn't seem to help. I stay hard almost twenty-four seven." His admission swirled around in my brain. Finally, I managed, "You do it all the time?

What does that mean?" He didn't look away or blush at all, "Every chance I get. . six or eight times a day on the weekends when I'm not at school, sometimes more." I didn't know what to say or do, so I turned around and began rinsing the dishes.

Without looking around, I said, "I don't know how many times is normal, but that sounds a bit. . excessive." I heard him chuckle, "Well, like you said, I live with two sexy women. Okay, so I added the 'sexy' part, but still; I just can't help myself. I think about sex all the time. I've tried, but I can't stop." Shit! My son thinks I'm sexy. I did consider myself sexy.

. for my age. At thirty four, I was still fit. I worked hard at that. I watched what I ate, excursed regularly, and even though I dressed rather conservatively, I knew my thirty-eight D tits were obvious, regardless of what I wore. But Jeff shouldn't be thinking about me that way. Okay, so I got that a young teenage boy would see his older sister as sexy. After big coc and blinde mom, she was tall and slender.

She wore her black hair long, and she didn't work at hiding her developing tits. She was already a perky C cup with nipples that announced their presence with a loud shout rather than a whisper.

Who could blame a teenage boy for noticing them and fantasizing about seeing and touching and licking and sucking them? I wasn't bisexual—never even thought about being with another female, but even I had to admit to thinking about her sometimes when I was getting myself off. I did my best to compose myself, "Okay, so you think about sex a lot, but that doesn't answer the question; Why do you feel the need to expose yourself to us?" He shrugged, "I just like the look on your face when you see it—yours and Jana's." Shit!

Somehow he knew tittyattack julie kay gets creamed on her knockers he was doing to us. "Oh? And what look is that?" "The other boys—they tease me. I avoid going to the shower at school." I was shocked.

I would have assumed the other boys would be jealous of him. Perhaps that's why they teased him; they were jealous. "They tease you?" "Yes." "I'll bet the girls don't tease you." And then, as soon as the words came out of my mouth, Teen couple suck and fuck on hidden camera regretted saying them.

"They avoid roxxi silver spring break spying pervs on like the plague. They're afraid of me.

At home is the only place I feel safe. You and Jana don't tease me about it. It makes me feel good for someone guy gets chinese sex toy for his birthday see it without teasing me. I just wish you two would actually like seeing it instead of looking away." "I see." Which was a total lie. I couldn't even start to imagine what he was going through, but his confession tugged at my heart. I walked over to him, put my hand on his cheek and looked him in the eyes, "Son, we don't look away because we don't like seeing it.

We look away to keep from staring too long and making you feel uncomfortable. More often than not, we think about it when we masturbate." Damnit! I didn't mean to tell him that. The words just slipped out, but there was no way to take them back now. His jaw fell open and his eyes widened, "You.

. Jana too?" I felt myself blush.

I turned back to the sink, "I'm. . sorry, I shouldn't have told you that." "I think about both of you too." And he turned to leave, but then he stopped and turned back to me. He waited until I turned my head toward him and then he said, "It doesn't make me uncomfortable when you look. It hurts my feelings when you don't." And then he turned and left while his words were still hanging in the air. * * * "You didn't!" Jana said with a gasp.

We were in the den and I was having a stiff drink. "Why the fuck would you tell him that?" "Language, young lady." I scolded her. "He told me the other boys tease him about it, and the girls avoid him." Jana nodded, "That's true.

All the boys tease him. They call him Silver, or freak, and some other mean things. The girls are afraid to be friendly with him because they don't want to be teased." I got the "Silver" reference, ava devine is at the shopping center Lone Ranger's horse. "Why haven't you told me about it before now?" "Mom, I just thought it was something I should stay out of.

I may be his sister, but I don't want to get on the wrong side of the other kids at school either. They can be really mean. I can't believe you told him we think about his big cock when we're getting ourselves off." I shrugged, "It just came out. He says he thinks about both of us too.

Up until two or three years ago, I didn't think anything about him seeing me naked. I figured a young boy needed to know what a woman looks like naked. I stopped that when I started seeing the evidence of him having wet dreams at night." "I don't know why he'd think about me when he jacks off. He's never seen me naked that I know of. I've never gone out of my way to prevent it, but I guess I never thought about it one way or the other." "You do wear some fairly suggestive tops around the house.

Maybe he's seen more than you think he has. Would it bother you if he did?" My daughter seemed to contemplate that for sever seconds before she shrugged and answered, "Nah, it wouldn't be any skin off my nose." "Good, then I want you to do two things for me: First, just know that you won't get any grief from me if you wear the right things around the house to give him a peek now and then.

Secondly, when he struts around the house with his dick hard, don't be shy about looking. Do you think you can do those two things for me?" "Sure, no problem. I love him and it hurts me to see how he's treated at school. Home should be a safe zone for him." I got up and went to her, hugging her tightly and whispering in her ear, "You're a good sister." * * * The next day, Jana was later than usual getting home from school.

I found out why when she reached into a shopping bag and pulled out a very sexy Teddy. When she held it up in front of her, I realized it was almost totally see through.

"Wow!" Was all I could say. She giggled, "Just the thought of wearing it in front of Jeff is making me horny as hell." "I have no problem believing that. When are you going to do it?" "Tonight. I thought I'd come up with some excuse for going to see him in his room." "Damn, I wish I could be there to see that." I said honestly. "That's probably not a good idea, but I'll take my phone with me so you can hear the conversation." * * * I was in my room when my phone rang.

It was Jana, "Okay, here I go. Just be quiet so he doesn't know you're listening." "Okay." And I put my phone on speaker and set it on my dresser. There was knocking, and then I heard Jana say, "Are you busy?" Jeff's voice, "Nah, c'mon in." I heard a clunk and assumed it was Jana setting the phone down somewhere.

"What are you doing?" "Just reading some stories I printed off the internet. What's up?" "Sex stories?" "Yes, what do you need, Sis?" "Do you like my new Teddy?" "Uh huh, what's not to like? Now, what's on your mind?" "Not much—just something Mom told me. She said you like it when we look at you—your dick, I mean." "Yeah, so?" "Will you show it to me now, all of it I mean? I've never seen all of it." "You really want to?" OMG!

I couldn't believe how bold Jana was being. I wanted so badly to be there right beside her. "I do, please. Will you just stand up and let me see it?" "I. . sure, if you really want to see it." I heard rustling. I suspected it was my son getting off the bed and removing his underwear.

"There you go." "Oh God, Jeff. It's beautiful. I knew it was big, but holy shit!" "Yeah, well, I wished it wasn't so big. I just want to be normal, you know?" "Bro, I know the kids at school are mean to you, but they're just jealous. The girl you end up with is going to be one lucky girl." "Yeah, like that's going to happen." "Can I. . you know?" "Sure, go ahead." "Okay, just one quick feel." * * * Two minutes later, Jana burst into my room and jumped onto the bed, "Oh my God!

That was the most awesome thing I've ever done." "You touched it?" "Oh God, Mom. Son massage mom mom gets horny naughtyfamcom was incredible.

It was smooth and hard and silky. It was all I could do to force myself to take my hand off of it. Then I ran out.

I was afraid if I didn't; I'd lose control and do more. . a sister and brother pic a bed more." And then she got up and giggled, "I'm going to go cum now.

See you in the morning." * * * My fingers teased at my pubic hair, just grazing over my swollen clit. I saw it again, my husband's enormous hard cock. I felt it in my hand, tasted the delicious pre cum oozing from the slit. And I marveled at the purple, blood-engorged head, sitting atop it like a helmet on a football player.

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God! I loved it so much. I loved the way he controlled me, owned me, like a rag doll in his hands. And when he positioned himself at my opening, the pain was so deliciously sweet as it spilt me open. . "Oh God!" A knock on my door drew me out of my revere, "Are you okay, Mom?" "Y. . yes, just a dream. . go back to bed, Son." "If you're okay." Try as I might, I couldn't fall asleep. I couldn't force those images out of my head. I finally gave up, pulled on my light robe and headed downstairs.

After replenishing the ice bucket, I poured myself a glass of Scotch. As I sipped my drink, I stopped trying to change the subject in my mind, but instead of remembering what sex was like with my husband, I was fantasizing about my son. Once I decided those fantasies were okay, I gave myself permission to enjoy them. The fingers of my free hand slid inside my robe and began lightly brushing over my taut nipple.

Beautiful babe in fishnet stockings gets pounded after my second glass of Scotch, I stretched out on the sofa. * * * "Mom. . Mom" and someone was shaking me. "What are you doing out here instead of in your bed?" It was Jana. "I. . I couldn't sleep so I came out here for a drink." "Is she okay?" I heard Jeff's voice behind his sister.

"She's fine, just a hard night." And then Jana giggled. I didn't know what caused her giggle until I followed her eyes down and realized my robe had fallen open exposing one of my tits. Instead of moving to cover up though, for some reason I couldn't explain, I just looked back perfect japanese nene strips gets toyed and eats dick at my daughter and showed her a wink. After a few seconds I swung my feet to the floor and stood up.

Only then did I pull my robe closed and tie it in place. I didn't look Jeff's way, but I assume he got a good look. It wasn't until he turned and headed to the kitchen that Jana leaned in and giggled again, "Damn, Mom. That will give him something to jack off to before school." "Gawd, I hope so." * * * It was Friday, and I didn't get any housework done. I didn't even get dressed.

I mainly just took a shower and sat in the den thinking about what I was going to do when the kids got home from school. Jeff got home first and gave me a quick "Hi, Mom" as he started upstairs. I went to the bar and poured myself a glass of Scotch. And then I doffed my robe, spread it on the sofa and sat on it. "Mom!" Jana exclaimed when she got home and saw me.

"What are you doing?" "I want to do what you did yesterday. It's not fair that he gets teased at school. He should be revered. He's special, and he shouldn't be made to feel embarrassed about it." She giggled, "Can I watch?" I surveyed the options, finally deciding on Vodka Seven and poured one.

"Here, you're overdressed." "Alcohol?" "Yes, but a weak one." And then I watched as she began undressing. I marveled at the sight. She was sexy as hell. "Okay, so what now?" She asked me when she was totally naked. "We need a picture." I said, handing her my phone, "No faces though." Jana took my phone and eased up beside me, hugging me to her. And then she held out the phone and snapped a few pictures.

"Let me see." I almost begged. There was one that showed only our shoulders and boobs, "I like that one." She giggled, "Okay" zareen khan xxx sexy storys then she hit some more buttons.

When she showed me, Sadie west spreading stocking thighs for dick had to laugh. It said, "We're in the den. Care to join us?" "Oh my God!" I exclaimed after seeing the picture and reading the invitation. Then, I did my best to calm down. I gulped down my drink and poured another. I went to the sofa and sat on my robe again. Sure enough, Jeff came in a minute later.

He was totally naked, his massive hard dick leading the way. I'd already poured him a fairly strong Jack and Coke, so I got up and handed it to him. His sister settled into the recliner, sipping her drink. It was a very weak one, but she still noticeably struggled not to choke on it. Finally, I managed "It's naked Friday." "Cool" He responded, taking a first tentative sip of the drink.

I was fairly certain neither of them had tasted hard liquor before, but they both took it in stride. In truth, I needed the alcohol much more than either of them. And then I focused on the eight hundred pound gorilla in the room, my son's hard cock. The sight of it was breath taking. I walked over and sat on the sofa again, both of my children watching me. I took a sip of my drink and then motioned for Jeff to come to me.

When he was standing right in front of me, I looked up at him and said, "Don't say anything. Please just stand there." I reached out and slid my fingers around his twitching manhood. He flinched a little, but he didn't back away. One more sip of my drink and then I sat it aside and put that hand on my son's cock as well.

Even with both of my hands around it, there was still several inches of throbbing man meat left unattended. Gawd! It was just as I remembered it, strong and powerful. If he only knew how easy it would be for him to own me. I looked up at Jeff and asked him, "How long since you've jacked off?" "Not long, a couple of hours.

. in the boy's bathroom at school." "So you're not in a big hurry—not too needy?" He shook his head, "No, not in a hurry." And then he surprised me by saying, "Damn, Mom, you have awesome tits." I smiled up at him while slowly stroking his cock with both hands, "I'm glad you like them." "Hey, what am I, chopped liver?" And then Jana giggled, drained the last of her drink and stood, walking right up beside her brother.

She slid her arm around his waist and then immediately pulled his near hand up, placing it right on one of her perky tits. "Wow." Jeff uttered with awe in his voice.

"Awesome." I became so lost in what I was doing, I barely noticed them kissing. When I did realize it, I could only smile. It may have been as much as ten minutes later when my daughter said to me, "Mom, I didn't get to touch it much yesterday, only a few seconds." I showed her a smile, "Well, if you can pry your tit out of his hand, you can come down here and help me." A few seconds later, she was sitting beside me. I reluctantly released Jeff's cock, "There you go.

Enjoy." And I stood up and took his empty glass and mine and walked to the bar. When I returned, and while I was handing him his fresh drink, he reached up and groped my left tit. His eyes looked as if they were asking for my permission to continue, so I answered by placing my hand over his and pulling it to my tit more firmly. My knees grew instantly shaky, but I forced myself to stand there and let him feel me. "I'm getting close." He barely more than whispered.

I was jealous of my daughter for being the one stroking him right then, but I knew there would be plenty of other chances for me to do it. "Tighten your grip a little and stroke him faster. Don't freak out when he starts to cum. There's probably going to be a lot of it. Just don't stop. Keep stroking him until he tells you to stop." Sure enough, seconds later, a huge rope of cum flew out of his massive cock and struck his sister right on the forehead. To her credit, she didn't flinch.

She just kept stroking her brother's cock until she was almost totally covered in cum, her face, her shoulders, her chest and legs. She had some in her hair, and some missed her altogether and landed on the sofa. The amount didn't surprise me.

That's how his father had been. He came so much I could never swallow it all, try as I did. When Jeff finally stopped her, I helped her to her feet and hugged her tightly. The feel of her cum-covered tits against mine was incredible.

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I licked some off her cheek just to confirm that it tasted like his father's. It did. She must have been as horny as me, because she kissed me full on the mouth and worked her tongue into my mouth. That was a first for me, but I composed myself quickly and returned her kiss with a needy passion. When we broke our kiss, I took her by the hand and led her into the downstairs bathroom.

When we were alone, I asked her, "What was that all about?" She blushed, "I'm sorry. The urge just hit me, so I went for it." We hadn't even started cleaning her up, so I put my hand behind her head and pulled her to me for another hot kiss. When we parted, she giggled and said, "We both need a shower." "You go get the water started in my bathroom.

I'm going to see if your brother wants to join us." * * * That was the most fun shower I could ever remember. My walk-in shower was large enough for four or five people and had two shower heads. The three of us soaped each other up and slithered our soapy bodies together, touching, kissing, laughing. Jeff spent a lot of time feeling of our tits and we spent a lot of time washing his heavy cock until it was clean a thousand times over. I must admit that I also enjoyed feeling of Jana's tits, her feeling mine, and us kissing passionately—a lot.

"I need to pee." Jeff finally announced. "So pee." I told him, which made his sister giggle. He seemed to be really concentrating, "Are you just going to stand there and watch?" He asked me. I laughed, "No, once you get it started, I'm going to take care of the aiming." When Jana giggled, I looked around to her and said, "I used to hold it for your father all the time.

I love doing it." And then I said to Jeff, "Get it started and I'll let Jana try it." It took him some time, but he finally managed to get his stream started. I pushed his hand away and waved his cock around, spraying the walls.

"C'mon, Jana. You're turn." She didn't hesitate. She stepped right up and replaced my hand with hers. "Oh my God! That's incredible." She exclaimed as she waved it around. Finally though, as all things must, our shower came to an end. The kids went to their rooms, and I headed to the den for brunette babe gets fucked in different poses drink. I didn't even bother getting dressed. The last thing I said to Jeff was, "No more jacking off at home.

One or both of us will do that for you." He just grinned from ear to ear. * * * The End. . For Now