Amateur lesbo chicks get their juicy vaginas licked and penetrated

Amateur lesbo chicks get their juicy vaginas licked and penetrated
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The Rape Club - Story 1 - Robs first Rob's fingers trembled as he anxiously opened the brown envelope he had just picked up at the post office. It would contain all the information necessary including photos, address, contact info, family history as well as list of best friends and their families. Best of all there was the date the assigned victim would be vunerable, even a house key.

He had been waiting 3 months for this day, his victims name was Robin, mid 40's, married, 2 children, a son who was married and had 1 child, a daughter away at college. She had shoulder length brown hair, had maintained her figure pretty well, average sized breasts, nice legs. Her husband would be out of town next weekend, that would be his chance to strike, she would be home alone all weekend. Rob had participated in several fantasy chat boards over the years.

His main interests were BDSM and Rape. In addition to discussion members would also post and exchange erotic stories. He soon befriended a few posters and they exchanged personal emails.

Here they could exchange uncensored stories and share new sites they had discovered. One day Rob received an rape story from one of his on line friends, Billy. It has the hottest story he had ever read, full of detail, so realistic. He sent sister wants creampie joi encouragement friend an email to tell him how much he enjoyed it.

Received an email back requesting a time he would be available so they cold IM each other and discuss the story, they would do this on occasion if they saw something that really sparked their interest. A time was set and Rob looked forward to the session. That night Rob.s IM alert went off, as expected, it was Billy, " Hey dude how's it going ? " " Great Bill, how about you ? " " No complaints, so you really liked my story ? " " Yea man, it was great, so realistic, you got one great imagination " " What if I were tell you it was not fiction, ity was a real rape.

" " No way man, don't BS me. " " No BS man, it's a true story, and I was the rapist. " " Get the fuck outta here. " " All true, I joined a club, it's called the Rape Club, they give you the name of the victim, when see will be alone, all kinds of background shit on her and her family which you use to blackmail her so she does not report it to the police, not even to her family or close friends, it's genius, almost impossible to get caught " " Sounds to good to be true Bill, how did you get into this club ?

" " I was sponsored by another friend, would you like to join ? I can sponsor you. " Rob thought it over for a minute, sounded risky, but he always wanted to live out one of his rape fantasies. " Sure man, why not, what do I have to do ?

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" " I'll email you all the details tomorrow, your going to love it. " The next day Rob got the email, it was very detailed and had an application attached. To become a member Rob with have to wire $ 5000.00 to an account, complete the application which asked for personal and financial info, no alias allowed, the club would perform a thorough background check before you could be accepted as a member. If your application is accepted you are then required to submit to the club 3 potential targets.

In addition to photos of the targets you are required to provide a full docier of background info about ea target, family, close friends, employment, etc.

' Rob decided to trust Billy and go thru with it, he completed the application and wired the money. Billy told him it would be two weeks to be confirmed. While waiting for the confirmation Rob decided on the 3 targets he would submit and started collecting the necessary information and photos required. The first one was easy, his sister in law, he hated that bitch and knew everything about her and her family.

The second one was not hard either, his best friends wife, as much as he loved his best friend he was never fond of the wife, an uppity bitch.

The 3rd one was a difficult choice, he decide on his neighbor, a very attractive 30 yr old divourcee whom he had befriended. He really liked this girl and hated to list her as a target but he had a wealth of info about her at his fingertips and was anxious to get started Robs application was accepted and he submitted the 3 targets, now it was a waiting game, one of his targets would be selected and the he would have to monitor her plans to find a safe time when she would be alone and vunerable.

The notice finally arrived, Rob was disappointed, his neighbor had been selected, he had really hoped it would be his sister-in-law. No turning back now, he started hanging around with her more frequently, trying to innocently inquire about her upcoming plans. Finally he had the perfect day, she would be working from home for 3 days, all alone. He forwarded the info and waited. If all went as planned he would soon receive the name of his first target.

As Rob reviewed the information he had received on Robin he felt pangs of guilt, the fact that he had received his target meant that his neighbor and friend had been raped and all went well, he hoped she was not to traumatized, he had spoken to her yesterday and she seemed ok, gave no indication anything had happened, guess the blackmail part of the deal really worked. As his sponsor, Billy was also Rob's contact, he sent Billy an email confirming he had received the info and stating he planned on visiting Robin Sat night.

He then got his backpack which contained his rape kit. He had several lengths of rope precut with a loop so he could quickly restrain his target, his hunting knife so he could instill some fear and cut off clothing if necessary, a few ball gags in case the target made too much noise, some astroglide, Rob was an ass man, and a stun gun to slow her down.

Saturday finally arrived, Rob was both nervous and extreme deepthroat puke and vomit compilation as the big night approached, late afternoon he received an urgent email from Billy, turns out Robins 18 yr old daughter came home from college to keep her company for the weekend, Rob could postpone and wait for another opportunity of he could go forward and do a double, He did not recommend this for a first rape, thought it might be too much to handle but there was no stopping Rob now, he would do the double, besides, he remembered seeing the photos of the daughter, she was really hot, petite, long black hair, great boobs, just his type.

Rob drove bye the house for the third time, it was dark and quiet, had been for an hour, both should be in their beds and sound asleep by now. He parked his car about enjoy jane darlings big natural tits pleasure photorama block away, took out his hunting knive, stun gun, two lengths of rope and a ball gag.

He knew had would have to act fast in securing the first target and wanted to be prepared. He slowly walked up the street aware of any activity that might be going on, all was quiet.

He walked up to the front door and slipped the key that had been provided into the lock, let's hope this works he thought to himself, it did.

He slipped quietly into the house and paused, listening for any activity, all was quiet.

Knowing it would be dark he had packed a small flashlight, turned it on and got his bearings, located the staircase to the second floor and slowly made splashing cumshot on hot zeppelins pornstar hardcore way towards it.

After what seemed like an eternity he had finally crept to the top of the steps. He surveyed the hallway and saw two closed doors, he assumed the one to the left, furthest from the steps would be the Master Bedroom, the one closest would be the daughters, he would go for her first. He opened the door as quietly as he could, sure enough, there was Jamie, sound asleep on her stomach. He readied the stun gun and slowly crept towards the bed, he zapped her on the back of the neck, dazed and confused she had no idea what had happened.

Rob quickly secured her arms behind her back, slipped the ball gag into her wide open mouth then secured her feet at the ankles. He left her lying there helpless and made his way to the Moms room. Rob decided to pounce quick on mom, he burst into the room, pounced on the bed and gave her a good jolt with the stun gun. Turned on the lights then quickly secured her arms behind her back and fastened the ball gag in her mouth. Rob stood up and took a deep breath, the hard part was over, both victims were secure.

The effects of the stun gun were wearing off and Robin stared wide eyed at her assailant, her whole body was trembling with fear and her eyes were filling up with tears. Now calm and composed Lesbiansex porn fingers horny teen decided it was time to play. He grabbed Robin by the hair and dragged her from the bed forcing her to her feet. He got his hunting knife out and brought the sharp tip under Robins chin, forcing her head back.

" OK Robin this is how it's going to be, you cooperate and no one gets hurt, including little Jamie in the other room. That's right, I know about Jamie, she's not going anywhere, I have not hurt her yet but that can change, are you going to be a good girl and do what your told ?

" Robin was startled and confused, who was this man, how does he know our names, what will he do to us ? Reluctantly, she nodded her her head in the affirmative, she would cooperate. " That's a very smart decision Robin, now lets see what we have to play with. " Robin was wearing pajamas, Rob pulled the top taunt and slowly and deliberately cut each button off.

He spread open the top to reveal her breasts, they were a little saggy and she had a little pouch but all in all not bad for a woman of her age. He traced the tip of his knife over her breasts, when the cold steel brushed her nipples they hardened involuntarily.

With his free hand Rob played with her nipples, pulling them, rolling them between his fingers and finally giving them a good hard pinch. Robin winced in pain. Next Rob took his knife and slit each sleeve from top to bottom, the PJ top fell to the floor. Rob put away his knife and slipped his hand under the elastic of Robins pajama bottom and panties. He slowly slid them down her legs to her ankles, without being told she stepped out of them, she was being a good girl, she was cooperating in hopes of saving her daughter.

Rob was disappointed to find Robin had a full bush, he preferred them completely shaved or at least neatly trimmed. Rob fingered her clit for a little while then attempted to finger her pussy, it was dry, he forced his finger in anyway, again Robin winced in pain and started sobbing more heavily, Rob was glad he brought the lube.

Time to unwrap the other package Rob thought.

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" OK Robin, turn around, face the bed, get down on your knees and cross your feet at the ankles. xxx story collage ka chida chode did as she was told. Rob went to his backpack for another piece of rope then secured Robins legs at the ankles. Time to let Jamie join the party. Rob entered Jamies room and switched on the lights.

He found her curled up in the fetal position, bound and helpless, tears streaming down her cheeks. He pulled out his hunting knive and cut the ropes that were binding her ankles. Grabbing her by her waist length hair he pulled her from the bed. He dragged her by the hair down the hallway lela star with romi rain her mothers room. She became hysterical when she saw her mother bound and gagged, naked, kneeling on the floor.

Rob led the girl over to the bed, he wanted mom to see this. Jamie was wearing a night shirt. Rob used his knife to cut away the sleeves, allowing the top to fall to the floor. This girl had great tits, firm and perky, Jamie clenched her eyes shut tight as Rob played with these beauties. Next the panties, Rob decided to slice them off, they fell to the floor, Rob was happy to see Jamie's cunt was shaved bald. Rob's cock was rock hard and straining against his jeans, it needed relief soon, time for action.

" OK Jamie, kneel down next to your mom facing the bed and cross your feet at the ankles. " Jamie did as she was told. Rob retrieved another length of rope and secured her legs, no one was going anywhere. Rob stood behind the girls and started removing his clothes. Robin and Jamie could not see him but they knew what was going on. They could hear zipper, the belt buckle, the pants falling to the floor… Now naked, Rob sat down on the bed between the two girls, facing them.

Their eyes were drawn to the rock hard cock waving in their faces, it was a good 8 inches, fairly thick, ready for action. Rob had been coached well by Billy, he knew it was time to give them the speech. " OK ladies, I'm sure you want to know how I know your names. Fact is, I know everything about you, Robin, I know you have a married son, and a grandchild, your husband is out of town this weekend, I know who your mother and father are and where they live, I know you have two married sisters with children and grand children and I know where the live.

Jamie, I know you have a boyfriend, soon to be a fiancé and I know where he lives.

I know the names and whereabouts of your best friends, I know everything about you. I am a member of a club, its called the rape club, there are many members, obviously you will both be raped tonight, the more you cooperate the less painful it will be. Afterwards, you are not to tell anyone about tonight's events, not your husband, not your boyfriend, not the police, you will tell no one. If you do, we will find out, then something very bad will happen to one of your loved ones.

It may take a week, maybe a year, maybe several years, but something bad will happen and you will be responsible, do you understand ? " Rob waited a moment for the information to sink in, he could see by there faces they were shocked and stunned. " Have I made myself perfectly clear ladies ? " Both Robin and Jamie tearfully nodded their consent. " Ok Mom, I'm going to start with you, you've been married for 25 yrs, I'm sure you have sucked some cock in that time, you are are going to give me the blow job of your life, you are going to suck me dry and swallow every drop, the better you perform the easier I will go on your daughter, Jamie, your going to watch and learn, are you ready Robin ?

" Robin nodded her busty sexy teen fucked from behind on webcam, Rob removed her ball gag, surprisingly she did not say a word, he sat down in front of her, his raging hard on dancing in her face. Without prompting Robin took Robs cock in her mouth, she started a slow and gentle bobbing up and down, she had a really good technique. Rob noticed Jamie was looking away, not wanting to watch her Mom suck cock.

" Jamie, I want you to watch your Mom suck my cock, you might learn something, she's a really good cocksucker, xxx xxx sex stories kidnapping story ou start watching and paying attention or Im going to inflict some serios pain on your Mom. " Reluctantly, Jamie started watching her Mom suck this animals cock. Even though Robin had great technique and the blowjob was quite enjoyable, she was not taking very much cock in her mouth.

Rob wanted a deep throat. He reached behind her head and grabbed her hair and started forcing his cock down her throat. It soon became a face fuck, not a blow job.

As Robin choked and gagged Rob finally forced his cock down her throat, balls deep to her lips. Only then did he allow his cock to explode, shooting gobs of cum down her throat, she had no other option but to swallow every drop. Rob finally withdrew, leaving Robin panting and grasping for air. In a few minutes Rob was ready to go again. He got up, got his knife and cut the ropes securing Robins ankles.

He dragged her to her feet by her hair and threw her on the bed. Rub went to his backpack to get the lube, before Robin knew it she had two fingers buried in her cunt spreading the lube around. Rob oiled up his now hard cock again, lined it up with Robins pussy, and thrust. In two strokes he was interview and bukkake with two hotties tube porn balls deep into that pussy.

Tears streamed down Robins face, it was obviously very painful but Rob did not care, he was not here to pleasure the bitch. Rob grapped each of Robins ankles and bent her backwards until she had ankle earings. Then he started to pile drive her. Faster and faster, harder and harder he pounded that pussy. He felt the inevitable explosion building up and he stopped. This is not where he wanted to finish. Rob stared the terrified Robin in the eyes. " Have you ever been fucked in the ass ?

" Robin froze in panic, for years her husband had begged her to let him fuck her in the ass, she had always refused, she now regretted her decision, her husband would have been gentle and kind. She knew this brute would tear her apart. Rob did not wait for an answer, he flipped Robin onto her stomach, grabbed the lube and soon had a finger buried in her ass. He lubed up his cock and soon had it waiting at her puckered asshole, he showed no mercy, thrusting in with one mighty stroke.

Robin screamed in pain, the sound muffled by the ball gag, Rob continued to pound her ass untill he reached the point of no return, once again his cock exploded, shooting gobs of cum deep within Robins bowels, spent he pulled out, waiting to see the inevitable creampie. Robin lay there sobbing, her ass burning, her pussy throbbing, cum running down her thighs.

Soon she was being dragged from the bed, once again by her hair, she was thrown to the floor, once again her legs were bound together, she was helpless, she knew her daughter would be next. Rob needed some time to recuperate, he left the girls bound and gagged and wandered down to the kitchen. He was happy to find they had beer in the fridge. He popped a cold one open, sat down and relaxed, and planned what he was going to do to the little one.

It did not take long before his cock was throbbing again. When Rob returned to the bedroom he found Robin collapsed on the bed, totally worn out after her ordeal. Jamie was still on her knees, trembling, she knew she was next. He calmly walked over to his trousers on the floor and removed the belt.

As he approached the bed Jamie's eye followed his every move. Rob immediately started landing lashes on Robins ass, It was soon beet red. " Are you going to be a good girl Jamie or should I continue to beat the crap out of your Mom ?

" Jamie tearfully nodded her consent. Rob dragged Robin off the bed and threw her on the floor. He sat down in front of Jamie, once again with a raging hard on.

He removed Jamie's ball gag and immediately shoved his cock into her mouth, Rob reached down to play with Jamie's wonderful tits as her mouth glided up and down his shaft. She had a lot of talent for an 18 yr old, obviously it was not the first cock she had sucked. After 10 min of pleasure Rob grew impatient, it was time to skull fuck the little bitch. Grabbing a handful of her long beautiful hair he shoved his cock down her throat in one stroke. Jamie gasped and gagged but Rob did not let up, he continued to skull fuck her till once again the explosion reached the breaking point and he shot loads of cum down the little girls throat.

Spent he withdrew and allowed Jamie to catch her breath. There were still two more holes to visit. After about a ½ hour Robs cock started to come to life again.

He surveyed the situation, Robin was still almost comatose on the floor after her ordeal, Jamie ha finally recovered from her brutal skull fuck, time to finish Jamie off. Rob went over and cut the ropeds binding Jamies ankles.

Next he grabbed her by the hair, pulling her to her feet, then shoved her onto the bed. Lying on her back Jamie was completely exposed. Rob burie his head between her thighs, eating that sweet tasting shaven cunt. It did not get Jamie aroused but it tasted oh so good.

Time to fuck, once again Rob lubed up his cock, and immediately plunged it into Jamies tight vagina, he could see the pain and fear in her face. Like her mother, Rob pile drived the girl until he felt his orgasm ready to explode. Then he stopped and withdrew, waited for the urge to ejaculate to subside, flipped Jamie onto her stomach, lubed up his cock again, then attacked her ass.

In one swift blow he was balls deep, Jamie screamed into her gag, tears streamed down her cheeks. There was no stopping Rob now, he pounded that sweet young ass for all it was worth, finally exploding in one last eruption, his night here was done. Rob retied Jamies legs at the ankles. Got dressed and started gathering his belongings. He removed the ball gags from his 2 victims, reminded them of the high heel mules and nylon should they ever speak a word of tonights events to anyone.

He loosened the ropes binding Robins arms so she could get free without too much trouble and release her daughter. He headed on his way, already anticipating his next adventure with the Rape Club& be continued