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Ww xx story xxx nn xx
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Georgia by Vanessa Evans Before you read this part I strongly suggest that you read the previous parts. It will give you the background that will make this part a lot more enjoyable. Part 23 As I was walking back from the café the next morning, Sebastian called me over and asked me if I was free the next day. I said that I was from late morning on so he told me that he and a couple of his mates would pick me up at noon the next day.

"What should I bring?" I asked. "Nothing; just come as you are." I was totally naked so that's what I'd be like when he and his mates arrived. I had another appointment with my hypnotist in a couple of hours and I wanted to get some more saying 'Priapus' practice in before I went.

I set an alarm on my phone for an hour and dragged my sybian out to the rear of the deck. If I couldn't put it somewhere where people could see me gorgeous blonde babe gives a great handjob it then at least I could put it somewhere where I could see people. I lowered myself on to it and switched it on. With my super sensitive pussy it wasn't long before an orgasm was on its way; then another, then another.

I managed to cum 6 times before my alarm went off. I had another shower, put an easy to get off dress on then went to get a taxi.

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As I walked through the marina I saw Zoe and Kate walking towards me. As always these days they were naked and Kate had a smile on her face. "Hi ladies; out for your punishment walk?" "Yes;" Kate said, "and you'll never guess what's just happened to me?" "You've won the lottery." "No silly, daddy has just fucked me." "Good; I'm pleased for you Kate.

I'm assuming that he spanked you and fingered you before he fucked you?" "Yes, 2 orgasms and it isn't even lunchtime." "So how come you've got some clothes on Georgia?" Zoe asked.

"I've got an appointment with my hypnotist." "I see; Priapus." Zoe said. Other than a slight tingle in my pussy, nothing else happened. "Still not working then." Kate asked. "No, this will be my third visit; Chuck said that it would petruse mature pussy speculum gaping and masturbation take 4 visits." "So does he fuck you when you're there Georgia?" Kate asked.

"I don't think so, but he puts me in a hypnotic trance and I never remember what happens or is said when I'm under." "So he might have fucked you?" "Well if he did he was wearing a condom because I don't get his cum running out of me and down the inside of my legs." "In this heat it would probably dry as soon as it left your pussy; and you've always had a wet pussy when I've looked." Zoe added.

"You've been looking at my pussy have you Zoe? People might start to think that you're a lesbian." "No, it's just that it's rare for me to see you with hairy teen with big boobs dont say you love me clothes on and you're always spreading your legs so it's difficult not to see it." "Relax Zoe, I know that you're not gay; you're just like Kate and me, appreciate a beautiful, young female body.

Anyway, I've got to go, got to give Chuck the chance to fuck me without me knowing. If I don't see you later today I'll be round to yours in the morning to confess my sins to your father." "I nearly said that you don't have to do that Georgia." Zoe said; "but you want my father to spank and fuck you don't you?" "Seeya girls; have fun, and try to piss-off your father some more." I walked off to get a taxi.

Chuck opened the door, I went in and perched my butt on the front of his low sofa. "So Chuck, what's going to happen today? Will I be able to orgasm each time that someone says 'Priapus'? I've been practicing making myself cum and saying 'Priapus'; look." I stood up, pulled my dress off, lay back on the sofa with my legs open and my right hand got busy.

"Well good afternoon to you too Georgia." Chuck finally managed to say. "I told you the last 2 times that you came to see me that getting naked and masturbating in front of me is not required for your desired hypnotic outcome to be achieved." "But it will help won't it?" "Perhaps, there has never been a study to prove it one way or another." "But it might help." "Possibly." By that time I was getting close and there was no way that I would have stopped even if he'd told me to.

Chuck sat at his desk and watched me orgasm with all the bodily actions that I normally have. "Are you finished Georgia?" "For now." "So can we start today's session?" "Yes, of course." "Right Georgia, today I'm going to put you under then build on the association of the word 'Priapus' with an orgasm deep in your brain. As I told you before, today's session may, or may not be enough for it to work.

If it does I believe that it would be best for you to come back for at least one more session just to reinforce that association." "Are you going to fuck me whilst I'm 'under'?" "Georgia, I've told you before, I'm a professional hypnotist and taking advantage of a patient would not be ethical or professional." "But you can fuck me if you want Chuck." "Georgia; I think that we should get on with the session." Chuck got his tablet out and let me stare at the screen.

The next thing that I knew, I was lying lengthways on the sofa, still naked, and with one foot on the floor. My pussy felt warm.

"Welcome back Georgia. You may sit up now." I didn't move and said, "So did it work Chuck? Did you fuck me? Priapus." Nothing happened. "Georgia; it's when other people say Priapus." And it hit me. Wow, I've never had an orgasm before without any sort of build-up to it and it sort of caught me off-guard; but it was nice.

"Oh fuck!" I said as my body jerked about. "Yes, yes, thank you Chuck." As the waves of pleasure started to recede I looked over to Chuck; he was smiling. "I guess that it works Chuck; thank you. Say it again please; just to prove that it wasn't a fluke." "'Priapus'." Chuck said.

It wasn't a fluke. As my heart rate got back to something like normal, I again thanked Chuck. "As I said earlier Georgia, I believe that you should come back for 1 more session to cement the association in your mind.

If you don't it may wear off with time." "Okay Chuck; same time next week is it?" "Yes please; and will you settle your bill next week as well please?" "We can do that now if you like Chuck." "Okay, if that's what you wish." As he was using the card reader I asked him, "So next week Chuck, will you tell me if you've been fucking me and taking lots of photographs of my pussy and tiny tits?" "Georgia; I've answered that question many times already. Thank you for paying me; have you any different questions?" The session was over so I stood up and started walking to the door.

"Georgia." Chuck said and pointed to my dress.

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I giggled and went and put it on; then left. As I walked out I though back to the times when I'd asked Chuck if he'd fucked me; and each time he's not actually said 'yes' or 'no'.

Maybe I'll get a proper answer out of him next week. I also decided that I'd have to think of ways that I can get men, well mainly men, to horny chick cassidy klein gets fucked and creamed 'Priapus'. I'd planned on going to the gym next but it was a bit early, maybe there's be no one there, no one to look at my pussy and watch me cum.

I headed towards the harbour to get something to eat and to see if I could find any shops that looked interesting. I looked in a few clothes and shoe shops but nothing took my fancy, then I saw an illuminated sign that said SEX SHOP. My eyes lit up and my pussy juiced up. I walked up to the door and saw the sign stating the opening times.

I looked at my phone and saw that I had 10 minutes to wait. I turned and looked for the nearest café and went and had an ice cream and a cola. I sat there watching the sex shop to see if I could see it open. I knew that the way I was sat my pussy was on display but I wasn't interested in that, I was eager to get into that sex shop and see what they'd got. After what seemed like hours, I saw a 30 something man open the door and go in. I waved at the waiter and paid my bill then went to the shop.

I was half expecting it to be a dingy place with dirty old men in raincoats waiting to flash any girl that went in but the place was quite clean and bright. The only man there when I went in was the man that I'd seen open up. I smiled at him then started to browse. Wow; I was amazed by the number of DVDs and the range of things there. Hundreds of things that I never would have imagined and never would have considered buying. I zeroed in on the displays and shelves with the vibrators on them.

One time when I'd been on the beach I realised that I only had one egg and that if it went faulty it would be days, even weeks before I could get another one so Bbc highschool teen spunk uniform and college was looking to get another one.

Besides, I hadn't brought the one that I had and I was going to the gym, I needed to get one. The problem was, some of the eggs that they had were high up and some were low down. Looking at the packaged low down ones was easy; I just bent over and picked them up. It was after I'd bent over the second time that I thought about the display that I was giving when I bent over. I looked round, and yes, the man was watching me. So was another man that had come in. When I bent over the third time I made she cant live without being pussy shoved schoolgirl japanese that I was displaying everything; and for quite a few seconds.

As I stood up I looked round and smiled at the 2 men. Not being too impressed with the bottom of the range eggs that I'd looked at I reached up to get the most expensive one that they had. But before I did that turned sideways a bit so that when my dress went up as I reached up, my pussy would be on display.

I reached up and pretended to have a bit of trouble unhooking the package. After a few seconds I managed to get the package off the hook and lowered it; allowing my dress to fall back into place; not that it covered much when it was in its normal place. I studied that package and the writing on it and decided that it was as good, if not better, than the one that I already had. I decided to get it. Then I had an idea, get one for Kate and one for Zoe as well.

Then we could swap controls and have some fun. I reached up and put on another display for the now 3 men, to get a second egg. Then I did it again for a third egg. Taking all 3 to the sales counter, in Spanish I said, "I'll take all 3, but I want some other things, can you hold those for me?" My accent must have given me away again because the man replied in English saying that he would.

I smiled at him then went and started browsing again. I got amazed at some of the things that they had; I mean, who would want to put a ring on a penis to stop the man peeing? "Oh well; each to their own." I thought and moved on. I came to some handcuff and decided to get some. I wanted proper ones, not the play things with pink feathers on. I found them and got a package off the racks.

Then I saw the ankle and wrist cuffs like they had at the club. Like the handcuffs, I didn't have an immediate use for them but I thought that I might have a use for them sometime so I got them off the racks as well. I took them to the counter and put them with the eggs. Going back to where I left off, I moved on and decided that it would be nice to have a ball-gag so I reached up and unhooked one.

I forgot about the 3 voyeurs and they only got a quick flash of my butt. Then I saw some collars and leashes and remembered the pink collar that James had given me. I remembered that the collar was in my toys drawer so I un-hooked a pink leash to go with it.

As I took them to the counter Jozefa aka ivanka olya aka kathleen pitts hot fuck passed some naught nurse and similar outfits.

When I got to the sales counter and put the ball-gag, handcuffs and leash on it I asked the man if I could try-on some of the clothes. "Sorry, we don't have a changing room." "Can I try them on here in the shop?" "I guess so." I turned and walked back to where the clothes were hanging and selected a naughty nurse shy french arab want to suck salami like mia khalifa. Then I looked at the voyeurs and pushed off the shoulder straps of my dress.

It fell to the floor and I stepped out of it leaving me totally naked from the ankles up. I smiled at the men then stepped into the nurse's outfit. Pulling it up I looked down at myself and smoothed it down front and back. It didn't feel right and it certainly didn't look as good as the receptionist at the massage place.

I took it off, hung it back up then browsed through the rest of the outfits. Not finding anything that I liked I put my own dress back on then went to the sales counter to pay for the items that I'd selected. "Have you got any batteries for the eggs and controllers please?" I asked.

"Si Señora." "Can you put some in one of the eggs and give me a box of them please?" I watched as he put batteries in one egg and its controller. When he was done he started to put it back in its packaging.

"No, I don't want it back in that package," I said; "can you pass it to me please?" He did and I took the egg and squat down. I looked around to see if the men were still watching me. Satisfied that they were all watching, I slowly pushed my new egg into my hole as far as I could. Standing up, I straightened my dress and smiled at the men. The man ringing up the sale smiled back then continued ringing up the sale.

I got out my Black Amex card and paid the man before leaving with a bag containing the additions to my toys collection.

I had a bit of a smug grin on my face as I walked to the gym. Just before I got there, I got the new remote control out of the bag and stood on the pavement and experimented. If anyone had passed close to me they would have heard my gasps, oows and aargh and seen me squeezing my legs together as I reacted to the different settings.

I liked the fact that there was a switch to go from constant to random. I was a little apprehensive when it came to trying the setting that the symbol implied gave an electric shock.

After an initial thought that it might kill me I reasoned that even China wouldn't manufacture a vibrator that kills. I turned the knob 1click clockwise and instantly jumped. When I landed I was still alive but my pussy was certainly tingling a lot more, my body was shaking like hell and I was gasping for more air whilst saying lots of 'ooooh' and 'aarrgggs'. The other strange thing was that I heard a bell ringing; not loud but loud enough to know that I'd heard it.

I decided that I'd have to experiment later. My spare hand went to one of my tits and squeezed what little there was. It was like the electric shock had gone from inside my hole right up to my nipples that were suddenly throbbing like hell. I decided that I was going to like these electric shocks. I opened one of the other packages and saw a small metal circle on the egg. I set the egg inside me to vibrate at slow speed but to give me random fast burst and random electric shocks. "That should give the people at the gym something to look at." I thought; then finished my journey.

Pedro was sat at reception when I walked in. After the pleasantries he told me that he had the second memory stick for me. He got it out and I put it in my bag. He commented on me being a little earlier than usual then added that it wasn't a problem as there were a few men in the workout room.

"Pedro," I said, "I come here to get some exercise not flaunt my naked body in front of men. How many?" "Six I think; and 1 girl about your age." "Good, can you keep this shopping bag for me please?

I think that it's a bit big for the lockers." "Sure, no naughty and sexy summer day fucks a rock hard cock handed him the bag and wondered if he'd look inside and see what I've been buying. I smiled as I walked to the changing room. There was no one else in there as I got naked then walked to the workout room. I was surprised to see that the girl that Pedro mentioned was also stark naked with shaved bald pubes as well.

The 6 men in there were doing very little exercise, just watching the girl. When they saw me they had the problem of who to watch. I decided to help them my going to the mats where the girl was and doing some exercises there. Then the men's eyes wouldn't be going from one end of the room to the other all the time.

I smiled at the girl and said "Hi." In Spanish she said, "I hope that you don't mind but I saw you here the other day and wanted to try exercising like you. I asked Pedro and he said that I could exercise dressed anyway that I liked." "Sure, it's not a problem with me, the more the merrier. I'm Georgia." "I'm Natalia; I quite like this, I've never had so much attention from men. I saw that you were completely shaved so I saved the rest of mine off as well." "Okay then; have you been here long?" "No, only a few minutes; it took me a while to find the courage to do it but now that I'm here I'm really enjoying it." "Yes, the ancient Greeks knew what they were doing when they exercised naked." I replied hoping that she'd start talking about Greek Gods.

She didn't, instead she got on with her exercises, exposing her pussy and thrusting her 'bigger than mine' tits out in front of her. She also appears to like to shake them about when she's bent over. I was in the crab position when my first orgasm from my new egg arrived. I managed to lower myself down onto the floor and just lay there with my legs open as I rode the waves of pleasure, my body jerking about as the orgasm saw fit to make me.

Even Natalia stopped and watched me. When / as I started my next exercise Natalia said, "How do you make yourself cum like that? Or is it just because you're being watched?

I can cum just by being watched." I didn't want to tell her about my egg so I just told her that it was because so many men were watching me. She smiled and said that it was good being like that. I'd never really thought about orgasming just by being naked and being watched by men before, but she was right, I had. Not as many times as she had by the sound of it. When the first electric shock hit me I again collapsed to the floor but this time my right hand went to my pussy and my left hand went to my tits.

Both were throbbing and my body was shaking and my breathing was rapid. Just like when I'd first tried the egg electric shock knob, just turning the knob 1 click, and I heard a bell ringing again. I rode the waves of the orgasm that the electric shock had given me until they subsided. Then I finished my floor exercises as if nothing had a single phone call can lead to slamming missionary and homemade. Then I went to the cycles.

After adjusting the seat I got on and started pedalling. Natalia came over and did the same with the cycle beside mine. After a minute or so of her pedalling and sliding from side to side on the seat, she said, "This is so much more fun than when I tried it last week.

I guess that it wasn't as good because I was wearing shorts and a thong." "Yeah," I relied, "you have to be naked." I replied as my next orgasm approached. I rode that bike to 2 more orgasms before getting off and moving to the leg spreader where I 'accidentally' managed to get it to go crazy for a while and really put my wet pussy on display for all to see.

As I let the machine have its way with me I wondered if Pedro could get an attachment for it that would rise up and fuck me when it put me in a certain position.

I thought that it would be a good project for me when I go and work for daddy. After a few minutes I pressed the appropriate key sequence then released myself from the leg restraints. I just had a few more exercises to do and as I was about to start them Natalia asked me how I got the leg spreader to go crazy. "Keep thumping the control panel until it happens." I said as I clenched a fist and banged it down onto an imaginary control panel.

I watched Natalia do some proper leg stretches as I finished my routine then I stood with the guys who kenzie green her bros cock was bigger watching Natalia. Then she started thumping the control panel. After her fourth thump it went crazy and her legs went all over the place. I decided that it was time to leave and went and got a shower. It was as I was washing my hair that I remembered that I hadn't shown Natalia how to stop the leg spreader machine.

"Oh well, she'll enjoy being exposed like that." Just then a random blast of full power from my egg pushed me over the top and I had to wash my pussy again. In a way I was glad that the egg hadn't given me any more shocks. I switched it off, deciding that I'd really have to experiment with the setting sometime; and what was that bell that I'd heard; surely it wasn't in the egg?

Why would anyone put a bell inside a vibrator? On my way out I stuck my head into the workout room and saw Natalie just sitting on the leg spreader.

She looked knackered but happy and I wondered who and how someone got the machine to stop.

I stopped at reception and got my bag of goodies from Pedro and when I got out onto the street I had a look in and saw that the packages weren't packed in the same way. Pedro must have taken them out and had a look at them. I stopped to get something to eat on the way to the club and had a nice meal and a few drinks. I chose a restaurant rather than a café and didn't really get the opportunity to flash anyone; although I did play with the remote control and made myself cum whilst I was waiting for my meal.

At the club I was rushed to get ready for the evenings event. I knew it was called Public Humiliation but that was all that I knew. Getting ready was getting naked, taking the egg out, and going to the stage. Diego was there along with Daniella, who was also totally naked, and 3 other clothed men.

I walked up to Daniella and asked her what was going on. "Those 3 guys are going to paint some adverts for the club on our bodies, front and back." "Okay, what happens then?" "We're given a dress and some shoes to put on then we go for a walk." "But if we've got a dress on no one will see the adverts." "The dress only stays on until we get down to the harbour." "Then we get naked; oow goody; naked in public." "You're not averse to being handcuffed are you Georgia?" "Handcuffed as well; this just gets better and better." Three of the guys with big cocks appeared.

Each was wearing just a loincloth and sandals. The 3 artist guys got to work painting adverts all over all 5 torsos; but for some unknown reason, none or our tits got painted. I asked one of the guys if the paint would wash off when we'd finished and I was happy that it would.

About an hour later Daniella and I were taken to a wardrobe full of heels and told to pick a pair. Then we were given dresses to put on. They were horrible, nearly down to my knees, plain red and sleeveless. I wondered if I had some sort of premonition when the next things happened. Firstly a dog collar, with a leash hanging down my front, was put on me, secondly a ball-gag was put in my mouth then finally my wrists were cuffed behind me.

Diego came and inspected all 5 of us then Daniella, me, the 3 loincloths and Diego left the club to walk down to the harbour. We got a few amused looks as we went and, apart from the dress, I felt good. Down at the harbour, we first went to the little square where lots of people congregated.

In the middle of the square a loincloth came up to Daniella and myself and literally ripped the dresses off us leaving us naked apart from the shoes and accessories. "Things are getting better." I thought and a loincloth grabbed my lease and started leading me around all the people. Of course, everyone wanted to look and touch the 2 mobile billboards and I felt good.

I heard someone say, "Well that beats those stupid pizza boxes that stand on street corners looking bored out of their tiny little minds." After the square, the loincloths led us into quite a few of the bars. Hundreds of people were getting to see Daniella and me naked.

As the night moved on the touching changed to groping and fingering. Because of the handcuffs and the ball-gags Daniella and I could do nothing about the hands; not that we wanted to that is. The other thing that started was my orgasms. My super-sensitive, O-Shot enhanced pussy started to respond to the groping and one of the loincloth commented on the number of times that we all had to stop because I couldn't walk whilst I was cumming.

We seemed to go round in a big circle because we eventually ended up back in that little square. By that time the place was heaving and the groping moved on to the next stage bending us over and fucking us; right in the middle of the crowd.

Other hands were mauling our tits at the same time. To start off with it was just the loincloths that fucked us but when they'd done with us they invited others to fuck us.

At least Daniella didn't have to stop because I couldn't walk and I was fucked even when I was cumming. The fucking seemed to go on for hours and the men's cum and my juices were running down the insides of my legs. There was just too much of it for the warm night air to dry it as it came out of me.

Finally, I heard Diego telling the loincloths that enough was enough and the loincloths pulled on our leashes to lead us away from the sex-hungry crowd. Daniella and I were led all the way back to the club, still totally naked, ball-gag and cuffs still in place. I saw one police car drive passed us but it didn't stop causing me to wonder how often that sort of thing happened and what I could do to have some fun. Back at the Club Diego led us through the customers that were still there and removed everything but the paint from us then told us to go and shower.

As Diego was removing them from me he said, "You did well little Lolita; most girls panic and try to run away when the fucking starts." "So how many different men fucked me?" "I'm not sure, but more than your age." "Wow," I thought, "I've set a new record; pity he can't put an exact number on it." Daniella and I shared the shower to help each other get all the paint off then.

I asked her how many times she done that job and she proudly said, "Seven times now." "I've got a long way to go to catch up with you then." I replied. She smiled then replied, "They get better each time; Diego seems to let the fucking go on for longer each time." "Maybe he likes watching us get fucked." "Maybe." I remembered to take my shopping back to the boat but I didn't open any of it. As soon as I got to the boat I got the hosepipe out and filled my pussy about half a dozen times.

All that man cum inside it was still seeping out in the taxi on the way back. Then I went to bed. The next morning I woke up around 10 am. The first thing that I did was to check my pussy to see if I was sore or anything else. I was pleased with what I found so the fingers on my right hand got busy. After that it was a session in the bathroom then it was confession time. Without even putting any shoes on I left the boat and walked round to Kate's and Zoe's boat. As I approached I could see both girls standing at the back of the boat, naked as always these days.

When I got onto the boat I turned to Mr. Billingham and apologised for keeping his daughters out all night; saying that it was all my idea and that I was sorry. I continued telling him that I was ready to accept any punishment that he felt appropriate. That was Mrs. Billingham's cue to disappear and within a minute she was leaving the boat with a shopping bag in her hand.

"Right young lady; full credit to you for admitting your guilt but that doesn't diminish the seriousness of your crime. I believe that you should get at least the same punishment as my daughters. Do you accept that?" "Yes sir." "Good; Zoe, clear the table please." Zoe removed the mugs from the table and took them down to the galley.

Meanwhile I was instructed to lie on the table on my back with my butt just hanging over the end. As I did that I instinctively spread my legs wide. "Lift your legs Georgia and take them back and put them behind your shoulders." I heard Kate gasp a little, probably because she hadn't told me savannah secret turns interview into a hardcore suck and fuck she'd had to put her legs behind her shoulders.

Mr. Billingham then started spanking me. As I expected, the pain soon turned to pleasure and I started cumming. The last couple of swats were directly onto my pussy and that re-ignited the orgasm that was starting to recede. When I was able, I looked over to Kate and Zoe. I could see Kate mouthing the word 'sorry'.

I turned my gaze to Mr. Billingham; his face was all red and his trousers looked 'interesting'. "Release your legs Georgia and get to your feet." I did. "Now turn round and bend over the table." I did; and was rewarded, sorry, punished, by Mr. Billingham ramming his cock hard into me. He rammed in to me so hard that I was sure that he cum on tits part 10 bruising the front of my legs where they met with the edge of the table.

He pounded in and out of me until I felt his cum squirt inside me. Unfortunately, that wasn't long enough to make me cum. The he surprised me by telling me to get back up on the table and again put my legs behind my shoulders. I did as instructed then was surprised to hear him tell Zoe and Lucy that it was their turn to spank me.

"What? No, I won't do that to my friend." Kate said. "No I won't." Zoe said. "You will young ladies, or I will be forced to increase the severity of your punishments; make them even more humiliating for you." "It's okay girls," I said, "Do as you father tells you." Zoe stepped forward and stood beside me.

"Go on girl; 10 of your hardest swats." Zoe did, but I would never call them hard swats. Just to private tropical fashion in paradise creampie and brunette Mr.

Billingham think that they were harder than they actually were, I said, "Ouch" after each one. Then it was Kate's turn. I repeated the 'Ouch' after each swat, but again they weren't very hard; definitely not hard enough to make me cum again. Again, I got another surprise. Stay where you are Georgia; Kate and Zoe will now manipulate you breasts and genitals until you have an orgasm. "What! I'm not a lesbian daddy." Zoe said.

"I'm not either." Kate added. "You will do it; or else. ……" Kate and Zoe stepped forwards. "I don't know what to do daddy." Kate said.

"Don't give me that; I've watched you two pleasuring yourselves." "Daddy! You haven't have you? When?" "Many times young lady." I actually saw both Kate and Zoe blush before they started massaging my tits and rubbing my clit.

I was going to have to talk to tribadism sexfight ndash sweetcat vs victorya sweet about their voyeur father. With my pussy being so sensitive, and the fact that it wasn't long since I'd just cum, the girls found it easy to make me cum. As I peeked then calmed down, the 3 of them just watched me.

I felt good. "Right Georgia; you may go now, but remember, if you continue to corrupt my daughters and you have the honesty to come round here and admit it, you will get at least the same punishment as them.

Now go." "No walk of shame daddy?" Zoe asked. "No, as soon as your mother gets back we are taking the yacht out." "Where are we going daddy?" "I've heard about a nice beach somewhere near the airport. I can't remember the name but it was something to do with salt. Go Georgia." As I walked back to daddy's boat I wondered if Mr.

Billingham would humiliate his daughters by making them go ashore in the nude. When I got back to daddy's boat I checked my butt to make sure that no skin was broken then I went over to the café for something to eat. I didn't know when I'd be able to eat again. It was 12:10 when a car drove into the car park not far from the boat. I saw Sebastian get out of it and I waved to him then set off to walk down to him.

As I got close I said, "Well you said to come as I was." "And we are glad that you did Georgia aren't we guys?" He replied in Spanish. Sebastian introduced his 3 mates and apologised for the poor English that they spoke. "That's okay, we are in Spain so we can talk in Spanish; I just hope that they can understand me." "I'm sure that we'll get by; if you don't understand anything that they say just ask me." We got into the car, with me sandwiched in the middle of the back seat.

As we drove out of Ibiza town it hit me that I was totally naked in the back of a car with one man that I just about knew, and 3 who I had never met before; and I was getting further away from any clothes by the second. "What's the worst that they're likely to do to me?" I thought; "Rape me? It wouldn't be called rape." Then something else crossed my mind, "Hey, slow down Sebastian; I don't want videoz skilled lover earns money blowjob and amateur to get stopped by the police, not with me like this; and I certainly don't want to be in an accident like this." Sebastian did slow down and the 2 guys either side of me started to talk to me.

The started by complimenting my body. I always like those compliments. We drove for about 45 minutes and then pulled off the road and went down a dirt track. As we bounced along I saw 1 of the guys staring at my tits. "They're not big enough to bounce about." I said as I squeezed them then pulled and rolled my nipples. "They are very nice." The guy said, "You like them then?" "Si." "You can touch them if you like." He did, and shortly afterwards, his mate grabbed my other one.

We didn't make it to the beach right away; when we got out of the car just short of the path down to the beach, one of the guys asked if he could take some photographs of me. Of course I agreed and they spent the next 30 minutes or so taking hundreds of photos of me.

Tamed teens choked and slapped teen bitch gets ass rocked

Needless to say that in most of them I had my legs wide open. When we finally made it to the top of the beach I saw a beautiful little beach and bay. The only bad thing was that it was on line paly xxxx sex stories 2019 bit of a steep climb down to it. I was disappointed when the guys didn't take their shorts off and we sat on the sand drinking beer from the cool box that one of them carried down from the car.

Sebastian beauty with nice ass bounces on one eyed monster drinking and he watched his mates get a little happy as they made their way through the cool box. Sebastian and I went for a swim and he fucked me in the water. The others saw us and I didn't managed to get out of the water until all of them had fucked me.

When I got back to the towel that one of the guys had lent me, the guy who had fucked me right after Sebastian asked me to masturbate for them; so I did. They were quite impressed at how quickly I orgasmed 2 of them saying that they wished that their girlfriends came that quickly. I didn't tell them about the O-Shot. After a while Sebastian said that it was time to go and we climbed back up the steep path to the car.

The guys swapped seats so that I had a different guy on one side of me in the back so I had a different hand playing with one of my tits as we drove. It was another quite long long momy sex story less time, by Ibiza standards, and we eventually came to a village way up in the hills. Sebastian drove the car through the village and it was obvious that they didn't get many tourists.

He parked on the outskirts of the village and told me that we were going for a walk through the village. "Sebastian, look at me; I'm naked, I can't walk through a village; I'll get arrested or at least have a lot of abuse thrown at me." "No you won't; the police hardly ever come up here, there are never any problems; the villagers sort out their own problems. As for verbal abuse, I doubt that very much, they let their kids run around without any clothes on and you don't look much older than a kid.

Besides, you've got 4 brave men to look after you." "Well okay, but if there's a problem it's your fault." "Okay, let's go." I couldn't believe that I was doing it. Okay, I'd walked through Ibiza town naked only the previous night but this was broad daylight; in a village that probably was still living in the olden times.

They couldn't possibly accept a naked woman walking around the place. Anyway, I did, and they did. It was so exciting that my pussy was tingling, especially when I saw some yokels and they looked at me. They looked but they didn't stare, maybe Sebastian was right. It was mainly men and kids that I saw as we walked, and yes, some of the little kids were naked. The strange thing was that most of the men walking about were walking the same way as we were. We walked right through the village and to a café on the main street.

When it looked like we were going in I asked Sebastian if we were really going inside. "Si, it will be alright." Going through the front door I saw a few tables and chairs near the door then a large area, about 10 metres by 10 metres at the back.

There was a big TV monitor on one wall and a smaller one on an adjacent wall and a few tables and chairs round the other sides. I wondered if the café doubled as a village hall. One of the guys with us went to bar to get us some drinks while the rest of us went to a table by the door.

There were only 4 chairs at the table and the guys stopped me from getting one from another table. "Sit on our knees or just stand." I was told.

I stood and watched the increasing number of men entering the café. They all looked at me as they walked to the large area. "What's going on?" I asked. "Oh didn't Sebastian tell you? We've come here to watch a football match." My first reaction as to be annoyed; very annoyed. "A FOOTBALL MATCH; you've got to be joking. I've never watched one of those in my life and I'm not going to start now; Sebastian can you take me back to the marina please?" "Hang on a minute Georgia; it's not as bad as it seems.

Yes, there will be a football game on that big screen; an English team, Manchester something or other, that's why a few of these men are here. But on the other screen will be some videos of naked girls. That's why most of these men are here." I thought for a few seconds, "Porno movie, men getting horny, me naked; maybe it won't be as bad as I first thought." "Well okay," I said, "but if it gets boring I'll want you to take me back to the marina Sebastian." "Okay, it's a deal.

It's about 30 minutes before all the action starts, maybe you'd like to wander around, have a look at the place that I grew-up in." I picked up my drink and took a sip and thought, "Maybe I could go for a wander around the village; see if I can see anyone. Daddy took me around a lot of Spanish villages in previous years so I could guess what this one would be like. But hey, wandering around would be better than just standing here." I finished my drink then announced that I'd be back later.

I walked out hoping that they wouldn't go and leave me stranded with no clothes, no money and no phone. I did wander around the village, with no fear of getting lost, for about 30 or 40 minutes. I saw a few little kids running around, some of them naked, but the nearest I got to seeing an adult was a girl who was probably a couple of years younger than me.

She stared at me for ages and I swear that her hand, which was in a pocket in her skirt, was playing with her pussy. Whatever.

When I got bored I went back to the café and saw that I was the only female in the room, that most of the tables and chairs had been moved to the big area and that all the men were watching the damn football. I walked around the room trying to see if I could distract any of them, without much success.

Then the other monitor came to life. "Okay," I thought, "maybe the porno would be interesting." As I looked up at that monitor I thought, "That place looks familiar." Then I saw myself in daddy's vest. For a couple of seconds I was stunned.

What the? How the? Why the? Were the 3 main questions that I started to think; then answered myself. That damn what's his name; Alejandro, must have sold a copy of the promotional video that he was making for Pedro. I wondered if Pedro knew. My initial surprise and possibly anger slowly turned to pleasure. What would these yokels do when they realised that the girl on the screen was the naked girl that was right in the middle of them.

I watched myself doing my first handstand at the gym and the vest puddling at my hands. Then I looked around; some of the men in the room were starting to get interested in the soft porno video and my pussy was tingling. After a few seconds Sebastian came over to me. "That's you on the screen isn't it Georgia?" Sebastian asked. "Yes it is." "I'm sorry Georgia; I didn't know that they had a video of you.

Would you like to leave now?" "No; I want to see people's reaction when they realise that the girl on the screen is right in amongst them." "They might rape to Georgia." "No they won't; but I might let some of them fuck me." I wandered around the room, pausing in front of the men who were looking at the video of me. Only a few of them took their eyes off the screen to look veronica avluv the squirt hardcore milf sellection marco banderas rocco siffredi alec knight manuel me.

That sort of disappointed me; at first I thought that they would rather look at a video than the real thing, then I realised that the video was showing close-up shots of my rather pregnant busty teen enjoys good fucking amateur and preggo pussy.

I hadn't realised just how wet my pussy can look. I kept alternating between walking in amongst the men and standing under the monitor that I was on.

I wished that the sound was on because I remember making some really sexy moans and expletives. Just when I thought that the monitor had shown all the footage of me it started with the time that Kate and Zoe went to the gym with me.

"2 girls with gorgeous bodies that might distract the men from me." I thought. I wasn't jealous of them; I like their bodies just as much as the men in that room. The video ended with us 3 girls in the shower, Kate and Zoe caressing my body whilst rubbing my clit with their fingers. Shortly after the soft porn videos finished, the football video ended and the men turned to talk to each other.

Someone, or some of the men, must have recognised me from the video and word was obviously spreading because more and more of the men were turning to look at the naked girl standing under the smaller monitor. Then Sebastian came up to me again and said, "Someone is going to put the video of you and your friends on again and the men would like you to do as many of the exercises that you can whilst they are being shown in the screen.

Will you do that for them?" I looked around the almost silent room. There must have been 50 pairs of eyes all on me. My pussy tingled and I got a wet rush. I nodded my head up and down. There was a bit of a cheer and the men around the nearest 2 tables got up and placed their tables next to each other.

These tables were about 2 metres by 1 metre, together giving a little stage of 2 metres square. Sebastian lifted me up onto the 'stage' and I looked at my audience. As I did so, I saw 1 girl at the back of the room. She looked to be younger than me. I looked at the monitor and waited for the video to start. I remembered the sequence of exercises so I could get on with them with only occasionally looking at the monitor to make sure that we were in sync. Obviously, I had to skip the handstand and walking on my hands part because there was no way that I was going to attempt that up on those tables and I couldn't do the parts that involved the workout machines either.

I watched myself getting moved all over the place on the leg spreader machine and I thought how good my pussy looked when I orgasmed with my legs spread as wide as that machine would allow. It was a real opportunity to watch my pussy spasm and the muscles contracting and relaxing.

I'd never watched my pussy as it did those things. As I was doing all the exercises I was looking out at my audience. At one point I wondered how many of those men would be going home to a fat Spanish woman wearing lovely babe is fucked in different positions long black dress.

In a way, it gave me some pleasure to know that I had given those men some pleasure. The other thing that I did when I was doing the exercises, if I had a hand free, was to play with my pussy. Not only did I think that those men wanted me to do so, but I wanted to do it as well. The first time that I orgasmed I collapsed down onto the table and my body jerking nearly took me wild teen selena mur gets fucked and cum showered the edge of the table.

As I lay there I noticed that a few of the men had stood up so that they could get a better view of me. I got back to my feet, looked at the monitor and did what I was doing on that.

I came twice more during my performance; once because of the work of my hands. And the second time when that Alejandro guy had zoomed in so close to my pussy that I could see right up my stretched hole and even the odd one little hair that was growing at the top of my inner right thigh. I made a mental note to extract that hair when I got back to the boat.

Every time that I was facing the audience I would pick on a man, stare at him and wonder what he was going to do to his wife or girlfriend or daughter when he got home.

One time I looked out I saw that girl at the back of the room. She was staring at me and had one hand up the front of her tiny skirt. I thought that I could see her bald pubes but I wasn't sure. When the video of Kate, Zoe and myself came to an end Sebastian came over to me and pulled one of the tables away. Then he said, "Lie down on that and see if anyone wants to come and closely inspect your body." How could I miss an opportunity like that and I quickly got on my back and spread my legs.

It wasn't long before one of the older men there came over to me. He slowly smoothed his hand over my tits, then down my stomach to my pussy. As one of his fingers entered me he said, in Spanish, "Such a beautiful young body." "Muchas gracias." I replied.

About half a dozen other men came over to me and 'explored' my body whilst most of the others started to leave. Of course, the exploring included inside my pussy and it wasn't long before I was cumming for them. As my waves of pleasure receded Sebastian came over and told me that we were leaving.

I was walked back through the village; this time, as the day was moving on, there were more people out on the streets. I got stared at by quite a few of them and a couple of the women called me a Puta (Whore). I wondered if their men had been at the café and even come and fingered me. For some unknown reason, the girl from the café followed us through the village. I wondered if she was jealous of me. We all piled into the car for the journey back to Ibiza town, but instead of me sitting between 2 of Sebastian's mates they got me to lay across their laps.

They took it in turns to finger me to orgasm; getting me to turn round after each one. After both the guys in the back had made me cum the guy in the front seat next to Sebastian got Sebastian to stop while he and one of the guys in the back swapped places so that he could finger me to another orgasm. I was so glad that I got the O-Shot that has made my pussy so sensitive that I cum dead easy.

Before I got out of the car at the marina I kissed the 2 guys in the back then I leaned over and kissed the guy in the passenger seat. I told Sebastian that he'd get his some other time. It was just starting to get dark when I got back to the boat and climbed into the shower. As I soaped myself I reflected on my day; it had been a good one and I wondered just how much of it Sebastian had planned. I also wondered, again, how the videos from the gym got to the village.

I was just relaxing on the deck with a tequila when my phone rang; it was daddy. We spent ages catching up although I didn't tell him about just about all of my adventures; I told him that I'd spent most of my time sunbathing or shopping.

Then daddy surprised and pleased me; he told me that he would be arriving in Ibiza the next afternoon for 3 nights and that he would be bringing a customer mom dad xxx step son looking him. Obviously it would be awesome to see daddy again but I wasn't sure about the customer. As my cabin was the second biggest, daddy asked me to move into one of the smaller cabins for the 3 nights.

I started to realise just how much I would have to get done before they arrived; but for the chance to see daddy it was worth it. After we terminated the call I started to make a list of what I had to do. The most urgent one was to phone Martina and get her to move her hours to in the morning.

When I got through to her she told me that someone from daddy's office had already contacted her. "Good old daddy", I thought.

I also phoned the club and told them that I no longer available for the show that I'd said I would be in the following night. I'd really fancied another session with the 'fucking machines', but daddy was more important. Satisfied that I could get everything done before lunchtime I got my sybian out and climbed on. As it started to pleasure me I realised that I was going to have to be a 'good girl' for a couple of days. I smiled as I remembered that I didn't have any 'decent' clothes and that whoever the chayse evans and isis taylor threesome anal sex was, they'd have to accept me wearing clothes that could easily reveal my little tits and pussy at any time.

Just before the sybian started to make me lose control of my body, I decided that daddy must know what clothes that I would have there.

A couple of orgasms later I got cleaned-up and put some of my groping clothes on and left to have another great night of food, drink and groping. Unfortunately I had to leave Groper's Bar at a reasonable time so that I could get a good night's sleep.