Cut off her knickers with scissors

Cut off her knickers with scissors
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Beep, beep, bee I slammed the snooze button on the alarm clock. My name is Eric Piper; I am 23 am currently unemployed, living with my mom and her boyfriend, my dad left us when I was 2. Yeah, I know, living the dream, no need to judge.

Well, I don't have a college degree and apparently most work places require those. I'd say I am a fairly attractive guy, 6 3" with short black hair, pale skin and teenies bang boyfriends anal hole with monster belt dicks and ejaculate cream eyes. I don't have trouble getting women, but I still spend most of my nights with my right hand.

Which would be helpful right now seeing as my morning wood is becoming painful. Maybe I could "Eric, get your ass down here. Your mom and I are leaving for the weekend getaway and I giving you until then to find a job and get the fuck outta here." Phil, my mom's asshole of a boyfriend, said to me. Did I mention that Phil was a complete jackass before? He's been living with us for 8 years now, and paying all the bills.

The only reason he let me stay home for so long without pitching in was because I make my mom happy since I am an only child and she loves me to death. And no matter how much of an asshole Phil is, he loves my mom deeply and will do what she wants, but he's drawn the line at me living with them permanently, not that I want to.

"Okay, okay." I muttered to myself, gripping my hard cock and pulling a few hard times for a quick relief as cum squirted into my hand. I quickly cleaned up and got dress for another job interview, a bar tending job, so I just stuck with jeans a nice shirt. I headed downstairs. "What the hell are you wearing; you have a job interview don't you. Why don't go change so you don't look like a lazy ass bum." Phil said, and God did I want to punch him in the face, but he could easily take me down, not that I'm a wimp but him being about 4 inches taller than me and 300lbs.

of muscle. "It's a bar tending job Phil, I don't need to dress up." "Well you look like a guy that lives with his mom, oh wait, that is who you are!" Phil said and started chuckling at his own joke. He was starting to piss me off. I calming walked over to the fridge, yanked the door opened and started looking for something to eat. Phil didn't stop. "What kinda grown man still lives with his mom, no degree, no talent?

A good for nothing pansy ass who can't handle the real world on his own, that's who." I was getting pissed and I noticed stuff in the fridge start to rattle, what's that about? Too bad the milk couldn't come out and hit Phil in the face, get him to shut up. But he was stilling going at it. "You, Eric, are a useless piece of trash that the garbage man forgot to pick up. Your mom only tolerates you because she feels like she's failed as a parent because you're nothing." Phil said but as soon as the words left his mouth, the gallon of milk from the fridge went flying out and slammed Phil in the cheek.

He fell back from the impact of the hit. What. The. Hell. That's exactly what I imagined happening, not even a minute ago. What's going on? Did I do that somehow? I saw my mom coming from the bathroom and she noticed Phil. "What happened? Is he alright?" she said in panic. "Mom I don't know, I was just looking for pretty masseuse fucked and jizzed on ass by her client pornstars hardcore and I turn around and he's on his back.

I have no idea what could have happened but I've got a job interview, are you going to be alright taking care of him yourself?" "Yeah, sweetheart, I'll be fine. We'll just be a little late leaving for the getaway. Good luck honey, hope you do well, love you!" "Thanks, love you too." I called on my way out the door and to my blue Honda civic that i got for my birthday.

I sat there thinking. How did I do that? It can't be a coincidence that something I thought up to happen in my head, happened in real life. Let's see if I could do it again. I saw a beautiful girl jogging down the street in nothing but shorts in a sports bra. I imagine that this girl will stop, come to my car and make out with me, I thought in my head. Nothing happened. I stared at the girl, focusing, trying to see if I could get into her mind. 'Come give the guy in the blue car a kiss.' I pushed the thought to her.

All of the sudden the girl stops, looks around and sees a blue car, not mine, one with a married couple and two small kids in the back. The jogger walks forward and slams her lips against the husband's mouth; the husband tried to fight but soon gave into the kiss, enjoying it. The jogger steps back and she looks confused. The wife is screaming at the top of her lungs, fat rods come into wet holes pornstar hardcore to kill the jogger and her husband.

I try and tap into to all of their minds, 'You will forget the last 5 minutes'. The jogger takes a few steps back and is on her way running. The husband and wife look at each other smiling, kiss once before the husband starts up the car, happy as ever and oblivious to what happened moments ago. I can't believe it; I have some kind of weird powers. I can move and manipulate things and people with my mind.

Just think of what I could do. I looked at the clock in my car and noticed I was about 5 minutes late for my interview; I started up the car and sped my way to the bar and ended up getting there 15 minutes late.

I walked in and saw the sign that interviewers were to go not your average step mom interracial and missionary the mangers office, and pointed the direction I needed shemale lesbian prison asslick osa malak baccari go.

I walked in and say a smoking hot lady with boobs about 36DD and waist so thin I could wrap my arms around her twice. She had to be about thirty years old. I tapped into her mind, to see if I could see anything about her. Her name was Alyssa Martin, age 34, married for 10 years and has 2 children. She co-owned the bar with her husband, Larry, but stuck to her job as a manager. Her husband is here now, in the back with the new waitress, training her, and Alyssa is afraid he's cheating. She's also livid that that possible employee is over 15 minutes late.

I halfway left her mind so I was still able to read her feelings and knocked on the door to signal my entrance. "There you are. It's not a good first impression to be late japenese man rough with friends wife the interview.

You better have one kick ass resume." She said, trying to shake off her sudden attraction to me and annoyance of me being late. 'You are no longer angry over my tardiness and are going to give me the job without any interview.

You are also extremely horny and don't care if you cheat on your husband.' I pushed the thoughts forward. And I noticed how to all she could look at now was my hardening cock.

"You are a perfect candidate for this bar tending job, Mr. Piper, you're hired!" she said as she stepped closer to me.

"Thank you so much Mrs. Martin, but please call me Eric." I said as I stood up. "You know, Eric, you are a very attractive young man, that will be good for uh um- bus-business, yeah it's good for business." She said and got close enough to breathe the same air as me. She took a hold of my cock. "Mrs. Martin, what are you doing, you are married!" I exclaimed as if I didn't known what was going on. Alyssa sat down and started straddling me and kissing up my neck.

"Oh Eric, it's alright. I don't care if I have a husband, I want you." she said seductively and undid my belt to grab my 8 inch cock. Then a thought occurred to me, it would be even sexier if her husband had to watch me fuck her. I searched the bar with my mind and found Mr. Martin training the new hot waitress, but was being completely professional even if girl was trying to seduce him. Mrs. Martin had nothing to worry about, her husband loves her, but I'm going to see how much.

I tapped into Larry's mind, 'Go to your wife's office and no matter what you see, you must stand there until it's over. Don't interrupt. You will be very horny because of what you see, also pissed, but you will start to jack off to it anyway and will want my cock when your wife leaves.' I'm not gay, maybe a little bi, but only men know how to suck cock right, I've learned that.

Larry, excused himself from the waitress and made his way to the room, where the door was wind opened. I made sure that Alyssa was not to notice her husband until we were finished. "Mrs. Martin, I am sorry but I will not sleep with a married woman." I said, noticing Larry in the corner with his eyes bugged out at the scene. "Come on Eric, you know you want me. I don't care about my husband, I need you to fuck me, please!" she said as covered her mouth with my.

Damn it felt good. My cock was now fully erect and Alyssa pulled it out, taking my pants from my legs. She gasped at the sight and I could tell she was dripping wet.

She shoved off all her clothes until she was completely naked, and proceeded to do the same for me. "Eric, I need your cock in me, please. It's so much longer than my husbands, his never satisfies me." Larry let out a loud gasp but, of course, Alyssa didn't hear it. I looked over and saw Larry rubbing his dick and decided it was time to cave in. "Get on the desk Alyssa, I need to fuck you hard." I said in a demanding voice.

My lust was taking over. I shoved my cock into her warm, tight pussy. "Yes, yes Eric. Fuck me! Do me like my husband never does!" I started feeling up her breasts and one with my mouth, then the other. "Alyssa, you taste so sweet. I've never had anyone as good as you. Keep riding me baby!" "Yeah, suck my tits Eric, it feels so good. Please, oh god!" Larry had taken off his pants and was furiously pounding his cock but making no noise to stop me, even if I could see the anger in his eyes.

"Eric I oh I'm cumming Eric. Yes, yes that's it oh yeah." she screamed. Her pussy squeezed down on my cock and pushed me to a climax. "I'm cumming Alyssa, yes keep going. Your pussy is hugging my dick so nicely, yes YES!" I came so hard into her, hoping that she takes the pill." I saw Larry yank his cock one last time before he squirted over the walls then pulled his pants back up like nothing ever happened.

Then he started screaming. "I can't believe you would cheat on me Alyssa. I thought you loved me!" He exclaimed. Alyssa came down from her high of the climax and realized her husband was there. 'Alyssa, you're extremely guilty you slept with me but still continue to want to fuck me.' "I'm as so sorry Larry, I didn't mean to but I need his cock.

It feels so good." Right then I pushed my cock forward in her pussy, starting to fuck her again. She started to moan, press into my cock for more, and her climax building up. "I need it, Larry. OH, right there Eric, that's it.

You're so good, keep going." Suddenly my climax hit, and she screamed for it. "Oh yes, cum in me Eric. I need your cum. It feels too good.

I'm. Almost. THERE! Oh yeah Eric keep fucking me." Larry watched with his eyes bugged out and he pulled me off of Alyssa. "Get the fuck out of here Alyssa, I can't even look at you right now!" he said, as he made it look as if he wanted to beat me up, but he really just wanted my cock. Alyssa scurried to get her clothes on. 'Once you walk of the door, you will forget everything except that you hired me and will go on like it's a normal day.' I pushed my demand to her and she left without a word.

Larry looked at me with disgust. "You." he said, glaring at me up and down.

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Then he realized I was naked and his eyes focused on my cock. He froze, then walked forward and sank to his knees. "Can I suck your cock Eric? Please, it's so big and long. I need it!" he said, staring at me with needy eyes.

"I'm not into guys Mr. Martin. I'm sorry." I pretended to start to walk away when Larry grabbed onto my cock and started to lick it like a Popsicle. "But don't you like this Eric. It feels good right?" My cock hardened at the touch, even though I had already cum 3 times today. Larry closed his lips around the tip of my cock and started licking all over.

"Oh Larry, suck my cock. You're so good at this, I can't resist!" and I wasn't exaggerating that he was good; it was amazing to feel his lips on me. I started to slowly rock my cock into Larry's warm mouth and I don't care if people think I'm gay with me saying it was better than fucking a girl. Larry sucked on my cock ferociously, as if he stopped then my dick would disappear.

I was slamming my cock into his mouth so hard that I felt I was hurting him, but I was too far gone. I was so close.

"Larry, I'm cumming! Swallow it, swallow it all! Yes, yes, your pleasing me so much more than your wife did. Keep going. That's it, yes!" My climax came to an end and I pulled Larry up back to eye level. He looked disgusted at what he did. "Why did I suck your cock? I'm not gay and I don't cheat on my wife.

What did you do to me?" I quieted him down by grabbing his cock "I didn't do anything to you Larry. You begged for my cock. But since you did such a good job, I'll jerk you off." I said rubbing his dick fast. "No, I don't want I guy to rub me. N-no, s-sstop iitt. II ddon't want thisss," Larry groaned at my touch, stuttering from the feel of his cock getting rub. He began to push his dick into my hand, searching for release.

"I don't… want… YES! Oh keep going Eric, I've never felt this good. I'm right there, just a little more. There! That's it, keep rubbing me." Larry was beating his cock in my hand so fast. He grabbed my shoulders keeping his steady as he reached a climaxing and his cum squirted onto my hand and legs. He then came back to the real world and questioned what he'd done. "What the hell was that? Why did." I cut him off by grabbing his face and slamming his lips to mine.

At first frightened, Larry relaxed and enjoyed the kiss, yanking me closer by the hair and swallowing my tongue. I could even taste the faint flavor of my cum that he swallowed. I ended the kiss and stepped back. "Am I gay?" Larry questioned. "Not sure." is all I said russian teens have used the absence of parents I put my clothes on, and he followed.

I was going to make his forget everything that happened, but I think I'd like some more from him. 'When you leave this room you will forget that I slept with your wife and that she cheated on you. But you will remember what we did together and will feel guilty for cheating.' Larry walked through the door and turned around to look at me, biting his lip in uncertainty of what happened. All I picked up from his thoughts was that he wanted more of me and I'd be glad to give that to him.

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Maybe I am gay after all. To be continued, if you want.