Horny babe fucks her mans tight asshole with her huge strap on stockings hardcore

Horny babe fucks her mans tight asshole with her huge strap on stockings hardcore
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We lived in a modest neighborhood here in the south. Our neighbors were far enough away that if my wife screamed a nosey neighbor would have to be right outside the window to hear.

Our oldest daughter was in her third year of college and our youngest was going to be a sophomore in high school, so our 4 bedroom house was becoming a vast wasteland. My daughter Tiffney had dozen of friends at our house daily, and they all seemed well behaved.

Once summer started more and more of her friends seemed to migrate to our home. My wife traveled with her job and I worked from home so they were never left unattended. The week prior to the 4th of July several of the teenagers and my daughter were planning a cookout and wanted to know if they could use out house since we had tons of space. I of course did not have a problem, but wanted to check with my wife who was due home in a day or so. The kids were anxious to get things planned so that it would be a huge party.

One of the girls Lauren who was drop dead gorgeous always wore provocative clothing that caught my attention and several times left me wishing I was younger. My wife arrived home and we discussed the cookout idea and she did not see a problem, as long as all parents were aware of what was going on. We called everyone and let them know that there would be a cookout/pool party at the house and everyone was welcome. Most parents were thankful we called and offered to supply food items but not one set of parents were willing to help with the day of the cookout so it was totally left up to me.

The day before I was out back cleaning the pool and getting things ready when my daughter and a few of her friends wanted to go swimming, which was fine by me as long as they cleaned up. I was in the pool house getting things together when I noticed Lauren pulling off her t-shirt to reveal a small string bikini and once she removed her shorts the bottoms were almost non existent. I stood there dumbfounded and my cock growing harder by the minute.

I was unsure if I could be seen, but at that moment did not care. Lauren jumped in the pool and surfaced on the end closes to me and climbed out to reveal the material clinging to her breast and when I say breast I mean 36c and full no sag. As she turned to spam svensk tjej baumlsta orgasmen webcam and milf to the chair to lounge a caught a glimpse of her colombian couple sex cam from cartagbogota ass the material sat dead in the middle giving a great view of both tanned checks.

The view let me know she was tan all over and probably sunbathed Nude. Once she arrived at the chair I was treated to a great show of her bending over to oil her legs up the front which moved up her waist to her stomach.

She stopped short of her breast and looked around before pulling her top down to expose the tops of her nipples and the smallest tan marks, she oiled up the exposed area before adjusting her top and sitting down to enjoy the summer sun.

Now my hard-on was raging and I need some relief. I went into the house to find my wife to help with the situation and soon found that she was gone. I was heading to the bath room to jack off quickly so that I could continue getting things ready when I rounded the corner to find Lauren coming out of the bathroom.

I thought to myself why would she not use the Outside bathroom when it hit it was not working. I stood there with a bulge in my shorts that was quite noticeable and caught her attention. She was not trying to look away just flat out starring and had a little smile on her face. I cleared my throat and ask if she was finished in the bathroom, and to my shock her response was I was just looking for "you".

I ask for whatever for? She said she had noticed me coming into the house and thought that she might lend a hand getting things ready. I chuckled and stated that everything was good and I jut needed to use the restroom in which she chuckled staring at my engorged cock cramped in my shorts. She stepped aside and allowed me entrance to the bathroom, as I entered she was quickly stepping right behind me. Before I could respond she grabbed my cock thru my shorts and leaned into kiss me, as I pulled away I quickly acted shocked and stated we could not do this.

Her response was to reach her hand under my shorts leg and grab hold of my cock and ask if I were sure. Now what boys xxx saks story saks boys saks boys story a 40ish year old man to say to a 16 yr old beautiful young lady standing there holding your cock.

I played dumb and ask what she thought we were going to do? She simply dropped to her knees and pulled my cock out the bottom of my shorts and engulfed my entire 8-1/4". I gasp and told her to stop as my hips begin to buck back and forth, before I knew it I was fucking her mouth in earnest never wanting to stop. She made a few gagging sounds that only enraged me further.

I was on super sonic thrust and she was game, Lauren was a superstar at sucking cock and showed me her talents 100%!! After about 3-4 minutes I knew I was going to explode and informed her of that, expecting her to pull back and let me finish myself off. She never stopped and neither did my hips as I went into overdrive I began pumping what seemed like a gallon of cum down her throat. Lauren took most of it and once my cock began to go limp licked at it like a lollipop!

I fell back on the sink trying to catch my breathe and figure out if I were dreaming or not. Lauren stood up and kissed me on the cheek and turned to head out of the bathroom with the simple comment "I owed her One". I cleaned myself and headed toward the bedroom to gather my thoughts. Little did I know that the one I owed her would be later that night and over the next few days. As things would go I got everything ready for the cookout and even the pool side bathroom back up and running.

Tiff and her friends kicked things naughty america hot sex xxx later that evening and planned on partying thru the evening and into the next day.

By 10:00pm we had around fifteen teenagers at our pool all full of energy and mischief. I spotted Lauren hanging in the far corner with two other girls I did not recognize.

They seem to be full attention to whatever Lauren was saying until she pointed in my direction, which cause me to become nervous and look for someone to talk too before I was invited into their conversation. I worked my way toward the pool house to get away and head to the house without being seen, and that plan almost worked. Lauren was like a cat sneaking up behind me and grabbing hold of my waist and spinning me around to almost hop into my arms.

I was startled and quickly looked around to make sure none of the Kids or my wife could see what was happening. Luckily no one was around and Lauren seemed to know this as she pushed me into the bath area locking the door behind us. I protested that we could not do anything with everyone around and Lauren never acknowledge that I had spoken a word, she simple pulled my trunks down and proceeded to jack my cock trying to get it at full attention, which did not take long.

Once at full rise she reach under her over shirt and ripped her bikini bottoms off exposing a clean shaven puffy lipped pussy that looking eatable, but Lauren did not have that in mind at the time being.

She was after one thing and one thing only, a good fucking, and I was the lucky one that was chosen to supply the hard fucking that this teenage nympho was looking for!

Her pussy was literally dripping and ready for what I had to give her, and she was not taking no as an answer. She reached between her legs spreading her lips readying herself for my onslaught, and I was not about to disappoint.

I lined my cock up to the wet opening and slowly started inserting the head of my cock into the tightest pussy canal I had ever enjoyed. Once I had reached her cervix she took over and started rocking at a very pleasurable motion.

No words were spoken and her sounds muffled incase someone walked up to the door outside.

She took my cock on a ride that I will not ever forget, and would be enjoying for the remainder of the summer. Lauren was not a virgin, but extremely tight and knew what motion got her off. As I was pumping into her pussy at a good rate she was rubbing her clit to a furious pace, and that brought her to a screeching orgasm. Her pussy juice exploded all over my thighs and balls, as I kept pumping for all I was worth. As she started to catch her breathe I was getting close to blowing my load and was unsure if I was to pull out or let it go into her wet tunnel, she sensed my approaching climax and quietly stated I'm on the pill which caused me to pick up my pace and dump my load into her, which set her off again.

She fell into my lap as we both tried to catch our breath. After about 30 seconds there came a knock on the door someone wanting to use the bathroom, she calmly stated I almost done as she turned to face me and kiss me deeply, she finished and stated you better hide in the storage closet and come out later.

After about the fourth person to come in and use the bathroom I finally made it out and no one was the wiser. I went into the house and meet my wife who had been entertaining the only other two adults that attended the party. Mary Ellen and Jim were parents of Tiff's boyfriend at the time they were outgoing and always seemed to go where the party was, and they're was a serious party here tonight.

We all fixed a drink and headed to the pool to check in on the kids, as they were getting loud and daring. As Jim and I made our way out the outer door we heard the daring comment you take your suit off and I will.

We only hoped it was not our kids and picked up the pace to try and divert the challenge. Carrie who was a tall blonde hair young lady probably 6'-1" with an athletic build was standing on the diving board about to rip here top off as Trevor who was 16 year old football payer was at the other end at the step yelling out the challenge.

Carrie seemed ready to oblige until Jim and I walked up, and we were quick to let them know we were not there to stop the fun and if they were comfortable with so where we. Carrie's next move surprised everyone involved; she ripped off her top and dove into the pool coming up on the shallow end topless and proud of her accomplishment!

Jim and I looked on in shock as she called out Trevor to man up as she called it. By now the 15 or so other teenagers had moved into watching position to see if he would man up.

Trevor not one to be shy stood at the bottom steps and swiftly removed his shorts to the cheers of a few of the group that was now moving closer and closer to the edge of the pool. Carrie then announced who's next? In which I stated to all that they all were young adults and should know how to control themselves accordingly. Tiffney quickly spoke up to the group as to say what he means is the two dirty old men wanted all the teenage girls to get naked, in turn everyone laughed and a few started stripping and jumping into the pool naked.

Jim went to get the ladies to check this out and upon his return Carrie announced to the few guys that were they're and not naked to let the older ladies see the "goods". Within thirty minutes of Trevor's Challenge about 90% of the Group was naked or Topless, and the 2-3 that weren't were ok with everyone's openness and did not feel pressured to follow suit. The skinning dipping went on for about 45 minutes before someone yelled out what about the "older folks" are you to good to skinny dip?

My Wife was quick to firmly explain that it would not be responsible for us adults to join in and that most of the parents would not appreciate us allowing this to happen, in which I thought would put it to rest, but Lauren stated what if no one knew what was the harm?

Mary Ellen made a good point what was the harm in being topless since both her top and my wife's top left little to the imagination! Jim agreed and we set the soon to be skinny dipping party in motion. A few of the kids realized it was getting late and made they're way home leaving about 9-10 kids and the 4 of us. Of course Lauren was going nowhere and the few boys left knew they would be leaving soon which would leave the group at a very manageable 6 girls.

Jim and Mary Ellen would also be leaving soon as well and I knew my wife was heading to bed shortly. After about an hour it was myself and 5 girls including my daughterTiffany, Carrie, Lauren, Jan, & Lisa were hanging by the pool chatting while I was getting my wife situated in bed as tomorrow would be a long day since most of the same group would be back around 11:00am.

I made a pitcher of frozen drink and headed to see what the topic of conversation was with the girls. Upon getting to the side of the pool furtherest away from the house father and son rep sex girls were being silly & giggly about something that was cut off once I made it back to the pool.

Carrie made comments that lead me hot teens not ashamed to blow cock in the hallway believe that the topic of conversation was SEX and who had gone all the way as she put it. Lauren stated the Tiff was lucky to have a Dad that was so laid back and open minded. She went on to say a lot of the skandal sex pramugari lion air were very comfortable earlier skinny dipping even with the adults that were here.

Tiffany said that she once had a friend that had a crush on me and she was a little weirded out by that but now could understand why, and that if I were not her dad she could have the same feelings.

They all shook their heads and agreed so my self esteem was getting a boost. Carrie asks if she could have a taste of the frozen drink I had and I ask if everyone was spending the night which they all said yes. I went into the house and grabbed a few extra cups and started pouring everyone a Drink to clam the mood. Carrie inhaled hers and wanted another which I poured and thought nothing about it until Tiff nudge killer body and sleek summer day hardcore outdoor and told me she gets crazy when she has a little alcohol, but I dismissed it and continued on with the night.

About 20 minutes later everyone wanted more so more they got with no thought about underage drinking, and I was sure no one would say anything.

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Carrie stood and started dancing around the pool and as she danced her top and shorts were removed leaving her naked for all to see. Earlier when she was topless I noticed she had an average set of tits, and nothing like Lauren, but with that said I now noticed that she had a magnificent ass! One that most men would die for tight curved and full (very fuckable) Carrie proceeded to dance right in front of the group with no care in the world.

Within seconds Tiff, Lisa, Lauren was naked as well, and I for the first time noticed how beautiful my Daughters body was and that it was well taken care of. Tiff was a 34b cup and toned body from cheerleading. Lisa had just huge tits my guess 38d if not larger and as she danced around those beauties bounced and bounced.

Jan and I sat there watching the naked display of dancing when I asked was she shy or something? Her response was no just hoping they danced further away so she could see me naked and feel my cock.

I was floored and did not know what to say, and was about to reply when she let me in on a little secret that of the girls that were still here they had all peeked into the bathroom window early as I fucked Two hot sluts have some lesbian fun. I was shocked and about ready to head in the house when Lauren came over and ask are you ready?

Ready for what? As Lauren danced away Jan reached inside my short to grab my cock and stroke it softly producing a raging hard-on quickly for all to see.

As Jan sat there holding my cock I made eye contact with my daughter and was unsure if she was with them peeking into the window until she poked Lisa and said it looks bigger than before. Lauren laughed and stated you should fell how big it feels inside your pussy, in which Carrie quickly spouted ok and ran up closer as to hop right on.

This was getting out of hand and I was unsure how to diffuse the situation. I jumped up and backed away from everyone and started making excuses as to why this was wrong and that shouldn't be doing this, and to my surprise my daughter took the lead and ask why I am not good enough to fuck like Lauren was earlier, and my response was you are my daughter!

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Lauren grabbed Tiff by the hand and they both moved toward me in stalking motion, and I eventually backed up to the pool house wall with no where to go. I was saying no but my cock was at full attention and leaking pre-cum for all to see. Tiff reached out and touched the head of my cock which sent shock waves up my spine, and that in-turn caused my cock to jump and leak even more pre-cum.

Lauren told Tiff to grab hold and slow pump it to what might happen. As I was mesmerized I had lost focus and did not realize that all 5 young ladies were standing in a semi-circle surrounding me all wanting to do there part. I once again made the statement that we should stop in which Lauren drop to her knees and engulfed my man hood while Tiff held on to the base of my cock.

Lauren sucked me for a few seconds and pulled of to my dissatisfaction, but that was short lived as Carrie quickly replaced her with her lips wrapped firmly around my cock. Jan had moved in and was fondling my nut sack much to my delight, and it hit me where was Lisa in all this when I spotted her to my delight she was licking Tiff's Pussy from behind, and must be doing a great job, since Tiff was moaning softly and Carrie was picking up the pace trying to get me off.

I came to some sense and told everyone lets go in the pool house before the neighbors got nosey. We all moved into the house and picked up right where we were with Carrie sucking my cock and Lauren and Lisa working on Tiff, and Jan back to my nut sack.

Just as I got that familiar felling in my balls something startled me outside and that brought everything to a Stop. I put my shorts on and headed outside to find Trevor looking around the pool. He was a little shocked that I was the one to find him, and begin explaining that he was looking for the girls. I quickly let him know what was going on and ask him to please keep this our little secret! Trevor seemed to be ok with it as we both made our way to the pool house, and once inside we were both treated to a 89sex com mp3 sex vidio sight!

Here were five young ladies all nude and laying in various positions either eating each other or fingering each other.

Trevor removed his shorts to reveal a nice cock that was rapidly getting harder by the second, and I pulled my shorts off again to a full mast 8-1/4" ready for some pussy or ass what ever was available! Tiff hopped up and practically jumped in Trevor's arms impaling herself on his cock taking it all in one motion leaving no doubt she was no virgin. Jan and Lauren were in a 69 that left no doubt they enjoyed the female body as much as a male cock.

Lisa and Carrie made there way to me and pulled me to the floor to grasp hold of cock & balls, but I mami office workers sexy lick sexy girl other idea's I wanted pussy and now! Lisa was fingering her slit and putting on a good show when something made me tell her to sit on my face as I instructed Carrie to straddle my cock which she was happy to do. The only problem is she failed to mention she was a virgin and once she was impaling herself on my cock it hit the ring of stop, but the only problem was I did not and tore into her Hyman ripping it to shreds cause her to scream.

Lisa took care of the issue by leaning across my body and muffling her scream with a deep French kiss. After a few minutes of adjustment Carrie almost apologetically said she was to go and I told her to go slow at her on pace.

Lisa was busy trying to get my tongue back in her slit and on her enlarged clit, which I found quickly and nibbled on it sending Lisa thru the roof.

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Lauren and Jan joined our group and let Tiff and Trevor to themselves, and I had no problem with that. Carrie was bouncing up and down on my cock and Lisa was riding my face like a carnival ride. Lisa was abruptly pulled off my Face as Carrie was pulled from my cock, they were both replaced by Jan on my Cock and Lauren straddling my face. Earlier when I made Drinks I had grabbed a Viagra and slipped it in about 20 minutes ago so I was "up" for the evening.

As Jan rode my cock she was cumming quickly and the wet mixture of her pussy juice and the sweat were making things slippery. Lauren now was enjoying the rim job I was giving her, and seemed to really enjoy the way I had my tongue pointed diving in and out of her puckered hole. Lauren kept telling Lisa that she had too have her ass eaten out if was fucking juans big cock suck deep throat by three young gals. Lisa made the comment that she had never tried anything dealing with anal and was not sure if she would like it, and Lauren was quick to add that if she enjoyed having her pussy eat earlier that she would defiantly enjoy my rim job.

All things considered I had forgotten about Tiff and Trevor, for certain reasons and would not have thought about it until I heard Trevor cry out the he was cumming.

I pushed Lauren off my face in time to see Trevor deposit his Load on Tiffany's ass as he had been pounding her from behind! They both collapsed in a heap and panting from they're exploits, which got everyone's attention for a second. Lauren Removed herself from my face and pushed Jan from my cock and quickly took her place to have her 2nd round of ridding my cock for the day, and that left my face open for Lisa to hop on and ask for a ass eating. I gentlemanly obliged with my tongue licking around the edge of her puckered treasure before inserting the tip into her anus and licking upward.

Lisa clamped her legs together around my face and shot hot liquid all over my chin and mouth.

Before I could adjust Jan knocked Lisa off my face and straddled herself on my face and asks for the same. In the meantime Carrie had slithered over to Tiff & Trevor and began licking at Tiff's pussy to and upwards toward her asshole taking my teachings and applying them to her own pleasure, as well as Tiff. Trevor was astonished at all that was happening and quickly was back at full staff in seconds.

Not knowing where to stick his manhood Tiff pointed at Carrie's pussy, and flipped around so that she was ridding Carrie's face and giving Trevor access to her missionary style, and allowing Tiff the right to play with Carries clit and upper body as Trevor inserted his cock deep into Carrie and began to pump away. I took this moment to readjust and change the positions a little.

Getting to my knees I motioned for Lisa to line up in front of me and Lauren to lie down under her in a 69 as I pounded Lisa from behind, and Jan help Lisa eat Lauren out.

Lauren became adventurous and started inserted her fingers into Lisa's ass and licked at her clit sending Lisa over the edge and she orgasm'd hard and loud allowing Lauren to pull my cock from her pussy and take my entire length down her throat as she massaged my nut sack. I was getting close to blowing my load after all that was happening and I wanted all the girls to enjoy it.

I instructed Lisa, Jan, Carrie & Lauren to come closer as I pulled my cock from Lauren's throat and began to jackoff. I stopped for a moment as Trevor hoped up and announced he had to go leaving Tiff alone. I started back pumping my cock as the 4 young ladies all gathered to wait for their prize.

To my surprise Tiff came up behind me cupped my nut sack and looked over my shoulder sunny leone new sexy bp at the rest of the girls as I began spurting load after load on breast, faces, arms & hair. Once my load was finished to my joy my cock was as hard as a bar of steel. Everyone quickly jumped up and dove into the pool to wash off and get ready for the next round. More to follow .