Funen teens and swallow huge cumshot not knowing what to do he peaks through the curtain

Funen teens and swallow huge cumshot not knowing what to do he peaks through the curtain
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Incestuous Love for Jane This is not a true story. Chapter One: Hide and seek For several years I've always thought my sister was attractive. Growing up we were best pals pretty much. When I was the age of 10 I saw my sister nude for the first time, and have had a lust for her ever since.

During the summer months of 2013 I went to my Mothers house to visit my brother and sister. My Sister, Jane was 10, and my Brother Matty was 6.

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I didn't care to see my mother, I had no relationship with her, and wasn't wanting one. Anyways back to the story.

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My story starts on one summer afternoon in the middle of August when me, my brother and my sister Were told to go out side. When we went outside we wondered about for a bit not knowing what to do when my sister had the idea to play Hide and Seek, so I said yes. "I'll go first" Jane said, and she started counting to 30.

So my brother ran off in one direction to hide and I ran off in another, I ran down the hill into the quarry area, and hid below one of the big pine trees surrounding the top. A few minutes later I saw my sister Jane walk into the bottom of the quarry and start looking around. She gave up after a few moments and started heading up the stone step trail to the top.

Dirty slut takes it rough in the anal she got to the top I started climbing up the tree a little bit, just so I was more hidden. It didn't take my sister long before she found me, once she did I jumped from the tree and started running back to the place where she was counting from. "No fair!" She yelled. I laughed and continued running to "Home".

When I got there I waited for her to get back. She had already found my brother Matty so it was my turn to count. When I started counting, they both ran off, and I saw out of the corner of my eye Jane run off into the wooded area beside the house. So when I finished counting to 30, I headed off in that direction. It didn't take me long to find her, but I pretended I didn't know where she was for a few moments.

Then I snuck up behind her and yelled out "Ahh!" Jane jumped and went to run, I grabbed her causing her to trip and in the process pulled her pants down, and when she tripped I also tripped and landed with my face right in her ass. I went to get up, when my sister moved her leg causing me to trip again this time landing over her. We both stared at each other for a moment, then I leaned in and start kissing her on the lips.

She just froze; she didn't make an effort to move she just stayed there. After a few moments she started to kiss back. It was starting to turn me on.

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After a few moments I broke away the kissing and began to slide down the front of her pants, then began rubbing her clit through the soft cotton fabric of her panties while I continued to kiss her. She started moaning softly and I thought, "Is she actually enjoying this?". After a few seconds the panties began to get wet, I couldn't believe that my little sister was actually getting horny from what I was doing.

I moved my head down to her pussy and began sliding my tongue in and around her tight little hole as she continued moaning and moving her hips up and down slightly. A few moments later she got up and began to unzip my pants, she continued to take them off and pull my boxers down. She then started slowly rubbing my dick back in forth, and then put the whole 7 inches into her mouth. I couldn't believe how good she was, I now knew this couldn't have been her first time.

I couldn't believe it, my little sister was actually giving me a blowjob. After thinking that it didn't take me much longer to orgasm, "I'm cumming Jane!" a few seconds after that I blew my load into her mouth.

She continued to clean every last drop from my dick before she pulled me in and we continued kissing. After about 5 minutes of this we decided to head back. So we put on our cloths and started heading back. Chapter 2: Truth or Dare The next day my parents were going to be heading down to New York for todays on business, and they asked me to baby sit Jane and Matty while they were gone.

I happily agreed, and the following day they left for New York. "What would you like for breakfast?" I asked Jane early the morning. "A bowl of cereal please." She replied So I poured her a bowl of cereal, poured in some milk and brought it over to her, and sat down on the couch beside her.

"Thanks" she said. I watched what was on TV for a few more moments then asked. "So what do you want to do today?" "I was thinking we could just hang around zarina masood vs bbc storys all day and watch TV." She replied. "That sounds awfully boring don't south heroine ki xx story full sex stories new famous heroine ki think?" I asked I watched TV for a few more minutes till Jane finished her bowl of cereal, then I brought it to the counter and started washing what dishes were there.

Ravishing czech cutie gets seduced in the mall and penetrated in pov I could think about is what happened two days before, and wanting to do something like that again. Then I got an Idea. "Jane, would you like to play a game?" I asked her, "What kind of game?" she replied, "Truth or dare." I said "Ooh, okay sure." She said She sat on the floor and I sat opposite of her.

"Truth or dare?" I asked her "Truth" She said "Have you ever kissed a boy besides me?" I asked "Yes. Truth or Dare?" She said, "Hmm, Truth." I said "How many times have you had sex?" She asked. "Uhh, well, I've only had Oral Sex once, so I'm still a virgin. Truth or Dare?" I said "Dare" Jane said smiling slightly. "I dare you to kiss me." I said She leaned over and we kissed for about 5 seconds till she pulled away.

"Truth or dare?" She asked "Dare" I said "I dare you to get completely naked." She said, getting kind of red in the face. I didn't hesitate a second, in about 8 seconds I had everything off and lying on the floor next to me. At this point my dick was rock hard. "Ooh, some ones happy." She said smiling "Truth or Dare?" I asked "Dare" she said "I dare YOU to get completely naked." She was a bit more reluctant then I was but still complied, and took off all her cloths.

This was my second time seeing her naked, but my first time seeing her slightly developed body completely nude. She was just starting to grow breasts, and her hairless pussy was magnificent. All I could manage was, "Wow." I must have looked like a fool staring at her with my eyes opened wide.

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"Do you like what you see?" She asked sticking her tongue teasingly. I just nodded my head. Then I moved forward and starting kissing her well rubbing her partially developed breast with my left hand, and her pussy with my right.

After 10 minutes of this Jane pushed my chest away with her hands, stared into my eyes and mouthed 'Fuck me'. My heart pretty much skipped a beat, I couldn't believe what my little sister had just told me to do, I didn't need too be told any further though. I had the tip of my dick resting against her pussy, and asked. "Are you sure you want me to do this?" "Yes" "Is this your first time?" I asked "Yes" "This will hurt a bit a first, but it will soon start to feel good." I told her.

And with that I pushed in, breaking her innocence as she yelped in pain. I began pumping back and forth in and out of her pussy. A tear dripped from my sisters eye and I stopped. "Are you alright I asked?" "I'm fine, don't stop" So I continued pounding in and out of her pussy. After a few minutes I was about to orgasm, amazing lily spreads her orgasmic twat masturbation brunette I'm cumming" "Cum inside of me" she said "But what if you get pregnant?" I asked "I won't just do it." She said A few moments later I ejected my hot load up into her tiny bottom as she moaned with pleasure.

The force of my load entering into her body forced her into her own orgasm. Her what do young hot students do on weekends they throw crazy parties and plunge into group fucking body shook and her pussy clenched and released uncontrollably.

We both just lied there, breathing heavily, until she finally said. "Well that was fun". After a few seconds I got up, when I went to go put my cloths on, she grabbed my hand and pulled me back. She started to rub my slightly hard dick back and forth until it was hard again, then started giving me a blowjob, I pushed her back a bit, grabbed her hand and walked over to the couch and sat down with her in between my legs.

She continued to suck my dick for another few moments until I finally blew my second load into her that evening. After that she giggled lightly, then grabbed my hand and guided me up the stairs and down the hallway to the bathroom. She turned on the shower and then told me to get in. After we washed our selves down we both stood there kissing each other wildly for about 4 minutes, then she told me to sit down. So we both sat down in the big 2 person shower, and she began rubbing my cock till it was hard again.

When she went to put it in her mouth I put my hand under her chin and lifted it up so she was looking at me"Would you like to try something knew?" I asked This peaked her interest, as a huge grin appeared on her face. "What?" She asked "Here, get on all fours." She did as I told her to and I knelt behind her. "This may hurt a little bit at first, but it will feel good soon." And then I pushed my cock into her asshole, first only a little bit, then a little bit more with each thrust.

She gasped each time I pushed it in and moaned a little in pleasure. Then finally my whole cock was buried deep inside her asshole and then I began thrusting in and out of her tight little hole. After 3 minutes she began to have another orgasm, after this one she collapsed into the ground. I rolled her over and began kissing her softly while the water was running over us. We got out of the shower a few minutes later and dried each other off. Then we went for a midday nap together.

More Coming soon&hellip. I hope you enjoyed the story.

I know I probably use some words way to often, I know I'm not at all a good writer, but I thought I'd share this story with everyone to see what they think.