Asian schoolgirl enjoys a session of bonking

Asian schoolgirl enjoys a session of bonking
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I woke up the next morning wondering if it was all a dream. I quickly realized it wasn't when I felt a bare breast against my arm. She was still snuggled up against me, but her shirt was now completely unbuttoned. She had one of her legs draped over mine and could feel the warmth of her pussy against my leg even thru her panties. Looking sex xn xxx 2019 com I could see her v-string disappear into the crack of her ass my hand just inches away from it.

This was real. Even though I didn't want this moment to end, I knew we should both get up and get on with our day. I kissed her softly on the top of her hair. "It's about time you woke up," Melissa said. "I've been awake for about half an hour" "Why didn't you wake me up?, I asked.

"I tried but you were out like a light. I thought I was going to have to take drastic measures." "Like what?

I'm not sure anything x story black guy sixe sex stories bp have woken me," I said with an air of challenge in my voice. "I don't ever remember having slept so soundly." "I slept pretty good myself. I think this might have worked though," she said uncertainly. She hesitated for a few seconds before I felt her move her hand from my stomach. She reached down and gave my already semi-hard cock a light squeeze thru my shorts.

She then sat up and gave me a quick kiss and got of bed. She didn't bother to close her shirt and I got my first full view of her breasts. Sis picked up the phone and called our parents to let them know she got in alright. "Yes it worked out okay. We're gonna spend some time together today, but we'll stop by in a little while," she said into the phone.

"Oh and mom. I don't want you and dad to be working out in the yard today to get ready for the cookout. It's just to hot for you two i will turn into such a pretty little sissy whore be working outside. Shawn and I will be over tomorrow and take care of getting things ready. I love you too mom. We'll see you after we grab a bite to eat," she added. "Is that the surprise for our date? Going to work in the folks yard?" I joked.

"No goofy, that's tomorrow. Let's consider that our third date." She walked toward the fridge and opened it. "Typical bachelor refrigerator. A few different things to drink and some carryout leftovers.

I'll give you credit for not having anything growing though," she laughed. "There's coffee if you want to make some," I told her. "That's OK, I quit drinking coffee the same time I quit smoking." "Geez Sis.

I am so embarrassed that I didn't even notice that you'd quit," I apologized. She walked toward me her top totally open now. Placing her arms around my neck she pressed her body into mine. "That's alright big brother. The changes you did notice mean more to me," she said softly. Again she kissed me on my lips.

I started to return the kiss but she quickly let go and walked away. "How about I use your car and run to the store and get a few things to eat while you take a shower?" she suggested.

"Oh and can I use your computer to check my email?" "Sis. you don't even have to ask. While you're here consider this your home." I went to the bathroom to take a shower. The hot shower felt so good and the thought of everything that had happened since Melissa's arrival had my cock fully hard and wanting some relief.

I started to reach down to take care of business but instead reached to turn the water to cold. I was sure that before she had to go, that I was finally going to make love to my beloved sister.

Since I wasn't a lover of cold showers, I finished quickly, dryed off, and got dressed. I wasn't sure what she had in mind for the day, so I just put on a pair of nice jeans and a golf shirt. I called work to let them know I wouldn't be in that day and they told me it wouldn't be a problem. Melissa must have brought in the morning paper and set it on the counter. I turned on the morning news and sat down to read the paper at the same time while I waited. It was about ten minutes later when Melissa came in carrying a few bags.

She asked me to get the rest out of the car and she'd start fixing us something to eat. I brought in the rest and she told me to go back to reading the paper until breakfast was ready.

As I sat down I noticed she was dressed very differently today. She had on a nice shirt and pair of shorts. Although they still complimented her figure they almost seemed baggy compared to the skintight outfit she had arrived in.

Her hair was pulled back in a ponytail. "Probably just wants to be comfortable for whatever she has planned," I thought. After a few minutes she called me. "Ready to eat? I got up and she was setting two bowls on the breakfast bar and already had poured two large glasses of orange juice. As I got closer I saw the bowls contained a variety of sliced fruits. "No bacon and eggs?" I asked.

"Weren't you the one to tell me to watch what I eat?

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I do treat myself to a more traditional breakfast every two weeks or so though. I seem to remember that you liked the fruits I picked," she said. "I was just teasing. It looks good. Just like you," I added. I leaned over to kiss her and she turned her head and tilted it offering her cheek to kiss. "Sit down and eat so we can getting going," she told me.

As I was eating, I thought to myself, "I wonder if she is having second thoughts about what has happened between us. The more conservative outfit and having me kiss her on the cheek instead of her lips." "This is a nice change of pace from my regular breakfast.

I think I could get used to this." I told her. "Which? Having fruit for breakfast of somebody fixing it for you?" she said chuckling, but looking seriously into my eyes. "Both," I said with more seriousness than I intended "Wow are you considering ending your solitary lifestyle?" she asked "Maybe. for the right woman," I replied. "Well brother dear, promise me you'll get my approval this time." she insisted. "I never did like that bitch you married. She was just taking advantage of your good nature.

I don't want to see you get hurt again." She seemed to be sending out mixed signals to me. I couldn't think clearly. I so badly wanted to tell her it was her I wanted in my life like that, but was still afraid I would scare her off. Was the physical contact just her way of playfully trying to prevent the tension that always seemed exist when we were together? I decided I should lay off the subtle suggestions and huge tits brit student bangs in public the physical contact to what would be appropriate to for a brother and sister.

"OK Sis. I will be sure to get your blessing this time. IF there is a this time." We finished eating in silence. I got up and took the dishes to the sink and rinsed them off and put them in the dishwasher.

"OK Bro, busty milf alexis fawx enjoying quality time with her man big dick couples get going. Mom and dad are expecting us to stop by for a few minutes," she said. I have a quick question Sis." "What is it?" "Am I dressed OK for whatever you have planed?" "Well, I would suggest you put on some shorts, but we both know you never wear shorts except around the house." "OK, let's get going," I said as I picked up my keys and cell phone.

During the ride to our parent's house Melissa asked, "I hope it is ok that I volunteered both of us to do all the heavy work for the cookout this weekend?" "Not a problem Sis. I was already planning to go over to help tomorrow," I told her.

"I think if the fairy tale of me finding my Princess and settling down in a nice house with a white picket fence. I will volunteer to take over the hosting." "We think alike on that. When I was driving to the store this morning and thought about doing the same if I decide to move back here. I got to thinking though with the exception of the heavy work that planning and hosting the cookout seems to give them a lot of pleasure." "You're really thinking of moving back!" I said with surprise.

"How long have you been thinking about that and what's keeping you from doing it?" "For a few months now. There are a few details that I am not sure will work out the way I'd like but I think I'll have decided by the end of this trip," she quietly said. Seeming to want to change the subject she added, "I meant to tell you after I went to store that I really like your new car." "I'm glad you do.

Since I live in a small place it leaves a little extra money in my pocket so I decided to spoil myself a little. I'll tell you what, if you move back I'll let you use it whenever you want. You nasty teen cannot wait to take hefty pecker monstercock and interracial add that as a plus for reasons to move back." "Actually the way you made that offer puts a handful of pluses in the move back column.

Please don't tell mom and dad I am thinking about it. I don't want them to get their hopes up if my plans don't work out. "Add that to our secrets we wouldn't want to share with the folks," she instructed me. As we got out of the car mom and dad came out to greet us. They exchanged hugs and kisses with Melissa and told us to come in for a few minutes. As we were walking in mom complimented on her new appearance. We all took seats in the living room. We exchanged the usual small talk pleasantries.

The details for Sunday's cookout were discussed. Melissa and I took turns asking about the various things that needed done to get ready. We let them know all the things we were going to do to help get ready and would be back the next morning.

Mom then changed the subject asking, "So what do you two have planned for the day. I can't remember the last time you both did something together." She sorta scolded us both saying, "It's about time the two of you finally grew up. You were always so cold to each other. I never could understand why.

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My maternal instincts told me you didn't hate each other and you never fought like some siblings do." I spoke up first saying, "It's really hard to explain mom. I'm not sure I totally understand myself. But the important thing is that we've finally put that in our past and we're getting to know each other again." I really did know the reason why I was like that but couldn't ever let them know the kind of love I felt for my sister.

"Nicely said Bro, It's the same for me, I am so happy to be friends with my big brother again." She then flashed that same smile she had right before she kissed me goodnight and fell asleep in my arms the night before. Mom seemed very happy saying, "I'm so glad to see that. So you never told me what you're up to today." Sis told her, "I'm keeping it a secret from Shawn.

I want him to be surprised." She then whispered something into mom's ear. Whatever she told mom must have hit deep with mom adorable cutie is sold by her bf girlfriend homemade you could see her eyes start to tear up. She than got up and walked over to dad bent over and whispered into his ears. "That's a great idea sweetheart! The two of you always loved going there.

Why don't you two get on with your plans. we have the next few days to catch up with things. Melissa you're mom is right you are looking very nice and I am glad you're getting over everything that happened last Christmas." Melissa bent over kissing dad on the cheek. "Thanks daddy, we'll see you tomorrow," she said.

"Come on big brother let's roll. Oh, give me your keys. I'm driving since you don't know where we're going yet." I tossed her the keys telling her, "It's your show today. I've been looking forward to finding out what your surprise is." Mom and dad walked us to the door telling us to have fun. Melissa climbed in the driver's side as I got in on the passenger side. "Hang on Bro, I'm gonna take you for a ride we'll never forget," she almost shouted. I couldn't help imagining the possible double meaning of those words.

She then peeled out as she pulled away from the house. We were both very quiet as we started got on the highway. I was trying to figure out where we were heading. Finally I figured out where that might be. Speaking up I asked, "Are we going to the zoo?" "You got it Bro." "Dad was right we both loved going there when we were kids. I haven't been there in a few years. Good choice Sis." "There's a bigger reason I picked it," she said quietly.

"What's that?" I asked. "Well it's really the last place I remember going where we really had fun together. You'd take my hand and practically drag me from exhibit to exhibit, tell me all about all the different animals.

I'd sneak up behind you and put ice down your back from my soda. I love to relax thinking about those deliciosa chaparrita se da sus sentones rikos. Shortly after the last time we went is when the invisible wall went up. "Why do you think that happened," she asked nervously. I felt very guilty. She spent time remember those times.

Even though I often thought back to those times as well, I also spent a lot of time fantasizing about making love to her. I answered, "I think because we were both getting older and maybe we just fell into that stereotype that it wasn't cool for a brother and sister to be good friends." That was the truth to some extent but I knew it went far beyond that to much larger social stigma.

She looked at me quickly and returned her eyes to the road. "That may be part of it, but I know for me that it goes far beyond that," she stated boldly.

"I can see you're uncomfortable talking about it, but promise me you'll open up tonight and I will too. I know I need to do it no matter what the consequences." "I agree.

You know mom and dad always used to say I'm the smart one." I added, " I think getting analized in her big oily ass big dick and big butt really are." "We both are Shawn. You just hold it in more than I do and I think I finally figured out why. I am almost 100% sure that everything is going to work out like we never could have imagined." Now I was really scared. Could she know how I felt about her and planned to tell me how wrong it was and I needed to get over it and move on with my life.

Everything had gone great between us since she got in town. Maybe I could think of something else to tell her. I knew that wouldn't work though. She always had this ability to read right thru people and tell what they were really like. I was so deep in thought I did not notice we had arrived at the zoo and already parked.

"Sir, we have arrived at our destination. The local time is 10:15 am and the temperature is 71 degrees with partly cloudy skys. I'd like to thank you for riding Little Sis's taxi service. If your future travel plans mean a ride anywhere in the local area I hope you choose your Little Sis to get you there again," she announced.

All my nervous thoughts were gone in an instant as we both burst out laughing so hard it hurt. "I'm gonna hold you to that Sis," I told you. "Well that's good cougar amber lynn bach rides dark rod in prison interracial sucking I plan to hold you to letting me use this hot car of yours whenever I want.

Now hop out I need to scoot over to the passenger seat," she told me. I hopped out and held the door open to watch to see what she had to do. She started unbuttoning her shorts and slipped them down her legs. Her shirt was long so I couldn't see what she had on underneath. Then she lifted her shirt over her head and picked up her shorts and shirt quickly folding them and setting them on the seat.

She was now wearing some skintight white shorts and a red tube top. Completing the transformation she reached back and took out the band holding her hair in a ponytail and shook it loose. God she went to beautiful to totally hot in seconds. "Damn you look hot!" I slipped. "Thanks, I've always thought a woman should look good for her man when he is so special to her. I want every guy here today see us and think you're the luckiest son of bitch in the world to have such a hot date," she said stepping out of the car.

I started to wonder why she let herself go after she got married. If what she just said was true then her husband must not have been that special to her. Maybe she was just trying to boost my self esteem.

Either way this definitly was not the time to broach that topic. As we headed toward the ticket counter she slipped her arm around mine and rested her head on my arm as I led the way. Nicol aniston in the car the day progressed things were very much like they used to be. There were new exhibits since she had been there and like before I would take her hand and lead the way and tell her about them.

When taking a break to have a snack and cold drink reached into my cup when she wasn't looked and grabbed a piece of ice and dropped it between her breasts where it slid down into her tube top. She could have just pulled the bottom away and let it fall out.

She looked around quickly and seeing we were alone pulled her tube top down to retrieve the piece of ice. Although it wasn't my intention the effect of the ice had made Melissa's nipples hard.

She rubbed the piece of ice over each nipple making them even harder before pulling her top back up. You brat! See what you did? I would make you kiss them to warm them back up, but it would only make them harder," she teased. She took me by the hand. "Come on I want to ride the train." It was just a small train that lead through an area where the animals roam freely.

While on the train we started trading quick playful kisses. There was an older couple behind us. I heard the woman ask her husband, "Were we still in love that much when we were their age?" We looked at each other and smiled went back to watching the animals.

We enjoyed the rest of our visit to the zoo walking and holding hands or with arms around each others waist. As the sun began to set we took a seat on a bench. The zoo would close soon and so would the wonderful time we had shared together. We watched the sun slip below the horizon Melissa looked into my eyes and said sincerely, "Today has been wonderful Shawn.

I'll always remember this as one of the greatest days of my life." No further words were spoken as our lips came together. This time it didn't end after a few seconds Instead it became more intense. Our lips parted as our tongues explored each others lips and mouths.

Time seemed to stand still. A voice came over the loudspeaker, "Guests, the zoo is now closing for the day. We hope you've enjoyed your visit and invite you to return again soon." We broke our kiss and stood to leave. We looked at each other and embraced resuming our passionate kissing. This time we were interrupted by the sound of someone clearing his throat.

We turned to see a security guard standing nearby. "I am sorry I have to interrupt but we're closed now. You need to exit the park." he apologized. "We're sorry," I said catching my breath. We did hear the announcement but I guess we just got caught up in the moment," I confessed. "That's ok," He told us.

"Hardly a day goes by when we don't have to break up a couple like yourselves especially when there is a beautiful sunset like we had tonight. This spot and a few other's like it are the first place we stop when making our rounds after closing." Melissa and I both looked at him embarrassed for being caught making out like a couple of teenagers. Holding hands we quickly walked toward the gate. "Hold on a second!", he called out to us. We stopped and turned toward him. He came back up to us and motioned for us to walk with him proceeding toward the exit gate again.

He explained, "You know there must be something magical about that spot. It seems to bring out the true love couples feel toward each other. It's happened to couples I've come close to kicking out for getting into some pretty heated arguments during the day. It happens to the young and old. I've even had some gay couples I've broken up. That kinda woke be up that two people of the same sex could truly love each other. I learned the same thing about couples with a large difference in their ages.

When you're drawn to that spot it must be true love guiding you. It's almost like cupid is watching that spot shooting love arrows as fast as he can." We got to the gate but the guard continued talking.

"There is something about the two of you that reminds me of another couple that comes here. About twelve years ago they were the very first couple I had to interrupt.

They were both about 17 years old I'd say. I figured it was just overactive teenage hormones kicking in," he laughed. "They kept coming back though a few times a year always ending the day on that bench watching the sunset. A few years later someone must of pulled some strings with the board of directors.

They became the first couple to have a sunset wedding and then a reception here after we closed to the public. They have two children now.

Mike is seven and Shawna is four. Mike is always dragging his sister around telling her about all the animals. Mom and dad just follow along letting them have their fun. All the staff know their story and when they are here at closing time someone will volunteer to take the kids for a behind the scenes tour so mom and dad can have some alone time watching the sunset." I looked at Melissa and could see tears in her eyes. She let go of my hand and walked over to the guard and hugged him.

"Thank you so much for sharing that with us," she told him. "It has really helped me put some things in the right perspective." She then came back to me. I wiped a tear from her cheek as she put her arm around my waist. "It my pleasure," he responded. "You two have a nice evening," saying it with a grin and a subtle wink. "I'm sure we will," I responded. "I hope you have to kick us out again sometime." "It would be my honor to do that sir.

We have to make our guests happy," he said with a chuckle. When we reached the car Melissa looked up at me saying, "I am impressed Bro!" "What do you tekken josie hard fuck big ass animation pov Sis?" "I've never seen you express your feelings like that to a total stranger." I hadn't even realized that was what I had done. "Oh that is probably because he was a total stranger," I told her.

"I'd buy that excuse except for one thing. The remark you made about having to kick us out again. You genuinely meant that. So if we were to return and see him again he'd no longer be a stranger." I started to ask her when she got a degree in psychiatry, but she put her arms around my neck and kissed me.

"Let's go home," she said and then got in the car. I closed the door behind her and walked around and climbed into the driver's seat. As we pulled out of the parking lot I asked, "Want to grab a bite to eat? I know a nice quiet restaurant." "No thanks, I've eaten so much junk food today I shouldn't eat for the next week," she stated.

"Unless." she paused. "I find some way to work it off," she said with a grin. Subconsciously my foot started to press yes that curvy latina ass is real on the accelerator.

I felt her hand on my thigh. "Slow down Bro!" she commanded. "We've held our desires in for almost 30 years. Let's not get hurt or killed in an accident in the last few hours of that wait." As she ran her hand over my thigh, I relaxed on the accelerator and slowed to a safe speed. After we exited the highway I pulled into a grocery store parking lot.

"I need to get a few things wanna come in?" I asked while parking. "No, I think I'll wait in the car." "Ok, I'll only be a few minutes," I told her. I went into the store, bought two bottles of her favorite wine and returned to the car. I set them in the back of the car and resumed the drive home. Melissa started real young looking teens first time comrades sisterly love when she saw what I had bought.

She started rubbing my thigh again. "What's so funny?" I asked. "Nothing really. I was just thinking one bottle would have been enough. You don't have to get me drunk to seduce me," she said as her hand moved slowly squeezing my cock through my pants.

Her other hand lightly running her nails over the exposed part of her breasts. As good as it felt I reminded her of what she said earlier about getting in an accident.

Reluctantly she stopped and just rested her head on my arm. We pulled into the apartment complex a few minutes latter. I retrieved the wine from the back seat.

We took each other's hand as we walked to the apartment. After we entered the apartment we fell into each others arms and kissed with even more passion than ever. It had to have lasted at least five to ten minutes. Melissa broke off the kiss trying to catch her breath. "God Bro, I've NEVER been kissed like that!!!" she said gasping. "Where did you learn to kiss like that?" She reached down and picked up the two bottles of wine which slipped from my hands.

She walked to the kitchen and put one in the freezer and the other in the refrigerator. "To tell you the truth, I really don't know. I've never considered myself a good kisser. Maybe it's because you've never been kissed by someone who loves you as much as I do and the fact that there are so many years of missed kisses bottled up inside me." We sat on the couch together. We both confessed the love we had felt for each other all these years and the fear we both had of letting the other know.

We both thought that if we had admitted or shown those feelings the other would hate us for it. I looked deep into her eyes and told her with all my heart, "Melissa, I love you. I always have. I love you as my sister, but I also love you as a man loves a woman. I will love you forever and will always be there for you." Melissa looked back at me stunned. Finally she reached over taking my hand in hers and said firmly, "Shawn, I love you as well.

I always have. I love you as my brother, but I also love you as a woman loves a man. I will love you forever and will always be there for you." Like a bride and groom who had just completed their vows we kissed. Melissa got up from the couch. We were both in a daze from what had just transpired.

"I'm gonna take a shower and freshen up a little." "Want someone to wash your back for you," I volunteered. "Mmmm.that is tempting Bro, but not this time. We're both gonna need one in the morning so let's plan that one to be together. The wine should be chilled enough now that you can pour us each a glass. I'll be out in about 10 minutes and meet you here on the couch." She gave be a kiss on my forehead and walked away. As she headed toward the bathroom she was undoing her shorts and stopped to step out of them.

She had nothing on underneath. When she took her tube top off she didn't do so as a expected. Instead she pulled it down below her breasts and and slid it down to her ankles. She then lifted one foot out and lifted her leg with the top hanging from her ankle.

She then picked up her shorts. She turned facing me and blew me a kiss before heading to the bathroom. I was seeing her totally nude for the first time. I already had seen her pretty much topless so I knew her breasts were quite firm for a woman in her fortys. About the only thing I hadn't seen was the neatly trimmed brown bush that covered her pussy.

Her body was incredible. The diamond navel piercing accentuated it even more. I quickly changed into a pair of gym shorts and decent t-shirt. I closed the drapes. I had a small fireplace with gas logs which was more for appearance than heat. Since I didn't have any candles to set the mood I lit it and turned off the lights. I heard the shower stop so I quickly poured the wine.

Melissa came into the room wearing the tiger print bra and pantie set I had gotten her. I stood speechless as I admired her. "What's a matter cat got your tongue?" "Not a cat but a tigress does." "I'm glad to hear that because I have some plans for that tongue." She walked toward me.

She stopped short and started posing in sexy positions letting me see her from all angles. Stepping toward me she took her her glass of wine taking a sip as we sat down. Instead of joining me she sat down on the floor in front of me just like the previous night. She reached under the couch and pulled out her hair brush. I took it from her and went to work brushing out her freshly washed hair. It smelled different tonight so I suspect she used the shampoo and conditioner I got her.

"I noticed we seemed to spend more time watching the tiger exhibit today than the others. I thought this would be an outfit you would appreciate. Doe's it look as good on me as you imagined?, she asked turning her head and looking me straight in the eyes.

"I'm busted," I thought out loud. "How did you know?" She turned her head back toward the fireplace so I could continue brushing her hair. "Well when I first got them I tried to think of who might have sent them. They would have to know my address and that I was no longer married. That narrowed it down to just a few guys Brian used to work with that had hit on me when we had a party or cookout at the house. Then a couple of things hit me. The first was the timing that I received them just a few days after we exchanged email about picking me up at the airport.

The second was how you would admire me when we were teenagers and I'd wear very little for our hair brushing sessions. But then the surprise you showed when I walked out in the sleep shirt last night made me think I was mistaken. I have to confess that when I checked my email this morning, I checked your browser history and found you had been on Victoria's Secret website and viewed all the outfits I got.

I was quite flattered. You boosted my self esteem just like when we were teenagers." She further explained, "When I first asked you to start brushing my hair it was just so I could spend a little time with you. Then I noticed how you would look at me at times.

I could tell you found me attractive even though I didn't think I was. So I started wearing less clothes for those times together. I could tell it excited you so I kept it up. I found myself getting turned on doing it." I noticed she was now rubbing the front of her panties.

"Knowing that you found me sexy gave me the confidence to start dating. It only took a few dates with different guys to know it was really you I wanted to be with." Her voice trailed off as she became lost in pleasuring herself. She now had one hand in her panties rubbing her pussy and the other caressing her breasts.

I reached down and started to massage her breasts. Discovering it opened from the front I undid her bra pulling the cups back. I continued rubbing them now concentrating on her hard nipples. "Ooooh God it feels better than I thought it would," she moaned.

She leaned back into me resting her head on my now exposed cock. She moved her head back and forth letting her soft hair caress it.

I continued playing with her tits. I could tell she was close to cumming. "Ooooh yes big brother!!! Play with my tits. Help your little sister cum just like she knew you would someday, " she said gasping for breath. I felt the spasms in her body as she reach an orgasm. She screamed, "Bro!!! I'm cumming, oh fuck I'm cumming." She fell back against me catching her breath. I lifted her limb body on to the couch with me.

When her eyes opened we started kissing as I felt her hand wrap around my cock. "Aaaww. That feels so good Sis." "Hang on Bro, I'm just getting started." Taking the bottom of my t-shirt she pulled it over my head. She then kissed her way down my chest and over my stomach. She pulled my shorts down and I lifted up as she pulled them off of me.

I waited for her to return to kissing her way toward my throbbing cock. Instead she crawled back up straddling my chest while on her knees. I reached behind her holding her firm ass on my hands. The smell of her wet pussy was overpowering as I tried to pull her toward my mouth to taste her. "Not yet, I rubbed my clit so hard it's raw I think," She laughed. As she slowly played with the string of her panties. I ran my hand around to the front of her thighs gently rubbing them.

My thumbs under her panties which were soaked with her juices. Her bush of pubic hair was very thick and I loved rubbing my fingers thru it. I carefully avoid her clit as my hands explored the rest of her pussy. After a few minutes I reached up and started pulling her v-string down. She lifted one knee and pulled her leg out leaving them around her other knee. She straightened that leg and let it hang over the edge of the couch where they slid down to her ankle and she kicked them free.

She leaned forward still on her knees she moved her hips side to side causing her nipples to brush lightly against my chest. "Having you play with my tits while I rubbed my pussy was one of many fantasies I had while you would brush my hair for me. Tell me one of your's big brother. Let your little sister make it come true," she begged. There were so many, but most involved me giving her pleasure. Knowing she was still sensitive from playing out her own, I thought of one.

"My cock used to get very hard from seeing your sexy body even though it was covered. Those times you would just wear a towel I often imagined it coming undone. You would just pick it up and toss it aside as I continued to brush your hair. I'd look down and see your nice firm tits and the soft brown bush hiding your pussy.

Seeing them now they were just as I had imagined. Your hair was much longer then so it would rest on my crotch gangbang archive skinny eastern euro teen gangbanging party tube porn I brushed closer to your head. I imagined taking my dick out to just feel it touching it." As I was telling her this she had slid of the couch and sat in front of me and i sat up on the couch.

"I bet I turned around like this," she continued for me as was on her knees in front of me staring at my hard dick." As I ran my fingers thru her hair she reached out and stroked it. "Yes you did." I answered. "Then what?" I reached around her pulling her hair to the side and draping it over her shoulder.

She positioned herself tilting her head to the side her hair now resting in my lap. She was reading my mind as she held my dick with her beautiful chestnut hair wrapped around it and started jacking me off. "Oh sis.

that's perfect." Her hands moved at just the right speed and squeezed with the right pressure. I wasn't going to last long. Melissa sensed I was going to cum soon asking me, "Do you want to cum in my hair giving me your personal conditioner?" "Nooo, your hair is much too beautiful for that," I told her. "That is for porn flicks not the woman I love." "Where then?

Where do you want to shoot your hot cum?" I didn't have time to tell her. Reaching sunny leone shooting by xxx story her head I pulled it forward. Her mouth opened and engulfed my dick in her mouth just as I started to shoot. She swallowed it all. It was my turn to lay back and catch my breath. She got back on the couch snuggling against me. We both sat quietly. Sis looked at me asking,"Now that we have that out of our system can we finish our talk?" "Sure whatever you want." "Why don't you pour us each another glass of wine?" I picked up the glasses and went to the kitchen and I filled both glasses.

Her words bothered me 'now that we have that out of our system'. Was this going to be the end of it? What about the vows we made after confessing our love for each other. Well they didn't mention remaining together only being there for each other.

A normal brother and sister relationship would include that type of loyalty. I downed a whole glass of wine and then poured another. I returned and sat next to her on the couch handing her the glass of wine. She snuggled into me putting my arm around her. We both took a sip of our wine and she started to say something. With a confidence I never knew that I had I interrupted, "When I told you how I loved you earlier and would always be there for you I should have added that I want us to be together as a couple.

The past 24 hours have been wonderful and can not think of any memory that will ever be better. If you think it is better to return to a brother sister relationship I will respect that." "Remember when I told you about coming back to live here it was just a matter of working out the details?

It was more a matter of if you were going to accept how I felt about you or hate me. If you accepted my love then I'd be able to come back. When the guard at the zoo told us about how he had come to accept some of the unconventional relationships such as gay couples and couples with a vast difference in age difference it convinced me that we could be together as more than a brother and sister.

We may not be able to openly acknowledge that we are siblings but there shouldn't be a need too." Totally oblivious to the fact we we were both naked, I got up from the couch and set my glass of wine on the table.

I reached out and took hers setting it next to mine. I got down on one knee and took both her hands in mine. I looked into her beautiful blue eyes which reminded me of pictures of the oceans from space. "Melissa, I know we can not get married as other couples do, but still I am asking you if you would do me the honor of being together as husband and wife?" Melissa stood up and put her arms around my neck pulling our bodies together.

I could see tears forming her eyes as she answered, "Shawn, I would be honored to have you as my husband be your wife. I do have one request however." "Whatever it is I agree," I replied to show my trust in her. "We need to be open with mom and dad about this.

I could not hurt them cute and sexy oriental babe gets bukakke tube porn do this behind their back. If we don't have amateur blond interracial anal putting my manmeat in the th hole blessing I don't think it would work out. Thinking back neither of us really talked to them about how they felt about our choices when we got married and look what happened." "I didn't really think about it, but you are right.

I couldn't do that to them either. I hate to bring this up but I think that also means that if they don't approve we start after they are gone." Tears coming back to her eyes she said sadly, "Even though I know that day will come, I don't like to think about them being gone. If they don't approve then we will maintain a normal sibling relationship even after they are gone. We will always have the memories of this weekend though." We looked at each other and kissed softly. I took Melissa's hand and walked toward the bed.

We pulled down the covers and got in. "You want to know something?" Melissa asked. "What's that Sis?" "I think that if we tell mom and dad everything about how we acted as teens to tonight without leaving out any details they will accept it. I am positive." I felt her hand once again wrap around my dick. With all the seriousness of our discussions the thought of sex was almost non existent. "Shawn, as much as I want to feel this inside of me. I want the first time we make stunning jessica has her wet muff drilled to be as your wife." "I understand and respect that." I leaned forward and gave her a soft kiss on her lips.

"Goodnight Melissa. I love you." "Thank you." She kissed me back. "Goodnight Shawn, I love you too."