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Pretty amateur does it all on the casting couch
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Awakenings 3 Author's note: I did not mean to insult the Romanian people, it was the opinon of the character in the story only that Romania was a shit hole not mine. Again I apologise if I offended anyone. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The doctor was healing with the help of Natasha and a few others. The leader hadn't been pleased at all. It seemed now with the loss of one of their top seers and eliminators, that the learder was going to get personally involved.

The doctor still couldn't believe that little shit Tahir, after all he had done for him. To turn on him like that, breaking both his arms and legs.

The leader walked in moments later. new vl xx com sex stories story am sending someone there to take care of him.

He may be powerful but I doubt he can stop a bullet, then we can proceed with the plan to take this piss ant country." Laughing, he thought of the many he would enjoy torturing to death as slow and painfully as he could. Deny him citizenship?

Ship him out of country back to his shit hole of a country? Fine, he'd just take this one and turn it into an ideal military state then. As if these fools in power could do anything to stop him. Though it worried him, next to him there was no one that could enforce, seek and destroy like Demetri could. It was going to be a long time to replace Demetri, if he could be replaced, his type were rare.

Walking up to Natahsa he looked over her work, "How long do you estimate till he will be up xxx sexy story black guy inimals will be at least 2 more days, also leader," Natasha was scared of this man the power that flowed from him was dark and hideous, "the doctor won't be able to use his arms or legs as well, it appears that they were broken in several places." The leader cursed under his breath, without the doctor, alot of the plan was on hold.

"Get him back to as close to 100% as you can, he needs to start finding stronger recruits" pissed off, he slammed a med tech against the wall. Growling he caught his self, let the tech slump to the floor and walked off. Natahsa breathed a sigh of relief she was glad he wasn't mad at her.

She had heard stories of his anger, she had also heard of a few deaths. Shuddering she went back to healing the doctor. Tahir was bored, the captain had started him on a line of tests to find what he could do. So far he knew that he could project his thoughts, see and follow another with or without abilities, block almost any attempt to attack him.

They found that they couldn't restrain him, as he could think and be somewhere else in seconds. He could take control of another with or without abilities (the Captain hadn't liked that when Tahir took over him and had him recite mary had a little lamb in a little girl's voice). He also found that he could control the thoughts of almost any one, he could form extensions of his body, (as kim and Natasha had found out.) Tahir also found out that he could remotely control almost any machine, plus he could enter the mind of anyone, (so far no one could block him).

Tahir reached out to find Kim, she was sitting at her desk working on an assignment. Sighing Tahir's mind started to wander. Suddenly he was back east sitting in a park near his old house. Shit! he had to zareen khan xxx story song careful. Starting to think of the building where Kim was, he was about to go, when two men walked up to him with guns.

"Your money puke!" the first yelled, Tahir started to laugh. "I'll ask you only once, to leave me alone, then, I won't be responsible for what happens," the two started to laugh, moving closer to Tahir, they hit a wall.

Looking shocked they aimed at him, he laughed harder. Firing at him, Tahir watched the bullets strike his sheild stop, then drop to the ground. Wide eyed the second of the two wisely beat a hasty retreat. "What kind of fucking freak are you?," the other asked, pissing Tahir off extremely. Reaching out he grabbed the gun with his mind and watched as the man screamed, dropping the gun, it had started to get red hot, then white hot finally it just slagged into molten metal on the grass.

"I am the last thing you will ever see.

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If I ever hear of you robbing anyone again, next time, I won't stop at just melting your gun and burning your hand." The man's eyes grew wide, nodding his head finding that he couldn't move. "Hey mister, may I go now, please?" This snapped Tahir back to the present releasing the man.

"Remember I will know," Shaking his head vigorously he stumbled off holding his hand. Chuckling Tahir thought of the room and was there in few seconds. The Captain was waiting when he appeared again in his chair. "Tahir, you have to stay put." "That wouldn't be so bad if I wasn't left alone or bored out of my skull, I told you I would help under my conditions and this isn't them.

If this shit doesn't stop soon, then I will leave and you can fuck yourself and my help!" A thick security window behind the Captain shattered, holy fuck! Again the Captain had to remember to not upset the man. "I apologise Captain, I don't like young teen brutally fucked in her ass and mouth jerked around, made to wait and in general told that I have nothing better to do.

I am done here. The assholes can take the data they got and shove it up their asses!" amateur asian teen fucked hard on bed the security window in the next room shattered, sending doctors, nurses, and lab techs scrambling to safety.

The Captain chuckled, he didn't know how many times he had wanted to do that. Tahir looked at the destruction that he had done, shocked that he had done that much. ""I think I'm going to learn some relaxation techniques," Tahir walked out of the room, everyone backed away as he passed." Grabbing his walkie talkie the Captain told everyone to stay out of Tahir's way.

Passing by the seer room Tahir looked in at the Captain's Daughter (he found out her name was Tina) and Kim they were concentrating on their assignments. He waited for her to finish calming just watching her.

Damn but she was more beautiful each day. "Kim." he started, "Want lunch later?" she looked up and nodded. Watching further he stared at Tina and gently delved into her head. He saw alot of childish things there, going deeper trying not to disturb her he found her ability center.

Looking around he wondered how he could make her stronger. He began to examine each strand. Surprised he could, he began to find the strands that were her defense. He wasn't sure how, he wanted to strengthen them, so if she were attacked again, she'd could defend her self much better and stronger. After a blonde mom fucks young boss xxx frannkie heads down the hersey highway minutes he was about to get frustrated, when he finally figured out a way.

Withdarwing her walked up to her and waited. "Hello Tina," he said, "I was looking at your abilities, would you mind if I made it so the bad guys couldn't hurt you again?" Tina's mouth dropped open when he spoke to her, she didn't feel important enough that Mr. Tahir would bother talking to her. "Sir?" asked questionly, "Make it so the bad guys can't hurt me, how?" "I think I can make your defense stronger but I don't want to, without your permission, so I am asking." Tina nodded, so Tahir told her she would feel him in her head and not to be afraid.

She told him ok as he started. Delving deep into her head again, he felt her following him as he went directly to her ability center. He 'saw' her next to him as he explained what each strand of energy was.

Then he pointed to 3 strands and explained that they were her defense, or her ability to protect her self. She said ok and waited, he said that he wouldn't hurt her, so she said ok again.

Reaching for all 3 strands, he began to infuse each with energy he gathered from the 'air' around him. He watched as each started to grow slightly thicker.

He wanted her to be able to withstand an attack longer and stronger than the last time. Working slow to give the strands time to adjust, he watched as they grew to almost twice their size. Nodding he withdrew and looked at Tina.

"Ok Tina I want you to block me out of your mind," she nodded watching him. Reaching out he felt her resistance snap into place. Pushing in he felt her try to push back it was far stronger than when Demetri had attacked her, Withdrawing he looked at her and smiled. "Oh wow!" she said jumping up and down with child like wonder, "I could actually feel you! Felt you pushing against me but you are so strong!" Her mouth was open in surprise.

Tahir smiled, he really liked the Captain's daughter, he didn't want anything to happen to her. Hell, he didn't want Kim hurt either, he'd have to strengthen her also, that way they had a fighting chance till he could step in. Kim had been watching the whole time, she had felt Tina pushing back against Tahir she was definately stronger, no where near as strong as Tahir but stronger.

Turning to Kim he sat next to her, while Tina danced around. "I want to do this for you also, you and Tina are the only reason I joined the group. Will you allow me to?" He asked looking deep into her eyes. Nodding she thought a second, "It won't hurt?," she asked a little afraid but she knew that he wouldn't really hurt her.

"No, I just want you to be able to defend your self better. Will you allow me to do this?" Kim nodded as he reached into her mind and waited while she came also.

Going deeper he also felt her follow him. He felt her surprise when he stopped and explained that they were in her ability center. She looked around at all the colors and was amazed, this was inside her? Oh my god it, was beautiful! Reaching out, he explained that the 5 strands he had ahold of were her defenses. He felt her nod, he told her he was going to strengthen them.

Slowly very slowly he drew in energy around him, each of the strands started to glow as he infued each with energy. Time had crept to a stand still, Tahir was afraid to increase the energy flow. Kim's strands were much more delicate than Tina's, he assumed it had to do with their abilities. Finally after what seemed like days the strands began to thicken. It almost felt as if her mind was resisting his efforts. Slowly he began to increase the energy, the strands shook softly then stopped, he had to stop increasing every few minutes.

After an hour they were only 1/4 thicker, Tahir was starting to get tired but continued, another hour and they were almost twice as thick.

Tahir withdrew from her, fell to the floor exhausted. Several people rushed to help him but met a wall and stopped. Kim could feel a difference in her self but was more worried about Tahir. She could actually feel him, could feel how exhausted he was but his defenses were still so strong even in this exhausted state.

Reaching out to him, she felt his wall open for her reaching in, she remembered how he had drawn in energy, she did the same and felt it begin to flow through her into him. Tahir was shocked, just by showing her how to, she had gained an ability that he had been using since the first day.

The energy she was suppling plus what he pulled in was quickly regenerating him. Within 5 minutes he felt his old self again. "Please don't scare me like that again!" she cried out to him as he held her close to thank her. "It was strengthening the both of you so soon after each other that did it. I hadn't done this before so it was new." he replied liking the feel of her in his arms. "New to you?" she cried, "I haven't heard of anyone that can do half of what you can." Tahir was shocked, as far as he was concerned, he thought everything he nicely curved pornstar fucked after blowjob pornstars and fetish was old hat, that anyone could do what he did.

The Captain walked up a few minutes later to check if he was alright. "What caused this?" he asked, "I was trying to increase the defense abilities of Tina and Kim. I over taxed my energy, plus it took twice as long with Kim, I think it has to do with her abilities." Tahir replied. "You strengthened them?" The Captain said shocked, he had never heard of anyone doing this. "Let me see," Tahir called Tina over "Ok Capain, I want you to try and enter her mind, not to hard." The Captain nodded as he reached out gently.

and hit a wall! Very nice! He began to push harder and felt his daughter's defenses tighten up and she was pushing back at him, not doing to bad either. Damn, she was alot stronger, he was at almost half strength and was actually having to work some. The pride on his face began to show as he increased to a point he had never been with his daughter. She still resisted him, not as well, as he increased his the superlatively good dick for a beauty. When he was at 3/4 of his power, a point he had never been to with her ever before, he felt her begin to slip so he withdrew.

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Holy shit! He looked at his daughter with new respect hell only 10 years old and she had held him off, till he had used most of his power. "Tahir, thank you so much for this, I take it you are now linked to her?" Tahir nodded and indicated Kim.

The Captain reached again and again hit a wall ah! extremely nice! He knew that Kim never really had any defense, so he was glad. Increasing he was at the half way point with Kim still resisting. Tahir had definitly done an extremely good thing here, Just past the half way point he felt Kim start to slip and stopped.

The captain was shocked, "I am impressed, Kim never had any defensive abilities before so you have helped her greatly." Kim looked at the Captain, she had felt how strong he was, no where nearly as strong as Tahir but definitely strong. "Thank you again Tahir, at least now I have a chance if we get attacked like Tina was before." Tahir nodded and looked at the look of shock and pride now on the Captain's face.

"I need to talk with you Tahir," the Captain stated, walking away he waited for him to follow. "What's going on?" Tahir asked, a look of suspicion crossing his face. The Captain sighed, he really didn't want Tahir to start off on the wrong foot. "we were hoping that you might want to do a few missions," "Such as?" he asked "We heard that the east group of the doctor's has, put many things on hold since you injured him. It appears that he isn't the boss but works directly for him." The Captain explained, "We want you to spy a little here or there, we know that they can't screaming model mother try humiliation by son you." Tahir had been waiting for them to give him something to do.

"Ok, when?" he asked ready to go right now. "As soon as you can, we want to know what they are doing, we know that they are worried about you, after you hurt 3 of their stronger ones. We are expecting them to try and take you out. All information about you has been removed from the computer and the building.

all the doctors, nurses and techs minds were wiped of ever meeting you. Only the 5 here, me, the director, Kim, Tina, and the new girl Helena, know of you." Tahir nodded and told him he'd be back in a few hours. The doctor was really mad about Tahir his arms were only at 90% his legs even less! That son of sultry chick is geeting pissed on and splashes wet honey pot bitching little ingrate! After all he had done for him!

The leader wanted more recruits, stronger ones than they had now. He had been looking over the files and thought he had another, a lot like Tahir.

Natasha was a constant companion now, trying to get more healing in each time he wasn't looking. At least she was still with him, damn she was lucky too! Most women the leader met up with, he usually screwed their brains out literally, the doctor thought that was why he was so grumpy.

To bad he could't get the leader laid, doc thought it just might help. Doc had had a strange feeling almost for an hour now, he swore that he was being watched but each time he looked or felt there was nothing. He thought at first it was Natasha but she was working an assignment in another part of city.

It was strange, it almost felt familiar. Going through his files again his phone rang, it was the leader."Yes leader, we have her in place a week now, yes, she is one of our best at hiding and assassination." Tahir followed the line to the other end, he was surprised when he saw a short, balding, middle aged man talking to the doctor.

Looking up he shouted into the phone, "He's here you idiot! " Quickly, he shot energy at Tahir to destroy him, though it was no match for his shield, it was still stronger than any that had tried to attack him.

The man looked at Tahir in surprise when he was still unhurt. Smiling the man sneered at Tahir, saying in romanian, "Deci, sunteti Tahir" (So you are Tahir)"Eu voi bucura sa te distruga" (I will enjoy destroying you) Laughing like the maniacal maniac that he was, he dissappeared.

Tahir followed him at a distance. Entering a building on the other side of the city, Tahir looked in and he was gone! Shit! he could still feel him but he couldn't see him. Withdrawing back to the doctor's house, he saw that the doctor had called in 4 of his men. Taking aim at him they each fired wave after wave of energy at him. Tahir wasn't that worried, they were nothing.

Reaching out he literally slapped all 4, at the same time as hard as he could. He felt and saw each men's heads snap back. Smiling, he reached into the first 2 men's minds at the hot chicks take turns getting plowed by their boss pornstars hardcore time (a first for him) reaching their abilities, he pulled only on the energy wave ability, till they broke.

Reaching for the other 2 he did the same to them, but also snapped a regeneration ability that the fourth man had, preventing him from healing his, or the others broken abilities. Then Tahir sealed the spots so nothing could ever come from that spot again.

(Kind of like a cut and burn proceedure) Appearing before a startled doctor, he drew back his fist new balke xxx porn xxx gut punched the doc knocking the wind out of him. Doubling him over, Tahir upper cut the doc's face, affectively breaking his nose, as the doc rolled on the floor, Tahir spit on him shouting in his face, "I still blame you ass hole! I didn't want these abilities, I still don't, each time you get something hurt or broken, know it's only half the pain I feel!" Natasha came running down the stairs hearing the commotion, only to be pinned to the wall!

Ah! it was Tahir! she smiled at him looking at the doctor she sighed. Asshole must have pissed off Tahir again! He just wouldn't learn.

Looking back at Tahir she said, "Ya do sikh por v dolgu pered toboy" (I still owe you) Smiling seductively. Tahir Walked to her, roughly grabbed her breast, twisting her nipple through her shirt.

Then he extended into her pussy and her pleasure centers causing her to cry out in orgasm, after only 2 minutes. Releasing her, he roughly crushed her lips with his own, then he was gone. Damnit! always so short, he had been right the last time though, she believed that she would enjoy the real thing. Crawling to the doctor she started to heal his nose shaking her head one day he'll learn. Tahir flashed in next to the Captain, who almost jumped out of his skin (He still wasn't used to it) Looking at Tahir he got concerned seeing the blood on his shirt and hand.

Tahir started in on what he has heard, then told of following the line to their boss. When he told what he looked like the Captain just shook his head, he didn't know of anyone like that. Tahir stated that the man had spoken Romanian, this seemed to set off a few bells in the Captain's head but he still couldn't place the man. It wasn't until Tahir mentioned that the men, with the doc, had fired energy waves at him, did he grow concerned. "They are no longer a concern, I took their ability to shoot them.

The boss was doing it also, so I assumed that he had taught them or had found them, I am guessing the latter. The Captain thanked Tahir and started making a few calls. They had been trying to find out who the boss of these people were for a few years.

Tahir found out in like 2 hours. The Captain was so glad that Tahir was on their side, with his power they could end this in a few months. The other side had already lost 2 of their top men and now 4 of their energy wave enforcers were gone. Sighing the Captain knew though, that this was just begining, they were lucky so far, but he was afraid that soon this was going to get very messy.