Brunette tara enjoys riding a fat pecker

Brunette tara enjoys riding a fat pecker
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Uncle Bert asked me one day outright if i was a crossdresser. I suppose my effemininity and the fact i'd been growing my hair gave the game away. I confessed that i was, blurting out that I'd liked doing it for ages in secret, & had a small collection of items. I expected some huge fallout, but this info seemed to please him!

I continued with my nervous explanation, & that i found it difficult at home being who i felt I truly was.

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"Anytime you wanna get away and, y'know, dress up, you can stay at mine" he said. This came as a bit of a suprise to me, but I talked a little more about my secret, feeling good that I could confide in someone. As I went to Leave, Uncle said again that if I wanted to, I could be myself here at his. Over the next few days I thought long and hard about what he had said. I decided that I did want to take Uncle up on his offer, & gave him a call.

He said to come round early on Saturday, & I tied myself up in knots about what to wear. I eventually decided to go with a demure look; a blue satiny summer dress that was knee length, & some black, strappy heeled sandals.

I also decided to pair this up with some 15 denier sheer-to-waist tights (pantyhose) in a natural tan, which had a sandal toe seam, & then some plain black satin tanga panties over the top.

I was awake extra early on Saturday, primping & preening myself, then I nervously took myself off to his. He opened the door to me, & said I could go upstairs to change from my tracksuit, & that I didn't have to be around him if I didn't want to be. I said that he didn't have to tiptoe around me, & that I'd be down shortly to be with him. He smiled at this, & he had a wicked glint in his eye.

I went up to the biggest bedroom, & as I dressed in the full length mirror in there, I had trouble with my excitement. No matter how I placed it in the body of my pantyhose, even with the panties on top, my erection pressed against the dress, ruining the line. I shrugged my shoulders to myself - Uncle Xxxx hairy story hairy ebony story had said I could be myself here.

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I applied some lipstick, then went back downstairs. When i presented myself to him, he gave me compliments, & he seemed to marvel at how I looked.

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"Wow, you really do look the part" he said, grinning from ear-to-ear. He then patted the sofa by him and i sat down. Strangely, I didn't feel in the bit nervous now I was dressed-up, despite the tent in the front of my dress. "You are such a pretty girl" he whispered, pulling me to him. I felt good being in his arms, being understood, and i felt my hard-on throb. My hand slipped down and rested on his crotch, and i felt that he was also really hard! He pulled me onto his lap, kissing me tenderly, his hand sliding up my nice russian model show dildo6 legs.

"I've wanted you for so long" he said, his hand gently rubbing my hard-on thru my dress, panties and tights (pantyhose). It gave me such a thrill, being kissed by him and having him rub my cock.

I turned round and slid to my knees on the floor, unzipping his fly. I fished his cock out, his member throbbing in my hand. At a guess it was about 5-1/2" long, & quite thick, the head really purple & throbbing. I leant forward, licking at his shaft. "Oh! Such a good girl" he breathed, running his hands thru my hair, as I opened my mouth & slowly sucked on him.

He stood & took his clothes off, and i went back to sucking him off, now lost in lust. He stood me up and took his time fondling me all over, stroking my tan nyloned legs, telling me what a pretty little girl i was.

Then he lifted my dress and helped me slide out of my panties, my erection pointing forward in the sheer body of my tights (pantyhose). He flicked my stiff little nipples thru busty attractive chick goes wild during sexy sex satin of my dress, and rubbed at my cock thru my tights (pantyhose).

"I'm really glad you feel so comfortable here, but I do think you need a good fucking" he grinned. Now lost to him i nodded, wanting to please him for his generosity & understanding. He got me on all fours on the sofa. He slid my tights (pantyhose) down the back of my thighs, and gently fingered me, first with one finger then two, opening my virgin ass up. Then he was behind me, and i was in nervous anticipation as he placed the tip of his cock in my crack. He pushed forward, & as he tried to slide his cock into me, he said "hold yourself open".

As he commanded, i held my bum cheeks apart as best i could and he slid all the way in. Pressing his hand in the small of my back, he proceeded to pound me, hissing how sexy i was, what a great fuck i was, how tight it was. I felt myself cumming, and wailed that i was going german teen girl needs a good fucking lesson pornstars hardcore mess my tights (pantyhose). I flooded the sheer-to-waist body of them, my ass muscles clenching around his shaft.

This spurred him on with a couple more thrusts, then with a grunt he slid out of me and pressed his now throbbing cock against my bottom cheek. I felt the hot wet splatter of his jism over my cheeks and the small of my back.

Spent, he sat back & I turned to face him. "I think you made the right decision don't you?" he asked with a chuckle.