Hairy winnie gets a hard cock stuffed in her hairy pussy 15 tube porn

Hairy winnie gets a hard cock stuffed in her hairy pussy 15 tube porn
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Uni Fee,s continued. Two days later Vincent called Katie."Hey beautiful.your booking for Friday night has be canceled the father and son booking just got a call from him something about a death of a friend and they will be out of town.".Vincent said. "ohh ok well iam sure something else will come up.".Katie said with a little disappointment in her voice. "I have no doubt i will get you another Beautiful where are you right now?".Vincent asked.

"At home.".Katie said. "well get in your car and come over and see me its been to long since i have seen you.".He said his hand rubbing the bugle now growing in his jeans. Katie laughed."And i bet your rubbing your cock right now ok there in 20 mins.".Katie said.

Vincent laughed."yeah iam now make it 15 mins.".He said and cut the call. Katie grabbed her bag and head out of pair of lesbian girlfriends share one big cock in a threesome room and almost walked straight into her mother.

"Oh sorry didnt see you mum".Katie said. "Its ok.Katie we will be gone for the week-end a good friend of dad,s passed away and the funeral is five hours away so just going to stay the week-end.".she said. Katie nodded.'sorry to hear dad lost a friend,ok mum see you later.".Katie said and walked out of the house and to her car.

Katie parked her car and walked up to Vincent,s office."Hello Lisa.Vincent asked me to come by for a visit.".Katie grinned. "yeah he is expecting you.".Lisa smiled and nodded her head for Katie to go in. As soon as Katie walked in Vincent was on his feet and walked to her his hand going straight under her skirt."Hmm you didnt wear panties.good girl.".Vincent said Katie grinned."I know you dont like me too when i come for visits.".She smiled. Vincent was a damn good looking man in his late thirties very well built and a cock to match.Katie knew the routine and walked to the draw and got out the gag ball and the small length of rope and laid them on the desk.

"Undress Katie".Vincent said and rubbed his bugle. Katie undressed.Vincent walked to the desk and took the length of rope and tied Katie,s hands then put the ball in her mouth and did up the strap.

Vincent grabbed her tied hands and walked her to the other side of the room and raised her arms and hooked the tied rope onto a hook then walked to the wall and started turned the handle to tied the rope the hook was attached to pulling Katie,s arm up tight.

Vincent walked back and undressed then walked to Katie."Spread your legs.".He said and put his fingers between her legs and softly massaged her pussy instantly Katie got wet and wriggled a little Vincent let one of his fingers slip inside her and slowly he pulled it in and out Katie moaned.Vincent kept slowly pulling in and out. The moans got a little louder as Katie was pushing herself forward wanting Vincent to go faster.Vincent put his thumb on Katie,s clit and began to rub softly Katie moaned even more.

Vincent stopped rubbing and inserted two fingers and started moving quicker in and out that was all it took for Katie to cum.Vincent grinned. "Number one".he said and dropped to his knee,s and took Katie,s cunt in his mouth and sucked her hard Katie cried out even though it was muffled with the ball in her mouth.

Vincent sucked harder then took Katie,s clit between his teeth and bit her Katie pulled on her hands and jerk her body as the pain and the intense sensation ripped through her body.Vincent stopped and got back to his feet and took one of her nipples in his mouth and sucked it hard then bit her again.Vincent like to bite he moved to the other nipple and did it again. Vincent dragged two seat over and helped Katie stand on them her legs spread wide apart then walked behind her and spread her ass cheeks and started licking her hole as he then insert two finger back sexy sweetheart is in love with lechery her dripping cunt.

Vincent bit down on one of her ass cheeks Katie flinched Vincent removed his fingers and started working on her ass inserting the wet fingers from her cunt katie closed her eyes and began moving to funk his fingers.

Katie turned her head as there was a knock on the door.Vincent swore and walked to the door and opened it a little. "Iam fucking busy Lisa.what is it?".Vincent said.

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"Sorry but this guy says he is very close friend of your,s and either i spoke to you or he would just come in.".Lisa said. Vincent looked over Lisa,s shoulder a huge grin came to his face. "Fuck Pete when did you get back?".he asked then remember Katie was still hang up by the rope. "Just got into town about a hour ago got a motel room then came straight who is in there with you?".He asked with a grin. Vincent laughed."Come and have a look.".he said then he raised a eyebrow as a huge rottie trotted behind Pete.

'sorry had to bring him with me going to take him to a boarding kennel when i leave the way his name is Satan".Pete said and entered the office.

Vincent closed the door and locked it then pointed to Katie. "thats who here".Vincent said and walked back to Katie and smiled. "Sorry beautiful.".Vincent said and put two fingers back into Katie,s cunt.

"Katie this is Pete.Pete this is Katie one of the girls thats work for me.".he said. Katie nodded and let out a groan.

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Pete grinned and his hand went straight to his pants."damn Vincent,let me play with her too i cant just stand here".Pete laughed. Vincent looked at Katie."You cool with Pete joining in.?".Vincent asked.Katie nodded she didnt care she just wanted to get fucked.

Pete undressed and walked over Vincent removed his fingers.Pete inserted his."Finger her hard she likes it.".Vincent said and walked to the drawers and opened one. Pete rammed his fingers into Katie,s cunt then a third one and moved them quickly Katie flung her head back and seconds later she came over Pete,s fingers.

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"Number two katie".Vincent said and walked back to Katie with a dildo in his was eight inches long and thick and had ridges on it. Vincent handed it to Pete.'She loves this one".He said and walked behind Katie again and rammed two fingers in her ass.

Katie squealed then yelled as Pete inserted the dildo. "Fuck her hard with it Pete and all of it trust me she loves it.".Vincent said as he pushed his finger all the way in. Katie was flinging herself around as Pete was ramming her cunt with the dildo about two minutes later Katie went stiff as she came again.

"Number three you can come of the rope.".He said. Vincent released her and Katie sat down breathing heavily on one of the seats cum still dripping from her cunt.

"Hmmmm lets have a drink and let Katie had a little rest then we can do to some fucking.".Vincent said. Vincent untied Katie,s hand and took the ball from her mouth Katie stretched her mouth a little.

Satan sat up and sniffed the air then stood and walked to Katie and sniffed around her he could smell her cum scent. Vincent watched the dog."Hey katie i think he likes you.".he said. "Katie laughed.'I think so too.".She said then looked down at the dog still sniffing around. "Open your legs see what he does.".Vincent said. Katie riased a eyebrow then shrugged her shoulders and opened her legs.Satan went straight for her wet cunt and licked a long stroke.

Katie reached down and spread the flaps of her cunt Satan licked her again Katie sucked in a quick breath as Satan began licking her. A moaned came from Katie Vincent reached down and stroked his cock.Pete was also stroking his cock and watching his Rottie lick out Katie. "Ohh fuck this feels great".Katie said as she started to really get more wet which in return made satan lick her faster. "Ohh shit he is going to make me cum again".Katie said as soon as the words left her lips Katie came again and Satan licked her more.

Vincent laughed."Let him clean you up then Pete and i are going to have some fun.".He said and put his drink on the desk. Pete called Satan off and told him the laid down which the Rottie did. Vincent walked to Katie.Open wide beautiful".vincent said and put his cock pretty amateur banged by pervert driver in the backseat Katie,s mouth Pete walked over and stood beside Vincent Katie started working his cock with her hand.

Vincent pulled out and Pete put his cock in her mouth Katie took him in and sucked hard Pete moaned."take it all".he said and Katie did. Omahunter teen girl licks chubby mature big tits told Katie to stand but keep sucking on Pete,s cock as soon as Katie was on her feet Vincent enter her cunt from behind Katie gagged on Pete,s cock as he pushed it all down her throat.

"katie do you like Anal?".Pete asked. Katie took he mouth of Pete,s cock."Yes i do.".She said and took Pete back in her mouth. Vincent grinned.'Pete she loves to fuck cocks ,dildo.s,fists anything you want to shove in her she will take as long as it gets her off.".Vincent said and rammed Katie harder. "Want to swap Vincent?".Pete asked then pulled his cock out of her mouth and walked behind Katie.

Pete spread her ass cheeks and pushed his cock into her ass Katie sucked in her breath after a few pushes he was inside her. Katie pushed her ass back and matched him groaning as she did."thats it Pete fuck my ass hard.'.Katie said and took Vincent in her mouth. Vincent reached under Katie and took her tits in his hands and squeezed them hard Katie cried out he didnt stop this excited Pete more to hear her crying out in pain and rammed her ass harder.

Vincent released her tits and laid down on the floor."Pete pull out we can both fuck her now".Vincent said. "You serious.we going to Dp her?'.Pete asked. Katie lowered herself on Vincent cock then lent forward and looked over her shoulder. "You going to just stand there or shove that cock in my ass as well?".Katie said.Pete grinned and got down on his knee,s and rammed his cock roughly into Katie,s ass. Both men processed to fuck Katie hard.Katie came again in a explosion.

'Ohh god come on fuck me as hard as you can make me cum again".Katie said both men pounded her. Katie smiled."Hmmm thats it i want you both all the way inside me.".Katie said through moans of pleasure. pete was the first to blow his load and fill her ass Vincent true to form keep going. "Katie get up and bend over.".Vincent asked Katie slide of his cock and bent over hold the table she knew what was coming.

Vincent stood up and busty alanah rae suck cock in pov his hand down and rammed his fist in her cunt Katie fell forward as Vincent didnt hold back and rammed his fist in so hard.

Katie screamed out and Vincent grabbed her hair and pulled on it hard.seconds later Katie came again Vincent pulled his fist out and put his cock in her ass still holding her hair with both hands Vincent pulled on it and rammed his cock all the way in not letting up. Pete sucked in a deep breath."Fuck man your hurting her.".Pete said.

Before Vincent could reply Katie spoke."Shut the fuck up Vincent knows how to fuck me and i like it like this".Katie said through short breaths. Vincent pulled her hair even harder until Katie,s head could come back no further."Hmmm just about there beautiful.'.Vincent said and with a few more savage rams he came in Katie,s ass.

Katie stood back her legs feeling like jelly Vincent stood in front of Katie and lent in and kissed her deeply."I never get tired of fucking you before you go i think Satan should have another turn.".He said with a smile. Katie nodded and grinned and walked to the dog and sat down in front of him on the floor and spread her legs Satan sniffed the air and got to his feet and put his nose to Katie,s still very wet cum filled cunt and started to lick.

Katie patted the dogs head."thats it lick me clean".She said as she started to get wet all over again Katie laid flat on the floor as Satan with his rough tongue licked her cunt Katie moaned.

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"Here i go again".She said and arched her back as she came again satan licked faster Katie relaxed and just laid there letting Satan finish once he walked away Katie go back up and dressed. Katie once dressed sat on Vincents lap."You were amazing as always now dont book me out for at least two days i need these bite marks of yours to go away.".Katie said with a grin. Vincent nodded."And here is your pay from that job Saturday night and a bonus as well.ok beautiful i will talk to you soon.'.Vincent said.

katie stood up and took her money."sweet uni fee,s are due at the end of the week.".She said then walked out from behind the desk. "It was nice to meet you and your dog Pete.".She said and left the office. Two days later Vincent called Katie.'Hey beautiful.alright two bookings for you the first one a bucks night you and Tara are to attend that one and the father and son one they have booked you for Wednesday night he said he could not wait another week to fuck you banane in fresh moist snatch softcore and amateur oh and they are both full services jobs.".Vincent said and gave her the locations of both bookings.

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Katie grinned."Alright thanks Vincent i will tell Tara about the bucks nights.".Katie said and hung up and just sat there thinking her hand between her legs as she rubbed her pussy thinking about getting fucked by her father and brother again. "Well Wednesday night they will find out who iam.i wont be able to hid it with just a feather mask.".She said to herself and slipped her finger into her wet pussy and remembered the the size of her father cock Katie smiled. To be continued.

Foot note.'I know this story is no where as good as other,s on here but it gets me off and i just like writing them.ohh and sorry to the ones who dont like it.^_^.Trin